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20 ways to achieve orgasm

Doctors consider it a banal reaction of our body. Poets and lovers praise him. Sometimes he is bright and rapid. Sometimes - light and gentle. And it happens - he will adorn and disappear ... You already guessed that it was a question of orgasm.

It has long been proven - orgasm is not only pleasant, but also very useful for women's health. In the process of discharge, elevated doses of hormones - estrogen and testosterone are produced. Due to this, the work and condition of bone and muscle tissues, cardiovascular system improves. Woman looks younger. And people who regularly have sex are less likely to become influenza, cold and depression.

To be frigid today unwise. Therefore, many women, after watching erotic films and reading love of love novels, carefully depict the beds of Tigritz and nymphomanok. And only the closest girlfriends per minute of a special revelation can be recognized: he, orgasm, of course, visits sometimes, but so rarely! By the way, frigidity, in which some unsatisfied young ladies suspect themselves - the phenomenon is quite rare.

So why, according to statistics, only 20% of women are fully satisfied with the quality of their sex life? It turns out that, despite the fact that we regularly have sex and quite often feel pleasure, we have a little imagine, what kind of beast is such a female orgasm? What does it depends on? And why, in the end, is it so unpredictable phenomenon? Let's try to figure it out.

20 ways to achieve orgasm

What it happens

Scientists, especially Americans, are very like to conduct scientific research of such an intimate issue as a ladies' orgasm. The results of their surveys we use.

Speaking of scientific, orgasm is uniform and gradually fading spasms of female genital organs, which occur with periodicity of 2-3 seconds. The total duration of discharge can be different - from tens of seconds to 1-2 minutes. The main feature of the female orgasm is its multipleness. This means that immediately after the first orgasm, we can immediately experience the second wave, then the third and so on - until we are satisfied. Men are not fun for men!

The orgasm is three species - clitual, vaginal and impassing. True, all three kinds of pleasure are experiencing not any woman. And not because it is not capable - just did not learn. Well, let's try to fill this gap!

  • The clitual is inherent in most women, it is called by stimulating the pubis and clitoris. There is one rule: the more attention in the foreplay is given to these areas, the brighter orgasm. A proven and reliable method for reaching clitual orgasm is masturbation.

How to achieve it: During intercourse, shifted legs as close as possible, then the vulva will become closer to bite the penis, and the clitoris will be stimulated through small sexual lips. You can ask a partner about additional caresses of this delicate organ - language or fingers. Another advice: sometimes the long-awaited orgasm does not occur due to lack of lubricant. In this case, ask the partner to lose the head of the excited member of the clitoris.

  • Vaginal orgasm is caused by a reduction in the muscles of the vagina. The sexologists are noticed: the faster the partner is the partner, the more funn the female pleasure. But if he moves dimly, does not rush - the orgasm will last longer!

How to achieve it: first of all - train the muscles of the vagina, because they are responsible for the completeness of the pleasure in vaginal orgasm. Include in the complex of the morning charging simple exercise: squeeze and dispense the muscles of the vagina, start with 2-3 repetitions, gradually increasing their number of up to fifteen. During the intercourse, these delicate muscles, slightly raising the pelvis - the orgasm will be much brighter!

As neither sad, the strength of vaginal orgasm directly depends on the length of the penis of your partner. If your favorite cannot boast the fantastic sizes of the penis, let him understand that you like frequent frictions. Or the sound of the position "Rider".

  • Insegenital, unfortunately, not everyone is available: according to experts, one of the ten women may be experienced. Such supermetrics can get pleasure from a single fiery gaze or light touch towards a man.

How to achieve it: we can not guarantee that you will get to bring ourselves to orgasm, a smooth man. However, no one prevents you from connecting the imagination: stroking his hand, imagine himself in his arms, with all the ensuing consequences. Surely the body will ride a pleasant wave of excitement.

20 ways to achieve orgasm

Interesting statistics

25% of women have never experienced an orgasm25% - usually simulates 10% - insatiable nymphomank5% - completely indifferent to sex10% of women can enjoy only the company ... another woman

Alone with myself

No matter how hard your partner tries, trying to satisfy you in full, he can do nothing - if you do not tell him the right path to your orgasm. And for this you need to better know your own sexual preferences. It is better to carry out such sex experiences alone with them. You will learn to distinguish between your body signals, control the strength and duration of the orgasm by training.

This technique was suggested by Barbara Kisling, a practitioner sexologist, the author of bestsellers "Sex language. How to make each other in bed "and" how to become a trashy girl in bed. Guide for good girls. "

This exercise is called "achieving climax".

So, first-in-idle need to calm down. Accept the relaxing bath, turn on pleasant music or just calmly lie on the bed.

Watch your breathing: do deep breaths through the mouth, exhalations - through the nose. Spend a few minutes, focusing on the breath.

Starting yourself. Stroking the neck, chest, genitals, follow your feelings: how pleasant to you touch to different parts of the body. Do not put the task without fail, the main thing is that these caresses are pleasant to you.

Start masturbating. However, do not try to quickly achieve the result: the fact is that we are all different, and the time needed to achieve satisfaction requires various.

As soon as you feel that you start to start, - stop. Ride again, deep and smoothly, feel how the excitement is gradually falling. Having calmed down a bit, start masturbating again. Excuse yourself until the lubricant is highlighted.

Stop again, focus on breathing. Watch: Can excite itself, without your help, climb or fade for 4-5 minutes?

Again, proceed with self-satisfaction: you almost reached orgasm! As soon as you feel that you finish, start breathing quickly, it will help to get a maximum of pleasure.

Barbara warns: Do not have such classes to turn into a tedious duty, because your goal is a pleasure, for such a case should be taken only with the mood and desire!

20 ways to achieve orgasm

Point G, Afe-Zone and other charms

In general, Point G is such a Binin Newton: everything is heard about her, but what it is specifically and where exactly is - somehow it is not very clear. Opened this mysterious point, of course, a man. The German gynecologist Grafenberg proved that, stimulating a small plot on the top wall of the vagina, a woman can get an unforgettable pleasure.

The orgasm achieved with the help of a point G, the doctrine scientists belong to the uterine orgasm, as the muscles and uterine muscles are reduced at this moment.

The main question is: how to find it? Explore your body in a relaxed state: smoothed hemisphere with a size of 1-3 cm, located 5 cm from the entrance to the vagina, the ribbed or slightly rigid to the touch, and there is a point G. By the way, in something in which the German was mistaken: far from All women stimulation of this area causes sexual discharge. But trying!

Our advice: one of the most convenient poses to stimulate the point G - in the position of the woman from below (do not forget to put a pillow under the lower back). A man, introducing a penis, should try to influence the region of the vagina, which is located right under the belly of the partner. Or try the knee-elbow position: standing on the bed, bypassing on the elbows and knees, the partner comes from behind. However, the point G is not the only curious place in our body! The Malaysian Sexologist Chua Chi An Ante-Zone claims that there is a certain AFE zone (abbreviated name Anterior fornix Erotic Zone is an erotic zone of the front arch). It seems that this place is rich in nervous endings, can bring amazing sensations. It is not so easy to find it: it is located on the front wall of the vagina, closer to the cervix. But during the delicious sex, and even if your partner has the male dignity of a decent size, he probably once brought you to ecstasy touching this place. No? Fix slip!

Our advice: Lagging on the stomach, put a small pillow under the hips, let the partner be on top. It is very important that his movements are slow and cautious: there is a slight risk to injury the cervix. Also try the pose of the "Woman from above", just sit back to the partner, throw back and make slow wave-like movements. If smooth and unhurried movements are given to you, congratulations: you got to this mysterious AFE zone!

Capital truths

Well, finally, I would like to remind about the things you, in general, and you know, but somehow you forget about everyday life. High-quality sex - satellites of harmonious sex life, the conditions under which you are most relaxed and ready for pleasures.

  • Relaxation. Stress prevents intimate life - it is proven. Therefore, if you have troubles, disorder with finances or quarrels with colleagues, leave all the problems behind the bedroom threshold. You will be helped by ylang-ylang or sandalwood flavors, a glass of wine or a relaxing massage. By the way, it is possible to put in order nerves with the help of simple monotonous homework or needlework. Just do not care: 15 minutes of embroidery will be enough!
  • Erotic thoughts. Exchange with your favorite multiple playful phrases or remember a bright episode from your intimate life. If your head is engaged in sexy nonsense, you will begin to be excited even before you exchange the first kisses with a partner.
  • Diversity. Away monotonous! As soon as you feel that I lost the sharpness of perception, offer a partner to change the position or diversify the movement. Moreover, there are still so many unexplored euro zones on your body - there is no time to bored!
  • Moisturizing. We often cannot achieve orgasm just because our body does not produce enough natural lubrication. Just in case, pouring a lubricant.
20 ways to achieve orgasm

And how are they?

Compared to women's, male orgasm, the thing is understandable and simple. The process of male satisfaction can be divided into several stages.

  • Study of the excitation: a tide of blood, erection, acceleration of heartbeat, an increase in the size of the testicles, the excitation of the nipples.
  • Phase Plateau: Further increase in the size of the penis and testicles, the full raising of the testicles, the crimson color of the head (sometimes not everyone).
  • The phase of the orgasm: the sperm is thrown out of the eminent duct, seed bubbles and the prostate gland, accumulating at the base of the urethra next to the prostate. Then there is a tonic muscle spasm, an increase in blood pressure and respiratory frequency, the tight closure of the bladder sphincter, the rhythmic reductions of the prostate and, finally, the sperm emission. A man feels some bluntness of consciousness.
  • Permissions phase: loss of erection, lowering eggs and relaxation of the scrotum, suspension of muscle spasms and blood tide, lowering cardiac rhythm and blood pressure. Many at this moment fall asleep - this is also a natural reaction.
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Orgasm - the top of bliss, to which every woman dreams. But it turns out not everyone. According to statistics, 35% of women did not experience orgasm. Never!

Sex without orgasm is as if instead of a gorgeous fire show, Bengal lights lit. Disappointment, insult, doubts, deceived hopes ...

This problem is familiar to many women, but for some reason it is clearly silent.

From this article you will learn:

  • What kinds Orgasm may experience a woman?
  • Why I want, but it does not work ?
  • What leads to lack of orgasms in relationship?
  • How to get all 8 kinds of orgasm ?

8 types of orgasm: And how much did you test?

1. Clitimeal

The easiest and most fast type of orgasm. The existence of a "magic button" knows every woman who has ever been engaged in masturbation.

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photo

Men also know what miracles do fingers, language, vibrator - in this business all means are good

According to statistics, 70% of women are tested by clitoral orgasm . That is, frictions of the member they do not feel - they need direct stimulation of the clitoris.

This orgasm is short-term: total few seconds . Light reductions followed by a tide of heat throughout the body and complete relaxation.

Not in vain, it is client masturbation that is a great way to remove stress.

2. Clitual and vaginal

The game comes in the so-called " Point G. "Located on the front wall of the vagina. So that a woman experienced a vaginal orgasm, a long and intensive stimulation is needed.

According to statistics, only 30% of women Test this type of orgasm. Loading clitious-vaginal orgasm 15-20 seconds .

It is often compared with riding a roller roller skating: the pleasure increases, it subsides again.

From the point of view of physiology, the vaginal orgasm is manifested by the abbreviations of the muscles of the small pelvis, but much more important to tune in psychologically: to fully trust the partner and learn to turn off from all stimuli.

And then a woman is lying and thinks that the legs did not shake or dinner did not prepare - what is the orgasm?

By the way, the length of a member for vaginal orgasm is not important. Here and the truth you need to use the ability to use it.

Important moment: vaginal orgasm is difficult to achieve, if a woman has poorly developed intimate muscles.

3. Clitual and cervical

This is a dairy or depth orgasm. It is possible thanks Stimulation of the sensitive cervix and vaginal walls .

There is an important point: at first the sensations can be strange, even to some extent unpleasant.

Direct partner movements. Too deep and intensive stimulation of "contraindicated".

The simplest position in which the uterine orgasm can be achieved - a woman lies On the stomach, tightening the legs to the chest .

So the vagina is shortened and the penis falls along the most sensitive points. The average duration of such an orgasm - 10-12 seconds .

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photoThere is an intensive contraction of the muscles of the uterus and the vagina, with simultaneous clitual stimulation, the culmination will be stronger

4. Clitual-Mummillar

Scientists have proven that when stimulating nipples, the same brain zones are activated as when exposed to the clitoris.

Yes, feelings will be less intense, but imagine what orgasm you will be waiting for simultaneous caress of both zones!

Women with sensitive nipples - real happy. If you do not take pleasure towards your breast - do not hurry to blame yourself in frigidity.

Sensitivity can be developed! Unhurried affection, massages, stimulation simultaneously with the clitoris .

Ask the partner to be gentle. You will be pleasantly surprised ..

5. Clitianally perianal

This is a crotch orgasm that is found pretty seldom . When the perianal zone comes to the vibration state - the deep nerve endings are activated.

In the usual Missile Pose, these points are not affected at all. That is, in the body of each woman there are reserves of pleasure, which she does not even suspect!

Perianal orgasm woman can achieve only in poses with shallow penetration When the head of the penis stimulates the bottom of the rear wall of the vagina.

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photo

If the partner also continues to create magic over the clitoris - the pleasure will be unforgettable

6. Clitime-anal

Anal sex for many women is taboo. In fact, nothing dirty and shame in it. But it is important to the consent of both partners.

Preliminary affection, massage, the preparation of the anal hole is required! Otherwise, there is no point to start.

A woman will remember this experience with disgust and is unlikely to decide to repeat even with the most sensitive partner.

Simply compare the number of nerve endings per square centimeter:

  • Vagina - up to 100;
  • point G - up to 300;
  • Anal passion mucosa - up to 450.

In the area of ​​the clitoris there are about 8,000 nerve endings, and around the anal opening - more than 70,000. Are there any more doubt that anal orgasm is possible? In its intensity, he can compete with the uterine, but lasts much longer .

From the vagina Penis partner is separated only by a thin partition - and it will stimulate Point A. (It is above the point G and virtually inactive) and lead you to the top of pleasure.

7. Multi-Russian

Tantra specialists can extend multiple orgasms up to an hour. But even if your sex knowledge is limited to several postures from Kama Sutra - for one sexual act (10-20 minutes) you can get at least three orgasms!

With proper stimulation and alternating the intensity of friction friction women may experience orgasm Every 40-60 seconds .

Intensive reductions alternate with relaxation (refractory or insensitive period).

8. Squirting

Squirting - inkjet orgasm, for whose offensive is important Stimulation point U. . It is undeservedly left without attention.

Women carefully seek the point G, and they forget about the nervous ending near the pararenteral gland.

Achieve a squirting can be achieved only in poses with deep penetration . Well, the size of the partner must be suitable.

At first, the feelings will seem strange and similar to urination appeals. Intense reductions begin at the peak of orgasm, sometimes to sweet cramps, and a plentiful secret is distinguished.

No, this is not urine, and the liquid from the gland, which is similar to the seed. Orgasm short but bright .

All eight types of orgasm may experience every woman! It seems to be excellent news. Then why nothing happens?

What prevents orgasm?

It seems that everything is perfect: the postures from the kamasutra are studied, the situation is romantic, the partner of the leather is climbing to give you pleasure, and there is no orgasm. What prevents woman to get pleasure?

Problem 1. Physiology

Hormonal changes, diseases, the consequences of surgical operations and severe birth can lead to violations of sexual life.

Some drugs (for example, antidepressants) also reduce libido.

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photo

As a result, sex turns into mechanical soil and is perceived by a woman not like pleasure, but as a debt, duty

Often the girl cannot reach orgasm due to the weak tone of the muscles of the vagina. She simply does not feel a member friction. At best, it gets clitoral orgasm, at worst - does not feel any.

How to solve a problem? Complete full examination, pass tests. If the distressed hormonal background is to blame - it needs to be restored. So it is not worth postponing to the doctor.

If the lack of orgasm is caused by weak vaginal muscles - it's time to take training. Kegel's exercises, jade eggs, pneumatic and electrical simulators will help you.

The underdeveloped pelvic bottom muscles not only prevent the appearance of an orgasm, in the future it is fraught with omission of uterus, severe childbirth, uncontrolled urine and other problems. So do not lazy and make an intimate gymnastics.

Problem 2. Partner

Inexperience or selfishness of a man is reduced to "no" all pleasure. Sexologists say: the prelude is very important.

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photo

But for some reason, there are still partners with primitive instincts that act according to the scheme: "Sit down, throw on the bed, mastering"

In fact, this process does not differ from rape: even if everything happens by mutual agreement, the physiologically, the woman's body is not ready to penetrate.

So, there are internal blocks that prevent the onset of orgasm.

It happens differently: an inexperienced partner just can not find hot spots and excite a woman. I want to give him an atlas of erogenous zones and say: "Take, take it apart."

If the lady does not take the case in his hands and will not be a guide (and who, how not she knows his own body) - Sex will end with full fiasco.

And many women, fearing to disappoint or offend a man, are silent that they do not have anything except boredom and irritation.

How to solve a problem? Tell a partner. If it hurts you, uncomfortable, unpleasant, uncomfortable - say. Mine sacrifice and humility are harmful to you.

Suggest experiment with new poses, show what affection you like, and which are not.

Do not allow a man to constantly dominate, periodically take power into your hands - and get everything you want.

Problem 3. Psychological barriers

In 70% of cases, non-physiological, but psychological barriers are not on the path to orgasm.

Stress . They quarreled with her husband, the new project does not work, the child brought a "deuce" from school ... A woman in bed just cannot relax, because hundreds of thoughts roam in his head.

And they are definitely not about sex. The right psychological attitude is important: unhurried massage, a relaxing bath, a long prelude.

And for some reason men are not for this time. So get dry and fresh sex with minimal partnership.

Injuries . Perhaps the girl is afraid of intimate relationships, but can not share fears with a partner. Similar to that old injuries: conflicts in the family, handscript, sexual harassment.

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photoWell, if an understanding man comes to overcome fears, but most often premature sex only enhances existing blocks

Fears . Especially if it is only the initial stage of the relationship. Fear of becoming pregnant, "pick up" an unpleasant infection, scare away the partner with its ineptness.

Fear you need to look in the face: Afraid of unplanned pregnancy - choose good contraceptives, do not trust the partner - ask to provide a health certificate and insist on the use of condoms. It is important to your inner calm, a normal man will understand.

Streth . "Oh, I have a small breast, imperfect hips, and a pimple on the nose jumped out" ... so you can only have sex when the light is turned off and under the blanket.

Although a man who really wants you, not even attention to such trifles. Really!

While you do not like and do not accept your body - the internal blocks will not allow you to completely release yourself and enjoy the process.

How to solve a problem? Learn to turn off your head. Yes, this task seems complicated, almost impracticable. But try not to think about what skirt is tomorrow to put on a job or who is your child such a bad. All problems are solved.

Focus on my pleasure. Try meditative and spiritual practices, take a foam bath, listen to relaxing music.

Change your habits in bed: not quickly in 10 minutes, but with a long and relaxing prelude. If the problem in complexes and fears - a psychologist and sexologist will help work out.

Want to overcome the constraint and get, and not imitate pleasure?

Sign up for a free online "8 orgasms" course, an experienced sexologist will help reveal your sexual potential. Will be hot!

Problem 4. ignorance of your own body

Consider the situation: first sex. A man tries to deliver a woman's pleasure: all the points known to him tried - nothing comes out.

It lies his companion in log mode and not even signs of passion. What will think the partner? "I got some frigid, I'm out of lease, and the result is zero."

But everything could be different if the woman knew her body.

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photo

I knew what kind of caresses would give her pleasure, what zones are most sensitive, what friction closures bring the orgasm, and which are knocked down from the desired wave

Vaginal masturbation

The easiest way to find out is masturbation. If clitime self-satisfaction you have mastered - it's time to move on.

And then, women make the main mistake: vibrators, stimulation of a strong jet of water teach the body to intensive effects.

From gentle gentle and slow frictions, the girl simply cannot get an orgasm.

Vaginal orgasm can be obtained using proper masturbation using only fingers or dildo without vibrations.

Then, in bed with a partner, you can achieve the climax, because self-satisfaction only imitates a normal sexual intercourse.

Anal masturbation

For anal masturbation, you must need a lubricant. In the rear pass, the lubricant does not stand out and the feeling of penetration will be unpleasant.

It is necessary to start stroking with fingers, without a rush. Stretching anus gradually, smooth movements, look for points, touching to which delivers.

Then you can connect and sex toys: anal corks or vibrators.

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photo

Rhythm and the depth of penetration choose themselves, the process should not cause pain or discomfort

High-quality preparation of anal opening is very important: if the muscles are relaxed - movements will be painless.

Explore the walls of the partition that shares the vagina and the rear pass. If you find the right angle of penetration, detect a carefully hidden point A - sensations will be even stronger than from the notorious point G.

Important! Anal masturbation is considered safe if the diameter of immersed toys does not exceed 4 cm.

[Specprobject] 8 types of orgasm and secrets of their achievement. You need to know every woman, photo

Experiment more often than 1-2 times a week do not stand, fabrics should have time to restore, otherwise the unpleasant sensations are guaranteed

What does the lack of orgasms in relationship lead?

According to statistics, more than 50% of marriages are distributed due to sexual disharmony. You can try to hide the true reason for the phrase "not agreed by characters," but the fact remains. What is dangerous lack of orgasms?

For women . First of all, suffering the pride of the beautiful sex. A woman begins to look hard to look in himself, attribute to himself a non-existent frigidity.

Very few share their fears with a partner: most prefer to imitate orgasm, so as not to strike on male pride.

But sex is the best cure for stress. If a woman orgasm does not receive, the inscription is accumulated, disappointment, anger, the feeling of guilt and other destructive emotions. And sooner or later, this bomb of slow motion is torn.

The lack of orgasm affects health: in the genitals begins the blood of blood, the hormonal background may vary, such ladies are more predisposed to the development of tumors.

The nervous system suffers: the oppressed state, poor well-being, headaches, depression may well be the result of the lack of pleasure in the intimate sphere.

For men. The pleasure that the woman receives is the best feeding for the male ego. At first, the sowing moans and convulsions partner takes for a clean coin.

But then he will be more acute to feel the shortage of energy in the relationship: that very you are so trying to imitate.

Either a serious conversation awaits you, or a man just will look for this energy on the side. And here is the love triangle, and new hobbies, and the divorce is not far off. Like this scenario?

To get all 8 kinds of orgasm:

  • Know and take your body.
  • Talk about your desires and preferences to the partner, experiment with postures, toys, types of caress.
  • Develop its sensitivity with special exercises and proper masturbation.
  • Learn to "disable" the head and focus on sensations.
  • Do not neglect visits to a specialist, especially if there are problems in the sexual sphere.

On a free online course "8 orgasms" you raise your intimate life to a new level and learn to get all kinds of orgasm. Register - and your sex life will be bright as you could not dream!

Dripping grapefruit

How to experience an orgasm is always spinning in our head. And even if we get it, new questions appear: what contributed and why now. But here is a snag: the answers do not always come quickly and easily.

Studies show that only half of the female population can reach the peak of pleasure and get an orgasm, and 10% never received it at all. But do not worry. In the article we will discuss what such an orgas is filed with it.

What is orgasm i

Let's start with the definition. According to the National Health Service, an orgasm is a sense of strong satisfaction that occurs during sexual activity. And then again the question: if the orgasm can be achieved during sex, why is it not always possible? Let's try to figure out.

The famous teacher of the sexual culture and the founder of Organic Loven, Taylor Sparks, says that this concept is much wider. Orgasm can be obtained not only during intimate proximity, in particular vaginal or anal penetration.

Women feel the offensive of the orgasm as a light voltage, gradually increasing, the increase in heartbeat, respiratory disruption and muscle contraction. After orgasm, there is a short fluttering or vibration in the genitals and around them.

Although there are different types of orgasm, Sir Daceak, the teacher of sexology, believes that the generality of the achievement of pleasure does not depend on this. You will know exactly what an orgasm received, but what kind of zone from stimulation is not.

Types of orgasms 2

Stimulation of different parts of the body lead to and to different degrees of orgasm. Which of them are most intense, consider below.

Bulk ball with water
  • Clitual orgasm. The clitoris is a cherished point on the top of the germ lip, which serves as a lever for fun. What an orgasm will be when stimulated by the clitoris? Regardless of whether the hands or language are used - the orgasm will be the strongest and bright. This is due to the fact that a large number of nerve endings are collected in the clitoris zone. Even the usual touch while taking a bath or soul can delight pleasure. Noticed?
  • Vaginal orgasm. On the front stack of the vagina there is a fairly sensitive zone. Its stimulation causes no less powerful orgasm, but this requires a little longer time. Convenient postures for this type of orgasm:
  • Missionary Pose: A woman at the same time tightly presses his legs to the chest.
  • Pose "Map": a woman rests on his shoulders to the floor, a man stands over it and keeps legs, squeezing with each penetration.
  • Woman from above: the body is thrown back, the legs are near the head of a man.
  • Cervical or cervical orgasm. The cervix prevents the member passing deeper than it is anatomically possible. The point located on the rear wall of the vagina, point A, is the zone of cervical orgasm. However, the achievement of such an orgasm requires excessively intensive sexual activity, impressive amount of penis or toys. But there is one
Fingers in a mole

But: even with a standard or "modest" size, you can bring the girl to the peak of pleasure. For this, approach the postures:

  1. "Doggy Style".
  2. "Pendant bed" (a woman rests on his hands on the table, a bed, and her buttocks are in the hands of a man, on weight).
  3. Pose "Map".
  4. Woman from above (classic).

Cervical orgasm more often get rigid sex lovers and bdsm.

  • Orgasm Point G. This point is located on the front wall of the vagina at a distance of 2 cm from the input to the channel. It is easy to pretty: the surface of the granular point and responds to the affection to the increase in the lubricant secreted (it means that you stimulate the correct zone).

It is possible to achieve orgasm as a member stimulation and fingers, toy. However, the finger penetration more often brings results, as you can control the speed and degree of pressing. Poses are the same as for vaginal orgasm. But if a woman is on top, then she can lean and lie on the partner's chest, and he will take the initiative into his hands. This option is a win-win.

Girl with open mouth
  • Orgasm from stimulation of nipples. We remember about sensitive points on the chest around the nipples. They give a signal to getting pleasure. Successful postures:
  • Sex in the bathroom: anyone's postures.
  • "Doggy Style".
  • Woman from above (classic).
  • Pose "Spoon".
  • Missionary position.

To enhance the severity of sensations, use Chinese sticks, a soft sponge, silk.

  • Anal orgasm. Anus contains two times more nervous endings than the clitoris or vagina. The correct stimulation will lead to an unforgettable and strong orgasm. What points do you need to influence?
  • Sphincter. Muscular rings at the entrance to the anus are most sensitive. They can be slightly massaged, caress in the language or toys. To obtain an orgasm, sufficiently shallow penetration and abundant lubrication.
  • Point K. It will only respond to deep penetration, located on the back wall of the vagina, opposite the point G. During anal sex, a member will rest on this point, which will give an incredible feeling.
condensed milk on grapefruit
  • Combined approach. Simultaneous stimulation of points to IG contributes to the achievement of the highest peak of pleasure. For this, toys or finger penetration into the vagina (convenient for the girl) are suitable.
  • Mixed or multi-Russian. If you stimulate the nipples, clit or anus and the clitoris together, it will be a mixed orgasm.

Important: The purpose of this classification is not the creation of a clear hierarchy of pleasure, but the prompting of couples to experiments, the concept of your body. Each organism is individual, and for someone, it is enough to stimulate only nipples to achieve a stormy orgasm. And someone and mixed will be little. In the end: orgasm, as the east, is a delicate matter.

How to get orgasm 3

Achieving numerous dizzying orgasms is similar to the winning in the lottery. They are similar to an unrealized dream. However, not everything is so crying. Catch small tricks to get a "deep" pleasure.

  • Give preference to hugs

At the time of improving the mining of hormone oxitocin, spend some time on the touch, squeeze to your partner. Show your love, desire. It works much more efficiently to banal expectations of pleasure and the requirements of it from a partner.

condensed milk of orange
  • Watch with penetration

Three key components are important for orgasm:

  1. The influx of blood to the genital organs.
  2. Muscular tension in the whole body.
  3. Oxytocin production.

The gradual excitement of himself and the partner is the way to success. Sometimes it is worth slowing down. Just adjust the time.

  • Focus on the clitoris

Select poses in which it will be convenient to stimulate the clitoris. For many women, this is the only rescue circle in the stream of anorgazmia. Try the back of the rider back to the partner or "Doggy Style".

Vibrators for that and sell. Do not be shy. They increase the frequency and intensity of orgasms, regardless of whether you are playing with a partner or your solo performance. Choose a toy based on the desired orgasm and the type of simulation. Tubes, ropes, anal balls: And even it is not all.

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If physiologically you can not give a large amount of lubrication, get a lubricant. This is especially important for anal sex, stimulation of nipples. Lubrication additionally contributes to exciting and enhance sensations.

Feel free to offer a new one. Use everything that is at hand: belt, toys, scarf. Get sex - accessories. Or can start with dirty words and lustful views?

Tie your eyes to a partner or ask you to do yourself. When you do not see what happens around, the sensitivity level is at the maximum. Such games are guaranteed to lead to severe orgasms.

We are talking about meditation. Refrain some time from sex to prepare your body to get new sensations. It will also help you decide on new desires and fantasies.

Now for you the topic of orgasm is disclosed. Do not lock your pleasure in the box. Try the new and conquer the uncharted peaks. A variety in intimate life will help to explore your bodies in a new one.

How to achieve orgasm: methods and methods, tips

Orgasm is a phenomenon that speak everywhere. However, as practice shows, an orgasm is unpacked, and not every woman can experience it. If we consider the frequency of this phenomenon in men, then everything is much easier. Sexologists give a lot of recommendations that help to achieve orgasm as soon as possible. Let us then consider some of the most effective of them.

How to reach orgasm

General concept

Before studying techniques, allowing the fastest to achieve orgasm, as well as the basic recommendations of psychologists and sexologists, should figure out in detail the meaning of this concept.

Orgasm is a peculiar culmination of a sexual act, which is accompanied by an enhanced sense of pleasure. A man who experienced him immediately begins to feel his sexual satisfaction, as well as relaxation.

Sexologists note that the orgasm occurs as a result of the correct stimulation of erogenous zones on the human body, after which certain muscles begin to shrink very quickly.

In some men (most often it is found in adolescence) orgasm in a dream. This phenomenon is necessarily accompanied by pollutions.

Specialists in the field of sexology noted that the heartbeat is largely increased during orgasm (up to 180 shots per minute), and pressure increases. Also, very often at this time you can observe redness of the skin (in the chest area, on the face).

About female orgasme

On how to achieve orgasm, not so long ago did not even think. Amazing, but he was considered something optional, such a phenomenon that does not deserve special attention. This is due to the fact that in order to conceive a child, the woman does not necessarily have a peak of sexual pleasure. In addition, many specialists in the field of sexology were confident and convinced others in the fact that most of the most beautiful sex representatives are not able to reach orgasm for physiological reasons. Fortunately, recently the situation in the root changed.

The peculiarity of the female orgasm is that in order to achieve a representative of the beautiful sex, it is necessary to be not only in the good arms of the Spirit, but also to completely trust your partner. As for men, their orgasm, in most cases, is a conventional reaction to sexual arousal.

How to achieve orgasm? What recommendations of sexologists and psychologists exist about this? Consider the most effective of them.

On the ability to listen to your body

As many sexologists, lack of orgasm, both in men and women, are noted in their work, first of all, to listen to their own body. They note that this phenomenon is the result of Puritan education, so characteristic of children who grew up in Soviet families, where even talk about sex was considered something shameful and unacceptable. As a result, a rather adult man tries to silence about his desires and tries to avoid talking about sex with his partner. On the basis of such behavior, serious misunderstandings arise not only in bed, but also in family life. As a consequence, the divorce of previously loving people who love each other.

Most sexologists and psychologists believe that the first step towards orgasm is the acquisition of a simple skill - listen to your body, and also understand what it wishes. As a result, a woman will know about all that forces it to be excited and, sharing the results of his observations with a partner, will receive even more pleasure that later leads it to orgasm.

How to achieve orgasm

Friendship with clitoris

How to achieve orgasm to a woman? To do this, she should make friends with his own clitoris. In the event that a woman learns to stimulate it correctly until the moment of teaching pleasure, it will open new faces, crossing which one can move to the process of studying the secrets of vaginal orgasm.

Specialists in the field of sexology are noted that self-satisfaction for women is not only the way to get enough pleasure, but also the opportunity to pay attention only to yourself, without being distracted by the desire of a partner and satisfying his requests. So a woman can concentrate on himself and calmly understand what she likes, and what is not. Moreover, this can be studied several ways to achieve orgasm by stimulating the clitoris.

Search for cherished dot

Anyone who wants to experience the maximum pleasure from intimate intimacy should be aware of the stimulation of what points on the body gives it the highest degree of pleasure. Psychologists note that the achievement of a peak of positive emotions is achieved due to the development of oxytocin - the hormone of joy.

Sexologists note that the body of the body with the greatest number of nerve endings is the female breast, and, regardless of its size. As a rule, kisses and light massage of this area have a favorably affect the whole body, relaxing it and allowing you to feel pleasure. Also fairly sensitive zones are the depressions located under the knees and the plot between the blades. As for men, they have the most erahed zones of the zone of the lower press, as well as the side of the body.

In the process of intimate proximity, partners need to be engaged in the active search for erogenous zones from each other - the correct and frequent stimulation will certainly lead to the desired result.

How to get orgasm quickly

Choice of rhythm and posture

How to get an orgasm to get a woman? Many sexologists note that it is important to clearly know special postures that have sex in which brings maximum pleasure, as well as the most suitable rhythm. It should be noted that some women are very excited, while in the horse's pose, and others - with strongly compressed legs.

Practice shows that when you have sex in different poses, a woman can experience different types of orgasm. That is why each person needs to look for his own position independently. The same applies to the rhythm.

Training of vaginal muscle

Statistics of surveys indicated that most modern women do not even think about the fact that you need to train the muscles of the vagina. This is due to the fact that a woman's well-trained muscles will be able to "clasp" a member of his partner, and, as a result, to experience the highest pleasure.

How to train weakened muscles? The essence of this process is constant to reduce their squeezing. In order to achieve the desired result, to strongly squeeze the muscles as if there is a desire to hold back urination, and then, after 10-15 seconds, dismiss. Such a process must be repeated as often as possible. The advantage of this type of training is that it can be carried out at any time and in any place. Moreover, such an occupation contributes to improved blood microcirculation in the pelvis area, due to which the prevention of some gynecological diseases is carried out.

Specialists in the field of women's health and sexology noted that the fair sex with the trained muscles of the vagina can be much longer to have pleasure from intimate intimacy. The use of this practice during sex will help to diversify the usual process.

How to get orgasm

About proper breathing

How does a woman get orgasm? All sexologists in one voice declare that for this you need to learn to breathe correctly. The reason for this lies in the essence of a natural phenomenon: an orgasm is a frequent reduction of vaginal muscles, which will occur more actively if the body receives the maximum amount of oxygen.

How to achieve orgasm using the proper breathing technique? To do this, you need to make a very fast and deep breath, and then breathe slightly slower. Repeat these actions should be as often as possible. After such a technique of proper breathing will be brought to automatism, a positive result will be noticeable in the form of a long pleasure.

Specialists are not advised to detain their breath at the time of the culmination itself - it will only spoil pleasure.

The ability to relax is the pledge of orgasm

Questions about how to get an orgasm to the girl, many sexologists are responsible for: it is necessary to learn to relax during sex. Unlike men who can reach a peak of sexual pleasure in any situation and anywhere, women need a special situation. That is why any representative of the fine sex is important to clearly know about what acts about it relaxing. Alternatively, as such elements, flavored candles, twilight, pleasant music, a glass of wine, etc. can be used as such elements, maybe it is necessary to use any toy for greater relaxation? Think about it. It should also be remembered that in order to achieve the maximum level of excitation, women require a calm situation, as well as the absence of irritant factors.

How to achieve

Lack of sleep

It often happens so that the man was already excited, and the woman still does not feel desires. In this situation, it is important to understand what it is impossible to rush. In order to initiate some women, sometimes it takes about 45 minutes of the foreplay, which is not anyone else can inform your man.

About trust

No confidence - no orgasm. This principle has long been understood by sexologists and are actively carrying them into the masses. They assure that it is important to achieve an orgasm is the presence of confidence in your partner. It is expressed, first of all, in the ability to communicate on the topic of sex, and also to tell him about his feelings and interested in his wishes. If a man does something wrong, as I would like to reproach him in the insolvency and the absence of the ability - in this situation you need a tactful conversation.

How to reach orgasm to a woman

Separately about men's orgasm

Despite the fact that questions about how to reach orgasm a man are quite rare, they also apply to the number of relevant. As practice shows, most men want to make the sensations experienced in the process of ejaculation, were brighter and unforgettable.

How to achieve orgasm, distinguished by a special brightness of men? Sexologists assure that it is easily obtained if in the process of sexual act several times in a row to create conditions for artificial delay of ejaculation. At the final stage, the cum will be much more powerful to erupt and create greater pressure on the nerve endings located in the area of ​​the penis head. In this case, pleasure from such a discharge will be not only more brighter, but also much more than usual than usual.

Other recommendations of sexologists

How to achieve orgasm to a woman and a man? People who are interested in this issue can explore the general recommendations of sexologists and psychologists who are publicly available and effective.

Specialists in the field of sexology say that any sex will enjoy when the process itself is represented in the form of an interesting game, not the "course of a young fighter" or, even worse, the process of execution of "married duty". This question must be discussed with its partner and find compromises.

Men should be understood how girls reach orgasm. A good partner will definitely be attentive to his woman, as well as affectionately with her - so it will be tuned to a positive psychological paw and will relax better. In order to better arrange it to him, a man can pre-create an erotic atmosphere of romanticism.

How girls reach orgasm

People who are often practicing adaptive masturbation, not only much faster reaches orgasm, but also are worthy lovers.

For those who are interested in how to achieve orgasm, sexologists often recommend paying attention to the regularity and duration of joint sex life. The opinions of many of them are reduced to the fact that long-term communication in sexual terms leads to mutual understanding, as well as to obtain greater pleasures from each process of seitium. This is due to the fact that in each sex process, partners are accustomed to each other's habits, fantasies, as well as the peculiarities of physiological perception.

If you believe statistical data, then 92% of the women of the planet at least once, but simulated orgasm. Surely all of them had different reasons for this, but why pretend if you could figure out the problem of dissatisfaction and solve it once and for all? In fact, not everything is so difficult, as it may seem at first glance, what you are seeing after reading this article. Read another interesting article: Five Rules Excellent Sex

Orgasm and physical proximity

The orgasm is customary to call the highest pleasure and satisfaction obtained by a woman or N a man as a result of the culmination of sexual excitement. Knowing about the strength of such sensations, it is not surprising that many women wish to know everything about how to get orgasm. Most often, it is possible to achieve unforgettable sensations as a result of the mechanical stimulation of erogenous zones (in particular, both genitals), in the process of vaginal, oral or even anal sexual intercourse. Not less pleasure for women and masturbation, although many agree that clitoral orgasm is not so strong as vaginal.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

From a psychological point of view, the achievement of the third and highest phases of the changes that occur in the human body during sexual act, this is a completely natural result of gradually accumulating pleasant sexual sensations and a number of physiological processes unfolding within a certain time.

Features of the female organism allowed to distinguish five types of orgasm: vaginal, clitoral, cervical, ejaculatory and amusement. It should be noted that almost all fair sex are capable of experiencing clitious orgasm, which, although it differs in force from the vaginal, but with the right psychological setting, the difference will be insignificant.

You can achieve a peak of pleasure called "Vaginal orgasm" with both a man and independently by choosing a suitable dildo. Since the nature of this type of orgasm is very diverse and has not fully studied, then you will have to study ourselves for a long time, and both on your own, and with the help of a partner.

Cervical orgasm gives a woman pleasure from stimulation of cervix. Like an amphlenital (achieved with the help of some kisses and gentle, without stimulation of genitals), it is rare quite rarely and in its strength also inferior to the vaginal. As for the ejaculatory type of orgasm, or squirting, it is characterized by abundant separation from the vagina (or from the urethra channel, there is still no uniform opinion on this score) a large amount of fluid. According to many women, at that moment they simply lose themselves and seem to be transferred to a parallel reality.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

As you can see, girls get an orgasm in various ways, but the most important thing is that it be. First, you get a good emotional discharge, and secondly, improve your health (this applies to the condition of cardiovascular, endocrine, immune and other organism systems). Accordingly, the lack of regular sex and orgasm will coagulate the woman, and it will be more difficult for her to cope with depression. And truth, why take antidepressants if there is such a wonderful way to get rid of bad mood?

Why girls do not receive orgasm: find out the causes of dissatisfaction

Definitely answer the question of what girls get the highest pleasure is quite difficult, because we are all individual, and what one likes is like, may not bring any emotions to others. However, there are a number of factors that, in any case, will be extremely negatively affecting the sex life of a woman. Usland Ru

Psychological setting

Often, a girl cannot reach an orgasm due to the grafted parents of prejudice to everything that concerns sex. Almost all of all representatives of the finest floor exist sexual prohibitions that interfere with learning all the verge of the highest pleasure. To solve this problem, try together with your partner to remember what "taboo" invested in your head from childhood. Perhaps my mother hinted or in open declared that, for example, sex in the car is immoral, or it is impossible to behave like that it makes the girl easily accessible, and the like. As soon as you figure it out with your personal barriers, they will be much easier to eliminate. You can even make a list of all such statements with a man, and then go through it, crossing those points that contradict your personal position in the question of sex. It is likely that, embodying something out of the crossed, you will understand what you lacked. If you can't relax and relax, do not have an orgasm during sex, do not know how to delight a man, be sure to visit the free online marathon on relationships: "The only desired for your man." Here you will learn how to get orgasms and pleasure yourself, how to delight a man and tell the spark in a relationship, awaken sensuality and insure yourself from betraying.

Sometimes personal complexes are becoming a barrier on the way to orgasm. In the case of men, this is most often the size of the penis, while the girls often worry the features of the structure of their external genital organs or vagina.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

As in other areas of its livelihoods, in sex a woman cannot enjoy and as a result of discontent, misunderstanding or preliminary quarrel with a partner, that is, it is logical that there can be no talk about any orgasm. Also, the lack of complete attraction can be problems at work when the head is simply busy with other issues. In this case, as soon as the rhythm of life is normalized, sexual activation problems will disappear.

Did you know? 30-40% of women who take oral contraceptives, have a deterioration in the quality of sexual life, which is actually associated with the hormonal background.

Weak muscles

During orgasm, the muscles of the pelvis, the hips, the waist and even the abdominal organs are included in the work. Therefore, to obtain the maximum pleasure from sex it is necessary that they all be well trained. Many scientists were engaged in this issue, and some of them even developed a special gymnastics for sex muscle. Here are some exercises from the German gynecologist Arnold Kegel.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

At any free time, it does not matter, you're standing, sit or learn, train the muscles of the crotch, then straining, then relaxing them. It is possible to start gymnastics from ten cuts, gradually bringing the amount to 50. It is noteworthy that such an exercise will not require much physical efforts from you, besides, it will remain completely invisible to outsiders.

The same muscles can be trained in another way: after a quick reduction, slow relaxation should follow (for one relaxation should be made at least ten interruptions).

You can also quickly compress and relax intimate muscles or very slowly cut them, feeling how deeply the voltage spreads into the vagina.

Help in such exercises can fitball: sitting on the ball, just make circular motions to the pelvis in different directions or alternately raise the thigh.

The better your muscles will be trained, the more pleasure you get from orgasm.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure


Oddly enough, but often a woman can not have fun due to overeating before love joy. The fact is that the digestive system takes all the resources and energy in the sexual system, which as a result does not fully copes with its functions. Therefore, experts recommend to eat at least three hours before sex, and food should not be too fat and not too acute.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Use nicotine

Harmful habits have not yet been healthier than anyone, so there is nothing surprising that the smokers and drinking representatives of the weaker sex are much less likely to experience orgas, rather than their other peers. Smoking one pack of cigarettes per day, you can become one of those women who cannot reach orgasm at all.

Also, it is not necessary to ask similar questions if you decide to have sex under the action of alcohol. Of course, it is precisely at such moments that a strong sexual attraction is often manifested (the whole thing in a liver enzyme, which is necessary for splitting alcohol), but, unfortunately, it not only breaks alcohol, but also increases the activity of sex hormones. That is, the desire of proximity is growing, but the possibilities associated with this are significantly reduced. Alcohol has an anesthetic effect, which is why the sensitivity of erogenous zones is reduced and it is harder to get orgasm.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Wrong rhythm or breathing

Before painting due to the fact that you do not know how to experience an orgasm, try to learn how to breathe correctly and determine for yourself the most suitable rhythm of sexual intercourse. In fact, the use of various respiratory techniques activates certain processes in the body of a woman, and it is important here not only how deeply you have breathing, but also the association of your body with a similar state. For example, when an orgasm is approached, you can simply delay your breathing and strain intimate muscles. Thus, all the energy from future pleasure is concentrated in the same area, and the body does not remain anything else how to quickly get discharge in the form of orgasm.

Did you know? At the beginning of the sexual intercourse, it is useful to imagine swimming with butterfly at a distance of 30 meters when, emerging out of the water, you make a deep and calm breath, and then, slowly exhale. In the process of inhalation, the body and the brain are saturated with oxygen, which is manifested in general relaxation or even light dizziness.

Most women are important to maintain a uniform rhythm of movements, because in such a way, sexual energy gradually increases and at a certain point in time is poured into the highest pleasure. If a man does not give her time for a relaxed pleasure ("warming up"), but immediately begins to perform sharp shoes, then, most likely, the orgasm does not receive a partner. However, there are exceptions from each rule, so try to better explore your preferences.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Unsuccessful pose

An important role in obtaining full-fledged sex education is played by a selected pair of pose. The main thing is that the man does not turn out to be an egoist and listened to the wishes of the partner, because all women are individual, and it may take a lot of time to search for the position of the body that will bring the greatest pleasure. In addition, when choosing a posture, the physiological parameters of partners should be taken into account: for example, the male sexual body can be longer than the female vagina, which will cause a woman discomfort or even pain with a too intense sex.

How to get an orgasm to a woman or a girl: Tips and recommendations

No matter how much a woman wants to enjoy, without certain knowledge it does not always succeed. First of all, before proximity to the partner, it is necessary to afford to enjoy the upcoming sexual intercourse, free your consciousness and allow fantasies to get out of control. Only in this case, all the reactions of the body will be able to harmfully and fully work. But this is not all, and below we give the several most relevant recommendations.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Get rid of ordinaryness

It is very difficult to get an orgasm, if all your thoughts are engaged in everyday problems at work or at home. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to relax and focus on what you do: the more thoughts about sex, the stronger there will be sensations. If you can easily get so possible, try reading erotic literature, view the film, put on a beautiful seductive underwear or use other candid details of clothes (even if they are hidden from prying eyes, the main thing you know about them). You can also organize a candle dinner, change the situation or enable relaxing music.

In short, try to do everything possible so that the excitement does not turn into the opposition of the natural reactions of the organism and the mind.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Learn alone (masturbation)

For a long time, masturbation was considered something shameful and amusement, and some doctors even talked about her harm to the health of a woman. Nevertheless, many of the weak floor representatives can only relax in this way, so there is nothing wrong with the study of your body. Treat the genital organs as a source of pleasure, especially since such a way can be very quickly achieving orgasm. Carefully study your body and try to get rid of stiffness between legs and constraints, because they will not help you in sexual life. Usland RuIt should be noted that long-term masturbation for some women is the only way to develop sensuality and get orgasm not only independently, but also in the process of sexual intercourse with a partner. However, the main goal of masturbation is not to get quick satisfaction, but to learn a full-fledged excitation. You can also try to recreate the scenario of sexual intercourse through "toys for adults". Passing all the stages of excitement, you will probably feel how the entrance to the vagina is narrowed (from this and many girls are enjoyed), and the sensitivity of the point G is changing in a positive side. In the future, when sex with a partner, a female organism will remember the experiences experienced earlier, which will affect the correct reactions. Moreover, all of them will manifest much faster.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Start with love games

While men are more looked around at the very sexual act, the girls make love and in order to obtain psychological satisfaction. That is why the path of women to orgasm lies through a positive attitude, which, in turn, is achieved with the help of love games. Find out with a partner, find out what each of you like most, since the prelude largely determines the further outcome of the sexual intercourse. If a man succeeds in relaxing their partner and involve it in the game, then it will most likely come to the desired result.

Of course, love games can significantly diversify your sex life, but do not forget about the gentle and trust tone, a soothing voice. A man must make sure that his partner is quite excited and full of desire, and only after that move to the main stage of the whole process. The secret of success in the "desperate expectation", that is, in his caresses and kisses, the partner must be bypassed the most sensitive zones for a long time, and then start touched them with light, as if random touch.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Choose pose

As mentioned earlier, an equally important component in the issue of obtaining an orgasm is the pose of a woman. While one of the fair sex representatives prefer the usual "missionary", others are aimed at obtaining greater power over the process and choose the "Rider" pose. Of course, these are far from the only possible options, and with a more attentive study of the Great "Kama Sutra" you will probably choose the position that brings pleasure you most.

Important! To achieve orgasm, any poses are suitable, in which the point G, located on the front wall of the vagina, will be stimulated. In addition to the "rider", this category also includes a "man behind" (or Doggi Style "), as well as a number of other posts from the" Kama Sutra ":" back to the partner "," merger "," legs up ", etc. .

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Strain "sex muscles"

It is no secret that men really like, when the walls of the vagina of a woman tightly wrap the penis. Girls and women who are engaged in sports and constantly hold their body in Tonus, and without additional exercises, all groups of muscles are well trained, but this does not mean that in their life the moment will come when they will weaken. So, intimate muscles often lose their elasticity due to the birth of a child, sharp weight loss, diseases and many other reasons. Therefore, knowledge in the field of vombilding (a set of exercises that train vaginal muscles) will not be superfluous.

Did you know? Vombilding technique originated in China, where every self-respecting concubine could deliver to his Mr. Mr. Maximum pleasure by capturing the vagina of a nonreegenic member and bringing it to orgasm without any movements of the body, alone with the muscles of the vagina.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Fully relax

Of course, no question of any orgasm can be speech if you do not relax. Often, women are too much waiting for their partner and from sex as a whole, which does not allow them to fully relax and enjoy what is happening here and now. Therefore, if a man is worried about how he can help his girlfriend to achieve orgasm, first of all should be directed all its strength to its excitement. Try to just spend together a romantic evening, giving a partner to understand that it does not necessarily have sexual intercourse. Such an event will allow you to return the element of the surprise in the relationship of the pair, which always positively affects the libido, significantly increasing it.

How to get an orgasm: List of exercises for training sings

A complex of exercises using special equipment (or without it), aimed at training vaginal muscles to give them a tone, strength and endurance, is called "Vombilding". Thorough ownership of this technique allows a girl or a woman not only to control the time and strength of its orgasm, but also contributes to lighter birth without any negative consequences. Let's look at some of the most famous exercises for training vaginal muscles.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

  • Exercise # 1 - the muscles of the rear passage and the vagina for two minutes are reduced alternately. After that, it is necessary to strain them all as possible for 10 seconds, and then relax. Exercise is performed in three approaches, and for him is enough five minutes a day.
  • Exercise number 2 - Muscles of the vagina are strongly compressed (imagine that you are trying to draw something and retain something) and hold in this position 5 seconds. After a short respite, everything is repeated. Over time, time must be increased to 5 minutes.
  • Exercise number 3 - A woman sits on the floor, pulls his legs and puts his hands on his knees, after which he starts moving forward and backward due to the alternate tension of the jagged muscles. Light bend is allowed, but before each next voltage, they must be straightened again. The exercise is performed about 5 minutes, after which you can relax a bit. There must be three approaches.
  • Exercise №4 - every time, visiting the toilet by "Little Affairs", try to delay the jet as much as possible, and then pushing it back again. The exercise is performed until the strength is enough to restrain the urination. If it seems to you that such an occupation will adversely affect your health, then you can simulate the same movements, just pushing air vagina in a sitting position.
  • Exercise number 5 - Looking and putting your legs on the width of the shoulders, bend them a bit in the knees, after which they deeply breathe deeply and strain the sphincter, and at the expense two - sneeze and exhale. After a short respite, continue to exercise for four minutes.
  • Exercise number 6 - a woman needs to take a supreme position, a little bend the legs in the knees and put the feet on the width of the shoulders. Over the next few minutes, it is necessary to rhythmically raise and lower the pelvis, repeating this action 5 times with minor stops. You can also raise the pelvis, along the way, straining the muscles of the hips, buttocks and the sphincter (in this case, the exercise is performed within 1-2 minutes).
  • Exercise number 7 - Intimate muscles are slowly compressed right in the process of sexual intercourse, and a woman needs to try to alternate the intensity and frequency of compression. Such an occupation will not only benefit you, but also gives a lot of pleasant impressions to your partner.

There is also a mass of variations of the described exercises, so each woman can experiment and choose something for themselves.

Obtaining an orgasm: the most popular myths

Together with the study of the nature of the orgasm and its characteristics, many myths associated with this process appeared in the people. Here are the most popular of them:

    • There is no vaginal orgasm - you are frigid. The ancestor of this theory was known to all Sigmund Freud, dividing all women on full-fledged, which are able to experience vaginal orgasm, and defective, that is, devoid of such possibilities. According to him, clitoral orgasm can only experience a girl, and an adult woman must go to the highest stage. The good half of women of that time after such statements began to feel deprived of it, which significantly affected their sex life. It is good that the studies of other scientists have soon proved the absurdity of this theory, because if a woman cannot get a vaginal orgasm with a partner, this does not speak of its inferiority, but simply holding a row of a number of circumstances, one of which may be partner's selfishness.
    • During one sexual act, a woman is obliged to experience several orgasms. It is the opinion that such a myth appeared precisely because of men, since they only prove their worthwesome. Of course, if a woman is able to experience multiple orgasms for one sexual act, it can really be a merit of a man, but only if he got one of the women capable of this (there are only 5% of such representatives of the fine sex among the total number Women who live active sexual life).

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

  • In the absence of orgasm, a man is guilty. This myth with a large share of probability came up with women themselves, although it cannot be said that there is no shares of the truth. All cases are different, but it is absolutely known that partners should think not only about themselves, but also in each other. Of course, if a woman is calmly lying and wait that a man will do everything himself, he will think more about himself. It is important to remember that sex - first of all, the interaction of partners.
  • Partners must experience simultaneous orgasm. According to statistical data, only 15% of all steam are able to "come to the finish" at the same time, but despite this, many women are waiting for almost joint enchanting sensations, and already at the first or second sex. In fact, this is absolutely not necessary, and if the man first experienced an orgasm, then he still has a lot of ways to bring him to him and its partner.
  • All women are experiencing the same orgasm. In many ways, such a myth is a product of modern porn industry, which depicts orgasm as a continuous flow of voluptuous convulsions, which is why women have the impression that everything should go through this way. In fact, every organism is individual, and many women come to the top of pleasure, not suspecting. It is also safe to relate to the fact that an orgasm can be stronger in some situations, and in others weaker, which depends on a number of factors: the strength of excitement, mood, the senses of women to the partner and its hormonal background.
How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Anyway, and whatever you impose from the outside, always remember that the female organism is unique, and therefore no framework and can not be.

I can not get an orgasm what to do (health problems)

Unfortunately, there are cases when the lack of orgasm in a woman is associated with problems in its health. Therefore, if you no longer know how to help yourself enjoy, and what to do to cum, appreciate the opportunity to have one of the following problems. For example, individual diseases of the nervous system, injuries acquired tumors, damage to the head and spinal cord and postoperative consequences, which often violate the conductivity of nerve endings are often given to anhorhasmia.

How to get an orgasm: the most complete guide to achieve pleasure

Problems with the endocrine system and the state of the vessels also have a direct impact on female sensitivity. For example, if you have sick veins, then, most likely, you will not be able to experience a complete orgasm, because when excited, a large amount of blood sticks to the organs of a small pelvis, and vein valves are filled and closed. With the onset of orgasm, these valves are revealed again, the blood enters the vessels and leaves. In case of the disease, blood leaves from the small pelvis before the onset of orgasm, because of which you do not get sexual discharge. In any case, when the problems of "in bed" appear, a woman is better to be examined once again, especially since the concern for his health has not yet harvested anyone. If the causes of the lack of orgasm are not associated with physiological deviations, then the above recommendations will be created. There is another interesting article here: five rules excellent sex

Female orgasm - the topic is quite delicate, and not every woman is ready to discuss her. Whether it is because of the constraint, or because in fact she is not good, what it is and how it manifests itself in fact.

Yes, there is a category of women who are deprived of the opportunity to experience such pleasure as an orgasm. And the main reason for this lies in the fact that the parter simply does not diligently behave in bed with his woman, since it was not possible to find a way to conquer the top, to melt the ice and force her partner to survive that a few secret sense of flight and weightlessness, which was laid by nature to experience the female half mankind during orgasm.

And if some men just score on it and put their personal satisfaction for it, and then, if she is lucky, and the satisfaction of their partners, that is, those who do not surrender, persistently continue to look for the way, no matter how thorny it is he , Female joy.

girl and guy under the blanket

After all, in fact, the impossibility of delighting a woman with pleasure, forcing her to experience an orgasm, he hits the male self-esteem. Many men begin to edit themselves for it and are ready to dig in literally (well, you understand the metaphor) to make your own woman at all. Nothing gives it to them by the passage of Azart, nor the conquest of the highest mountain peaks, no career growth, as a desire to deliver his beloved orgasm and together with her to take the winner and the conqueror not only her heart ...

And although many guides have already been written, a lot of instructions have been created, where and how to look for this female orgasm, many attempts still turned out to be vain. And then researchers of the Kinsey Institute, together with the University of Chapman's University, from Indiana, did the overall work of a truly global scale aimed at finding an answer to the question that many men around the world are looking for: what lies the secret of obtaining a female orgasm?

Scientists conducted a survey, during which 52 thousand women of different ages took part from 18 to 64 years, which consist in monogamous relations and who are experiencing orgasm during sex with their partner. In the course of the analysis of the personal data from the researchers managed to find out from the surveyed women and girls, how their partners give them pleasure, bringing them to orgasm.

As a result of summing up and removing the general denominator, it turned out that everything is extremely simple, and the female orgasm has only three such banal components as:

  1. passionate and hot kisses;
  2. oral caresses;
  3. sleight of hand.

Using and connecting alternately all these three conditions, the chances of achieving a woman's peak of pleasure during sex with a partner increases in a hundred times.

As for the first point, everything is extremely clear here. Any sexual intercourse is accepted with the so-called prelude, when there are caresses and kisses. Once they become all hot and even lower, item first smoothly goes to the number two. In the second paragraph, everything is individually. There is a sexy fantasy, the possibilities and desires of your partner. Plus, the dexterity of the hands at the end sometimes works wonders. If, of course, they move the right route and under sensitive girl control.

The guy kisses a girl

Female orgasm, as you can see, mutual work at once two partners. And in this case it will be pretty going to go both. And then? And then the laurels get the winner who could do so hard way. Well, she? And she is true and so desirable pleasure!

But if you still do not act on you these three conditions, we offer you a whole guide out of 10 points on the achievement of female orgasm

Check, maybe something from this list you miss or did not hear about it at all. Let's try to figure out how to get a real pleasure and bliss to get a girl, called orgasm.

1. Be flexible

The girl is passive in bed, no matter how hurt it, many guys are compared with a log. In this case, you really need to be at least a little more active and help your partner in every way. It can be active hips movements, pelvis raises, phoning the body.

Feet - separate topic. If your maximum is to bend the legs and wait for the orgasm, it is unlikely that something from it will work out.

On a note: The girls who throw their legs behind their partner are experienced many more orgasms than those who are more than putting their legs in a half-path is not capable of.

Therefore, advice to you, girls to make your body more flexible and movable, you should sign up for yoga or Pilates classes.

2. I breathe correct

What is an orgasm? This is a reduction in the muscles of the vagina. And so that the muscles work well and cut down, they need oxygen. Therefore, it is recommended to breathe more often, deeper and stronger, in order to enrich and saturate the muscle tissue with oxygen and thereby help yourself and the partner achieve the cherished peak of bliss.

3. Change place

If you always do this in bed, over time, the usual place can be bored and having to swear. Do not be afraid to try something new. Can the bed and brake everything!? If there is no pleasure for a long time and disappeared, it's time to open new horizons and change the routine on something new, the infended, previously unknown. For example, try in the bathroom, or remove everything from the kitchen table?

4. For start, attention, march

Are you still at work. Looking forward to the end of the working day, and the peristers to him, because you are planned for the evening a hot meeting and night without sleep. Start right now, sitting at the desktop, warm up interest in the upcoming meeting. Send him an intriguing message. Start with the fact that today we are wearing today, then, if the partner is free and the game will start, tell us about your preferences on this passionate evening. In a word, warm up interest in the first minute of your meeting to go to the offensive and the implementation of the action planned according to the script.

5. Properly selected rhythm

The correctly selected rhythm is no less important than the posture during sex. This moment, too, would not hurt to discuss in advance with the partner so that you come together on both the denominator for you. If you like some definite posture that you call successful, then connect to all this also the correct movement frequency. Who loves preferred to whom to give quickly.

6. Modern technologies are in a hurry

Sex toys

Some girls do not succeed in achieving the desired orgasm without stimulation of the clitoris. And in this case, various intimate toys from sex shop come to the rescue. Well, if there is no such opportunity to spend money on all these buzzing assistants, then the partner's hands can also work wonders.

7. Stimulary

During the sex it is difficult to achieve orgasm without additional cliting stimulation. Either modern technologies in the form of intimate toys will come to the rescue or in the old fashioned partner's hand.

8. Properly selected posture

Each in this plan has its own preferences and its favorite pose, in which it turns out to be extracting the maximum pleasure during orgasm. But the pose of "rider" is most preferable. It gives a girl the opportunity to easier control the process, speed and depth of penetration.

And someone is more convenient in the "man behind" pose. So the partner gets access to the very point G, responsible for the female orgasm. Its stimulation during the excitation leads to a rapid orgasm.

9. Exercises and training of intimate muscles

If you want to experience orgasm and more than once during sexual intercourse, then you need to train the muscles of the vagina and keep them in a tone. For this, even there are so-called vombilding courses - intimate gymnastics, which helps strengthen the pleasure of a woman in bed.

Vombilding just implies the training of intimate muscles. But if you do not want to spend money on any expensive coaching, you can find exercises on Vombilding on the Internet and practicing at home. Just a few minutes a day, and how much bliss you can experience with your partner at night.

So, three lungs in execution and such effective exercises:

- Antistress Exercise

You need to lie on the floor on the back, putting one hand on the chest, and the other on the stomach. Take a deep breath, then exhale. Again a deep breath, but at the same time not giving boost opportunities to rise. Moves only belly. After mastering this technique, the exercise is worth trying to do the same thing in different poses - standing, then sitting. By the way, such an exercise helps to improve blood circulation and acts as an excellent sedative after a hard working day.

- Exercise Kegel

To perform it, take the pose on the back, breaking the legs slightly and bent them in the knees. Press the buttocks to the bed without raising the pelvis. Slowly strain and draw the pelvic muscles to themselves (hold one position for 2-3 seconds, after relaxing the muscles). Make 10-20 repetitions, straining for 5-7 minutes, and then slowly relaxing intimate muscles. And so three times a day. Having learned to control the voltage, replacing the relaxation of the muscles of intimate zones, you can train wherever you are, even sitting in the office in the middle of the working day. Studies conducted in this issue prove the effectiveness of this exercise with regular classes in the next couple of weeks.

- Exercises with sex toys

Not all girls are ready for experiments in bed with the use of sexual toys. But the effect of their action above all praise. So to perform the training of intimate muscles, you will need vaginal balls. Use how you understand, they are very simple. Place the balls in the vagina and hold them there for a while, without giving them the opportunity from there fall. There are also variants of such balls with an additional vibration function. But such classes can quickly end, never started)))

10) Push up correctly, fit fitness and indulge yourself

The girl slept

Non-shows badly affect not only the general state of women's health, but also interfere with healthy sex. To achieve orgasm, the female organism should be well rested. Healthy sleep at least 8 hours - the key to your happy sex life.

According to the doctor, for bright sensations in bed, it is also worth watching their diet. It must be balanced at the maximum. And do not abuse proteins and carbohydrates.

And when you feel that your muscles in a tone, the body is tightened and there are no more weight problems - it adds confidence. And for relaxation in bed, this is an important factor. And do not forget to indulge yourself from time to time. It can be like all sorts of women's things and a gift for two, for example, a beautiful new underwear, which will add spikes into your relationship and will allow you to experience yourself in the role of Goddess in bed, and he is heated and set the peppercorn.

We hope our tips will be useful to you and soon your sexual life in the root will change, becoming brighter and hot!

Earlier in the magazine, we also wrote: 6 types of girls who fate will never send a decent man.

Welcome to you, dear readers! Sex has long ceased to be exclusively a means to continue the genus. It is a source of pleasure and incredible pleasure. Although in this intimate matter, everything usually occurs intuitively, I advise you to study theory before practice and learn how to have sex. Men usually have no problems with the achievement of orgasm. But when his sweetheart appears, either he just wants to become a first-class lover, he may have a question, and how to bring the girl to orgasm. Dear ladies, do not rush to interrupt reading, the article has a lot of interesting things for you.

It is unlikely that family life will last long and happily, if the wife remains unsatisfied with sex. And by the way, the female orgasm depends not as much from the woman itself, as from a man, his relationship to her and skill in bed. If you want to raise your chosen to the top of pleasure, read on.

Before talking about female orgasm, let me invite you to our selection of sex courses. There are materials for girls and for guys. There are many of them, among them there are very cheap and completely free.

Look in the selection right now, see which programs are presented there. I think on female orgasm your questions do not end. You want to know how to have sex in general, to deliver great pleasure to the girl, how to make the girl you always wanted to hover it into your fantasies and make them reality.

At the end of the article, I would recommend several courses directly for the guys - read the material completely.

Myths about female orgasm

To help your woman achieve orgasm, you need to understand the mechanism of its occurrence. And for this, first say goodbye to the following stereotypes.

  1. A woman can get orgasm only during sex with penetration. Unfortunately, the male half of the population is only 15% of women are able to experience orgasm as a result of a traditional sexual intercourse. The remaining 85% need to stimulate the clitoris. Therefore, when masturbation, women practically do not use vibrators.
  2. The onset of orgasm depends on the duration of sexual intercourse. A woman can cum even during very fast and rapid sex. If before that it was excited to the limit, and the man knew that, where and how to stimulate. And when the other vice versa, even the longest sex and the maximum number of frictions will not save the situation. Partner all quickly get bored, she gets tired or will fall out at all right during action.
  3. The more male dignity, the higher the probability of experience orgasm. Another misconception based on the male ego. The size of the penis does not matter much. For a woman, much more important as a man treats her, whether it cares about her. But in second place there is already his sexual skill and the ability to wrap their tool. The main source of female pleasure is the clitoris. Therefore, to force the girl to cum, you need to change the pressure point. And this can be done by the advantage of any size.

Types of female orgasm

I will plunge a little in physiology. The female organism is more complicated than male. From here and the types of orgasm that she can experience, several:

  • clitoral;
  • vaginal;
  • uterine;
  • jet.

The main part of the beautiful sex representatives is most often experienced clitious orgasm. It is achieved by stimulating the clitoris. Make it easier with your fingers or tongue. Located this body is quite far from the vagina - at the point of convergence of small sexes. The clitoris contains more than 8,000 nerve endings. Approximately as much as on the head of the male member. And since the clitoris itself is small, then the concentration of them above. This makes the clitoris the main erogenous zone and allows you to bring the girl to orgasm without penetration. It can safely remain a virgin.

Vaginal orgasm can be experienced during intercourse if the point is stimulated by the point G. This mysterious point, and more precisely the region, is located on the front wall of the vagina approximately 3-4 cm from the entrance. In a calm state, this tubercle is practically not sufficient. But during sexual excitement, when blood sticks to the genital organs, he swells and becomes a rough, reminding to the touch of walnut.

Pretty rare uterine orgasm Some girls may experience during intercourse when the stimulation is subject to a sensitive zone near the cervix.

Inkjet orgasm (Squirt) is the most powerful orgasm, which can experience a girl. It is characterized by the fact that at the peak of sexual satisfaction, a woman has a liquid of milk-white color from parauretral glands. They are also called skin glands, they are located in the area of ​​the point G. This phenomenon itself is called squirting, or women's ejaculation. However, not all women nature endowed the opportunity to ejaculate.

Well, the most interesting fact is that women can experience not one and not even two orgasms in a row, but much more. Unlike men, they do not have a period of non-recondition after orgasm. An experienced man who properly applied in practice the advice of this article is able to achieve a multi-Russian man in his beloved.

Multi-Russian his beloved

Preparation for sex

The girl is a tender, sensual and impressionable. A man must make a sense of confidence, strength, protection and reliability in it. Then she trusts him and will be ready to surrender. It is important to create a situation that will help the girl fully relax and enjoy the moment.

What must be done when preparing for sex:

  1. Create a romantic atmosphere. Candles, twilight, pleasant music, wine, lightweight and delicious dinner and other pleasant little things will help this. And, of course, a man itself should be clean, tasty smelling and beautifully dressed.
  2. Help the girl to relax as much as possible. Being in a state of stress, nor a man nor a woman will be able to tune in for sex. If the girl is nervous or worries for some reason, she needs to help get rid of stress. The best alcohol is best helped in this, such as a glass of wine. Also well coped with this task a relaxing massage and a warm bath.
  3. Examine female anatomy. The man needs to know where the clitoris is located, from which parts it consists. This will help him understand the mechanics of the process and make his partner as satisfied as possible during sex.

Now that everything is ready, it's time to proceed.


The stronger the girl will be excited, the faster and easier will be easier to bring it to ecstasy. By itself, the mechanical sexual intercourse will not bring her any pleasure. The excitement of a woman begins in the head, in its fantasies and imagination.

It may take 20 minutes to heating. During this time, blood gets to genital and the grease will begin to produce. To excite a girl:

  • Kiss her on the lips;
  • caress and smooth, without removing clothes;
  • slowly tend it and share it yourself;
  • I caress her neck, chest, the inner surface of the hips, buttocks, without lingering for a long time in one place.

The man needs to be sensitive to his partner and track her reactions to their actions. Mark for yourself what she especially likes, and from what it begins to clamp.

The girls of the excitation phase is quite smooth and long-lasting in time. If you start a sexual act, without waiting for maximum readiness, it will be difficult to bring it to orgasm.

Preliminary facilities are needed

When the girl is breaking enough, you can proceed to stimulate the clitoris. It is necessary to do it very carefully and gently. It is best to use a special gel, especially if the natural lubricant is not enough.

The clitoris is a very gentle and extremely sensitive organ. When it is stimulated, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise there will be an overload of nerve endings and the signals will cease to flow into the brain. Then you have to pause.

Since each woman has all individuals and universal equipment to stimulate the clitoris, I advise men to do the following.

  1. Ask partner, what movements she likes the most.
  2. Allow the most stimulate the clit as it likes. A man at that time holds his hand over her.
  3. Listen to the feelings of a partner. Student breathing, moans, rhythmic movements towards a man are signs that everything goes as it should.

Sexual act

Achieve clituinal orgasm Woman may in 15 minutes. Therefore, depending on the shutter speed of a man, I propose 2 options for the development of events:

  1. To bring your choices to orgasm, stimulating the clitoris with his hands or orally, masterfully by performing a cunnilingus. And then to have sex with her and you yourself have fun. Or vice versa. It is better not to try to achieve orgasm at the same time - this is depriving the pleasure of observing the ecstasy of the partner. In addition, to obtain an orgasm, it is necessary to focus on their feelings, and not on the sensations of the girl.
  2. To do with a girl love, but choosing such poses in which it is convenient to continue the stimulation of the clitoris or other erogenous zones.

If you have chosen option number 2, then it is necessary to look at and try the following poses for sex:

  1. Missionary with a technique of a coital alignment. This posture has the highest female orgasm coefficient with vaginal sex alone. The whole secret in the stimulation of the clitoris of the pubic bone. Lobys Men and women should come into contact, and the movements themselves should not be argued, but sliding, as if the bodies rub each other. Of course, such a pose requires practice, but it will justify itself by 100%.
  2. Doggi Style with simultaneous stimulation of anal hole with a finger. Anus due to a large number of nerve endings is a very erogenous zone. Many girls experience incredible excitement from the penetration of the thumb into the anus.
  3. Pose of rider. In this posture, it is convenient to caress your breasts of a woman, the abdomen. Either a woman will be able to take such a position in which the friction of its clitoris about the publisher publisher will occur on the principle of the technique of coital alignment.

As soon as the girl experiences orgasm, it is necessary to stop any manipulation with its clitoris. After discharge, it becomes supersensitive and any touch to this zone will bring discomfort and pain. At this time it is better to switch to the caress of other erogenous zones.

To secure the material I advise you to watch the video.

Men's errors during sex

Often men make the following errors during sex:

  1. A man is not enough time to give foreplay and pre-caress. Let me remind you that the stronger the girl is excited in front of the immediate sexual act, the higher the probability of the occurrence of her orgasm.
  2. A man does not study the body of a partner, not listening to her feelings.
  3. The man does not admire the sexuality of his partner. It also matters for women who love ears.
  4. Some men tighten the sexual intercourse. When it lasts too long, and the long-awaited discharge does not come, the girl begins to cool. It is necessary to follow the reaction of your partner. And if it does not occur with her orgasm, it is worth changing tactics and try other ways to satisfy.

Main mistakes men in bed

How to bring a girl to squirt

Before deciding to such an experiment for the first time, it is necessary to prepare.

  1. Specify from the girl whether it is ready to try this method of stimulation and squirt.
  2. For the process itself, tighten your nails and thoroughly wash your hands, since the stimulation of the point G is carried out with his fingers.
  3. Prepare the lubricant for easy penetration of your fingers into the vagina, as well as a towel or napkins that will take a fluid stream - female ejaculate.
  4. Ask a girl to go to the toilet. The bladder should be empty, because the secretion during squirt is spoiled from the urethra.

Then you need to act on a proven scenario - to create an intimate environment and carefully excited the partner.

Squirt is achieved by stimulating the point G. Let the girl fall on the back and spread his legs wide. A man gently enters into the vagina to a depth of 2-3 cm, lubricated with a lubricant, the index and middle fingers so that the palm is facing up.

In the excited state, the point G resembles a rough tubercle. As soon as a man spares the desired area, you can proceed to stimulation. Lightly bent fingers to make movements up and down. When the inkjet orgasm approaches the girl will have a steady feeling that she wants to the toilet. This means that a man does everything right and to squirt remained quite a little bit. The main thing is to convince the girl not to restrain and fully relax.

Inkjet orgasm is a powerful ecstasy that a man can give his beloved. It breaks through the whole body of the girl and lasts for quite a long time. After such a breathtaking pleasure, the girl will be grateful, devotee and herself wants to deliver bright sexual pleasure to her man.

Useful courses for guys

Below I will recommend several courses on relationships and intimate skill for guys. I advise you to acquire at least one program - materials are very cheap. These courses will help you become a professional in bed, the girl will definitely be from you crazy.

Escalating Touchs from Egor Sheremetyeva

Escalation of touches for all those who want to bring the girl to orgasm

Description. Egor Sheremetyev will teach you to excite your beloved by one touch. You can't imagine that it is capable of making each guy with fingertips.

Of course, the course does not boil down to one sex. You will know what a touch and what time to girls are needed, when it is better to just talk, without touching her body, what touches will not be pushed away from you the beloved on the first date, which will be especially pleasant to her during the foreplay.

There is no complex touch in the technique of touch, you will behave completely naturally, without tension. But amazed the result, I guarantee you.

Author: Egor Sheremetyev.

Cost: 5 750 rubles.

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Mastery and Secrets of Cunningus

What cunnilingus will finish the girl to orgasm

Description. From this girl will make sure. Just need to make cunnilingus correctly. Unfortunately, not all guys and even adult men with the experience of relations can do it.

Valeria Aginskaya describes the whole twenty techniques of oral excitement of the girl, gives practical advice, calls common mistakes that always allow inexperienced young men, and which are reduced to the entire buzz from intimate proximity to not.

Training is very cheap, so do not skimp. It's worth it.

Author: Valeria Aginskaya.

Cost: 2 499 rub.

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Supersex from Egor Sheremetyeva

Supersex - course for all those who want to learn how to excite their girlfriend

Description. Supersex I recommend every guy. This is a real encyclopedia of intimate skill from a professional. Everything is aimed at practice, every advice you can immediately begin to apply in relationships.

Egor tells not only about how to bring a girl to orgasm, but a lot of attention is paid to this issue. You will be able to behave correctly during the foreplay, skillfully decline the girl to a very gentle or, on the contrary, extremely hardcore sex, give her an unforgettable pleasure and get it on his own.

Another plus course is work on psychological barriers. For example, you have fantasies that you are shy about telling the lover, but really want to "try". Egor will tell how to do it right to and you, and the girl enjoyed.

Author: Egor Sheremetyev.

Cost: 7,900 rubles.

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Male intensive from Egor Sheremetyeva

Supersex - course for all those who want to learn how to excite their girlfriend

Description. Another "encyclopedic" course. But already wider. The intensive is dedicated to the relationship as a whole: how to approach the girl who likes how to designate a date, invite her to your home, try sex with her.

And, of course, only sex is devoted to a huge number of lessons: in what positions to deal with how to control orgasm, how to cause a multiple orgasm of a girl and so on.

There are no any restrictions on age. The course is suitable for guys who are doing the first steps in relations, and already mature men who want to feel the same passion in love.

Author: Egor Sheremetyev.

Cost: Only 2 990 rubles.

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A few more class training programs can be found in the overall selection of sex courses. I hope to understand something worthwhile for myself.


Any man bye forces to deliver an incredible sexual pleasure with his girlfriend. Theory, I told you, it remains for the practice. And remember that the excitement of the girl begins in the head. From your sensitive attitude towards her and desire to make her nice depends on how fast you will find the way to her orgasm together.

Write in the comments if the article helped you!

You want to experience orgasm during each intercourse, but do not know how to do it? Invangible in the types of orgasm and can not figure it out? Did you want to explain to your partner for a long time, how to help you reach orgasm? We revealed all the secrets of orgasm. Place comfortable and prepare for pleasure.

In the article we will tell:

  1. Types of orgasms;
  2. How many women get orgasm?
  3. How to get orgasm yourself?
  4. What position is it easier to get orgasm?
  5. How to achieve squirt?
  6. Female and erotic courses.

You already know about orgasms, but want to reinforce your knowledge and professionally talk about their friends? Come on Women и Erotic courses in St. Petersburg , To learn from sexologists, what they will not write on the Internet.

Types of orgasms

One day someone let the myth that orgasms are vaginal and clitoral, and women shared them for a long time in such criteria. In fact, it is not true.

All female orgasms come from the clitoris.

The clitoris is a female sexual body that serves as the main erogenous zone. Many owners of this body, and their partners do not know where he is. They confuse it with other parts of the vulva, confused by the Vulva itself, so we have a picture on which it is described in detail about the structure of female genitals.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Precisely because all orgasms come from the clitoris correctly to share them on Koital и Extraceal. In other words, it is possible to achieve orgasm through penetration and without penetration.

Coital orgasms are orgasms from the internal stimulation of the clitoris. You can call it vaginal, but it happens not from the stimulation of the vagina, but from the internal stimulation of the clitoris. According to statistics, only 20% can reach orgasm during vaginal sex. Also, this type includes anal orgasm.

Extraction orgasms are orgasms with additional stimulation of erogenous zones. This type of orgasm is the most common. It includes all the stimulation of the clitoris, which ever happened in your life. Therefore, extracitial orgasms have their varieties depending on how stimulation occurs:

  • Masturbation  - fingers, toys, shower;
  • petting  - all the same, only with a partner (even if all actions do you yourself, and not he);
  • MOKOMPRESSION  - compression of legs and various items between them, friction about the surface;
  • Motonic  - compression of the muscles of the pelvis;
  • in a dream  - does not depend on anything;
  • random  - Most often it comes from overvoltage. For example, you are very worried about the exam, and the body decides that the most effective way to relieve stress is to experience an orgasm without any stimulation.
How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

In general, it does not matter where your orgasm will occur. The main thing is that there was a result!

How many women get orgasm?

The orgasm is the maximum stress point, the maximum peak of pleasure. The strength of the muscles depends on the power of orgasm. If science is known that the male orgasm is designed to continue the kind, then everything is ambiguous about female. So far, scientists adhere to the opinions that female orgasm exists only for enjoying.

Despite this joyful fact Only 49% of women can reach orgasm, which is 2 times less than men. Information found out scientists from the University of Toronto.

According to the observations of sexual researchers, clitoral orgasm experiences almost all women, coitable with the stimulation of the clitoris - half, anal - ⅓ women.

How to get orgasm yourself?

Ladies, set fire! There is nothing shameful in the study of your body. If you still care about something and you can't reach orgasm or get a brighter and strong orgasm, you can always consult with a psychologist.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Masturbation should not scare anyone. Through it is formed a sexual environment of a person, this is a personal matter of everyone. Therefore, the more you should learn, the easier it will be in sexual contact with another person.

By masturbation, you will understand what you like, and what is not. In the future, during sexual contact, you can send your partner to make it nicer, and indicate the borders "You can / cannot".

The main goal of masturbation is to understand your preferences and learn to enjoy.

For masturbation classes, you need to create a favorable atmosphere. Select a point when no one can disturb you. Relax, distracted from all things. You can turn on calm music, muffle the light or light the candles.

Then the whole thing is only in your imagination. If you do not need "Special Effects", you can simply represent erotic scenes. If this is not enough, there is always pornography in various kinds. Films, audio recordings, texts - all this will help you excite.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Also do not forget about the stimulation of other erogenous zones. Like when you stroke your nipples? Do it yourself. Love when you are drawn by the hair? Pull yourself for them. Do you know other secret zones on your body? Use their magic.

Do not dwell on time that goes to achieve orgasm. No need to hurry. All women have a different amount of time. And remember about non-iconant.

Nonconcondancy - It is a disharmony between psychological excitation and a lubricant allocated.

You can be extremely excited, but absolutely dry, and vice versa. There is nothing terrible in this. Just add lubricants if the natural is missing.

How to get clitoral orgasm?

The easiest way to achieve orgasm is to achieve it to stimulate the clitoris. To do this, you can use fingers, a jet of water from a shower or auxiliary items, such as toys.

Put two fingers on the clit and start slightly pressed on it. Feel sensations from stimulation. Try different strengths, different movements, everything that comes to your mind. Understand what you like more. Try to introduce your fingers into the vagina. With insufficient moisture, you can use lubricant. Use fingers only one hand or immediately both.

The sex shops present a large range of toys that can help you reach orgasm. For example, you can purchase a vibrator. This is a kind of massageor oblong shape, at the end of which vibrating mechanisms are located. When stimulated with such a subject, the clitoris responds more, and the likelihood of getting an orgasm is growing.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

In addition to the vibrator there is still a bunch of other pieces that will make your sex life diverse. Choose, test, enjoy.

How to learn to get a vaginal orgasm?

As we already found out, everything is not so simple with vaginal orgasm. Do not despair if you do not enter the twenty women who experience it without additional stimulation.

You can achieve vaginal orgasm. For this, there are special techniques, one of which is called the "bridge".

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

The easiest way to do with a special vibrator, which has a submersible and petal for the clitoris. It is necessary to start with the stimulation of the clitoris from the outside, as well as zones G. Then, already in a pre-jammed state, bend the clitoral petal and continue the stimulation of the zone G.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Difficulties with the development of this technique may occur in those who have given birth to women, as well as those whose muscles are no longer so young or subjected to constant tension. In such cases, the fibrous tube becomes stretched, so the achievement of orgasm is hampered. But here should not panic. First, go through the training course of intimate muscles with a specialist, and then reap the brain to search for new ways to achieve orgasm.

For those who doubted whether the G zone exists, we learned from Alexandra the truth. It exists, and it is more correct to call it exactly the zone.

These are branching nerve endings in the vagina. All this zone is located individually depending on the length of the cervix and the anatomical structure of the girl.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

How to learn to get orgasm during anal sex?

The first thing that is worth talking about anal sex, regardless of whether you do alone or spend an experiment with a partner: It is necessary to prepare for anal sex.

This means that without purchases from the sex shop you can not do. First you need to purchase a silicone grease, an anal stopper and condoms (if you are gathered to enter anal sex toile).

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

This preparation does not end. The second main rule: If you do not want such experiments, you do not need to go against your desires. If you are unpleasant or hurt, you do not need to suffer and suffer. So reach orgasm you will definitely not.

Third Rule: before anal sex you need to get well. Thus, all the erogenous zones of your body will go, as well as the stimulation of the clitoris and sex with penetration.

There is a myth that before anal sex you need to put an enema. Forget it. Just start the experiment on the free intestine after a trip to the toilet and do not eat anything softening.

Frequent anal sex classes cause hemorrhoids and other diseases. Twice a month - the optimal frequency.

Well, finally, the position. It is better to choose more curved. Lower on the side of the embryo pose or on the stomach, laying under the hips of the pillow. Start stimulate the clitoris. Then try to enter into yourself what you decide to stimulate the prostate.

Examine your feelings. If you like everything, there is no reason to stop. It will be easier for you to reach an orgasm during anal sex if you simultaneously stimulate the clitoris.

In which posture is the easiest way to get an orgasm?

Orgasm comes from the head, so universal poses in which you exactly get orgasm does not exist.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

When you are turned to a man's back, your points fall out, so it becomes very difficult to reach orgasm without additional stimulation. But in a missionary position and sitting on a man from above, the process is simplified noticeably.

To make it easier to reach orgasm, being under a man, while frictions raise him to meet the hip. And in this posture, and the riding, in addition to internal stimulations, the clitoris also affects. It interacts with the pubic man, friction arises, and the process of achieving orgasm is simplified.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

How to achieve squirt?

The squirt itself comes from the stimulation of the Zone G. Zone G is a rudiment of a male prostate. Prostate in men is one of the main erogenous zones, therefore its rudiment in women is the so-called place. It's easier to achieve squirt with a toy. With a partner, you need to master special techniques, and not yet to do without strong hands. It will be necessary to continuously stimulate certain zones and not to be knocked down from the rhythm.

To achieve squirt with a toy, it is better to use any, providing vacuum stimulation. According to the reviews of girls, it is more common to seek squirts. You need to relax as much as possible and try to do it yourself.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Alone with you, you feel how nice it is, and in the future you can try squirt with your partner.

Women's and Erotic courses

In female courses, girls study themselves, their psychological barriers, increase self-esteem and knowledge about their own body. They include: training of intimate muscles, techniques to achieve a coital orgasm, psychological trainings "How to learn to understand ourselves", "how to turn off the head and learn to relax", etc.

Erotic courses are training for sex practitioners. Basically, they are aimed at learning how to delight their own partner.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Courses come to become more confident and understand yourself, as well as learn to deliver the pleasure of a man.

The teacher at such courses should be a psychologist-sexologist, because psychology and sexology are two close sciences. Many psychological barriers are reflected on our sex life and are in many ways preventing enjoyment or deliver it to a partner.

If the center of sexual education has free trainings, you can go to them and look at the future teacher. Also on the site usually there are photos, information, possibly short videos, with which you can learn your mentor.

Groups in paid trainings are usually not more than 10 people. Such a number allows the coach to explain all the material and pay attention to each student. There are individual classes for those who shy or want to preserve anonymity. But usually in groups, everyone relaxes and concentrate on themselves.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

It is not necessary to bring anything to the class. As a rule, only a silicone dildo may be needed. It will be issued on courses. After each occupation, it is sterilized, processed, sealed in a zip-bag and in the craft package.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

The only thing that can be brought with you is sportswear for bodily oriented practices. But you will be presented in advance about it.

As you can see, it can achieve orgasm. Even if you quarreled with him, it's always to make ways. The main thing is to find a desire and throw out the constraint.

And what techniques of orgasm are known to you? Share your secret ways in the comments. Make repost articles not to forget about everything you learned about orgasms.

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