What nozzles for meat grinders

From meat products create various products. Some of them are preparing at home, just have a certain equipment. It is possible to get a higher quality product. In addition, there is no doubt about the ingredients used.

Is it possible to prepare a sausage at home?

The answer to this question is positive. If there is a nozzle on a meat grinder for sausage, you can create a real gastronomic masterpiece! The taste of the finished product will pleasantly surprise you. The ratio of the ingredients is selected by the hostess. She also decides which components will be part of.

Nozzle on a meat grinder for sausage with their own hands

It is enough for you to have a meat grinder and devices for the manufacture of sausages. You control the process completely, no preservatives, dyes and other artificial components! Cooking takes a minimum of time. As a result, you can treat your family members with a delicious dish. If you are interested in it, unexpected guests will not be scared.

When the house has a nozzle to a meat grinder for sausages, you can prepare different options for this product with your own hands. It is allowed to take any mince, use your favorite seasonings and spices. To give the product to those or other taste, the composition also includes fat. The factory nozzle allows you to start sausage using the meat grinder.

What types of nozzles exist?

Perhaps once prepared a sausage at home, you once and forever stop buying it in the store. At least you will do it less often, because you will notice the colossal difference of taste and aroma. Products created with their own hands are characterized by higher quality. In addition, you will never have an unrest for the one who touched the product and how clean was his hands at that moment.

Metal meat grinder nozzle

The constant availability of fresh product with the best taste - this is what guarantees a nozzle for home sausages. The species in which this equipment is presented include 2 modifications. One of them allows you to prepare on a classic recipe. The other is designed for products, hollow inside. The latter of these species in Russia did not receive much distribution.


Two options are possible:

The nozzle for the meat grinder metal is often complete to household appliances. It is an oblong tube in the form of a cone.

Both materials are convenient for use. Additional care will be required to metal products, since they are often formed rust. For the purpose of prevention, it is impossible to leave the nozzle in wet. As soon as you wash it, wipe the surface of dryness.

Nozzle for home sausage Views

Plastic products allow you to prepare different meat products: sausages, sausages, etc. The only minus is lower strength. The diameter of the holes can be selected depending on your needs.

How to use the nozzle?

So at your disposal, finally, was the nozzle on the meat grinder for the sausage. You are starting to cook your favorite product, but not sure if you are doing right. The algorithm of action should be as follows.

  1. Attach existing equipment on the meat grinder. Pay attention to the area where knives are. They should be removed. The tube is recorded in their place. All ingredients will be held through it.
  2. At the end of the nozzle, place the film. You can also buy a special intestine. It is rolled along the entire length. One of the ends are tied with a thread.
  3. In the hole, located on top, lay the finished mince.
  4. Passing through the set (so otherwise called nozzles), it acquires the shape of sausages.
  5. Dimensions are determined independently. For example, it is possible to create portions of 10 cm long.

As you can see, when there is a nozzle to a meat grinder for sausages, you can always cook fresh and tasty products with your own hands. There are a lot of recipes available for use in the presence of specified equipment.

How to make a choice?

The smooth surface of the accessory is of great importance. It provides the optimal passage of minced tube. In addition, the presence of roughness brings sometimes to the fact that the film used as a sausage shell is broken.

The diameter of the opening is not a fundamental criterion. It depends on what product you are going to create your own hands.

Meat grinder and devices for making sausages

As for manufacturers, both foreign and domestic companies are popular with popular. Experts recommend avoiding little-known firms that establish the minimum cost on their equipment. The use of such nozzles is usually ends with disappointment.

Remember! Finished products need to be stored in frozen or boiled form. In the refrigerator is allowed to keep fried and baked sausage for two days. Although it is unlikely that it deteriorates, because during this time it will certainly have time to eat.

How to make a home sausage with your own hands? Homemade type nozzle

As mentioned earlier, the nozzle is often included in the meat grinder. How to be if it was not in it? You can independently make such a device.

Take a plastic bottle. She should have a long neck. Cut its upper area. After that, fix between the spinning part of the meat grinder and the lattice the resulting part. Thus, you have at your disposal a full-fledged sausage tool.

how to make a home sausage with your hands nozzles

Sometimes the small intestine is not suitable in size to the neck of the bottle. The situation is corrected, complementing the construction of a 20-milligram syringe. After that, the gut is easy to wear on the product.

If your kitchen unit does not have nozzles on a meat grinder for sausage, then you can make it with your own hands.

The real home sausage does not compare with the purchase of sausage!

The quality of the products used can be personally monitored, not surviving for freshness and in general the presence of meat and sludge and choosing favorite spices and spices.


It is easiest to start sausage using a meat grinder with a special nozzle for sausages.

The finished factory nozzle for home sausage looks like this:


It is included in the meat grinder and is very convenient to use.

What to do if the manufacturer has not provided nozzles for sausages?

Or you have no meat grinder at all, and the shells you fill the finished mince. Although there are recipes in which you just need finely nourished meat.

You can simply cut a plastic bottle with a long neck or one that is suitable, and insert between the grid and the twisting part. It turns out the easiest nozzle for sausage on the meat grinder.



If thin mustache does not fit the bottle on the neck, you can add a 20-millimeter syringe design.



Without the use of the meat grinder, the nozzle for cooking a home sausage is made by circumcision of plastic bottles of 1.5 liters. Owing guts on the neck, you can easily fill it with meat minced meat.

Primary nozzle for stuffing sausages from a plastic bottle with a neck of the outside is done like this:


Two plastic bottles are selected so that one must enter another. Red is cut off the bottom, it needs to fill the minced meat and put on the gut or another sausage shell.

The blue bottle remains the whole. She plays the role of piston. This bottle is closed with a plug, you can fill with water for stiffness. By moving the "piston" in the red capacity, you extrify mince from it.

Even simpler version:


Many with such a "nozzle" make a home sausage like even more than to use a meat grinder for this purpose.

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