Funny wishes for birthday guy or girlfriend

Funny birthday wishes - 100 phrases

2020-12-02 друзья веселятся на вечеринке

For almost all people, the main holiday is their birthday. In this significant day, the birthday girl receives a huge number of gifts, as well as all sorts of congratulations, which, however, do not differ in originality. Therefore, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with hundreds of truly interesting and funny congratulations on your birthday who can please anyone who celebrates their personal holiday.

100 original and fun SMS birthday Congratulations 100

The following greeting SMS will be accurately remembered to your friend, relative, a colleague, a good friend:

  • I almost forgot about your birthday, but then I remembered that you should me 100 rubles, with a holiday;
  • Happy Birthday You can forget about sobriety and about the screams of my wife;
  • With the holiday you most importantly - remember that tomorrow to work;
  • Happy birthday not start in the morning to celebrate, leave friends for the evening;
  • Birthday is not only your holiday, but also your friends, do not forget to buy more and pouch;
  • Happy birthday to you buy me mesim and pour the brine;
  • Congratulations on your birthday, I hope that I will follow your festive table for you;
  • Happy birthday to you, I remember, not upset by my wife, you will not please yourself and friends;
  • Congratulations, hug, I wish you forget about the hangover if not forever, then at least tomorrow morning;
  • I love you my friend, your birthday and my holiday, especially when it comes to cakes;
  • Happy birthday, and remember that hangover is not a hindrance, but only a successful holiday certificate;
  • My happy birthday to you, do not drink much, so as not to forget this wonderful day;
подруги веселятся на вечеринке
  • Cake and alcohol, everything for you on your birthday is my friend;
  • Happy Birthday Congratulations, I wish you a raven night;
  • Birthday - this is once you become a year older, and when for the day you are allowed a little more than usual;
  • Birthday is not alcohol liters, but happy and drunk friends;
  • Celebrating today's birthday, be careful, because tomorrow you can remember anything, but everything will be on the Internet;
  • Your birthday is my holiday, because I love to eat and drink;
  • Happy birthday my friend, prepare for me the biggest plate and the biggest glass;
  • I congratulate you with your holiday, I hope that we will all remember the next morning;
  • Today you did not become older, you just raised your Level;
  • Happy Birthday to you, do not drink, try to feel yourself with a white rorone on my own holiday;
  • Birthday is the best day, but not for all your friends, who are to turn to contact the microloans to buy a gift;
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HAVE HAPPY Cooking and cleaning not much spoiled you a holiday;
  • Happy birthday is preparing you delicious, but toilet paper pour;
девушка со сладостями
  • I hope that activated carbon will not become the main acting person of your holiday;
  • We are not the best friends, but I will drink for you as a native brother;
  • Health to you, it will help you for a successful celebration;
  • Your birthday is a wonderful holiday, especially if you get a blank gift at the table;
  • Do not expect money from me today and gifts, because my friendship is more expensive than just, I will prove it, drinking your health most at the table;
  • I give you my love and envelope of money, with hope for unlimited drinking;
  • My friend is old, but do not worry with the age of your fullness will only make you younger;
  • I found out the truth about you, you are not 40 today, and 18, although you look at 40;
  • Remember, on your birthday, real friends will not only go away, but also help you put you in bed;
  • Happy Birthday I can not understand why 30 years in a row we celebrate your 17th anniversary?
  • Forget about drinking and eating today, leave more your friends;
  • Friends are better than iPhones and money, but they will not help you too to get crawled in the morning after the birthday;
  • Happy Birthday You do not eat much, because with the age of fat, the fattest is postponed on the stomach, with the 16th anniversary;
девушка с шариками
  • Your birthday as a new year, only instead of the Christmas tree has to drive away the dances around you;
  • Happy birthday to take care of your loved ones and alcohol, it will take us in the evening;
  • With the name days I can't wait for you when you hug you, although in fact I just want to eat;
  • Happy holiday let you do without a cake today, because you and so we have very sweet;
  • Congratulations to you as a good friend who, of course, remembers his debt in 1000 rubles;
  • Waiting for your birthday, like a homeless glass bottle in a walking couple;
  • Friend is not the one who remembers your birthday, and the one who will bring you home;
  • Happy birthday you, the main thing is a smaller phantas on the table and more wine;
  • Coca-Cola on a festive table is good, but the real birthday without vodka will not cost;
  • Instead of colors to your birthday, I better buy myself a drawer vodka and will drink all evening for your health, so that you lived 1000 years;
  • You did not today older, but just rose to a new level, where you have to sleep more and drink less;
  • On this day, vodka is not so important as the ability to drink it;
парень лицом в торте
  • Happy Birthday, tomorrow your best friend will be not me, but brines;
  • Today it is better not to move and do not overeat, it will help you not become the hero of the Internet;
  • Better brine Outlou After the birthday of birth can only be a pack of crunchy green bills in gift envelopes;
  • Do not expect today from friends of gifts and money, and hopeful, so that the video from today's holiday does not fall tomorrow on the Internet;
  • Congratulations on the name day, today is a wonderful day, especially to get drunk;
  • You're lucky, because today you celebrate a birthday, day, when you can drink and not be afraid of a scandal from my wife;
  • My friend, after the birthday you will understand that the main friend is a wife who will be disappeared by brine and get into the house;
  • Never forget your relatives on your birthday, because they can help him recoup with their gifts;
  • You may hoped that I forgot about your birthday, but know that I never forget to drink a reason;
  • Today is your personal holiday, but to clean and cook to sell your wife;
  • Cakes and birthday gifts are, of course, cool, but not as cool as the lack of a hangover;
девушка смеется с подарком
  • I wish you health and family happiness and, of course, a good festive table that you treat me;
  • Remember, the more drinking you will drink on the birthday of the birth, the less you remember the nice words from friends and relatives;
  • Birthday is a holiday for you and your friends, as well as a serious work for your wife, so take care of her;
  • Let the best gift for you on your birthday will be unwanted dishes and wholes of friends;
  • Happy Birthday Remember that a good birthday is not when there are many gifts and fun, and when it ended without fractures and not in the CPR;
  • Your birthday is my holiday, because an attempt to beat off a table at the table is an exciting challenge;
  • Happy Birthday I hope that for you a holiday is not gifts, but who drank well friends;
  • The more guest eats at the birthday day, the lower the chances of getting to him next year;
  • I understand that your birthday is just a hint of a good drink?
  • Never forget about my wife especially on this day, because she moves you, feed and, if anything will do in bed;
  • The love of friends is manifested when they bring birthday and drinks together with gifts;
подруги кушают мороженное
  • Today at the table, to understand who your friend is simply offered to stay to everyone to help get into the apartment;
  • don't drink today much, because you will have to evaluate the toast of each guest and on the basis of this understand who should not be invited next time;
  • Happy birthday you, I wish you smaller to drink and get drunk more not only from wine, but also from love;
  • I congratulate you on the name day I wish you smaller to spend on the table and get more gifts;
  • Happy Birthday Remember that broken windows, fights and sea of ​​alcohol - this is a sign of a good day of each other, but not yours;
  • The best gift of friends for the birthday of birth when you have money problems are not the arrival of the table with the simultaneous presentation of gifts;
  • I wish you so that you always have everything was well with health and finance, because the quality of the birthday of the birthday and the opportunity to have fun on it;
  • A friend is not the one who congratulated you on the birthday of birth, but the one who will be ready to help you calculate losses;
  • Happy birthday I hope you, you're crying this year a mortgage, and you will be able to finally buy a normal amount of food and drinking;
девушка кушает торт
  • Happy birthday can everyone can congratulate you, but only a real friend will help you sit on cars of drunken guests;
  • I congratulate you, I wish you to come true your main dream, so that guests just come with gifts left them at the entrance door and quietly left;
  • Happy birthday you a good holiday - this is not the one who remembered, and the one who has not ended with the challenge of the police;
  • I hope that on your birthday you will get a lot of money and finally give me a debt;
  • It is better for you to only close all your loans for you;
  • I could not forget about your birthday, because this is a legal way to get drunk and fall asleep at your home;
  • Try not to put a lot of sweet on the table, because you and so we have a cake;
  • Happy Birthday I wish you to forget about all the insults, but remember people who need money you;
  • Today you celebrate the birthday today, which means that you are getting closer to age when you can start sitting daily in the queues in the clinic, discussing communal tariffs;
  • I know that instead of the birthday celebration, you would just like to become a billionaire who does not have a hangover;
девушка на фоне конфетти
  • The lack of a hangover after a name is, it is certainly good, but even better, if the Mother's Yugoslav service remained after the celebration;
  • Happy holiday to you, I wish you forgive all the enemies, except for a neighbor who puts his car to your place;
  • You did not become older, but simply approached the free passage in public transport;
  • I know you are waiting for him an iPhone for a birthday, but the loan you have to pay from the family budget;
  • Happy Birthday Do not forget what fun today, and tomorrow morning is bad;
  • After the birthday of the birth after the birthday, the sama will stop, and the broken glass in the kitchen will have to change;
  • Happy holiday my friend, I hope that today you will forget all the insults and forgive me a hundred rubles that I have been to give you another 15 years ago;
  • Today you did not become younger, did not become a wise, but just became closer to constant gatherings in the garage with men;
  • With the holiday I wish you health, love, happiness, my wife, who will be able to sleep with you to sleep and cook the next morning a delicious soup.
девушка в шариках

The main thing is that congratulations have been written from the bottom of my heart. It is important that the addressee received the cherished SMS from the person's expensive for him, felt the tide of the strength, the feeling of happiness. All this will make a birthday truly memorable.

SMS birthday greetings

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Beautiful happy birthday congratulation son or daughter - a difficult task. We have some cool formats.

Write down video spending

Do not know how to properly congratulate the child happy birthday? Video software is an excellent idea. Tell your son or daughter what they mean for you, and make a mental collage from the collection of old photos that make children laugh. Turn on the energetic music, pick up photos and the necessary words - to create such a video is not at all difficult.

Create a schedule of favorite cases

Turn your daughter or son's birthday on the day of the fulfillment of cherished desires. Make a graph of entertainment and pleasant events that children will be delighted. For example, write the places in which they wanted to visit a long time ago, highlight the time for a festive shopping to the toy store and so on. Each stop must become a small surprise. Birthday can last day, weekend or even a week.

Make an avalanche of balloons

How to unusually congratulate your son or daughter happy birthday? Our answer is avalanche from the balls. Inflate such a number of balls so that they filled the entire room. Make a surprise until the children are in school or while they sleep. Another option - Fill the cabinet with balls and put a gift there. In the morning the child will open the door, and he will have to make his eyes through the air obstacle to find the cherished box.

How to congratulate sister happy birthday

Как поздравить сестру с днем рождения

An unexpected surprise and a pleasant gift of the Wamg will raise her mood.

Original birthday greetings - Here you will find unusual, sincere, touching, beautiful and spiritual wishes on the birthday of a woman and a man.

Audio wishes

Funny and original congratulations on the phone. The service is paid.

Original birthday greetings

Original birthday greetings

Birthday - like in life beacon! This year passed, it seemed - a trifle, but summing up, sad and got fun, and do not regret, but again in love in love! For yourself, put the tasks to grow, go ahead, doubt away, where the soul is calling! With you, luck in the path has already gathered, the victory too to be swore with you!

Прикольные картинки с днем рождения

The days of birth has a property: they are suddenly, carrying anxiety; Well, you calm down tomorrow, today I give without a fight yourself to the mercy of the providence: in vain, that, in vain, we hurried to congratulate you on your birthday? Original birthday greetingsCatch my original birthday greetings: you wish you on the birthday of smiles, joyful trouble, health, happiness and fun today, tomorrow, all year round! Original birthday greetingsSo that you live beautifully I wish a lot of beer! In circles, in banks and bottles! Box beer in the freezer! And so you coped with him, we are already running to you! С днем рождения прикольные скачатьWhere to take some well-being? So it does not happen - this is a fact. But let it be more "better" and less will be "Somehow." You wish you on the birthday of smiles, joyful trouble, health, happiness and fun today, tomorrow, all year round! Original birthday greetingsDo not drink water if you can drink wine! Do not drink wine if you can drink good wine! And do not drink good wine, if you can drink very good wine! And most importantly, do not forget to drink for you always have money for what is better! Original birthday greetingsI wish the bright days, hopes, great happiness and warmth, let the joy lasts endlessly to live in the soul! The cycle of success is bright only positive bears, and from good luck will be hot, and in each business luck! Original birthday greetingsI wish only inspiration, love, hope, kindness, live in a great mood and play your dreams! Let's have a happiness place, comfort will fill the nice house, and the days are all wonderfully, enveloping the soul all the warmth!

Happy Birthday Woman Beautiful Original Woman

Original birthday greetingsWe hurry to congratulate this holiday, one of the best women in the world, let life give you happiness, let the smile be shrieking wider. Success, health and luck, let them follow in life next, always be bright and beautiful, such a woman - reward! Прикольные открытки с днем рождения мужчинеHappy Birthday Congratulations! Best of Women! Personally, we wish her! Capital things to happiness, yes - more! To health - from the soul! So that lived even longer! Well, money is not a penny! Original birthday greetingsI sincerely wish you a year before the anniversary live fun and cheerfully, not Hnych, not pain. So that the sons and grandchildren on your hands wearing for a long time for a long time you have to be in our glory and strength! С днем рождения прикольныеFashionable and stylish, you - Girl prominent, bright, cool, just crazy! And on my birthday - straight look: sweet, shocked, awesome cool! Conquer, kindly, have fun, Koketnych, be unique and always happy! Original birthday greetingsHealth, tenderness, love, always luck, I wish I sincerely, you for your birthday! So that you flourish from happiness, laughed from joy, I was unique and the life was admired! Original birthday greetingsHappy birthday congratulations and sincerely I wish: be always irresistible, serene and happy, pretty, good and successful, solar and tender. Heart and soul of beautiful, noble and beloved! Original birthday greetingsI wish on the birthday of two boxes of enjoyment, compliments three baskets and keys from limousine, fashionable dresses fifteen pieces, and smile often, and let happiness and delight every day knocking down from the feet! Original birthday greetingsCongratulations on the day of birth, you eat you and not fully, feelings in the heart, yes, so that I want to sing songs. Original birthday greetingsAll such a business, elegant, cool. Happy Birthday, Beauty, be always such a lape! More often laughing, smile, never commemorated. Rest always tastefully, restrictions all away. The laying was combed to mousse - and have fun overnight!

Happy Birthday Congratulations Men Beautiful Original

You are young, full of strength and energy, in front of you are open a whole world of opportunities, so let you smile success in all matters, and your dreams come true. Be happy. Happy Birthday! . Original birthday greetingsI wish you so that you, having a clean conscience and a challenged reputation, managed in this life to achieve the biggest heights, but at the same time happy in everyday life .. С днем рождения прикольные скачатьHappy birthday to a beautiful man. I wish you a huge happiness, interesting and bright life, let a smile glow on the face, everything in life is in the best way! . Original birthday greetingsFor a man, the main thing is not money, not cars and not even cottage. For a man, the main thing from the hangover does not forget the words promised them. I wish this day a birthday to have fun as never, and it doesn't matter that it hurts a bad head with a hangover! Original birthday greetingsCongratulations, you are the king, let you always rule. You deserve the honor, with your courageous force! Let always burn lights, in your kingdom of magnifies. And now forget about everything, and went to walk along the bars! Original birthday greetingsCongratulations on the day of jam and I wish the sea of ​​booze to the women to be treated, on this day you are baths for you. To park and soap, so that the fire burns in the furnace. Yes, and in order not to forget about you the korean! Прикольные картинки с днем рожденияBirthday for a man is not commemmed among dates. There is your reasons for that, but everyone is happy. We wish the achievements and intended victories. Travel, impressions and hot lunch. Plus - the machine of the desired brand can not even one, the necessary always gifts and a beautiful wife. Original birthday greetingsWanted on Birthday - Grand Lucky, Performance of All Plans, Happiness Full Pockets! Original birthday greetingsLet it ring the glasses folling, the playful corner is burning in the eyes. Favorite business is engaged in, you could not be able to go all that you could not. Original birthday greetingsWe wish you on your birthday of health, good luck, smiles, luck. Be charming, kind and cute. In life be honest and fair. Original birthday greetingsHandsome man, always elegant. Someone beloved, someone desirable to someone comrade, someone colleague and someone taxi driver driving "Tuarega"

Good day, friends! If you soon have the birthday of a loved one, and you do not know how to congratulate it is indished and interesting, then you will definitely use my review.

In order not to turn the best holiday in the template ritual, I suggest you to find out how to congratulate your birthday original.

Ways of original congratulations

Now let's find out how to unusually congratulate a person. It is not necessary to do in verses.

First of all, tell us how much it is for you. No need to make long tiras. Short phrases are better remembered.

The birthday name can thank you for something. A person will be very pleased to hear that you admire it with traits with characters or qualities. After congratulations, it is worth thinking about hobbies, desires and the interests of the birthday name.

It's easier to please, if you know that a person likes.

Choosing a congratulation, it is worth considering the interests and profession of a person.

Need a special approach for teacher, athlete or businessman.

How to originally congratulate a man

There are different ways to congratulate a man. Ideas should not be expensive. Here are some options to congratulate a friend or boyfriend:

  1. You can choose a gift from unusual souvenirs that can be purchased in specialized stores. At the same time, the present can be not only cool, but also useful.
  2. You can contact the Agency, which is engaged in various draws, but at the same time it is necessary to take into account the features and traits of the character of a person, congratulations should not leave unpleasant emotions. Better if the draw will be kind.
  3. Order original cake in the confectionery store. The Master will create a real work of art. The scene for decorations can be a hobby of a birthday party, a favorite book or memorable events from life.
  4. There are gifts in the form of a certificate for impressions. This will allow you to experience new sensations or try yourself in something extreme.
  5. The present for a beloved or for a friend can be thought out independently. For example, organize a journeysday day, order a tour or memorable trip.

Unusual gifts can be invented for her husband. And also with children to congratulate dad. Here is what can be presented:

  1. It is interesting for a beer cake. To do this, you need a bottle tightly tie with scotch and decorate the satin ribbon. Pistachios, pizza or salted fish are suitable for this gift.
  2. Mug with a photo of a birthday and his name.
  3. Warm sweatshirt with the inscription.
  4. You can make a jar with a surprise, on the bottom of which to put the main gift, and from above a bunch of paper on the topic: "Why I love you."
  5. Prepare your favorite birthday dishes.
  6. A lover of cars can be given a race on quad bikes or a karting.

Will deliver joy and thematic gift associated with a hobby. It can be a set for fishing or a hike in a billiard room.

Important gifting criteria are benefit and practicality. In order not to give useless gifts, find out the preferences and needs of a man more thoroughly.

As a congratulation, you can make an interesting collage from pictures of interesting events over the past year.

In this case, the congratulatory text is written. The collage is cut into pieces in the number of photos and the number of guests.

Then for the birthday room you need to come up with tasks. At the same time, a fragment of a collage will be given to its execution.

Tasks may be such: Tell the poem, to dance or depict a pantomime.

Scenario of the original congratulations

There are different interesting ideas for congratulations to the child. When a person grows, only the brightest and memorable moments remain in his memory of his childhood, so it is so important to arrange an unforgettable and a fun holiday for their children. You can use such congratulations options:

  1. To congratulate the son or daughter you can invite an animator. To do this, you need to know exactly what character from fairy tales you have the most beloved.
  2. You can contact the company to organize holidays, where you will help to make an interesting script.
  3. Fresh holiday will leave a lot of bright impressions. You can go to the cafe or in the park of attractions.
  4. If you decide to celebrate at home, you should arrange a costume evening.
  5. Be sure to think about a gift that will greatly please your baby.

You can think about the gift of the quest. At the same time, any gift will turn into an exciting game. First, the letter is presented with the task, and then goes the indication where to search for the next note.

And so the deposit behind the guess, and the baby will find his gift. At the same time you will need a chain of items that will lead to a hidden gift.

Then all the messages are laid out in places. In this case, you need to numbered and make a layout scheme.

If you attract to participation and friends, the adventure will turn into a real holiday.

How to unusually congratulate a woman

Creative can congratulate the woman. You can come up with an original script to congratulate your girlfriend, a girl, mom, sister or wife. For example, buy a lot of balloons, on each of which write a wish. Then guests throw up the balls up, and the birthday girl catches them and reads aloud. The grandmother on the anniversary can make a festive poster. To do this, on Watman, you can stick her photos in youth, as well as pictures of children and grandchildren, as well as congratulatory poems.

Think about the options for fun gifts. For a sweet lover, you can give a set of beautiful jars with candies and sweets.

They can be decorated with all sorts of funny inscriptions. Thanks to modern technologies there are a variety of printing options for different inscriptions and drawings.

You can give the original mug, pillow or apron. Money can also be given in original ways:

  1. From the bill you can make a bouquet, panel or money tree.
  2. Money can be attached to the shovel and say that they need to row a shovel.
  3. Put bills in the umbrella, and when the birthday girl opens it, they will fall off the rain.

When using such methods, be sure to take into account like a birthday room with a sense of humor so as not to ruin the holiday.

How to congratulate colleague

At work, you can unusually congratulate your colleague.

Here are some ideas:

  1. For congratulations you can wear carnival costumes. At the same time, the greedy will say congratulations and will be awarded a gift.
  2. Make a congratulatory presentation in the form of a slide show. It can be sent by mail or show on the projector in the meeting room.
  3. Subject newspaper.
  4. Organize a quest quest in the office.

During the congratulatory speech you can use Bengal lights and all sorts of flappers.

It is worth come first and decorate the workplace of the colleague. To do this, air balloons, pumps and garlands are suitable.

How can you congratulate the chief

Most of the life takes place at work, so it is so important to build a good relationship with colleagues.

The boss playing a big role in this, which contributes to cohesion in the team and creates a positive attitude.

If the director is approaching his birthday, then you will be useful for information how it is better to congratulate it.

You can think over the scenario of congratulations in advance to make this event especially memorable. All options, how to congratulate the head, you need to discuss with colleagues in advance.

First of all, you need to decide on the scale of the event. If the chief is strict, then you should not plan too large-scale event, as it may not even appear on this day.

It is enough to think about a neutral business present or a greeting postcard. If the person is active, you can prepare an interesting holiday. Such an idea of ​​a large-scale celebration will have to do.

The boss can be congratulated by email, call or send SMS.

The holiday may consist of such parts:

  1. Introduction includes short greetings. This may be a spiritual wish in prose in your own words or in verse.
  2. The entertainment part is distinguished by a variety. Here it is to fully show creative deposits. Contests are used, as well as dance musical congratulations.
  3. A gift can be handed over during the entertainment part. You should attach a greeting card to a gift.

If the holiday will be celebrated in a cafe or restaurant, then holding a holiday should be entrusted with a professional leading.

In the warm season, the holiday should be organized in nature. Diverse holiday songs by the fire, kebabs and fun contests.

Such an option should be discussed with the head in advance.

This service is popular as a musical congratulation. No less pleasant to see and wallpaper with funny photos, joking congratulations or collages.

It is worth paying special attention to choosing a gift. Do not give small souvenirs or trinkets.

A good presentation should be attributed to expensive alcohol, gift certificates of salons spa or entertainment centers, sports equipment, collection souvenirs or household appliances. Start fantasy and you can choose amazing gifts, as well as pick up the most unusual congratulations. Bye Bye!

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