Business in the garage: 53 profitable business ideas

To launch your case, it is not necessary to gain expensive equipment, to invest millions. At the first stage, organize business in the garage. The amount of investment will be 20000-300000 p. The exact amount depends on the scale of the organization. In the Russian Federation in the garage business, about 15% of the working-age population is involved. For work, entrepreneurs take a small room with an area of ​​10-20 square meters, acquire a call and other equipment, and then start working. Business in the garage is not limited to the launch of the auto repair system or tire. We have prepared for you 53 interesting ideas with minimal investments.


The value of the initial contribution: from 300000 p.

Payback period: from six months

Completeness of implementation: ***

Creating a car service in the garage - an option for good mechanics wishing to start working on yourself. To start a business at the first stage, a basic set of tools, a pit in the garage is required. Spare parts are acquired by fact after the breakdown is detected. Their customer is paid.

AutomasterAutomaster in Garage

To launch a business, you need a large garage in which repairs will be repaired. Better, if he is originally owned by the entrepreneur. It will save investment at the initial stage. The list of services of the car service is somewhat limited. Here they carry out the repair of the engine, correction of body damage, identification of malfunctions, fixing small parts, replacing them. Additionally carry a car tuning. At first, provide customers with 1-2 services. Developing the company, expand the range.

To organize work, it is not necessary to hire the staff. In the first stages, you can repair cars yourself or together with an assistant. For successful work need sufficient qualifications.

Aquaprint of car salons

The sum of the initial costs: 150000 p.

When you pay off: from 3 months

Completeness of implementation: **

Aquaprint - drawing technology for creating unique surfaces. With it, it is possible to transfer the texture of the tree, the scaly reptile, the plane of the stone. It makes the car unique.

Hand finish auto cabinAuthor's finish of the cabin car

The essence of the work is to prepare the surface, transferring the image, drying, cover the parts of the lacquer.

Business quickly pays off. This is due to the high demand of motorists, a small competition, minimal investments. Work in the workshop on their own or hide an aquaprint specialist.

Need a separate bath. The details are placed in it during the transfer of images. Additionally, consumables are needed, grinding machine, two collars collars. To simplify work, purchase a drying unit.

Equipment functions from the network. Therefore, organize access to electricity.

Hauling car salons

The number of investments in the first stage: 200000 p.

Approximate payback period: from 3 months

How difficult to implement: **

The car's lounge is carried out in case of wear, accidents, damage to the seats. Sometimes the master of the car wants to change its appearance.

Hauling autoHauling salon

To create a mini-studio need a warm garage. Therefore, take care of heating. The essence of the work is to dismantle the elements of the cabin, replacing the upholstery of the doors, seats, the subsequent installation of parts in place. Lighten the skills of transferring images to the trim machine. Usually, experience in the car service will not suit.

Costs for launch minimum. The machine, plumbing tools, washing vacuum cleaner, products for temporary dismantling airbags are required. Ensure the supply of consumables. To do this, start cooperation with the company engaged in the sale of fabrics at wholesale prices.

Production of non-freezers

Starting attachments: 300000 p.

When business pays off: from six months

Completeness of implementation: ***

Unimportant liquid is used in winter. Car owners pour it into the cooling system, which prevents the inability to start the engine due to the appearance of ice and damage the parts. Immediateness is spent during the operation of the machine. Gradually, the substance agrees. Otherwise, it will cease to perform functions to prevent freezing, overheating. Additionally, non-freeze is polluted. Therefore, the demand for fluid is preserved.

Production of non-freezersProduction of non-freezers

The manufacture of non-freezers does not differ in difficulty. Initially, water is cleaned, alcohol is added to it. The resulting fluid is treated, poured, labeled. The container will be required to mix consumables. It is possible to engage in marking, fluid spill. However, the process is recommended to automate. Work for you can perform one person. Subsequently, you can enlist employee support. The cost of 1 l of the finished product is about 20 p. Prices change depending on the market situation. However, the idea is inherent seasonality. Demand increases from November to March.

Installing alarm on auto

Starting costs: from 300000 p.

The period during which business will pay off: from 2 months

How difficult it is to embody the idea: ***

Car owners seek to protect vehicles from the hijacking, so the alarm is set. They prevent encroachment on someone else's property. Additionally, the product is necessary if the car bought on credit. Therefore, the demand for the service is growing.

Installing alarmInstalling alarm

To organize an alarm installation service in the garage, purchase a laptop, install the software. Additionally, you need an electronic multimeter, consumables. Usually customers acquire equipment required to fix illegal penetration, independently. The company, organized in the garage, only sets it. This requires skills. To get them, go through courses or hire a ready-made specialist.


Attachment size at the initial stage: 300000 p.

Time for payback: from six months

Difficulty: ***

Tire services created in the garage are popular all year round. Peak consumption falls on off-season. In this period of time, the hosts of vehicles are forced to change rubber. However, in other seasons, earnings are also high.

TinontazhTire fitting in the garage

The greatest amount of costs will be required to purchase equipment. Need a device for balancing, mounting and compressor. Additionally, instruments are needed, consumables. The garage area may be small. The main thing is the presence of a sufficient number of lighting, the power supply. Consider that it will have a large load. You can work in tires yourself. However, specific skills will be required. Therefore, such a business will suit the specialists who used to work in the auto repair shop, but decided to start working on their own.

Framing Workshop

Starting attachments: from 250000 p.

The average period during which business will pay off: from six months

The difficulty of implementing business ideas: ***

Baged workshops make frames for painting paintings, photographs, mirrors, posters, other interior items. Additionally, baguettes are used as decoration of windows, doorways, interior items.

Framing WorkshopBaget workshop in the garage

The bauchate must have creative abilities, have an artistic taste and know the manufacturing technology in detail. It is necessary to work with a tree, glass. It will be necessary to highlight the room under the warehouse for storing raw materials and finished baguettes, as well as a place to install machine tools. Create glass cutters, assembly machines. Organize wood delivery. To do this, find the supplier of finished planks and fittings.

Bicycle rental

Starting capital: from 50,000 p.

Payback: from 1 month.

How difficult to implement: *

Popularization of a healthy lifestyle, environmental concerns increases demand for bicycles. They allow you to quickly move around the city, without spending money on the purchase of fuel and do not have a negative impact on the environment. Bicycles walk, inspect the sights, enjoy landscapes, reduce weight.

Bicycle rentalBicycle rental in Garage

To launch a business, purchase bikes. The garage is used for transport storage. The entrepreneur will have bikes and check their integrity. Costs arise when fixing the product failed and promotion of the company. Pay special attention to marketing. Without advertising, the company will progrit. Therefore, place the signboard, create a group on social networks and engage in its promotion.

Knitting shop

Size of the cost at the start: from 300000 p.

When you pay off: from six months

How difficult to implement: ***

Knitted clothing is high demand. It is indispensable in the cold season. Products are well warmed, preventing supercooling, stylishly look. Common models are produced massively. Inexpensive clothes from wool quickly offer. Therefore, the organization of mini-shop production of knitted products will make a profit.

Knitting machineKnitting machine

To start work, you will need a universal knitting machine. Purchase electronic machines offering work with precise patterns and automatic repetition of patterns. Product management occurs using a computer. Additionally, the windings of threads and electrical sewing machines are needed.

Organize the supply of woolen threads of different colors. Diverse the range and sales channels. You can sell ready-made products yourself or cooperate with shops.

Plaster stucco and 3D printing

Women's threshold: from 20,000 p.

The term for which the company will pay for: from 1 month

Difficulty: *

Gypsum stucco and 3D printing decorate the interior, create a personal style. With the help of stucco, an unusual drawing is obtained. It is interesting to play light, shadow. Customers who wish to decorate the apartment are purchased, buy entrepreneurs. An unusual design of the room highlights on competitors.

Gypsum 3D printingGypsum 3D printing

To produce gypsum stucco, zonail the room. Highlight the place of storage of plaster stucco, place to store raw materials and equipment installation. To start a business, you will need a 3D machine. It produces stucco on a given sketch. Organize the supply of gypsum. Organize a good light in the garage, carry out the water source. It is needed to create the basis.


Run cost: from 50,000 p.

When will pay off: from 3 months.

How difficult to implement the idea: *

Ceramics are popular. Appeal to the pottery workshop allows you to get an individual thing without repeat. Tourist business contributes to the growth of popularity. In the south of Russia, people actively acquire copies of ancient ceramics. Masters sell amphoras, cutlery. They are also interesting in other cities of Russia. Competition is low. It increases the chance to find his buyer.

potteryWork on a pottery circle

The clay is soaked, endowed with the form, dried, burn, emulate and paint. Ready cups, mugs, plates, statuettes are stored or transferred to shops. To promote the company, create a group. The community pages have photos of goods, provide description.

You must enjoy feature talent. In addition to self-making, offer customers a service for participating in the creation of plates or mugs from clay.

Costs fold from buying equipment and consumables. We need a pottery circle, oven and scales. Additionally purchase clay, tassels, paints, glaze and enamel. Adjust the delivery of clay in advance. To do this, cooperation with the supplier is necessary.

Engraving and laser cutting

Investments in the first stage: from 275000 p.

When the project pays off: from 4 months.

How difficult it is to start: **

Business idea involves applying memorable inscriptions, the manufacture of original gifts for the client. Laser engraving almost does not damage the subject, but at the same time personifies it. The principle of procedure is to effect on the surface by radiation. It changes the color of the site or completely removes the layer of material. In the latter case, the image seems voluminous. With the help of a laser apply photos, inscriptions, pictures, cliparts.

Laser engravingLaser engraving installation

For earnings, a laser installation will be required. Additionally, a personal computer needs. With PCs control equipment. The income takes shape from the creation of souvenirs, the preparation of advertising and presentation materials, processing goods from leather, wood and plastic. Competition is relatively small. You can work in the workshop yourself. Additional staff is not required. However, initially go through the courses on handling equipment.

Production of aquariums

Investments in the first stage: from 105000 p.

A possible time for which starting investments will pay off: from 2 months

Business complexity: **

Aquariums are popular due to the soothing effect and performing the function of the bright element of the interior. Customers will be shopping center, offices, citizens. The store assortment of tanks is limited. Manufacturers do not provide aquariums necessary forms, so fans fans communicate in private organizations. There is relatively small competition in the field. However, promote the company, because otherwise the business will not pay off.

Production of aquariumsProduction of aquariums

There are two ways to create aquariums: frame and glued. Initially create a drawing, the exact dimensions determine the calculations. Then the material is selected, create the base, shut down. In the quality of the equipment, purchase assembly tables and pistols, glass cutting fixtures, grinding machine and knife set. Additionally, consumables are required. For the production of aquariums, you need a minimum of two people.

Production of stained glass windows

Starting size: from 300000 p.

Payback period: from 4 months

How difficult to implement the idea: **

Stained-glass windows acquire individuals engaged in the repair or construction of houses, modernizing urban apartments. Corporate clients also use this service. Stained glass windows acquire bars, cafes, hotels and mini-hotels wishing to create a personal style.

Production of stained glass windowsProduction of stained glass windows

Profitability of the workshop will be about 35%. It is possible to produce stainedures alone or hire an additional specialist. The business idea will suit individuals who differ in artistic, can work with their hands.

To start production, purchase a grinding machine, a glass cutting table, a furnace, a boring machine, a laser milling mill, will additionally need stained glass films, glass. Adjust the supply of consumables in advance, find customers.

Production of leather goods

The size of the initial investment: from 100000 p.

The time during which business will pay off: from 5 months

How difficult is to start the case: **

Leather accessories create style, isolated against the background of others. They make the appearance of solid, emphasize belonging to a certain culture. You can start working in this area in the garage. Belts, cases for glasses, keys, necklaces, bracelets, wallets, clutches, sheaths, folders are used in demand. The list is not exhaustive. The list is limited only by your fantasy.

Leather workshopTanning workshop in the garage

Technology depends on the type of product. Usually it is multi-layered. The specialist carries the front part, lining and lower layer, and then fastens them, stitching around the perimeter. Then make embossed or engraving, stained, grind. The sewing machine will need, equipment for installing rhinestones, jewelry. Equipment park can be expanded.

Making paint products

Starting attachments: from 160000 p.

The term for which the firm will pay off: from 4 months

How difficult to run a business: ***

Lucky, paints are used in almost all spheres. They cover cars, walls outside and inside the building, furniture. Therefore, the demand for varnishes and paints is growing. An entrepreneur who opened mini production in the garage can find its customers and start making a profit.

Equipment for the manufacture of LKMEquipment for the manufacture of LKM in the garage

The manufacture consists of two stages. Initially produce semi-finished products, and then mix them. Consumables are purchased in advance. For the production of primers, impregnates and other unrelated materials are installed ready-made lines. They are used for the manufacture of varnishes, paints, etc. It is initially enough to purchase one line, and later expand the company. So that the basis for varnish and paint was delivered smoothly, it is necessary to conclude a contract with the manufacturer. Costs are mostly folded from the acquisition and organization of the production line.

Making modular paintings

Starting Investments in the company: from 170,000 p.

Payback period: from 2 months

Implementation complexity: *

Modular patterns use, decorating the interior. In fact, this is a composition of several parts that are connected by the 1st theme. Pictures are used to decorate private rooms, offices, restaurants, cafes, cinemas. Decor attracts attention, creates an atmosphere. Therefore, entrepreneurs and individuals actively acquire modular paintings.

Modular picturesMaking modular paintings

Technology production of modular paintings is simple. The manufacturer picks up a suitable image, then it is prepared for printing. Next are transferred to the canvas. You will need a computer with software to work with graphics, as well as a color printer that is suitable for widescreen printing. Additionally, consumables will be required. You can produce modular patterns yourself.

Manufacture of sandpaper

Investments in the first stage: from 300000 p.

Approximate payback period: from six months

Completeness of implementation: ***

Entry paper is produced to clean the surface before gluing, painting, are used to remove contaminants, prevent slipping. The goods are actively acquired by repair companies, leading industrial activities. Private consumers also buy sandpaper repair paper.

Manufacture of sandpaperMachine for making sandpaper

The base of the sandwich is dense paper. It is treated, then the thermoactive glue is applied, on which abrasive particles are placed. They are fixed. Salves are cleaned. The finished sandpaper is collapsed, stored.

Usually the entrepreneur organizes the production line, which is installed in the garage. We will have to take place for storing consumables, finished sandpaper, as well as settings of the remains.

Manufacturing window shutters

Start costs: from 100000 p.

When you pay off: from six months

Is it difficult to implement: ***

Blinds protect well from excessive illumination. They are actively used in the arrangement of office and private premises.

Manufacturing blindsManufacturing blinds in the garage

Production technology is simple. It is not necessary to produce the foundation for blinds. You can acquire composite parts and make them assembly. In this case, you will bypass equipment without purchasing equipment. You have to purchase only a set of tools. However, there will be expenses for materials. If you create an organization from scratch, you will need manual or semi-automatic equipment. To increase profits, do not only manufacture, but also by installing window shutters.

Work is performed independently or together with a partner. Subsequently, hire additional staff.

Production of monuments

Initial investments: from 120000 p.

Payback period: from 4 months

How difficult to run a business: ***

The business idea is specific, but it is capable of bringing a stable profit to the garage owner. Relatives seek to keep memory of the dead, so they spend money for the purchase of tombstones. They are produced in the form of sculptures, rectangular stones, crosses or memorial. The last monument consists of several elements.

Production of monumentsProduction of monuments

To produce monuments, apply artificial stone, concrete, steel, granite or marble. The first form is the greatest demand. It is durable and wear-resistant.

Concrete solution is prepared for production. It is poured using the form. It is fixed on the vibration table. After this design, they give dry. Then the nameplate is applied to it with the name of the deceased.

Making tables

The cost of implementing the idea: from 15000 p.

Approximate deadlines during which business will pay off: from 1 month

Difficulty level: *

Plates are used for promotional and information purposes. They include information about the house and street information, information about the store, offer company. Additionally, plates are placed on the doors of the accounts. A variety of use goals increases demand.

Making tablesMaking tables

To make a sign, create a stencil. Use a graphic editor. Transfer the image to the self-adhesive film. It is placed on a plate of plastic or metal.

The signs are different forms. To start production, cutting machines are required, printer, carrying pictures on the canvas, personal computer with a graphic editor installed. To establish the technology will be able for a couple of days.

Manufacturing greenhouses

Mid-size investment at the start: from 60000 p.

Approximate payback period: from 1 month

How difficult to implement the idea: **

The climate of the Russian Federation does not allow freely growing vegetables and fruits. To create a suitable microclimate for plants, greenhouses use. They retain heat without reducing the level of illumination.

Manufacturing greenhousesManufacturing greenhouses

Greenhouses are made of plastic, polycarbonate. Initially produce the basis. It is built from plastic tubes. Get the assembly skill. However, it is easy to develop, practicing.

Material for the production of greenhouses inexpensive. Therefore, it will be possible to get a significant profit. Creating one design does not take much time.

Perhaps the manufacture of greenhouses without hiring staff. For production it will be necessary for a metal cutting machine, a drill, a welding machine, a coupleer, a caliper.

Making paving slabs

The magnitude of the starting capital: from 60000 p.

Payback period: from 2 months

How difficult it is to organize production in the garage: **

Paving tiles are used to improve the pathways. It is needed by corporate clients and individuals who carry out the extraction of the house territories. Demand grows together with the development of cities.

Production of paving slabsLine for the manufacture of paving slabs

Paving tile is made using finished lines. Their price begins from 50,000 p. To save, get used equipment. Its price will be significantly lower. However, the risk of breakdown will increase. All production processes can be performed independently. Then expand the company, hire an additional employee.

The project is characterized by high profitability. After 2 months, you can recoup the initial investments and begin expanding production. However, success is possible, if promoting.

Key Manufacturing Workshop

The size of the initial capital: 150000 p.

When business pays off: from 3 months

Implementation complexity: *

The provision of small household services to the population is in high demand. Keys are common everywhere. Periodically, people lose them, forget, break. The demand for company services does not depend on the season and holidays. Competently approaching the launch of the organization, you will receive a stable income. Make a business owner of the garage can without hiring staff. Risks are associated with subjective factors. Provide high quality service and attract customers.

Production of keysKey Manufacturing Workshop

Starting work, buy a keys duplicator, a machine repeating standard products. There are combined and automated models. Additionally, locksmith tools are needed. Purchase a set of nadfile, files, screwdriver vice. Equip the room. We need stands, desktop. Organize the supply of consumables. Complete key workpiece.

Mini smoking

Starting costs: from 230000 p.

Payback period: from 4 months

Completeness of implementation: **

Russians love smoke, so they actively acquire them. Customers prefer homemade food. It has a good taste, natural composition, full compliance with the standard recipe. Therefore, the opening of a mini smokehouse in the garage will make a profit. The company does not need a large area, and the technological process of smoking is easy to master.

Mini smokingMini smoking in the garage

The main competitors will be the processing of meat and raw materials. However, its products stand out against the background of industrial products. To make a profit, smoke fat, cheese, fish, mince, fillet, bird, meat. Agree with suppliers of raw materials for stable provision of goods. It will be necessary to buy baths, refrigeration equipment, racks, storage and defrosting tables, smoking installations.

Mini forge in the garage

Run cost: from 150000 p.

The approximate period for which business will pay off: from 3 months

Completeness of implementation: **

Periodically customers need metal products on their own project and design. They are used for decorative decoration of premises, buildings, raising the level of security. In the blacksmith in the garage there are forged lattices and fences, parts of fireplaces, chandeliers, benches, candlesticks.

Mini forgeBlacksmith workshop in the garage

To make a business idea to work, acquire a hydraulic blacksmith press. The machine is required for cold and hot forging. The kit includes a small gas stove. Blacksmith press produces 40 wrought elements.

However, consider the availability of houses. They should be located at least 10 m from the mini forge. Production is distinguished by fire hazard. Therefore, take care of minimizing the risk of fire. Exclude from finishing flammable materials. For example, the floor in the garage must be concrete, brick or tiled. It is important to have ventilation, hidden wiring and good lighting.

Mini typography

Opening investments: from 300000 p.

Approximate payback: from six months

How difficult to implement the idea: ***

The demand for typographical services is growing. Companies include private consumers, corporate clients. Printing is given as souvenirs. Products will help promote business, implement ideas, create an individual style, attract attention.

Mini typographyMini typography

Companies are engaged in standard and widescreen seal, apply images on T-shirts and mugs, make flyers, certificates, business cards, perform lamination and staging. Initially, focus on one task, and later expand the organization. The printer will be required, computer for creating layouts, tables and office furniture, laminator, booklet, plotter, offset machine. For saving, the purchase of used equipment is permissible.

Cutting glass

Exemplary costs in the first stage: from 50,000 p.

Possible payback period: from 2 months

How difficult it is to start a business: **

Glass is used for the production of furniture, figures, accessories, dishes. The material is actively used in construction. However, initially the glass is prepared, cutting it with cutting, give the desired form.

Cutting glassGlass cutting workshop

To implement a business idea, agree with the company-supplier. For savings, ask for a delay of payment. The main costs at start-up are made up of equipment acquisition. Curly cutting machines will be required. Additionally, a backdrop required. Be sure to purchase cutters. Subsequently, you can purchase equipment for processing ends, engraving.

Foam processing

Cost size: from 300000 p.

Payback period: six months

Business complexity: **

Polyfoam - lightweight material that is processed. It is durable, safe, resistant to mechanical damage. Polyfoam has good insulating properties. All this expands the possibilities of its use. Polyfoam is actively used in construction, photo sessions. Material is used to produce advertising structures. Fields and a number of other goods are made of foam.

Foam processingFoam processing

The essence of production technology is to develop the design and design of the future element. Then the data is made to the machine machine. He makes a trimming of a foam sheet, removing unnecessary. Then the object is grinning, finish, paint.

To implement a business idea, use machine tools for trimming, barcode devices, spray guns. It will require the presence of designer skills. Also necessary to master the control of machines. The process does not differ with excessive complexity.

Printing on balloons and packages

Business launch costs: from 40000 p.

How much time you need to attach to pop up: from 2 months

Difficulty: *

Balloons use at events. They create a festive atmosphere, complement the interior, are used as a tool for promoting the company. To attract consumer attention, logo is applied to the balls. They will be useful for congratulations, notifications of an important event. This generates demand.

Printing equipmentEquipment for printing on balloons

Earn on printing on balls you can with minimal attachments. Equipment will be required to apply an image, as well as a personal computer with a graphic editor to study the picture. It is also suitable for applying logos to packages. Customers are private persons who are preparing for the holiday, organizations conducted by promotional events.

Printing on T-shirts and Circles

Approximate start-up costs: from 90,000 p.

Payback period: from six months

Startup complexity: *

Mugs and T-shirts give as souvenirs, gifts for birthdays, holidays. Tourists acquire clothes with thematic images. Additionally, products are popular among corporate clients, since it contributes to the promotion of the company. Mathematical pictures on circles and t-shirts attract attention, increase recognition.

Printing on T-shirtsT-shirt print printer

Business idea is not related to seasonality. Products are purchased all year round. You can provide customers with printing t-shirts with seal or produce goods in the garage upon request.

To start production, purchase a printer and a personal computer with a graphic editor. It creates an image in it. Communication skills will be required. It is permissible to execute orders yourself. Subsequently expand the organization and hire staff.

Weaving baskets

Starting investments: from 65000 p.

Payback period: from 1 month

How difficult it is to start earning: *

Handmade is gaining popularity. Baskets made by their own hands will complement the interior. They are used as vases, vegetables for fruit. Capacities acquire individuals, buy cafes, thematic zones for photo shoots, quest-rooms, flower shops.

Weaving basketsWeaving baskets

We can weave basket without equipment. We need only tools and consumables. To create a basket, use an Evnyak. It sells forestry, specialty stores. Get a stationery knife, a secateur, nippers, wire, drills, brushes and coating varnish. Additionally use decorative material. Theoretical and practical knowledge will be required. Therefore, complete the relevant courses. Work is carried out independently.

Sewing shop

Initial costs: from 300000 p.

The average payback period: from six months

Difficulty level: ***

The market is overflowed by mass goods of domestic and foreign manufacturers. However, people want to stand out against the background of others. Therefore, the services of sewing workshops are used in demand. Here they make clothes taking into account the shapes, wishes of the client. Additionally make popular products with small circulations.

Sewing shopSewing shop

The sphere requires knowledge of the industry and market research. Demand does not fall, but excessive competition will reduce the relevance of the company. To attract consumers, make high-quality clothing, set the prices below the market. Dear consumer goods will not be bought.

Initially design clothes. It is constructed on the basis of sketches. Then the material is displaced, sew the parts, conduct a finish and packaging. Specific knowledge in design, mods will be required. The ability to create sketches and work with a sewing machine. This is enough at the first stage. Additionally, a set of tools for sewing is required.

Production of Valenok.

Start costs: from 200000 p.

Payback period: from six months

Completeness of implementation: **

Wovenka are again at the peak of popularity. From the shoes, which is associated with the past, they turned into products that are actively promoted. Warm boots, wear-resistant. They complement the image, making it memorable, endowing the Russian flavor, but leaving modern.

Production of Valenok.Production of Valenok.

For the production of boots are used by dog, sheep, camel or goat wool. Fibers are mechanically exposed. They intertwined between themselves and become denser. The price has depends on the variety of wool. The cheapest, but high-quality boots are obtained from a sheep felt.

Acquire equipment optional. Possible roller wool manually. However, the presence of machines will allow you to accelerate and increase productivity. Consider individuals, shops wishing to replenish the range, organizations whose employees work at low temperatures.

Production of wooden toys

Starting costs: from 30000 p.

The approximate period during which the cost will pay off: from 2 months

Difficulty: *

The introduction of sanctions from the West, the deterioration of the economic situation leads to the fact that people return to domestic toys of wood. Wear-resistant products and unusual. They are purchased as souvenirs, buy children. Production in the Russian Federation is developed weakly. Only a few factories make wooden toys. Therefore, you will quickly find your customers.

Wooden ToysWooden Toys

To implement a business idea to life, you need to have a rich fantasy, artistic skills and the ability to create toys from a tree. For production need CNC machines. With their help cut out and handle the part. Then stain it. Varnish is required, safer for children paint. As consumables, use beech, lime, spruce, pine, birches.

Production of wooden pallets (pallet)

Costs at the first stage: from 40000 p.

Approximate payback period: from 2 months

How difficult to implement in life: **

Pallets are used for transportation. They allow one to carry a large amount of goods to one more. Wooden pallets are convenient when loading and unloading.

Pallets are gradually wear out. Therefore, companies are forced to periodically update their park. As a result, demand remains steadily high. The market saturation does not occur.

Manufacture of wooden palletsBuild wooden pallets

In the garage you can enjoy manual assembly of wooden pallets or install an automated line. Buying equipment will require high costs. Therefore, collect wooden pallets on their own. Check the tools, adjust the delivery of materials and sales channels. Standard pallets are several boards that are connected by checkers are fixed with special nails. They look like a hybrid of self-press and a standard product.

Check out the typical types of wooden pallets. There is a disposable container, which is used under a certain type of cargo, collapsible and non-separable designs, with one-sided and bilateral accommodation, the possibility of automatic loading. Additionally, take into account the requirements of GOST 9557 87. Standard flooring consists of 5 boards, which are stacked with a small gap and are attached with 9 checkers.

Production of animal houses

Run cost: from 25000 r.

The period during which costs will pay off: from 1 month

Implementation complexity: *

Most owners love their animals. The owners seek to provide pets care and comfort. Therefore, people buy products that make cats and dogs raising their comfort. Dominities for animals use in demand. Products just make it.

Dominics for animalsDominics for animals

To launch production, the entrepreneur needs the same devices as in the manufacture of furniture. Required screwdrivers, drills, jigsaw, saw. Develop the drawings is optional. Just go to the Internet, search and find information. Additionally, a carpenter skills are required. If they are missing, go through courses.

Do not try to cover the whole range. Start with creating minium-dwellings for cats and dogs. Develop business. Feeling that the company brings profit, add the range. Sell ​​designs for climbing.

Your customers are private owners of animals, home kennels, pet stores. Formissible sale of houses on the Internet. By promoting the organization, create a group on social networks. Fill it with information, fresh photos.

Candle production

Minimum starting capital: from 20,000 p.

Payback period: from 1 month

How difficult to launch a business: *

The business idea is suitable for entrepreneurs who love needlework and for the first time create a business. It will be necessary fantasy, creative vein and desire to earn. Finished candles are used as decor. Products are actively acquired by the owners of the cafe, thematic zones for photo shoots, quest-rooms, the owners of private apartments. Candles add comfort, performs the attribute of New Year holidays, Halloween.

Making decorative candlesMaking decorative candles

Select the type of candles. Start with the manufacture of paraffin products. It is easier to produce. Then gripe production technology. She is simple. Initially, the paraffin is melted, dyes, flavors and salt add to it. Then the resulting mass is poured into the form. The final stage will stop the introduction of the wick to the mixture. Subsequently, it is possible to diversify the range by adding wax, stearin candles or products with a color flame.

Agree on the supply of materials. Products for the production of candles traded specialized stores. Comfort wax, paraffin, gel, fittil, decoration. Buy forms optional. Children's toys are suitable for cooking sander, silicone products for or baking, iron cans. Figure base can be created independently. To make the container, use a thermoplastic polymer resin.

Production Mesh-Rabit

Approximate startup cost: from 140000 p.

Payback period: from 3 months

Possible difficulty: **

The chain grid is actively used in construction. The material is necessary to create fences, cells, other structures. Rabita grid is made of low-carbon steel wire. It is covered with a synthetic or zinc layer. It provides additional protection against rust.

Grid production RabitaMachine for the production of grid-riving

To produce a chain grid, a specialized machine is needed. As a foundation take spiral pieces of wire. With the help of equipment they are fastened into a single canvas. The size of the cells may vary. The grid is rhombic or square. The finished material is folded. So the chain grid is convenient to store.

The height of the chain grid also varies. The indicator is from 1 to 4 m. This feature depends on the wishes of the client. Machines are manual or semi-automatic. Credit with equipment can be alone. Therefore, hiring additional staff is not necessary. For 8 hours of operation, the production line manufactures 250 m rubber nets. So that the machine earned, it will take a wire with a diameter of 1-3 mm.

Production of silicate bricks

The initial costs of organizing home production: from 150,000 p.

Payback period: from 1 month

Completeness of implementation: **

Material use builders. To make brick, equipment will need. However, it does not occupy a lot of space and easily accommodate in the garage. Purchase equipment that allows you to make a silicate brick. Additionally, devices are required for sieving materials and kneading.

Production of silicate bricksMaking silicate bricks

Silicate bricks are made of clay, sand, coal dust, stone crumbs. To produce high-quality silicate brick, follow the material from explore. However, this complicates production and increases the consumption of the final product. Typically, the production solution is obtained by mixing cement, sand and water. Then add special tintings.

The cost of one brick is about 4 p. Average selling price is 6-10 p .. per day produce about 500 bricks.

Specific skills are jammed. Mastering the manufacturing technology of silicate brick will be able for a couple of days.

Production of photobnig

Size of the cost of launch: from 185000 p.

Payback period: from 5 months

Implementation complexity: *

Photobooks buy individuals. Products are given, create a special event. The product saves memories, allows you to re-survive them. Business idea is relevant in any region. In small cities, competition is lower. Work is conducted with individuals, educational organizations, kindergartens.

Production of photobnigProduction of photobnig

To start a business, a computer is required. On it handle photos, demonstrate orders before printing. Additionally, you need a printer, machine to assemble books, cutting pages, big-breeding equipment. Take the cost of advertising. Otherwise, a potential client will not recognize about the production of photobnig.

The equipment is manual and automatic. By purchasing the first variant of the machines, you will have to independently perform all operations. Manual equipment inexpensive. However, the rate of production will decrease. It's easier to acquire automatic equipment. It improves performance, speeds up the manufacture. Lighten the design skills. They will need to create photo books.

Breeding chickens or rabbits

Running investment size: from 70,000 p.

Payback period: from six months

Completeness of implementation: **

Rabbit breeding brings big profits. The animals give dietary meat, their skin is used to sewing caps, mobs. Rabbits are very prolific. By purchasing a few individuals, you quickly unlock them.

Breeding Kur.Breeding chickens in the garage

However, consider climatic conditions. The garage should be warm enough, spacious and dry. Choose an unpretentious breed, quickly gaining weight. So the probability of payback will increase.

Arrange the garage. Lay the cells with rows, consider waste disposal channels, adjust the supply of feed. Then find customers. Products acquire stores selling meat, cafes and restaurants. However, veterinary permission will be required.

According to a similar scheme, chickens are bred. However, usually cells are not installed. We will need a volatile and a litter. Chickens bring meat, eggs, feathers.

Repair of household appliances

Run cost: from 20,000 p.

Approximate payback: from 1 month

Implementation complexity: *

Household appliances are popular. The devices simplify cleaning, cooking, washing. Technique saves time. However, household devices break. Usually the average has enough knowledge and skills for repair.

Repair of household appliancesGarage workshop for repair of household appliances

Buy a set of tools. Additionally, the mechanics skills are needed. If you do not possess them, go through courses. It is initially diagnosed. The mechanic reveals the cause of the breakdown. The master then reports the price of the customer. If the client agrees, buy the necessary details. When consumables come, start to repair.

The success of the mini-workshop in the garage depends on the availability of information from the client about opening a new point. Therefore, engage in business promotion. Place the outboard on the garage, create a group on social networks in which lay out information about the services and promotions.

Repair of shoes, bags and belts

Possible start-up costs: from 45000 p.

Payback: from 3 months

Implementation complexity: *

Leather belts, bags, shoes wear. New accessories expensive. Therefore, people prefer to repair products than to buy a new one. On the development of the market, the deterioration of the economic situation affects the crisis, a decrease in the level of income.

Shoe repairRepair of shoes in the garage

For repair, you need a set of tools, sewing machines, material. Purchase the skin of different types. Dark materials enjoy polarity. Additionally, you need threads, lining on heels. Customers will appreciate their strength. Therefore, choose high-quality consumables.

To work with shoes, belts, bags need skills. If you did not revenge the leather products before, sign up for courses.

To repair shoes, bags, belts, take care of the presence of heating and illumination. Electricity should be high quality. Do not allow interruptions. Take care of the backup power supply. IMPORTANT EXTRACTION. If it is absent, toxic adhesive pairs can harm your health.

Think about promoting the case. Place information on the city portal, create thematic groups on social networks.

Restoration of furniture

Initial costs: from 70,000 p.

Payback period: from 1 month

Implementation complexity: *

Furniture wear. There are scratching on the trim, scratches, chips. New furniture expensive. Its replacement will require high costs. Therefore, customers use furniture restoration services. Customers order the repair of modern products, old products. Moreover, for the last copies more often provide more funds, since such furniture carries historical value.

Restoration of furnitureRestoration of furniture

It is necessary to work with wood, plastic, leather, cloth. Therefore, the restoration will require tools for wood processing, drill, sewing machines, equipment for cutting plywood sheets, a pulverizer, hammers, a construction stapler. Additionally, fabric, glue, nails, self-tapping screws, leather. Pick the materials, given the damage to the furniture.

To find the first customers, place an ad on thematic portals, create a group on social networks, come up with the sonorous names of the project. Be sure to make the photo before and after. They will attract the attention of buyers.

garden furniture

Possible expenses: from 100000 p.

Approximate payback period: from 3 months

Completeness of implementation: **

Citizens prefer to spend their free time at dachas. Owners belong to the arrangement of houses, receiving territories. To create a unique atmosphere, make your stay comfortable, people acquire garden furniture. It upgrades the space, adapts it to the needs of a person, simplifies the use. Competition is practically absent. Companies focused on the production of classic furniture. However, it is not suitable for garden sites. Therefore, find your consumer simply.

garden furnitureGarden furniture do it yourself

Business seasonal. Demand increases in the spring when people are massively departed at the cottages. In winter, there is almost a complete recession.

Follow the quality. Furniture must withstand high loads, have stability to bad weather. Products are used on the street, stored in unheated houses with high humidity.

Material is important, kind of garden furniture. Often it is more difficult to make drawings. Specific skills will be required. Therefore, go through courses or hire a designer.

Rent a garage

Starting costs: from 20,000 p.

Payback: from 1 month

Implementation complexity: *

The easiest way to organize a business in the garage with minimal investments, passing it for rent. The room will agree to remove the owners of the vehicle, other entrepreneurs who want to realize their idea, persons who want to get a warehouse without buying a premises. All customers are private. Cooperation with organizations is practically not conducted. The exception is the owners of large garages. They can pass the room under a car park for a taxi, repair shop.

Garage for rent.Garage prepared for rent

The costs are made up of the preparation of the area, the dissemination of information. Ads post on free sites, published in thematic groups, are given in local newspapers. Advertising on television is usually not used. She is expensive. The method is inffective.

Income can be obtained practically passively. Periodically monitor the condition of the room by visiting it or asking for a photo. Do not neglect personal visits. During the visit, you will learn how the tenant carries out the room.

Joinery workshop

Running amount: from 180000 p.

Payback period: from six months

Completeness of implementation: ***

Joiner's workshops produce furniture, windows, interroom or entrance doors, decorative products. Services of organizations use individuals, representatives of companies wishing to upgrade the office. Workshops are not so much, so there is no high competition. Demand is preserved at a high level.

Joinery workshopJoiner's workshop in the garage

Business does not depend on the season. Developing the company, expand the range. The entrepreneur immediately has several sales channels.

Realizing a business idea in the garage, perform the zoning of the room. Highlight a separate storage place, hardware installation. Pay attention to lighting. It must be high quality. Otherwise, the lack of light will affect your health. The equipment uses milling and machine, saws, electrolovik, fan. Additionally, the roulette, electric bellating, chisels, hammers and a queen will be required. Consumables are needed. For wood processing, varnish, oil, glue, paint are used. Do not forget to purchase nails and self-tapping screws.

Studio sound recording

Possible expenses: from 300000 p.

Payback: from six months

Completeness of implementation: ***

Music has become part of a person's life. She is listening along the way to work during events. The song is capable of becoming a gift for a celebration, impress the guy, a girl, parents, relatives. To record the composition, people visit the recording studio.

Garage Studio RecordingGarage Studio Recording

If you implement a business idea in the garage, divide the room at least two rooms, equip them with good noise insulation and equipment for recording. Create a voice engineer's booth. It controls the recording process of sound.

The income is made from rental fees. She is hourly. In addition to records of songs, the studio earns on the creation of commercials for radio, podcasts, audiobooks, clips, educational materials, conducting direct ether and online broadcasts.

Turning workshop

Starting costs of work: from 120000 p.

Payback period: from 3 months

Completeness of implementation: **

Turning workshop is engaged in metal processing. The company carries out the finished products, create products from scratch. Workshop services are used to make simple, complex structures. Among the clients there are repair shops, individuals, construction or finishing brigades, one hundred, small

Turning workshopTurning workshop in the garage

If you competently organize business promotion, you will qualitatively execute orders, the client base will be able to work quickly. To execute the order you need lathes of different types. Their cost begins from 10,000 p. The selection of equipment depends on the list of services. Initially, focus on something one, and after expanding the sentences. Skills needed to work in the turning workshop. If there are no, pass training or start working with professional turkem.

Packing and packaging of goods

Starting attachments: from 20,000 p.

Payback: from 1 month

Difficulty: *

Entrepreneurs have no opportunity to deal with packing. This complicates the activity of the company. They are forced to spend time, performing the procedure directly during the sale. To speed up the work, the company delegate the process to third parties.

Packing of bulk productsEquipment for packing bulk products

To start implementing a business idea, find a businessman in need of the service. The costs at the first stage are made up of the acquisition of storage tanks. Packing is possible manually. The method is low productive, but at the first stage it will save on starting capital. Developing a company, organize the automatic packaging shop. The cost of the line is about 120000 p. However, the speed will rise to 20 packets per minute. For replacing the equipment can handle about 9000 products. Maintenance performs one worker. Packing is subject to sugar, salt, seeds, coffee, grain, gingerbread. It is possible to change the range in the process of work.

Storage of sports equipment

Run cost: from 20,000 p.

Payback period: from 1 month

Implementation complexity: *

Garage - a great place to store. It is suitable for storing various products, including sports equipment. You can agree with nearby organizations that need to be released.

Storage of sports equipmentStorage of sports equipment in the garage

To provide warehouse services, organize the shelves, which are easy to place a sports inventory. Otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling customer products. Business can not be considered as a passive way of earnings. It is necessary to be present in the garage in order to negotiate the issuance of the inventory in a timely manner.

If your products, you can additionally organize a rental point. This will allow you to get additional earnings. However, do not provide the client's inventory to get your own income. This is fraught with a spoiled reputation.

Cleaning carpets

Startup costs: from 230000 p.

Payback period: from 3 months

Completeness of implementation: **

Demand for cleaning services in trend. They are usually used to clean large things that are problematic independently lead to proper condition. Cleaning carpet takes a lot of time. Additionally, it requires effort, but no one guarantees a good result. Therefore, customers prefer to contact the entrepreneur.

Cleaning carpetsCleaning carpet in the garage

The business idea is distinguished by quick payback and minimal investments. Demand does not depend on the season, it is stable all year round. On the execution of one order goes about 2 hours. It will be necessary to purchase inventory for cleaning, consumables for different tissues. Provide dry, wet, steam, chemical carpet cleaning. Be sure to equip the garage with a good water supply. Additionally, sewage is needed. Systems are used so that the waste water does not accumulate.

Today we will talk about business in the garage and give more than 15 business ideas for novice businessmen who can be implemented in the garage. How to minimize the cost of maintaining the premises for your business? What production can be discovered at home? How to organize an additional income source for your family? The answer to all these and dozens of other similar questions that arise before the novice individual entrepreneur can serve the opportunity to open a business in the garage.

Which business can be opened in the garage

Advantages and disadvantages of business in the garage

As a rule, the opening of his small business in the garage is associated with production. It is unlikely that you can seriously refer to the office equipped in the garage room. Although, Apple was "born" in the garage of the father of Steve Jobs. Another nuance associated with the mini-business in the garage is the need for financial investments. We can not do completely without any, if only because it is necessary to equip the room for the needs of a particular business, to acquire the necessary equipment, consumables, raw materials for production, etc.

Steve Jobs opened a business in the garage

But in any case, such costs are incomparable with how many businessmen spend on the organization of a full-fledged business. One of the controversial points of business in the garage is the legality of such a venture from the point of view of the design of their case. The garage, first of all, is intended for the maintenance of a car in it, and open it in it, for example, commercial premises, or a specific production without a capital reinforcement of the premises, "subjected" it under the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and the fire inspection. It will be very problematic.

That is why the percentage of "garage" entrepreneurs, registering their business as an IP or LLC, is extremely small. However, this fact does not stop the existing garage production, many of which work without any documentary support.

The problems associated with the opening of their own business in the garage can also be:

  • disagreement of the neighbors on the garage with your actions. Any production is noise, many extraneous people, production waste, etc., that of course will not be delighted with "garage" neighbors who have full right to complain where to follow. By the way, one of the options for "pacifying" neighbors is the involvement of them in business, like companions, or as workers.
  • Garages are usually located away from houses, large roads, zones with good client traffic - this is, of course, good for production, but not very - for other types of business. In addition, you see, find among dozens or even hundreds of garages - "twins" necessary, the one in which the production is concentrated, the client will be quite difficult.
  • The risk of demolition garages, especially in a major city too large, and even compensation for the room is unlikely to cover the losses that will be inflicted business. As an example, you can bring a scandal associated with the demolition of garages in Moskovsky Yasenevo, when hundreds of garages owners not only did not pay compensation, but also "taught" the land on which those stood.

And, nevertheless, the advantages are much more than the minuses, and the main one is four walls and a roof above the head - then, from which a person with an enterprising "resident" will definitely eliminate the benefit.

Is the registration of the "garage" business required?

Does it be necessary to register your small business, open in the garage? On this question, Russian legislation gives a very unambiguous answer - any entrepreneurial activity without proper design is illegal.

Business registration in the garage

Another question affecting the directly entrepreneurs to which the bureaucrats of all the "masters" absolutely do not care - this is how to make a garage in the form of a manufacturing area. Partly this factor makes many "garage businessmen" work at their own risk. Maybe in the near future, the issue of assistance to small business will be considered in reality, and not only on paper and in the words "the power of the property", but for now in 2017 there is no intention of this problem.

Well, now we turn directly to which business ideas can be implemented in your garage. For the table of contents.

Using a garage for appointment

The garage is primarily associated with cars, it is this factor that opens practically limitless opportunities for the implementation of various business ideas.


The most common method of earnings is the use of a garage for its intended purpose, that is, - for storing the car. In big cities, rent a garage is not a problem, for residents of settlements with a population less than 30 thousand, this task will be more problematic.

It is most profitable to donate a garage in Moscow, where the fee for the month of renting a capital structure, depending on the city district, can reach 200-300 thousand rubles. Metal garages are surreated much cheaper - from 7 to 25 thousand per month.

Rent a garage

By the way, the garage rental variations can be a lot. For example, you can:

  • Rent a garage for renting a warehouse. Many small Internet and ordinary stores keep their small batch of goods in garages.
  • You can rent a garage for rent with small businessmen, if there is no desire to open your own business.

Some people even lease garages for housing for migrants, although it is illegal, and even a bit dangerous possible unrest, complaints of owners of neighboring garages, fires, etc.

Tire fitting workshop

Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that this idea of ​​mini-business in the garage will fit mainly to the owners of the buildings that are located in the courtyards, nearby businesses, or in densely populated areas. Agree, it is unlikely that someone will go "to the line on Kulichki" to change winter tires on the summer, or take a side cut of the tire, when you can most likely find the right service somewhere nearby.

Tire fitting in the garage

Special reorganization of the garage under the tire installation workshop is not required. It is enough for the purchase of a machine for tires, some tools, and a sofa for a lift of a minute "Savishya". Such workshops are now found, probably in every tenth garage, and each has its own regular customers.

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Small car repair shop

Now many car owners can independently eliminate small breakdowns in the car. Some - disassembled in the device a little better, enough to provide auto engineering services. And where else to repair cars, how not in the garage? Such a private business in the garage can be opened with almost scratch - without investments - tools are almost every car owner.

Similar mini auto repairors are quite popular with motorists. Prices for repairing them are an order of magnitude lower than in official services, the level of repair is not lower. Of course, in the garage it is impossible to create a full-fledged auto repair machine with numerous types of equipment, so it is worth paying attention to some one narrow niche, for example:

  • engine repair;
  • repair chassis;
  • repair electrician car;
  • Diagnostics and removal of errors;
  • painting machines, airbrushing, sale and car stickers;
  • Installation, setup, repair of car alarm.

Automaster in Garage

The acquisition of equipment for any of the selected areas will cost no more than 100 thousand rubles, and even less. Often necessary to repair tools already available from car owners in stock. With the right business, the costs will pay off for a month or two. The only condition for successful business promotion is to know the selected area of ​​the car repair. The competent master will quickly work out the numerous client base.

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Car wash

It would seem that the car wash in the garage is the most optimal option. Equipment - High pressure washing, such as "Kerker" will cost about 15-20 thousand; Raggings, sponges, detergents are worthwhile penny. But it was not there.

  1. The garage should be spacious enough to fit the car, the equipment itself, the washer itself. That is, standard garages of up to 20 square meters. Meters will fit hardly. It is necessary to place a minimum of 30 square meters. meters.
  2. Before the garage should be the territory. At which cars can accommodate their turns (this task can be solved by the introduction of a preliminary service recording).
  3. Electro- (for powering equipment) and water supply should be supplied to the garage, which, in principle, is quite rare.
  4. It is necessary to equip the sewer where the waste water will be drained.
  5. And finally, the garage will need to be overhauled - pour cement floors, to make stock, bind the walls, attach the waiting room (for this purpose you can buy a neighboring garage in the future), etc.

As you can see, open a car wash in the garage a rather troublesome occupation, but also very profitable. The business plan for opening a car wash can be found on this link.

Car wash in garageTo the contents ↑

Seasonal storage of tires

In large cities, the storage of summer and winter rubber in the period when it is not in demand, turns for those car owners who have no own garage, in real headache. The balconies of the house are usually clogged with all sorts of things, mezzanine is not a way out. Associate for storage to familiar and neighbors who have a garage room - inconvenient.

This circumstance led to the emergence of special car rubber storage centers. Some 300-600 rubles for the whole season will not be burdensome for car owners. And the revenue for the year can be quite solid. Equiping special racks for storing automotive rubber, wheels and disks, in a regular 3-meter garage, you can accommodate up to 100 sets of wheels. Total, without making almost no effort, with minimal investments, you can earn an amount from 30 to 60 thousand rubles.

Seasonal storage of tires

And if you add to this the provision of related services, for example:

  • blu-colored;
  • rolling of cast discs;
  • Purchase and sale of used tires, etc.,

You can increase your income several times. By the way, you can store in the garage anything - from bicycles to boat engines, and other equipment. For the table of contents.


A well-equipped garage can well be a small office, a service center, or a point of providing various services.

Reception item

No one is no longer a secret that the mountains of garbage in the city dumps is a real "Klondike" of secondary raw materials. Paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass - all that people consider waste and throw away, can bring very good profits.

The garage is an almost perfect place to receive such a trash. There are, of course, and their nuances in such a business. Get ready for the fact that the main customers will be homeless, and the other individuals like them. However, it is they who provide a stable flow of reception of the recycling of the redemption, bringing the desired "garbage" daily.

Point of reception of secondary raw materials

There is no hardened lot of raw materials in the garage. First, it can be robbed by the same savings to resell the "product" to your competitors, secondly, in the garage simply not enough space for the storage of raw materials. Therefore, once every 3-4 days, the accepted products need to be taken from epitivers.

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Shoe repair workshop

Repair of shoes is another working idea that does not require significant investments for its implementation. The only thing that is required is a little work experience and attracting customers. And if the first one can catch up, having trained at the shoes of households, or on old boots, shoes and boots, then with the second item somewhat more complicated.

The problem with attracting client traffic is to remotely many garages from residential buildings. The only solution to this task is seen in the quality service - for good repairs will not feel sorry for a few kilometers.

Shoe repair workshop in the garageTo the contents ↑

Service Center for the repair of household appliances

Well versed in electronics? Clean all household appliances familiar and neighbors? It's time to think about the fact that "monetize" your skills. However, to open the workshop for the repair of household appliances at home - it means to concern your seven permanent visits of customers, the smell of rosin, storage in every corner of broken teapots, toasters, multicurok, televisions, etc. Agree, a little pleasant in profits from such income.

Repair of household appliances in the garage

The exit will serve as a workshop in the garage. After giving the room within a small office, you can open the case. Purchase of tools will cost an insignificant amount, the missing knowledge can be fill in the Internet, customers - residents of nearby houses - to attract high-quality repair. For the table of contents ↑

Sandblast workshop

An excellent idea for a business, which, oddly strangely neglecting many entrepreneurs. Apparently, the fact is that the work refers to the discharge of "uncomplicated", and even a good income does not attract those who want to earn to the opening of the sandblasting workshop.

Treatment of sand body parts car, wheel drives, artistic engraving and matting glass, cleaning metal structures - this is only a small part of what can be made of sandblasting. The owner of such a small business in the garage will not be right without profit. A small sandblasting machine is now within 15-30 thousand rubles. Acquisition of equipment and purchase of consumable material - calibrated sand will pay off for the first month of work.

Sandblast workshop in the garageTo the contents ↑

Repair bicycles

The number of bicycles in recent years has almost been equal to the number of cars, so their repair and service are also in demand. The implementation of this project will not require major capital investments, and almost every man knows how to replace bicycles from childhood. Most of the bicycle owners keep their vehicles also in the garages, the placement of the repair shop in the garage room will be as appropriate.

Bicycle repair in the garageTo the contents ↑

Open in the garage production

The garage is an excellent place to organize production that does not require large areas for installing equipment, machine tools and storage products.

Production of monuments

Ritual services are sometimes called the "eternal" business. The stable demand for products provides high profits even with the most modest scale of production. The manufacture of monuments from granite and marble will require quite large financial costs. If a set for cutting through a stone (in the manufacture of marble monuments and memorable boards) will cost approximately 3-5 thousand rubles, the cost of a special printer on the granite, grinding machine, a set of matrices, and some other tools "rolls" for 600 thousand.

Making monuments in the garage

A positive point is that the whole amount will completely "be down" in half the season. With the average value of one granite monument 25-30 thousand rubles, it will be necessary to make 20-25 products to exit the "plus". The medium size workshop per season gets about 130 orders. The profitability of the business is obvious. For the table of contents.

Wood carving workshop

Pictures on wood, artistic carving, for example, on the stair railings, wooden plates in the bath, and other decorative products from the tree to order and during the sale of retail can provide very solid income subject to the high artist's skill. Therefore, this business idea is not suitable for everyone. The garage for such a small business is the most optimal place.

Wood car threads in the garage

Acquisition of joinery tools and a set for wood thread will require a sum of 10-15 thousand rubles. Creating your own website-business card for presenting your products - even about the same amount (if you wish, the Internet resource can be done yourself).

Product sales can be made both through the site and souvenir shops.

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Decaparable furniture workshop

Decoupage is to give up the old furniture of a new appearance with the help of fabric, paint, paper. Even from the frank rhuchadi, skillful hands can create such a product that then will not be ashamed to put in the most exquisite apartment.

A little creative inspiration, inexpensive materials for decoupage, which can be purchased at any store for home, and free time - that's all that you need to give a flight of your fantasy, breathe in the old furniture new life, and make money on it. In the garage, you can make an excellent workshop to implement this idea.

Decoupage of furniture in the garage

You can add furniture as to order, having to present our own portfolio of work, and buy old furniture, restore it, and sell, for example, through a site or a small shop.

Production of paving slabs and other concrete products

Contrary to the problem that the production of paving slabs can be organized only, having large production areas, many small enterprises successfully operate in this direction in the garage.

Buying vibrationtola, concrete mixers, plastic forms for tiles will cost approximately 25-30 thousand rubles. Costs can be reduced by purchasing used equipment. The whole process of production can perform one person, so the additional workforce does not need. In addition to the tile, it is also possible to make concrete ritual flower beds, road borders, drains, various decorative elements.

Production of paving slabs in the garage

The only complexity is to search for the sale of finished products. You can initially implement the tile to be implemented with your acquaintances, then in construction stores, ritual agencies, road organizations, etc.

Manufacture of nails

The organization of small businesses in the garage can also include the production of nails. All that will be required for the production of nails is a machine (which can be made independently) and wire, as a consumable material. The cost of implementing this idea, subject to purchase of used equipment - no more than 15 thousand rubles for the release of the first batch of products.

Machine operator, Packager - one person. Sales of finished products can be established through construction stores, directly from the place of production, or through orders through the online store.

Production of nails in the garageTo the contents ↑

Production of plastic windows

Business for the production of plastic windows, despite the annual opening of new production areas, everything also lacks the finished products. The thing is that many customers have to wait from 2 to 4 weeks to get their order. Meanwhile, during this time, manufacturers produce about 10 windows on one machine. That is why this business can be said that there will always be a place for another entrepreneur.

Production of plastic windows in the garage

The only thing that can embarrass the novice entrepreneur who wants to open the production of plastic windows in the garage is the price of equipment. A set of necessary machines will cost in sum from 500 to 700 thousand rubles. When buying used equipment, you can save up to 200 thousand.

Product sales can be organized through the Website, Building Stores, or your own reception point of orders. Clamping ↑

What you need to know when organizing your business in the garage

To draw conclusions about the feasibility and profitability of the organization of a small business in the garage for beginners on the basis of the presented review of business ideas is quite difficult - too many different factors affecting the success of the enterprise. Among them:

  • garage location;
  • availability of communications (light, water);
  • availability of driveway;
  • the size of the initial capital required for the purchase of equipment, tools, the arrangement of the garage;
  • And even the degree of desire to do business the owner of the garage itself.

The advantage of those who have a specialized education in the selected business idea, or owns special skills. The only thing that can be said exactly is that with the competent organization of any business, he will definitely bring his fruits in the form of profits. In any case, business in the garage is an opportunity for any person to start your business with minimal financial investments, or without anything.

Today, find long-term and highly paid work with the possibility of development is quite difficult. Each fifth faces a large number of problems related to employment or unscrupiance of employers. Therefore, people make a decision to engage in private entrepreneurship, build a personal small business, which is a suitable option for employment.

When a person hears the mention of PE, the first thoughts are associated with any trade or market sales options. In this article, such thoughts, and stereotypes will be dispelled.

Additionally, we recommend learn 31 business idea for a small city with small investments.


  1. Where to begin Activities in the garage?
  2. Car business in Gara Same Automaster - banal, cheap, angry! Dry car wash - new generation business! Car painting in the artistic style of an alternative to painting cars - body bows
  3. Business ideas in the field Production Production of wicker furniture Production of pallets made of wood furnaces-bourgeities Production of furniture Small production of crafts for domestic pets Manufacturing of a liquid stone Creation of rolled curtains Production of foam blocks Production of bait from silicone Production of polyethylene Package Production of advertising Outdoor placement Production of shopping counters Production of paints products Production of photo tiles
  4. Options for small Business Own store chambers with rooms for houses Mini cinema with treats and drinks Repair of equipment Bicycle storage base, inventory Own forge Silvernia services
  5. Business in the garage with minimal Attachments Earnings on recycling creation of garden furniture Production of decorative products from metal

How to start activities in the garage?

Garage Business - a real chance to start your own business, making the minimum investment for the start.

Of course, in this article we will make orientation on men. It is for the male half a garage - this is a personal account, a space where ideas are born for creativity and self-realization.

The garage is the same office, a convenient spacious room for any entrepreneurship, however, the cost or rental of such a room is somewhat lower than the office, studios or rooms.

You will be surprised how many unusual business areas can be implemented in the garage. It does not matter what the square of the room and where it is located.

Important advice! Perhaps you are planning to start your own business alone. However, if you do not have too much capital, we recommend finding a partner. Enter friends, wife or relatives. In the examples below, you will understand what an important role they will be able to play in your business from scratch.

You probably remember that the legendary Steve Jobs began to erect his career in the usual garage. Apple was created in the garage ...

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

What can prevent you from creating your own idea and bring it to life?

To start activity, it is necessary:

  • Analyze the market (city, district) and choose a suitable niche.

To analyze client demand, otherwise the service will not generate sales. Determine the development deadlines so that the startup is swinging in accordance with the payback.

  • Examine business ideas in the garage, compare with your own skills and choose a suitable direction.

Depending on how the volume of investments, a person is ready to highlight on the initial small business, the appropriate option is selected. It is better not to be sprayed into large garage projects, but to start a small business, the corresponding ideas for the garage will be presented below.

  • Organization of the Plan, given the costs of future activities.

Examine the price framework in its region. If there are no personal investments, you will need to find an investor. It does not hurt the calendar plan to focus in the launch of the case.

Car business in the garage

An overview should be started with car ideas - the most common direction for the garage business.

Automaster - banal, cheap, angry!

Often, men do not know how to earn extra money. In my garage it is quite possible to organize a mini auto repair shop. For example, provide such services as:

  • Replacing the oil in the motor
  • Tinontazh
  • Paint transport
  • redecorating
  • repair easy degree and much more

Such a workshop of a man will bring good money, and if this business is even more, it will be possible to open a whole service, but it will take a lot of time, strength and more finance.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

Find a specialist in car service that will provide professional repair of cars. This option will be profitable, because the low price will attract many people.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

Open such a minimum car service in my garage - it means to have a chance to become far from poor. After the service serves several people, and first of all friends and acquaintances, rumors will quickly disperse and only have to have time to provide their services.

As finances are reached, it is important to update work tools, workplace, interior to customers liked in your mini automotive service.

The attachment From 10 to 50 000
Revenue Min 50 000

Dry car wash - new generation business!

This male garage business can become profitable. Each transport periodically should be put in order, both outside and inside.

This is a fairly requested service among car owners, therefore the income will be 100%. When one object is subject to cleaning, the "sarafined radio" of friends and relatives will make advertising this enterprise. After which the entire men's team of drivers who love and protect their car will stand in line for sink of their car.

Such a car small business does not need very expensive equipment and in bulk investment, because this type of sink does not need water. The cleaning process itself occurs like this: the person who serves the client causes a special spray on the body, wipes pollution with a rag or special napkins.

Everything is performed manually, so there is no need for any equipment and in a special room. Garage - what you need. And you do not have to spend money on water and electricity. You need to purchase cleaning products, at least average quality.

The attachment From 200.
Revenue 1 000

Painting car in artistic style

Earnings associated with a car brings good money. Many motorists do not mind their car looks non-standard. In the car garage you can provide painting services, customers are unlikely to pay for such a service. You can learn art technology by reading information on the Internet. In the work - the main entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to draw at the amateur level.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

You need to learn how to make airbrushing so that the car stands out, it looked original and stylish. By the way, such a car hijaches less often.

Rates for services promise the development and growth of capital. For the start of the business, you will need to purchase:

  • compressor;
  • pressure controller;
  • airbrush;
  • paint;

Additional tools will find at home.

The attachment From 100.
Revenue From 10 to 80,000

Alternative to Painting Auto - Body Casting

Compared to the previous way, this car business idea is easier, cheaper, more relevant!

Film pasting does not require special skills like painting! It is much easier, and most importantly - demand.

This is the very case when new technologies have crowded old, why paint the car, if you can cover the film that you can wear if it is getting tired?

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

In addition, the variety of materials allows you to implement absolutely any idea.

Body pasting does not require such sterile conditions as painting, and therefore it will be easier for you.

Film can be ordered online, original or Chinese.

The cost of the original, for example, a fashionable "under chrome" about 8,000 rubles per meter.

Chinese analogue will cost 8 - 10 times cheaper. Accordingly, it will also be.

What material work you need to decide on the basis of what cars will you serve? If you are planning to work in a small town, and the garage is in the cooperative, then most likely the material is worth choosing a more budgetary.

Calculation of costs with the condition of the original material:

Attachments: 30 000 (1 car);

Earnings will be about 140,000 rubles. This amount is announced for pasting the entire body.

Business ideas in production

If it is decided to use a garage in order to create a product, you will have to strain and stubbornly go to the goal. As a business idea in the garage, production is often a win-win version.

Production of wicker furniture

Today, the manufacture of furniture to order has a rather big demand. Popular chairs, tables and stools. The advantages of the product is that it is an environmentally friendly product, and the production process is performed by the method of vozoping.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

For profitable trade, there will be several types of materials for manufacture. For example, Iva, Rattan, Berest or Reed. There will be no superfluous vine branches. Often, they make tables, upholstered furniture, boxes or chests and even mattresses and seats, adding foam rubber. 1 Sofa, made from Wawa's vine, is estimated at 66,000 rubles on the market. For the convenience of transportation, it is desirable to buy a car.

As for the embezzlement, most of them will go to taxes with IP, it is necessary to pay a place in the market where the product will be sold, or transportation. If the expenditure materials of the garage small business to harvest independently, they will not have to allocate funds for investment. The only thing will require some tools. When purchasing the cost will fluctuate in the area of ​​50 rubles. For 100 pcs. rod.

In a positive outcome, hire a couple of weaving workers, and at will develop to the factory.

The attachment From 1,000
Revenue 66,000

Making pallets from wood

This idea does not require large investments and training. The garage owner can create in the room the production of wood pallets. The idea is popular among the current generation. The establishments use them as furniture, decorating underworkers, pillows and accessories.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

Business ideas in the garage, the production of pallets for further transformation into furniture, cost-effective and, accordingly, have a rather big demand. Such goods are in demand in enterprises immersing the products by mass buses. Pallets facilitate the production process of movers and allow you to quickly load and unload the product. For the convenience of transporting materials, it is advisable to have a car.

The main task of production is the creation of smooth, thin associates forming the framework design of the product. Specifically, they usually use special machines for their cutting, for example, RM-50, the price is 500,000 rubles.

The price of a finished wooden pallet retail is 200 rubles, and profit is about 80 rubles. According to the result, with 100 pallets profitable amount will be 8,000.

The attachment 50 000 - 700 000 rub
Revenue 50 000 or more / month

Burzhuyki stoves

Metal furnaces are in demand, they are purchased for baths, private houses and the same garages! Very many enterprising men are trying to create a business in the garage not quite adapted for these purposes. The question arises about the heating of such a room. The first thing that is in demand is burzhuyki.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

It often happens, for a different reason, the finished furnace is not suitable in size, letters. Then the bourgeitors are made to order, which is an option for business ideas in the garage.

The production of furnaces can be performed by one person. We will have to purchase the starting necessary tools: the production apparatus of welding, mask, electrodes, production Bulgarian, hammer.

Garage Earnings are carried out by selling parts, and the income is primarily determined by the material from which they are made. It will take 3-6 thousand to create a bath for a bath in a total of 3-6 thousand, but already sell, perhaps for 6,600 rubles and higher.

The attachment 3 000 - 6 000
Revenue From 6 600 rubles / pcs

Furniture manufacture

Popular small business for making a man's life. For such a production, you do not need a lot of space, and large investments. If you do everything right, then even the minimum profit will delight for a month.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

For this work it will be necessary:

  • drill
  • Production screwdriver
  • Production Electrolovik
  • Grinding machine
  • Production Prom-Hairdry
  • hammers, screwdriver, drill, roulette and different swords

To start working, the circular saw a man is not needed until you have a constant customer stream. The sawn material is better to buy for further processing or book inexpensive manufacturers.

The most important thing is selling goods. Be sure to think about advertising. You should not do a big advertisement, because there will be extra investments and the stream of customers that you may not have time to serve. Start this small business with filing an ad in the newspaper.

After lifting the production business, it is possible to begin expansion of production, as well as to look for partners, such as furniture stores and firms.

With a normal approach to such work, the first investments will be from 33,000 to 66,000 rubles, but the profit per month will be 40,000-60,000 rubles.

The attachment From 33 000 - to 66,000
Revenue From 66,000

Small production of crafts for domestic pets

Many people do not regret money on their animals and buy them things, dear feed and create amenities. Using this, you can make it well earned, making houses, booths of different sizes and so on.

Equipment for such male production is not particularly different from the previous business ideas in the garage for men. A man will need to learn how to handle the tree, or find a person who will do this. The only thing you need for such a male work is a circular saw. It will provide a relatively greater speed of work, as well as a building stapler.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

Also, you should not forget about advertising, you can make photos of products, trial works and exhibit on announcement on boards, different sites. You can agree with pet stores and veterinary hospitals so that they offer your goods and services. Also try selling your needlework on the market or just in hand.

The idea must be attached to such a business about 25 - 45,000 to make a profit of about 65 - 85,000.

The attachment 20 - 50 000
Revenue 60 - 100 000 rub / month

Making tabletops from liquid stone

To implement such a small business in reality, the costs for the start will be minimal. With the correct layout of men's work and its implementation, investment will be returned in two months.

It will take such equipment:

  • Shape for the Gulf
  • Grinding machine
  • Electric logsik
  • Frieze

It is necessary to have and in stock production equipment: saws, circles and different nozzles for the jigsaw, workflows of different latitudes and rigidity. In addition, polyrolol, ruler, sandpaper and carpentry tools.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

The basis is better to buy from direct suppliers not to overpay and, if possible, with a large selection of mixtures of artificial stones. For the convenience of transportation, a man is desirable to have a car.

For effectiveness, you can conclude agreements with firms that contribute to an increase in the number of clients. And do not forget about the stores and private customers.

To implement such production, you will need from 93,000 to 126,000 rubles. Most will spend on equipment, advertising and remuneration of hired people. But income will be an average of 56, 500 rubles

The attachment 93 000 - 133 000
Revenue 53 000-66 000 rub / month

Creation of rolled curtains

One of the easiest types of male earnings as a business. There is no great need for equipment and large investments. So you can do at home, and the garage is used as a place for a warehouse.

For earnings in such a matter, everything you need to do is cut the fabric, make a facing system sizes under the window and attach to the eaves. With this, a man can cope with himself.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

During the manufacture, you will need a table for cutting lamella, Machine for cross-tape, auxiliary surfaces.

Materials for production:

  • Tape for gluing
  • Minimum number of cloths
  • Cap for connecting beam below
  • Trees with aluminum 35-45 mm
  • Chains made of plastic
  • Fasteners on the walls and the ceiling
  • Production mechanisms for self-blocking

With a male independent performance, a lot of investments will not need, and the amount of the starting minimum attachment will not exceed 16,500 rubles. But to increase production it will be necessary to buy equipment and hire people, which will require more investments.

You can search for first customers through the firms that are engaged in windows and shops of window curtains. For the convenience of transporting materials, a man is desirable to have a car. Advertising will also need, because there are a lot of competitors today. With good activity every month from such a male small business, a profit will arrive at 23,000 - 43,000 rubles.

The attachment An average of 16,500
Revenue 23 000 - 46 500 rubles / month

Production of foam blocks

To start a male business, you will not have to give the last money. There are always customers for these products, for example, developers and private customers. The idea does not require much place to store finished products.

The minimum of the equipment will take: concrete mixer, shape, bucket, shovel, spatula. Production in the garage can be performed on baroic technology. Economical way, the essence of which is to lay the components in the concrete mixer. The air is fed there and the forms are flooded under pressure, after formworks with raw foam blocks are removed.

First customers should be attracted through ads in a newspaper or radio. Another option will be the sale of products from the company, and the lower price will contribute to the involvement of buyers.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

To start developing a production male business, you will need to invest an average of 86,000 rubles, to buy the first inventory and consumables. If the day will be produced at least 3 cube products, the sale will bring about 133,000 rubles per month.

There are various male ideas for earnings, the main thing is to choose what is like.

The attachment 86,000
Revenue 133 000 rub / month

Making silicone bait

Many people love fishing, rest after the work week, and for some simple - hobby. In the process of fishing, a variety of baits are used. Now fishermen use silicone bait, producing them, you can earn a lot of money.

Types of bait: vibrohvost, twister, worms, a variety of lively imitators. For manufacture need:

  • gypsum;
  • bait form;
  • model;
  • Silicone.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

The process is not complicated, it is necessary to melt silicone, pour into the prepared shape of the gypsum, cool and pour with icy water. After actions, we dress the hook and the tackle is ready for fishing.

The attachment Up to 20,000
Revenue 40 000 rub

Production of polyethylene packages

Such a small business is also quite good. In reality, packages play an important role in human life. They are used everywhere, ranging from shops and ending with each house.

A major start-up capital will be required, the equipment of the full cycle will cost about 3 million rubles. Monthly profit will be about 300,000 rubles.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

In the future, the profit is capable of covering the waste three times.


  • Shops on the opening steps
  • Supermarkets
  • private buyers
  • Personal Store Sales
  • Production firms that need filling packages
  • Trade warehouses
  • Delivery services

To make a start of business ideas in the garage, you will need: extruder, winding two posts, flexo printing and packing equipment, equipment for making paper models.

On average, income from the unit. The goods will bring 0.15 rubles, and since the revenue of 0.6 rubles, then, net profit of about 0.45 rubles. Accordingly, depending on the performance of machines (for example, 30 000 - 35,000 pcs.) There will be a total income of 332,000 per month. The profitability of the garage small business is rather big.

The attachment 3 000 000
Revenue 332 000 rub / month

Outdoor advertising production

The technology of any sphere is constantly developing, no exception for outdoor advertising. Firms, shops offering products, services wish to advertise them to attract attention, respectively, more customers.

We are talking about large structures where widescreen banners are placed with the information, product or service. In order to embody the business ideas in the garage, the production of advertising signs will need difficult equipment that prints signs - plotter. Does not take a lot of space in the garage, compact dimensions.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

To implement business ideas in the garage, you need a PC knowledge, and specifically the ownership of the design of the proof of the banner.

The initial minimum investment in this case can be small, several hundred dollars, but in this case the novice businessman should make efforts. For example, to successfully sell goods, there is a method for creating a website to which funds are required. To reduce costs, use free resources, learn the site construction yourself.

Profit from small businesses is large, the current world needs a pian of products. In the promotional business segment, competition is required for development, confidence and resistance to difficulties.

The attachment From 5,000 to 15 000
Revenue 10 000 - 30 000 rub / month
Profitability 95%

Manufacturing shopping councils

While trading uses the counter. Traders need the counter. Waking up the production of such products, you organize stable earnings.

Materials for production are different, both glass and metal and chipboard and wood. The counter can serve for:

  • cooling;
  • freezing;
  • heating;
  • ventilation.

Depending on the type of push, the equipment for the manufacture of manufacturing is selected.

Starting attachments directly depend on the scale of production. We need a thoughtful plan and study of the nuances.

In the event of a lack of tools and devices, make sketches and sketches, and then order the part of the counter from the manufacturer. It will remain assembled and prepare a ready-made goods for sale. Work is worth to order.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

Tools for work:

  • drill;
  • a hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • Drilling machine.
The attachment 140,000
Revenue 80 000 rub / month
Profitability 70 - 100%

Production of paints and varnishes

This option of business ideas in the garage can bring a rather big money. Chemical production market has a rather big demand for water-dispersive paints and other substances, such as solvents and putty. And the car garage will serve as a place for such male production purposes.

Finally, The most popular business in the garage is considered cars - Paintings . So, your neighbors will contact you for the selection and manufacture of automotive paints of the required color.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

First of all, it should be determined which type of product will be made, and this will already depend on what equipment will have to be purchased. There will be questions in this matter:

  • Search for those who will supply the basis for making
  • Search Tara to facade product
  • Delivery and raw materials
  • Cooperation with permanent suppliers of ready-made mixtures

Of course, you can go to customers, such as network shops. But then there will be a need to acquire official certificates for goods that are not small money.

As for profitability, a small business with paintworks is high enough. About 3-4 months of investments pay off. You can add non-freezing liquid to the entire product in some periods of reducing the productivity of garage activities.

The attachment From 20,000 - up to 400,000
Revenue From 50 000 - up to 150,000 rubles / month
Profitability 90 - 100%

Production of photo tile

A panel with a photo on the surface of ceramic tiles is quite popular. This type of cover is used in kitchens and bathrooms, in rare cases in other places. The material is strong, serves for a long time and original. The ability to earn a state by producing such a product.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

For the start of production it will be necessary:

  • industrial printer;
  • drying chamber;
  • collapse;

The entire set of equipment takes up little space, do the tile really in the garage. First work independently, but after an increase in orders, you need the help of hired people. In mandatory, make a business plan, consumable part on raw materials and materials. With successful investment transactions, return after 3 months.

The attachment Average 300 000
Revenue 100 000 rub / month

Small business options

Before creating a small business, ideas in the garage should be studied in detail and analyzed in terms of further implementation. Solutions for the creation of a source of income - weight, and the garage will be a suitable place for starting commercial garage projects. In addition, in the garage you can always change the direction of current activities, and more and most importantly, what can work for your pleasure, doing your favorite thing.

Own store

This garage project involves the equipment of the existing room under the outlet. As practice shows, this small business will happen if the garage gate go straight on the road. A product of the industry, automotive spare parts, construction or wholesale stationery will be more successful.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

To begin with, about 13,000 rubles will be necessary. To:

  • make repairs and decorate the room
  • Install the desired inventory for trade
  • Purchase at least minimal batch of products

If there is a question about the implementation of specific foods, then there is a need to purchase special equipment for storing products. For example, refrigerators and refrigeration showcases. In any case, such activities requires compliance with legal and sanitary standards. The necessary package of documents with permission to maintain this activity is also required. For the convenience of transporting materials, it is desirable to have a production vehicle.

Income per month varies from 27,000-33,000 rubles. When starting and successful development, the payback of the garage project occurs in the area of ​​the six months, and with a constant stream of clients it is possible before.

The attachment At least 13 500.
Revenue 27 000 - 33 000 rub / month

Chambers with rooms for houses

Such a garage project can be considered the top of the section "Garage Business". The idea of ​​making signs with names and house numbers does not require attachments or specialized equipment. They are made even on an ordinary plastic basis, combining printing on the printer and self-keeper.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

How to equip this room for the production process is already solved directly by the worker or the owner of the garage. Some furniture and a set of standard tools for daily goals will not hurt. For the convenience of transporting inventory it is advisable to have a car. It is important to take into account the time of year so that in the cold or hot time the garage production process there was no need to suspend.

One marked sign will have a cost of approximately 60 - 100 rubles. The cost of implementation can be installed in the region of 200 - 250 rubles. To search for buyers, you can talk with the chairmen of farms, such as horticultural. You can also offer sales of products to local organizations, even for some percentage of the transaction.

The attachment 60 - 100 rubles.
Revenue 200 - 250 rubles / pc.

Mini cinema with treats and drinks

Despite the fact that such entertainment places have already flooded the cities, there are still people who wish to go to the filman, and if it is budget. Many tired of everyday routine and gray everyday life, possible problems at their work and want to relax, get positive emotions.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

Such a small business in the garage can bring good money, especially if it is closer to the countryside, where young people simply won't go to relax. To organize such entertainment, some attachments on the screen, projector, seating, columns and other little things are required.

Such a small business does not require a license, you can simply acquire permission to view a movie. Profit from such a minimum project will be good. Usually, the conditions are as follows: a man or woman pays for watching the film, half of the cost takes the license owner, and half the businessman leaves himself. For example, for a cinema for 12 seats, it is possible to make a profit of about 90-100 thousand rubles per month.

In addition, in addition to the entrance fee, you can make a small bar, where people will be able to purchase various goodies and drinks before watching the film. It is still possible to put slot machines, karaoke, keep board games and so on.

The attachment 20 - 50 000 rubles
Revenue 50 - 100 000 rub / month

Repair of technology

A good version of business ideas in the garage for men is to create a workshop, such as household appliances. This is a male garage project and is designed for a production process already having a person's experience. The provision of such a type of service is always in demand, as the technique today has all segments of the population.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

The garage can be removed under the repair room, purchase the necessary tools. If a man has no experience in this field, then you will need investments on the passage of training, it is possible to raise the qualifications or at all for the payment of labor to another employee.

On average, 50,000 rubles will be needed to start such a male idea of ​​small business. First of all, it is important to implement the registration of orders enrolled in the workshop and develop advertising variations for attracting people.

If you take payment, let's say, 1,000 rubles, then the monthly profit for the Male owner of the manufacturing center will be 33,000. These amounts will be able to cover all production costs for the shortest possible time, and this is subject to the minimum amount for services.

The attachment 50 000
Revenue 33 000 rub / month

Bicycle storage base, inventory

The idea for men becomes the equipment of its garage under the storage of items or things for some fee. Such a service is used by bicycle owners who have nowhere to leave their transport. This also applies to kindergarten or strollers, which are difficult to transport each time in the elevator.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

The first minimum investment will be 10,000 rubles, as it will take the installation of the alarm, possibly shelves and racks. After all, earnings will be directly dependent on the capacity, and already roominess from the correct location of things.

The charge for storage can be calculated both monthly and daily. The amount of the garage owner will appoint independently, but so that profit covers the costs.

Such a small business is one of the most simple ideas with minimal investment, because it does not require a lot of time, forces and costs.

The attachment 10,000
Revenue 2 from expenses

Own forge

Forged products will always effectively complement any design in the house. Also, many customers prefer the product made by their sketch. Such products are very in demand for finishing private houses. It can be both a spiral staircase and a decorative candlestick.

True, this project requires a specially equipped room, which will be responsible for fire standards.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

To open your own forge, it is necessary not only the room, but special equipment that will require considerable costs:

  • Heating furnace (Horn) - from 660,000;
  • Hammer pneumatic - 290,000;
  • Welding apparatus - 9 000;
  • The set based on the bending circle is 85,000;
  • Headphones protective with elevation - 3,500;
  • Pliers (set) - 2,000.

The total cost of the opening of the forge can reach 1,000,000, but the payback will give me about yourself even in the manufacture of just one product. For example, if you take a candlestick, in the manufacture of 1000 pcs and requires an attachment of 25,000 rubles, then the cost of the product is 25 rubles. When selling 150 rubles, the revenue will be 150,000.

This type of activity is quite profitable. Masters Kuznets argue that this direction is not yet very busy, and this case is not so much real masters.

The attachment from 1 000 000
Revenue from 125,000 rubles

Silvering services

Silvering requires some skills, so it is desirable to undergo special training before opening a business. But if you all decided to make this field of activity, you need the initial investment in the amount of 360 thousand rubles. Almost 300 thousand rubles will be spent on the purchase of electroplating equipment, measuring and heating elements and, of course, overalls. Also periodically need replacing respirators.

Costs will pay off for 6 to 8 months. Income per month can reach up to 75,000 rubles.

The attachment from 360,000
Revenue up to 75,000 rubles / month

Business in the garage with minimal investments

Earnings on recycle

Male idea earning, without great finance. The popularity of activity does not go to the decline. To begin to engage in such activities, you do not need skills, knowledge, spending on expensive equipment.

Receive recyclable, such as glass, can be performed in the garage, which will perform the role of the warehouse.

As soon as the warehouse is prepared for receiving, before launching activities, raw materials should be found.

The attachment is the delivery of goods to the dealers who take and transport further. Do not forget that there are enterprises where glass is sold, but it is advisable to have a cargo car.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

To attract people to the collection and sales of recycling, you can make an announcement, advertising. Garage small idea is one of the most affordable. Implementation exercise in a big city and a small village.

The attachment From 100,000 / month
Revenue 2 - 3 times more from investments

Creating a garden furniture

The attachment is minimal, the equipment is practically no need, greater experience, as well. In order for a man to deal with such a thing as the production of garden furniture, you need to have a fantasy and creatively approach this topic.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

Materials can be bought in a construction store, immediately choose different fasteners and fittings. The newcomer is recommended to use their tools. Then, when the case starts to grow and small business will delight the profit monthly, you can think about expanding the production, purchases of various processing machines to achieve better quality, create products of complex nature.

To appear buyers, you need to make promotional signs of good quality, sell products at reasonable prices. People will begin to talk about production, and with the growth of reputation, the customer base is growing.

The attachment Depending on raw materials
Revenue 150% of costs

Production of decorative products made of metal

We must not forget about such a direction as decoration and details for decorating houses from metal. In the garage you can equip a small shop for the manufacture of products. Customers can be private customers and construction companies.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

To begin with, the start capital in the amount of 100,000 rubles will be required. You have to invest in the equipment and the ventilation system in the room.

At the initial stage, such tools will be needed as:

  • welding machine
  • Bulgarian
  • drill
  • Milling Machine

Revenue will be 100% of the cost and cost of products.

The attachment From 100,000
Revenue From 30 000 rub / month

Production of souvenirs

With minimal attachment you can earn a rather big money on the manufacture of souvenirs. People buy products not only daily consumption, but also baubles, from which there is almost no benefit.

This type of activity should be modern, attract buyers, thereby bringing money to the owner.

Business ideas in the garage: 30 small business ideas for men categories: production, automotive and small business, ideas with minimal investments

This type of work has perspectives and as practice shows, it is quite profitable. With the right approach and organization of work in time, a small garage can turn into a large organization that will be engaged in the manufacture of souvenirs and promotional goods.

The first is to carefully choose the goods, various assortment so that everyone can choose. For example, keychain for keys with a small lantern or a magnet to hang the keys in a prominent place.

If possible, use the designer services that will prompt different styles and models for your product. Professionals in the trading market for many years confirm the fact that a small plant with souvenirs is an option for earning your first big capital.

The attachment From 5 - 10 rubles
Revenue 2 times more invested

Advantages and disadvantages of business in the garage

In order to create a garage business project in its garage, you should carefully and competently think over every detail. First of all, it is important to understand what problems will have to face and what ways to solve them. It is also worth familiar with the possible disadvantages and benefits of this kind of business.

Among the positive moments you can allocate:

  • Significant savings on the rental of the premises. Remove or buy a garage will come out at times cheaper than shooting any office or someone else's room. Having a garage sin not to take a chance to make a business.
  • Ability to change areas of activity. If it did not work out with one business idea of ​​production, nothing restrains to try the second and third.
  • Financial persistence. Thinking out a garage business, a person is already on the way to stable profits. Otherwise, the garage can be handed over and also to receive money for its use.
  • Small business will not require large capital investments to make the start of production.
  • Its business will not depend on sharp differences of the pricing policy, which so often adversely affects new startups.

From the disadvantages you can allocate the main production - this is not the versatility of the room for any type of work. That is, the beauty salon, the private office of the doctor or kindergarten in it is no longer possible. But all sorts of other ideas, especially related to construction, will be on the shoulder.


There are many business ideas for implementation in the garage, the main thing before you start any work you need to check, analyze, build schemes, costs. But the most important thing is to choose the case that, in the soul, that every moment in the work brought not only money, but also pleasant emotions. Good luck in building your business.

When it comes to the start of your own business, a coffee shop is immediately arising in the head, or the production workshop, one only the opening of which millions of rubles are required. Naturally, the fear of staying in debt immediately in most part the whole hunt "Incovering something" ebbs.

And for some reason, few people recall that a considerable number of businessmen began (and even continue) to work with minimal investments. After all, the business does not have to be big, but the public is not the only direction.

For example, some use their garage as a production base for manufacturing goods for sale. Large production volumes are not achieved there, but is it important when you just start? It is more important to save. And make it for rent using your own garage - a great option.

Therefore, let's see what kinds of production can be organized if you have a garage.

Next, let's talk about:

  • Is it possible to start your work, having a garage
  • Really profit, doing business in the garage
  • What are the business ideas that can be implemented in our own garage
  • Is it worth it to start a business in the garage?

What you need to organize a business in the garage

Naturally, everything starts with ideas. And since we are not just about business ideas in the article, but those implemented in the garage, then the main criterion for you will be the factor in the possibility of implementing the idea in the garage.

But it also needs to be understood that there is also an inverse dependence. Explain simple words. If your garage is in a convenient place for the entrance, if the centers are located near it, where many people, or other business, then the circle of affordable ideas is expanding. So, for example, some entrepreneurs begin to offer people to repair a car in their own garage. And if the garage is somewhere on the outskirts of the city, or at all beyond it, then the clients will be at times less only because of the inconvenience.

51 business idea in the garage

After you have decided, you should prepare the garage. Everything will depend on what exactly you will do there, but standard procedures are:

  • Warming of garage room
  • Wire of such communications as light, water and sewage
  • Conducting internal and external finishing repairs
  • Equipment of necessary equipment and tools

Note: If you equip your garage communications, then you need to install counters for water and electricity to save, since the standard total tariffs are now exormably high.

Well, the main thing in everything else. Repair - expensive pleasure. Therefore, it is necessary that all means embedded in this case are substantiated by the further use of the garage. That is, do not waste money if what you are going to buy them will not be beneficial in the planned business. They will now come up with you.

It is also worth considering that it is not entirely appropriate to look in the direction of food production. Because to equip the garage so that it takes all the sanitary-standards to all this production is very difficult. And if you do not comply with something, it will immediately increase the risk of getting a big penalty and a ban on doing business.

Important! Maintaining business activities in the garage without the necessary documents is considered illegal.

In the meantime, it's time to go to the ideas of a business that can be implemented in the garage.

Business ideas in the garage

Idea 1. Rent a garage

51 business idea in the garage

This is one of the easiest ideas. Part-time is also one of the most unfortunate. The fact that garages at all are missing can be understood by going to any yard during the weekend. You can't find places there. It is also not secret that many motorists are fined for irregular parking, and the cars will be taken to the stalls. Hence the confidence that finding a person who does not mind would be removed a garage for the car, if it is located near, quite simple.

Next - more interesting. You can rent a garage not only to those who want to protect their iron horse from bad weather and gamers. Many garage can approach and as a zone of storage, that is, simply a warehouse.

What rental fee is on this - you can only solve you. However, we strongly recommend reading the market prices. Because the rental of the garage in different regions is different. And if somewhere 4000 is the average cost, then somewhere and 3,000 rubles - a lot.

Idea 2. Trade in the garage

51 business idea in the garage

Before you say more about this idea, you need to mention that the garage box can be considered as an inpatient trade facility. And accordingly, the occupation does not violate the legislation.

The main criterion for evaluating this idea will be the number of people who passes by. As you know, the opening of the trading point is always estimated from the position of its location. The more passability, the greater the flow of potential buyers, the more you can earn. Garages obviously cannot boast of location in very passable places, but from this point of view they also need to be considered.

What you need to do with the garage to implement this idea:

  • Heat
  • Equipment for a shopping point with counters and equipment
  • Conduct an advertising campaign with outdoor advertising.

What can be sold in the garage

If the garage is part of a large garage cooperative, it is advisable to trade in it by spare parts for cars. It will allow you to further expand the production with the service device in the same place.

Idea 3. Storage item

51 business idea in the garage

With the problem of storage "seems to be the necessary things" or things that "someday" faced many. Surely each second such things are stored or on the balcony, or in the country. But agree that it is not always convenient, and sometimes even creates additional problems. So, for example, if the apartment is planned, then where can I do this bunch of not very necessary things? On the landfill? And if still sorry?

And not only with unnecessary things such a problem arises. All motorists are known to "where to store winter or summer tires?"

Therefore, the idea is to sell space in order for someone to store something there, quite realizable.

What will take:

  • Good size garage
  • Maximum free space in the garage
  • Equipment shelves and racks for comfortable and compact storage of larger volume of things.
  • Installed security system.
  • The ability to provide access to things to the client on its first request.

With regard to payment, there are many options. For example, to take a reason for a certain period. Or take the monthly, quarterly. You decide. But what is good this idea - the fact that it will not require significant investments and it will be possible from the first or second client.

Idea 4. Automaster

Car repair in the garage is this idea that was used when she was not yet mainstream. And seriously, many auto mechanics offer their services, the client's car is in its garage, that is, without removing a separate room.

Moreover, the topic of car repair will never lose their relevance, especially taking into account the rise in prices for new cars and drops of the operation of the population.

What do you need for this:

  • Garage equipped with a "pit for repair"
  • Tools (depending on what kind of repair you will offer to customers)
  • If you are engaged in body repair, it will also require equipment like some machines and a welding machine.
  • Ensuring the safety of the workspace. This includes everything, anyway associated with possible harm to health. From storing varnishes and paints, to the location of heavy equipment.

Idea 5. Tire mount

We continue the car theme. Another good idea will be the organization of a tire. Again, because it does not require a large room. And also there is always demand.

Most of all, this idea is suitable for whose garage is close to the roadway, or in a garage cooperative, which already has other automotive services.

To turn your garage in a tire box for tires, you will need

  • Conduct good lighting
  • Vent ventilation
  • Warm garage
  • Equip a garage

Of the tools and equipment you will need:

  • Tire changer
  • Balancing machine
  • Vulcanizer
  • Bath for tires
  • Compressor
  • Jacks of the rolling type

Since all this equipment is quite expensive, perhaps you will suit the rental option for used machines.

Idea 6. car tuning

51 business idea in the garage

The following way to use car topics to earn money, we chose the so-called car tuning, which can also be carried out in the garage provided that the room is properly equipped. The concept of tuning is very blurry. But in the general sense, we understand it as any improvement of the machine - starting from the installation of kites and applying airbrushing, to the engine chipovka.

What is important to know:

  1. Tuning is suitable only for large cities, because it includes a lot of expensive services, and among motorists who want to use, a small percentage, so you need to count on a large potential audience.
  2. In this case, it is important to find a good supplier, all the details must be excellent quality.
  3. It makes no sense to count on the organization of wholesale purchases at a low price, because in this case the details for the car are selected individually.
  4. Proper advertising and promotion will play a very big role. Especially on the Internet.

Idea 7. Car wash in the garage

51 business idea in the garage

Creek species are now a big set. Starting from full-fledged large-scale with all the services, ending the on-site, which are cleaned without mud.

The car wash in his own garage did not exception. All you need for such a business is to properly re-equip the garage and install the necessary equipment. And also - to make customers know that you can be perfect and cheap to wash your iron pet.

The garage itself needs to be equipped with sewage and water supply, ensure the slope of the floors so that water flows into the drain, equipped with sandballs. Additionally, measures are taken, allowing to protect the electrical garage system.

Idea 8. Car diagnostics

51 business idea in the garage

Diagnostics - a very popular service, as many motorists, not knowing what the reason for one or another breakdown is, the first thing will take the car to the diagnosis. Of course, competition is growing from such a demand. But competition is generally for auto-business - the thing is normal and logical. And small entrepreneurs have their advantage. They may not overestimate prices due to high lease and service.

The equipment that you will need to organize a car diagnostics service:

  • Computer with profile software that can diagnose malfunction codes
  • Adapter that will ensure a car connection to the diagnostic device
  • Scanner issuing error reports

It is important that the software has been updated constantly, since the models of cars are many, some of them are often updated by manufacturers. So, if you want to provide high-quality services, you should be in a modern wave and be able to diagnose modern technique.

Idea 9. Car salon hauling

Such a service, in contrast to the same service diagnostics and maintenance, has limited demand. On the other hand, due to the fact that the demand looks very small, few people start from this direction. And the competition is small here. But there are customers, they just need to competently find. Therefore, one of the important elements of building business will be the development of marketing strategy and advertising.

What services can be rendered within the limits of car salons:

  • Hauling seats, head restraints and armrests in the car
  • Refreshing ceiling
  • Touching torpedo
  • Rule update
  • Replacing door upholstery

What is the plus of this type of business - the work on the drawing is estimated by weekly. Prices for services are steadily at a high level. And if you fulfill everything on top quality, you can completely earn quite well, despite the fact that the business leads in the garage.

Also, do not forget that for the service it is better to make several samples of the fabric and materials that you will use so that the client can choose everything.

Idea 10. Production of parts on the lathe

51 business idea in the garage

In order to understand what the benefit of such an idea is to understand who will be useful to Tokary services. First, it is car service. Tokard is not the most sought-after part in the repair of cars, so few people have a lathe and professional turner in the state. But at the same time, the periodic necessity is present in the processing of parts.

Therefore, you can focus on them. But at the same time, it is not necessary to forget that in addition to car services, which, in principle, a lot, turning is required to other firms. The main thing to find them.

In order to make it possible to provide services, the latter itself will be required, as well as a set of specialized tools.

If the machine is with CNC, then you can significantly expand your options for processing parts, provide services, the price to which is several times higher. But naturally, the machine itself will also cost you completely different.

Idea 11. Receiver Recycling

51 business idea in the garage

As in the case of turning production, you first need to understand how money is made at the receipt of redemption. But before this, we will define what applies to the redemption:

  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Textile
  • Screw
  • Polymer film
  • Rubber

The fact is that each of these species can be suitable for the production of other things. Actually, therefore, these things are called resellers - of which materials will be secondaryly produced.

To whom they need, here is the question. In fact, enterprises that inexpensively take such materials quite a lot. And if you organize in my garage point of reception, you can then sort this raw material, and pass in the organization. The price tag of each organization is determined by itself. Therefore, it will be necessary to promote the market for opportunities.

Idea 12. Repair of shoes and clothing

If you handcap perfectly in order to fix someone's shoes or clothes, you can earn it perfectly. Remember, before everywhere there were booths, where it was possible to pass the "broken" thing. They have always had customers. Booths removed, and the need remained.

But since we live in the age of information, you will have to do a lot in order for your business as many people as possible.

By the way, it is very important to understand that this service is in no way is designed only for people with lowest, although there is such a myth. First, expensive shoes also have the property break, and secondly, people who are ready to spend a lot of money on shoes and clothing often know how to save them in your workshop, and not in the store for new shoes.

What will be needed from the equipment:

  • Sewing machine
  • Machine that will shut down the blanks
  • Electric drill

From the tools will be required:

  • Set of knife
  • Set of hooks
  • Shoemal hammer
  • Piercing
  • Dug
  • Passatii

Idea 13. Hire of children's goods

51 business idea in the garage

All those who faced the need to wear a child to buy him gifts, to provide it necessary, gather to school, and indeed everyone who has children, understand that pleasure is expensive. The children's goods industry is such that ordinary things will cost more if they are created for children. This overestimation is based on the fact that most parents are ready to spend more on children. However, they will also be happy to save if such an opportunity is.

The advantage is the fact that any children's things can be rented. Starting from wheelchairs and toys, ending with costumes for matineers who will use permanent demand.

What can be done with the garage so that the business goes better:

  • You can decorate a garage in a children's style. Parents will relate to this attribute to such an attribute.
  • It is advisable to understand which groups of goods will be highest. Since the garage is still limited in space, it is inappropriate to spend a place under things that will be very rarely taken by hire.
  • Do not bet ban on the purchase of goods who liked the child. This is an extra opportunity.
  • The most important thing is to achieve success - advertising. It is with the help of a high-quality advertising company you will find customers and be able to launch a shed radio.

Idea 14. Repair of household appliances

51 business idea in the garage

Repair of equipment will always remain in demand. Only the technique itself will change. Therefore, if you are a specialist in this segment, then do not forget to raise your skill and follow the novelties.

For example, now the repair points are standard multidisciplinary. In them you can pass everything - from the electric kettle to the phone and segregation.

And no one flies the fact that you will be repaired in the garage. The main thing is to qualitatively.

For successful replete items, you will need:

  • Purchase tools that will make repairs
  • Build a system of acceptance and registration of orders
  • Find channels for which you can quickly order the necessary details.
  • Build an advertising system in order to receive applications
  • Solve the legal issue with the design of contracts, since on repair you will take the thing to yourself, and the client will need a guarantee

Idea 15. Antique shop

51 business idea in the garage

When they say the "antique shop", imagination can draw some small, but expensive furnished salon, where you can buy beautiful vases, dust foliants and other antiquities. In fact, the shop can look like anything. Because the status will be exactly things.

And customers will be collectors. This product can be anything that has the value of lovers. These are coins, and brands, and old household items, and so on.

The essence of the business will actually consist in competent resale. And the garage will be just a place of collection, careful storage and display.

The basis of the business will be the ability to find customers (needed accurate advertising and knowledge of communication channels of interested people), as well as the ability to learn the real value of the thing. Because from one transaction, if you manage to take it from a person who does not know the person in a cheaper, you can earn more than 500% of profits.

Idea 16. Cutting glass

51 business idea in the garage

The cutting service of glass will be demanded more in the megalopolis. Therefore, if your garage is in a big city, then you can count on a large number of customers. Why? Because in large cities, many industrial and residential premises, and a potential audience much more. After all, even in the furniture sphere uses windows and mirrors, which often require replacement.

What will be needed for the organization:

  • Table. Big.
  • Special line of different sizes
  • Roulette
  • Quality glass cutters
  • Sheets of glass of different sizes are ordered separately, but always several pieces should be in the presence.

Idea 17. Engraving and laser cutting

51 business idea in the garage

This type of business began to flourish relatively recently. He quickly gained popularity due to the fact that it does not require large investments. All that is needed is a laser machine that will be on the joined program to perform cutting or engraving. Such services are in demand in principle. After all, engraving can be applied to the skin, wood, cardboard, paper, metal. Many masters that create leather products themselves do not buy machines, but for each wallet, belt, the cardholder prefer to apply the initials to the workshop for additional advertising and differences.

Also, using laser cutting, prefabricated wooden designers, figures and other souvenirs can be implemented.

But you need to solve right away, which machine to buy. After all, you can take the easiest that will cost thousands of twenty. It just works with small squares and on a soft surface. You can take a CNC machine that can cope with all materials, but it will cost no less than 300 thousand rubles. But the services you will be able to render anymore.

Idea 18. Mini forge in the garage

51 business idea in the garage

How can I apply this idea? In general, a blacksmithing business in our time did not have anything. It is used to create decorative creations, hot forging and other things.

The main thing is that you need to know before buying the machine:

Your garage should be at least 10 meters from residential buildings. Since production will be with high fire hazard.

The garage must be decorated with materials that do not relate to the flammable. The floor is concrete, or brick, necessarily the presence of exhaust ventilation, good lighting, hidden wiring.

If you decide to enjoy a blacksmith, not having skills, then take care of high-quality training, at least on the technique of safe work with the machine.

To implement the idea, the hydraulic blacksmith press will need. On such a machine, you can start the manufacture of more than forty different product options. To begin it will be quite enough.

Idea 19. Packing of phyto

51 business idea in the garage

The trends of the modern market show that most residents of large cities positively refer to products aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Phyto-tea is a useful product that is happy to buy those who are not able to collect herbs themselves.

Plus the fact that the collection and packaging is though the vigorous processes, but uncomplicated. Large square is not required. Yes, and you can actually cut off if you find the supplier who will pass you a fast product at a low price. It is desirable at the same time that he has a quality certificate.

And if you work on the design of the package, since the product itself will not be able to attract much attention to the appearance, it will be possible to count on a large potential audience of buyers. The main thing is that everything is high quality and beautiful. Naturally will have to work on advertising.

Idea 20. Production of boots in the garage

51 business idea in the garage

Wovenki, produced by hand very valued. However, sales channels are not so much. Basically they are bought at various events and exhibitions. Therefore, it is not worth sharpen on advertising on the Internet. Although it is needed in any case.

In order to launch the business for the production of boots in his garage, you will need at least two people. Since many processes will need to be performed simultaneously.

Equipment will require special chairs, as well as additionally tools and auxiliary materials.

Also, the garage will need to equip communications. It is better to immediately find a good supplier.

In one day, manually can produce up to 5 pairs of boots. The prices of them depend on the set of factors, but less than 600 rubles one pair is not worth selling. And if you will additionally add a decor from the skin and other items to further decorate the decor of the skin and other elements and it is possible to use the national regions ornaments, the price tag can be safely raised and search for customers for sale of boots as souvenir products.

Idea 21. Production of grid-racial

51 business idea in the garage

Rabita grid is the necessary and in demand in the modern market, which is in great demand, since such material is applicable in various fields, practical and is inexpensive. It also needs to be aware that some seasonality is observed in this business. And naturally in the summer, demand increases. So it makes sense to prepare in front of the summer.

The area of ​​the standard garage is great for the construction of the production grid production there. And in order for this production to organize, you will need to purchase a specialized machine that takes only a few meters.

In this case, the machines are different and divided mainly on three types - manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Price increases accordingly. The average price for automatic - 200 thousand rubles. And it is exactly that such a thing should be bought if the goal is worth in your business plan - to make wholesale mesh batches.

Idea 22. Mini smokehouse in the garage

51 business idea in the garage

Smoking can be meat and fish products that are in great demand. In the standard option, you will need to be purchased to organize such a business electric smoking. It resembles a wardrobe and dimensions, but it does not take a lot of places, so the business is suitable for the garage.

The main thing here is the channels for the sale of finished products. One of the options is to sell meat and fish on the market, the second option is to immediately pass on the wholesale base, but then the parties must be more. This is the main thing, but still not the most important thing. Because as you are guessing, permits are needed for such a business. After all, you sell food. And there is a nuance. In general, experts often hint that should not be engaged in the Garage with entrepreneurship associated with products. Because checks for you will be extremely heavy and permanent.

The only way to bypass this system is to prepare everything so that from a sanitary point of view it was not for what. With the garage it is difficult, but in theory is possible.

Idea 23. Production of photo books

51 business idea in the garage

Photobooks can actually be practiced at home, but few can afford to highlight the apartment place, and it is not always convenient. Therefore, equipped for a comfortable long staying garage will be an excellent replacement of the workshop.

Naturally, in addition to insulation, electricity will need, as it is necessary to connect the printer. In order for the goods to get high quality, you need to buy good paper, and the device itself must be not cheap. The binding of such books is done as manually and, if necessary, orders in the printing house.

A margin for such a product is usually about 100 percent. But first of all, you will need to get acquainted by finding customers. And the main sales channel will first be the Internet. Therefore, you will need your own website that can be cheap and quickly created and without programming knowledge using the site constructor. This option is suitable because you need a simple landing page without a complex structure, but competently and beautifully decorated.

If you are interested in to learn more about how to use the site designer, you can refer to our special material.

Idea 24. Pottery in the garage

51 business idea in the garage

Ceramic products have always been popular. Therefore, each city has potters who offer their products on all sorts of exhibitions and fairs. It should be noted that most of the tourist-oriented products are simple. There is no big competition in this matter, as profit is not the highest. Everything will depend on what sales channels you will use, and what quality will your products be.

In order to organize production, you will need to buy a pottery circle, and in the garage to create conditions for connecting to the network, drying semi-prepared goods and storage ready.

Production can be expanded by holding master classes for adults and children.

Idea 25. Production of wooden toys

51 business idea in the garage

Wooden toys will always be popular. Especially with the parents of young children, because such toys, game sets and designers are perceived as more useful and safe.

In order to make such toys yourself, you will need to equip the garage near the devices:

  • Milling Machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Grinding machine
  • Facing machine
  • Other auxiliary tools

The best option for the start will be the search for customers on the Internet, as well as creating your own selling page or a small online store.

The main thing is that it is necessary to do focus in the formation of the product range - suitable things for different ages, their environmental friendliness, as well as safety.

Idea 26. Forming vacuum machine in the garage

Such production is intended to bring the entrepreneur in a completely concrete niche. Therefore, the primary recommendation is to evaluate this niche in your region. Probably, she is already busy, and buying abilities will not be enough if another player appears. And in the whole of the idea there will be no sense. On the other hand, options for products that can be created using such equipment a lot. Therefore, it is likely that the demand is still more suggestion. Then you can safely develop a business plan and allocate money for the purchase of the machine.

Vacuum-molding machine is designed for the production of leafy thermoplastic materials. Simple words, you can produce molds for cooking, car, mannequins, blisters for tablets and even signs.

Idea 27. Foam processing

51 business idea in the garage

The main purpose of the treated foam is a decorative niche. Another thing is that it is large enough, and the demand for such a cheap, practical in this business and plastic foam is also big. But in order not to make a mistake with expectations, you will need to conduct a qualitative analysis of other suppliers of foam, because even one major competitor will be able to put low cost.

In order to have the opportunity to deal with the processing of foam, special equipment will be required. The price tag is varied at 160 thousand rubles. But without the skill and the share of fantasy in the manufacture of the finished material. And the competent marketing plan will still need to quickly find their audience.

Idea 28. Key Manufacturing Workshop

51 business idea in the garage

Such an idea must be developed if your garage is on the line of passability of a large number of people, since another type of advertising in this matter is not much easily suitable. And if your garage is located this way, then this is good news. Because for such a business, as the manufacture of keys do not need a lot of space. In fact, you can even use not the entire garage.

For those who think that the keys are now few of the orders, we rush to report that it is not at all. The keys are needed not only to individuals who want to make a duplicate, but also constantly changing, opening and moving entrepreneurs. And in the potential audience are all people in general. Therefore, the main task is to show people that you can make the key so that they remember it, and when the need to appear, they turned to you.

When you choose the machine, remember that the cheapest are Chinese, but they break faster. As an average option, you can choose domestic machines. In addition to the machines, you will need some more plumbing tools. Well, since the cost of the service is not very high, it will be necessary to take the number of customers, so you may need money for the first time of the existence of the business.

Idea 29. Auto Salons Aquaprint

51 business idea in the garage

The aquaprint is also called immersion seal. The service is very popular, but more suitable for large cities, where the potential audience is much larger.

The garage does not have to equip. It will be enough to be bright lighting, which will allow you to comfortably work, as well as professional ventilation, because the process will be involved in the process.

Equipment for immersion printing will cost an entrepreneur at 220 thousand rubles.

Idea 30. Breeding chickens

51 business idea in the garage

Suitable for those who cannot implement an idea in the format of their own farm in a country house or in the country. The goal is to sell eggs. Here you need to clarify that farmer products in the current market are perceived much better than the factory, so people are ready to give more (but non-imminent). And it does not matter that farming is organized in the garage. Because it's all the same live chickens that you will feed a good feed.

If you can get about 200 chickens (just fit in the garage with a dense settlement in cells), and eggs sell 100 rubles per ten, then the revenue will be about 60 thousand rubles. And since the monthly costs for such a business are not very large, then net profit can reach 40 thousand rubles.

Idea 31. Production of stained glass

51 business idea in the garage

Such an idea is not suitable for everyone. First of top, the one at least enjoys artistic creativity and understands a lot in design. Otherwise - a vivid example of the demand for stained-glass windows in our time - cottage construction. It is where you can find the most interested in the public.

The profitability of stained steel is about 30 percent. How much do you spend money on it will first depend on what type of stained glass creation you will choose. Because there are sandblasting, fusing, tiffany, painting with paints, film system. Accordingly, the output to net profit will depend on this. To begin with, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with what techniques are different and what equipment will be required for the production of stained glass in a particular technique.

Idea 32. Cleaning carpets in the garage

That is good in cleaning carpets, so this is what you do not need to invest big money in the start of the business, and you also do not need to put customers in your "workshop." All interaction is built remotely. Therefore, when drawing up a business plan, you need to take into account that you will need to take and bring the carpets yourself. Otherwise, you just can not compete with other firms that have already been established by this service. After all, for the convenience, the client is ready to pay.

Another option - you can offer carpet cleaning services with departure. That is, on the spot. In this case, the garage will be the storage location until there are applications for the carpet fence.

You can start with a simple option when you need to purchase simply all the necessary cleaning products. In any moment, this business can be scaled, buying and installing the equipment that will clean the tops.

Idea 33. Production of luminous paving slabs

51 business idea in the garage

We have already written that you can buy a vacuum-molding device, which produces including forms to create paving slabs. And now we suggest to consider the business based just on the paving slabs. In itself, it does not require much costs. But you need to be careful because several large players are usually operating on the market. Hence the prerequisite - check of competitors. You need to understand if you can find sales channels.

Either immediately go tricky way and offer the market for something else on it. Namely, glowing paving slabs. Technologically, this is a simple decision, but it can bring you to great demand if no one is engaged in this. Because the niche is new, but already discussed.

Garage space for such production will be quite enough. And initial investments will not exceed 100 thousand rubles.

Idea 34. Creating a biz

51 business idea in the garage

Bisida, or Bizi-Cuba - another popular among young children's parents. These are manually created boxes and boards equipped with all sorts of small details of the type of spingalet, calls, ropes, bells and other things. All these details have one destination - to develop a small motorcy from the child and interest it with its mobility.

Such products are not very difficult. But among the parents they are in great demand. They are also interested in children's educational centers. The cost of such a cube depends on the size and equipment, but it is always sold several times more expensive. The garage is a great place for production, if you are not ready to allocate a separate room for this, because the places do not need a lot.

Idea 35. Restoration of furniture in the garage

51 business idea in the garage

As in the case of the restoration of the car's salon, the furniture restoration service is actually more popular than it seems. The main thing here is to find a target audience that can be and wants not to spend money on new furniture, but just does not know where to look for you. This will help the Internet and targeted advertising, which, of course, you need to configure well. In the case of implementing this idea, lay a normal advertising budget in advance.

Restoration includes many services. From the simplest when you need just replacing accessories to more complex when working with varnishing agents and primer, or tightness.

The service can be in demand, including because the manufacturers of furniture are not offered, and often do not have it at all. After all, so they will not be able to sell a new thing.

Idea 36. Printing on balloons and packages

51 business idea in the garage

An excellent option for undertaking and possibly aligned with other activities. It does not require expensive equipment and a large area. The organization is very simple. The essence of the business is to use specialists for applying an image to balloons or another similar surface, such as plastic bags and packaging. It is done either with the help of a semi-automatic machine or using a fully automated line. The second option, of course, is more expensive, but can greatly simplify life (it is assumed that business you will develop, so then there will be a large stream of clients).

Such a machine is immediately filled with empty balls. Everything else, including their inflation occurs automatically.

Idea 37. Snicker Dry Cleaning

The topic of this idea is taken from the youth culture. The fact is that Snicker Dry Cleaning is a professional dry cleaning of sneakers. Yes, it is sneakers. If you did not know, for a long time in fashion, walk in perfectly clean sneakers, especially if they are branded. Therefore, youth perfectly perceived the idea to help people with cleaning shoes.

The main thing here is to understand whether the target audience is in your city. Because the trend is usually developed primarily in large cities.

By the way, the garage in this thread acquires an additional plus as a space for business. Because youth will be bright and positively perceive the fact that you provide services in such an unusual "location".

Idea 38. Bicycle rental in the garage

51 business idea in the garage

It is important to understand here if there are any interesting and suitable routes next to your garage. If there is - excellent. Then you can start this seasonal business without spending a lot of money. All you need is to invest money in the acquisition of bicycles and develop the structure of leasing them.

Well, to spend good advertising (you can also on the Internet), which will advertise more route, because there are many rentals.

Idea 39. Weaving baskets

Such an idea is not suitable for those who want to earn a fortune, but those who want to do a simple and interesting thing, one can even say meditative and alive on this. Braided baskets are good in demand. But you need to sell on certain channels. An example is the fairs of masters, festivals. And you can also place a point with inexpensive rent in local markets.

The garage in this case is a great place that can be used as a workshop and as a warehouse for the storage of raw materials and finished products.

Idea 40. Production of garden furniture

51 business idea in the garage

In the theory, the start of this business can be at all without investment. Because garden furniture is produced from any materials, including all kinds of tables, chairs, benches are available for the manufacture of treated penes, tree trunks. But most likely the minimum costs will still be. Because you will also need impregnation, varnishes and tools. In any case, you can start with a small and gradually withdraw your income level on the increased, which can be attached to the machines, a more complex tool and more interesting materials.

Of course, a sales channel will play an important role. Because such things customers prefer to watch live. So you will need a place where you can post a product or samples. Ideally, if your garage is located next to the road, leading from the city, so that dacms and country house owners constantly saw you.

Idea 41. Installation of car alarm

51 business idea in the garage

Car alarm - an indispensable attribute of any car, which is perceived by the necessary as well as the purchase of the insurance policy. Therefore, the alarm installation service will always be demanded.

The ideal location of the garage in this case will be a garage complex, which already present other masters - autoslese, diagnosts, etc. Since customers prefer to do everything in one place.

Idea 42. Making frames for greenhouses

51 business idea in the garage

A completely small garage for the implementation of this idea will not suit, but in a large place it can be enough full, especially if the finished material you will be stored in another room, or in general on the street, or to do only under the order.

Today, greenhouses are made of plastic and polycarbonate. The base of the greenhouse is built of plastic tubes. The entrepreneur needs to own the skill of the assembly, but it is not difficult to get it, in captured several times.

What is good in this business is that the material for greenhouses in itself is inexpensive, so profit can be significant. The timing of the manufacture of one design is also small.

To get customers, you will need to make the right advertisement. In the modern world, the creation of lending and the promotion of it will be a convenient option using contextual advertising.

Idea 43. Baged Workshop

The essence of the idea is to open the workshop in my garage, where customers will be able to receive services for the design of the framework and other products. In the potential audience of such an entrepreneur, all artists and masters will immediately be located, who work with various types of paintings. Also, there can be partially designers and designers.

If you yourself own the necessary skills, you can completely do without spending on hired workers. But the garage will need to be equipped and insulated so that it is possible to carry out activities not only in the summer.

One of the items of implementation will be the search for suitable suppliers, which you can buy inexpensively necessary materials.

And, of course, the advertising will be of great importance. Even if a lot of people walk past your garage, advertising on the Internet will be mandatory.

Idea 44. production of silicate brick

51 business idea in the garage

The garage room is perfect for the dispensation of a small workshop in which you can produce silicate brick. Such products are used to build buildings, as well as decorative works, so well perceived in the construction market, showing confident demand.

All that will be needed to organize the production line:

  • Purchase a machine
  • Find the supplier of raw materials
  • Solve the logistic question with the supply of raw materials and the fence of finished products
  • Obtaining permits for entrepreneurial activities
  • Advertising
  • Finding regular buyers

In the conditions of stable sales of products, the entire line together with current expenses can be recouping for 1 year. And then aim to expand production by adding power and removing a new room.

Idea 45. Making artificial marble from concrete

51 business idea in the garage

Another production line, which, if desired, to equip in its own garage will be a machine that allows it to produce artificial marble from concrete.

Concrete will go as raw materials. The garage will have to be able to retrieve qualitatively, and spending count on the acquisition of various additional impurities and plasticizers.

The possibilities of selling such a product entirely will fully depend on whether you can find a buyer in the local market. Artificial marble itself is applied in a variety of directions, but large market players can produce it. Therefore, you need to assess the demand at the creation of a business plan.

Idea 46. Making tables

51 business idea in the garage

Before proceeding to the implementation of the idea, you need to understand who will make your potential audience. Beautiful signs adding individuality, the build structure is well perceived by the owners of private houses, as well as country sites. Therefore, the location of your garage will play a big role if you plan to sell products in the same place where and produce it.

If the garage is located along the line of the road leading to the departure from the city, or outside the city where there are many daches, it is quite possible to get a good response.

In order for such signs to produce, expensive equipment will not need, like raw materials that can be used differently. Basically, the signboards are made on plastic.

Idea 47. Production of building mixtures

51 business idea in the garage

Another option to use the building market with great demand. The essence is to establish a small production of several types of dry mixes in its own garage, which are used everywhere in construction. Since the market is most often very competitive, you need to analyze demand in advance and perhaps even immediately find future customers. It will help in this that the price you can put at first not higher than the market, and even lower, as you will produce in the garage without spending the rental of a separate workshop.

The production line itself does not require any special skills, and the production process is to properly mix the raw materials to obtain a mixture.

The cost of one bag varies within 60 rubles, while selling it is twice as expensive.

Idea 48. Decoupage of furniture

51 business idea in the garage

Decoupage technique refers to the field of decoration and can be applied not only for furniture, but also to any suitable surface. You can meet the progressive caskets, business card holders, stands and other souvenirs that the masters are manually decorated with this technique.

Decoupage of furniture is a more complex technique because of the volume. At the same time, it does not require large investments or specialized equipment. And the investment will go first on the material.

Such furniture has very limited demand, but as manual work is valued expensive. Therefore, you will need to make a special emphasis on advertising on the Internet, looking for buyers pointing. An excellent option will be cooperation with designer studios.

Additionally, strengthen the business can also hold master classes for children and adults.

This technique can be used both for new furniture and as a restoration of old.

Idea 49. Production of watering systems

51 business idea in the garage

Machine components for watering systems that are used in garden sites and farms can be in the garage. However, it is necessary to provide services, including on the installation of such systems in place. Accordingly, it will be necessary to think through the logistics component, the possibility of delivery of the finished system.

To work in such a sphere, the skill and a set of plumbing tools, special cutters and connectors will be required. The main material is plastic tubes.

The market for the manufacture of watering systems is small, but capacious. The offer is usually high, so you need to pre-assess the possibilities and competitors. Yes, and on advertising will have to allocate a good budget, because potential customers are looking for options for proposals on the Internet.

Idea 50. Manufacture of sandpaper

51 business idea in the garage

The idea is to install the production line, which will create, wind and cut into automatic mode of sandpaper, in its own garage.

This material is very popular, but most large construction stores include this product in their own range. Therefore, you have to initially search for customers. It is possible to cooperate as a supplier with small firms, construction companies, market merchants.

The production line consists of several types of machine tools. Such as oven for drying, machine for applying a mixture. The line will cost, so this option is more suitable for creating additional income in other production. And the low product price must be compensated by a large supply volume.

Idea 51. Production of non-freezing liquid for cars

51 business idea in the garage

The garage is perfect for equipping with equipment, which will allow one of the most sought after all motor vehicles - non-freezing fluid. In order to stand out among competitors who are very many in any city, you will need to focus on the quality of products manufactured at a small price.

  • Equip the garage will need to be small in size by the production line, which will allow you to mix the components and pour the finished products by package.
  • The garage should be equipped with all the necessary communications.
  • Work on attracting buyers will have to be kept constantly.

The most appropriate sales option is small pieces. You can search for such customers among gas stations, car washes, auto parts stores.

Since the non-freezing fluid is in demand strictly in the winter, and other seasons can be re-equipped with a line for the production of a simple washer fluid.

Useful materials for successful business

We also prepared for you another number of materials that will be extremely useful if you do not know how to build your business correctly.

Any idea requires a clearly drawn business plan. To prevent errors, read the article "Business Plan - how to make up."

If you think about your own mini-production, we recommend reading the article "Top 7 machines from China for production at home".

And if you did not find a useful material in this article, then read other ideas in mini-production.

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