12 best running sneakers - ranking 2021 years (Top for January)

Special running sneakers are released for professional athletes and for lovers. Such sports shoes may differ in its design, depending on the type of running: on distant or short distances, on the treadmill, asphalt or rough terrain. We made a selection of the best running sneakers of all types.


What running sneakers are better to buy

Running sneakers are designed for intensive workouts. They provide reliable foot support, good grip with expensive, elastic depreciation. Special shoes helps improve the results from training and reduces the risk of injury. However, it is impossible to call some kind of universal model, which is ideal for all athletes and for any conditions.

First, decide on the appointment of shoes (type of training):

  • For a long intense run, sneakers with a wear-resistant sole, good depreciation and reliable foot support.
  • For competitions in priority, the ease of shoes, the flexibility of the sole and high speed indicators.
  • For running around the rough terrain, sneakers are needed with a good tread, a dense riding, protected by weak and reliable fixation on the leg.
  • For classes on the treadmill, minimalistic models are suitable, providing maximum freedom of movements.

The running technique also matters. There are classic techniques, natural and "with sock". In the first case, the landing is performed on the heel, in the second - on the entire foot, and in the third - on the sock. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose sneakers with a height difference at least 10 mm (higher in the heel zone), with uniform depreciation throughout the sole or with an enhanced nose.

The weight of the athlete determines the depreciation characteristics of the shoes. What it is more, the stronger the burden on the joints increases. Therefore, athletes from 80 kg need to choose options with an elastic sole and high levels of depreciation.

Beginner runners are better to choose sneakers with good fixation on the leg to protect against injury unusual to intensive ligaments.

There are men's, female and universal options for sports shoes. Men models are available in a wider range of sizes. Sneakers for girls take into account the features of the structure of the female foot and are distinguished by a brighter stylistic performance. Unisex models are designed for professional runners and their focus is on technical parameters.

The width of the block differs from different manufacturers. For example, the ASICS brand releases narrower shoes, Reebok and New Balance - with a wide block, PUMA presents medium width models, and in the Mizuno line - expanding in the sock.

Top Trainer Sneakers for Rally Distance

Trainers are specially designed for long-term intensive loads. They are designed for running on asphalt and solid soil, are well suited for long-term discount rates. Such sneakers are used during regular workouts, therefore they are presented with increased wear resistance requirements. They have an elastic durable sole with good depreciation and reliable support for foot.

ASICS GT-1000 7 G-TX - Perfect Stability and Depreciation Balance

ASICS GT 1000 7 G TX


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The seventh updated model of the ASICS GT-1000 GT-1000 series is budgetary sneakers, the most soft in the brand line. They combine responsive shock absorption of the soles and reliable support for the Duomax foot, allowing controlling hyperpronation. In an intermediate sole model, the Flytefoam Lyte innovation material is used, which is 55% more easily EVA.

The outer layer is made of solid wear-resistant rubber, there is an insert from polyurethane for better clutch with the surface. A removable insole provides an anatomically correct position of the foot and enhances depreciation. The upper part uses an elastic breathable grid, and reflective inserts are provided for safety. The weight of the model is 290 g, the sole drop is 8 mm.


  • Very elastic and soft sole.
  • Ventilated top material.
  • Excellent wear resistance - withstand mileage over 500-1000 km.
  • There are reflective elements for running in the dark.
  • Bright design - sneakers are available in black, blue and neon-salad colors.


  • Water when running on wet snow and slush.

Soft road sneakers ASICS GT-1000 7 are designed for runners of various levels of preparation. They are suitable athletes of medium and large weight with neutral pronation.

Under Armour Hovr Infinite - Smart Sneakers with Built-in Chip

Under Armour Hovr Infinite


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Universal model for athletes with neutral pronation, intended for highway running. Weight shoes 305 g, height difference between heel and sock - 10 mm. Sneakers have standard indicators for premium-class specialized running shoes: they have an elastic flexible sole, good depreciation, reliable fixation on the leg and high-quality foot support.

But besides this, they have an electronic component - a built-in chip for connecting to the MapMyrun tracker. Smart Hovr Infinite technology allows you to track the steps of training through the application on the smartphone. To activate the program, it is enough to shake the right foot in the sneakers. All data is stored in the memory of the chip, so the smartphone is not necessary to take a jog. You can control the speed of running, the length and step rate, the general distance. The charge of the sensor on the device is enough for 500-600 km.


  • Suitable for long workouts.
  • Well ventilated, comfortable on the leg.
  • Provide reliable clutch and elastic depreciation.
  • The built-in chip retains all training data.
  • Using an application, you can develop a training program for training.


  • High price.
  • To connect to HOVR Infinite technology, you need to install the application.

Smart sneakers will allow you to track and analyze the results of the workout, as well as to improve the individual running technique in accordance with the applications.

Nike Odyssey React - Unisex Sneakers for Asphalt and Smooth Soil

Nike Odyssey React.


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Nike Odyssey React running sneakers are designed for long-term runs on various coatings. They are characterized by soft fixation on foot and sensitive depreciation due to the use of soft innovative Nike React foam. Sneakers anatomically definitely repeat the structure of the foot. The height difference from the heel to the sock is 10 mm.

The top of the shoes is made of well-ventilated material without inner seams, so it can be worn without socks. Synthetic overlays in places of contact with skin provide good foot support and allow you to avoid corns. Wear-resistant sole material is flexible and calculated at least 500 km run. The protector provides good grip with an expensive.


  • Wear-resistant flexible sole.
  • Anatomical form repeating the structure of the foot.
  • Good fixation on the leg.
  • Soft blurred top.
  • You can wear without socks.
  • The presence of reflective parts.


  • Very easy sole is not suitable for running around the stony area.

ODYSSEY REACT sneakers are available in a variety of colors: there are concise restrained options and bright models. The range of the line allows you to choose shoes for every taste for men and women.

Best Running Sneakers for Competitions

Marathon and half-marathon sneakers are intended for intense, but short-term loads. Due to the thin sole, the marathons do not differ long service life, and good depreciation is also not always ensured in them. Their main goal is to provide the runner optimal conditions for the demonstration of the best results at the Competition. Usually they change after every big race.

Mizuno Wave Rider 22 - universal model for different coatings

Mizuno Wave Rider 22


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Mizuno brand running sneakers are made of lightweight breathing material. The mesh top airmesh is well blurred and does not allow the legs to overheat. The sole has a unique design of Dynamotion Fit, which improves the fitting of the shoes on the foot.

For additional comfort, a foamed middle part with an U4IC insert (for amortization and stabilization of the ground strike), as well as a soft anatomical insole.

For the manufacture of the sole applied material X-10. It guarantees increased grip with a surface resistant to abrasion and negative atmospheric effects. Removal of excess moisture from shoes is provided through the ventilation channels in the middle side of the sole. The weight of male sneakers 295 g, the height difference is increased to 12 mm.


  • Small weight.
  • Excellent ventilation through mesh top and grooves in the sole.
  • Uniform depreciation.
  • Anatomical insole.
  • Protector for reliable clutch with expensive.
  • Stylish design.


  • Not the most flexible sole, therefore repulsion is very sensitive.
  • Due to solid rubber, running is noisy.

The model is made in a stylish and bright color: the main black color of the vertex is supplemented with white and bright yellow inserts.

Salomon Sonic Ra 2 - Ultra-easy sneakers with durable heat-riding

Salomon Sonic Ra 2


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In the Sonic RA 2 model, an improved adaptive landing is applied, as well as convenient seamless top and innovative Energy Cell + amortization. Sneakers manufacturing technologies combine seamless elastic inserts in the central part and on the sides of the mystery, dynamic fit to the foot and an accurate fit of the footwear on the leg due to the internal tongue. Thanks to this, sneakers provide good foot support, but do not limit the freedom of movement.

A breathable mesh textile and polyurethane lining for finger protection are used as materials for the vertex. Elastic composite sole and soft insole provide depreciation and runningness of running, effectively shots. And Geometric Decoupling technology allows you to make a quick carcass from the heel on the sock. For additional coated clutch, a special protector is provided.


  • Record light weight (220 g).
  • Good depreciation and efficient vibration system.
  • Suitable for running in the rain.
  • Ventilated seamless design of the vertex.
  • There are overlays to protect your fingers from shocks.


Lightweight and comfortable sneakers provide comfortable running along various surfaces and with any weather.

New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi - for maximum speed



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For the production of the Arishi model, a breathable mesh textile for tops and a composite lightweight material for the sole is used. The unique Fresh Foam technology provides high dynamics of sneakers and good shock absorption, so they are suitable for fast but comfortable running.

The shoes have a seamless design, so it does not rub the skin during intensive loads. Additional softness and depreciation provides an internal insole of NB Response 1.0 with a memory effect. The protector is reinforced with high-strength rubber inserts, which increases the wear resistance of the sole.


  • Small shoes weight (237 g).
  • Flexible, wear-resistant sole with good clutch.
  • Depreciation for effectively mitigating strikes.
  • Anatomical insole with memory effect.
  • Suitable for fast and safe running.


  • The mesh material flows in the rain.
  • A sufficiently soft and thin sole is not suitable for running around the stones.

Sneakers are made in laconic and stylish design. They have black and graphite embossed top and sole of black. From the outside of the sneakers, the New Balance logo is applied.

Best off-road (trailey) running sneakers

For running around the rough terrain or training in bad weather, special trailey sneakers are provided. Their design provides a reinforced sole protector for a more reliable clutch with an expensive. They are suitable for running into slush, wet and stony surfaces.

The top of the all-terrestrial models is also strengthened. They are made of waterproof materials, and the fingertip zone is protected by additional linings. Weight in such sneakers are higher than that of conventional training models, so they create an additional load.

SALOMON SPEEDCROSS 4 GTX BK - Updating the Relo Series

Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX BK


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Speedcross 4 GTX is the fourth generation of the famous series of driving Salomon brand sneakers. The top of the model is made according to Sensifit technology from moisture-proof textile with Gore-Tex waterproof membrane. It provides a dense anatomical fit to the foot, safety and high dynamic characteristics of shoes.

For prompt fit, the sneaker under the individual parameters of the runner performed a quick lacing system. Inside there is an anatomical insole. Around the base of the shoes are protective overlays, which protect the material of the vertex from sharp stones and dirt. The Special Protector ContagRip is designed specifically for running on uneven surfaces.


  • Moisture-resistant and dirt-repellent version of the top.
  • Elastic high sole 30/20 mm with good depreciation and protector.
  • Reliable protection against mechanical damage.
  • Quick lacing system.
  • The original design recognizable and at the same time.


The enhanced cast sole of Salomon Speedcross sneakers ensures good depreciation, the stability of the position of the foot and ease. Such shoes are suitable for running through the most difficult routes.

Reebok All Terrain Craze - Durable Sneakers with Additional Reinforcement

Reebok All Terrain Craze


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Running all-terrain vessels from Reebok are distinguished by aggressive design and high strength. For the top used wear-resistant Ripstop material, in the combined weaving of which a high-strength reinforcing thread was used.

Additionally, the material is covered with special moisture-resistant and dirt-repellent spraying. The sole is made embossed pattern and a special protective plate is built. Drainage holes and grooves are provided for water removal.

The heel zone is enhanced by a polyurethane insert-stabilizer for a more reliable foot fixing - it will add stability and help to avoid injuries when running along slippery surfaces. Fingers are protected by the DuraGrip overlay in the sock. Thanks to the elastic foam and removable insole of sneakers provide excellent depreciation. Delta soles in height - 4 mm.


  • Sensitive amortization of the sole.
  • Good grip with uneven, wet and slippery surfaces.
  • There is protection of socks from mechanical shocks.
  • The heel is reliably fixed by the stabilizing part.
  • Low weight (267 g).


  • The moistureproof top worsens the ventilation of the foot.

Sneakers are suitable for running around the stony terrain or slippery rocks. They are not afraid to slush and puddles. They provide maximum comfort with intensive loads.

NEW BALANCE FUELCORE NITREL V2 - Sneakers for a quick start



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Fuelcore Nitrel received an updated silhouette. In addition, now there is an innovative FuelCell insert with nitric foam. The top is made of dynamic elastic materials that ensure the flexibility of shoes and the freedom of movements of an athlete.

Such an execution allows you to quickly accelerate and continue running at a high pace. The top is made practically without seams, but provides accurate fit of the material to the foot. The zone near the fingers in the model is strengthened, the lacing is classic. The toothed protector is made of solid carbon rubber.

For ventilation, a textile of the mesh structure was used, and for the sole - the RevLite material, which is 30% lighter than traditional composite compositions. Such a sole is distinguished by high amortization qualities and increased softness. Inside there is an insole of NB Response 2.0, which saves the "information" about the form of the foot. The weight of the sneakers is 274 g, the sole drop between the heel and the sock is 8 mm.


  • Elastic and flexible sole allows you to quickly accelerate from the start.
  • The embossed durable protector provides reliable clutch.
  • The vertex material does not miss moisture, repels the dirt.
  • Mesh inserts provide good ventilation.
  • Inside there is an insole with the memory effect.


  • Not very durable top material.

Sneakers are perfectly suitable for rapid running on various surfaces and rough terrain.

The best universal sneakers for training and jogs in the city

Universal models are suitable for both workouts and everyday wearing. They must meet the basic requirements for running shoes: have sufficient flexibility and depreciation, ensure reliable fastening on the leg and fix foot well. Such sneakers are less wear-resistant than shoes for long-range distances, and not such everywhere as trailey models. But the universals are distinguished by a large variety of external execution.

ASICS GEL KAYANO 25 - Universal sneakers for everyday workouts



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This is the 25th performance of the famous brand model, which has long been recognized among the runners of a different level of preparation. Easy and durable model is ideal for regular training.

Sneakers have a two-component sole, performed by innovative technologies. It is Foam Lyte in the heel area for increased returns and Foam Propel in the front zone of the sole - for greater flexibility, wear resistance and ease.

For the top of the shoe, a two-layer elastic mesh ASICS FluidFit was used. It differs in the density of weaving in different zones of shoes, so that some areas turn out to be stronger, and others are better ventilated. The design of the vertex is seamless, which eliminates rubbing legs.

The area of ​​the sock and heels is enhanced with protective linings, and the zone around the ankle is sealed for better foot fixing. Sneakers weigh 336 g, the drop between the heel and the toe is 10 mm.


  • Free and comfortable landing on the leg.
  • Good ventilation top.
  • Seamless design excluding rubbing.
  • Sustainability and responsive depreciation while maintaining the softness of the sole.
  • Reliable fixation and support for heel.


ASICS Gel Kayano sneakers will suit athletes with hyperpronation. The universal model can be used for daily exercises of medium intensity and long run.

Adidas Energy Cloud 2 - Universal Sneakers for Running and Casual Socks



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Energy Cloud 2 is a stylish model, weathered in black and white colors. Top in textile sneakers, breathable. The side zones are reinforced with polyurethane foam overlays, which guarantees additional support for the foot. In the shoes, cast 3D-phytnenel was made.

The design of the sole provides the natural flow of the legs, and the intermediate spruce is excellent. These indicators are suitable for soft, elastic run. For a good coated clutch, a protector from the AdiWear material is provided. The height difference (heel / sock) standard is 10 mm.


  • Anatomical cast sole.
  • Reliable foot support.
  • Good grip with the surface of the road.
  • Stylish concise design.
  • Not a very high price.


Energy Cloud 2 is suitable for crossing workouts and for everyday wearing.

Under Armour UA Hovr SLK - Lightweight model for running

Under Armour UA Hovr SLK


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Sneakers Under Armour are distinguished by stylish performance and unusually light design. The top of the shoes is made of mesh breathable textiles. The stabilizing unit is provided on the back for a stronger fixation of the heel. The model has a low profile. The shape of the shoes anatomically immediately repeats the foot of the runner, the elastic collar does not rub his legs.

For reliable fastening in the center there is a tone lacing, with which you can optimize the landing of the sneaker on the foot. The sole of flexible and elastic rubber effectively extinguishes the blows and distributes the load, making it more comfortable, reducing the fatigue of the legs.


  • Low weight (236 g).
  • Purpose material of the top.
  • Elastic sole with UA HOVR antigravity technology.
  • Good landing on the leg.
  • Reinforced stage for fixing heel.


  • Verch material moisture permeate.
  • Not suitable for running in extreme conditions.

Sneakers Under Armour are designed for running in dry weather. The model is made in a laconic monochrome color, suitable for running and everyday wearing - if you prefer the style of Caushal in clothes.

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Good all the day, today we will go to jog!

Let's start with the fact that not any sports shoes for this will suit. Sneakers, for example, do not suit, just as sneakers for basketball, tennis, walking, etc. are not suitable. Each sport implies a specific burden, and for an unprepared athlete, it is most importantly competently compensated for not to get injured.

There are shoes designed specifically for running - running sneakers and spikes, they reduce the risk of injury and help achieve good results. We will not talk about chips in this article, they will not have their own orientation and for beginner runners are not suitable, consider sneakers.

There are several common features for running sneakers:

1) Running sneakers (with the exception of some special models) necessarily have depreciation. It must be in the heel part of the sole, also happens in the sock. All manufacturers of high-quality running shoes indicate the presence and position of depreciation inserts.

2) the sole and the top of the sneakers must be flexible and soft in its front.

3) There are inserts from resistant rubber on the sole. Most often, they are located in the heel part and from the outer side of the sneakers, which accounts for the main load.

4) Sneakers for running are never made of leather or other poorly breathable materials.

5) Rigid vertex elements The sneakers are allowed only in the heel part. But they should not be in contact with the foot, rub and put pressure on Achillovo tendon.

6) The lacing ideally should be located on the sneakers asymmetric, closer to the inner part of the foot.

7) Better if the lace loops are not combined with a single hard strip. They should be able to have some displacement so that sneakers can be tightly tightened. However, it does not have to be so.

8) The insole must be removable so that it can be replaced by orthopedic.

9) The weight of the pair of sneakers should not exceed 400 grams.

But that is not all. The fact that sneakers are in principle are suitable for running, does not mean that they are good for you. There are several factors that should be considered.

Paul athlete

Male and female sneakers differ not only by the color range. The feet of a woman is more demanding to shoes, so additional technologies and other materials can be used in it. The main differences of women's sneakers:

1) The proportions of the female leg on average differ from the proportions of men, and therefore the shoe is different. Women's pad narrower

2) The heel of female sneakers has an additional height, which reduces the likelihood of damage to Achilles tendon

3) Women weigh less men and therefore depreciation of female sneakers are softer than male

An exception to these rules is, as a rule, competitive shoes that do not have any serious design solutions and technologies, however, not suitable for long-term training.

Pronation, supination and the height of the foot

If you are not familiar with these concepts, you can read about the article pronation and supination. Here, I want to note that when choosing sneakers, the degree of Pronation and the height of your foot arch has one of the decisive values ​​- this parameter directly affects the likelihood of injury. People with excessive pronation and low arch should choose sneakers with a supinator (protection against redundant pronation), it will increase the depreciation and save your knees. While the hypoprontators to wear them completely contraindicated - the likelihood of turning the leg increases.

Wide and narrow stop, shoe size

The width of the block, mainly depends on the manufacturer's company. For example, Asix traditionally, the block is quite narrow, Saikoni and Brooks are wide, and Mizuto is a narrow heel and wide in the sock. During the fitting of the sneakers, pay attention to how they sit on the leg - sneakers should fit tightly to the leg, but at the same time they will not crush anywhere. Always cord sneakers starting from the lower loops to sit on your foot as much as possible.

In size, shoes need to be chosen so that the thumb does not reach the sneakers to the sneaker at least 3 millimeters. This is due to the fact that when the stop runs the stop increases in the amount and if you have taken sneakers exactly in size, it may be damaged when running may be damaged. For the same reason, the sneakers are better to measure in the evening when the stop increases from daylight load. For fitting it is worth putting on your running socks and have orthopedic insoles with you, if you use them.

Some types of sneakers are made small. Most often it is competitive shoes.

Training Type and Weight Athlete

The pattern here is simple, the more your weight, longer distances and worse the training of your muscles and ligaments, the more desirable depreciation and support. What exactly (in which parts of the sneaker) depends on the structure of your foot, biomechanics and running techniques.

The height difference of the sole from the heel to the sock and the running technique

The value of the difference is selected depending on the vehicle formulation technique when running. Three types of running are usually distinguished: the heel is on the heel and the formulation of the middle or front of the foot. When running on the heel, it is done above and, usually, a decent depreciation is in the heel to reduce the risk of knee injury to a minimum. When running to the middle or front of the foot, the sole is made more flat, and the depreciation is located mostly in front.

Also, as it was written above, a higher heel reduces the risk of injury to Achille tendon.

It is believed that the difference can affect the technique of your run and change it. We treat such an approval skeptically. The difference can help a little or bother you to run your technique, but never interference will not be so strong that the technique will change.


Summer and competitive sneakers are made easy and breathable, they are easily wedged. Winter and autumn-spring sneakers are made of more dense materials that blobs poorly and better keep warm.

Contrary to the hopes of many people, there are no sneakers that are well ventilated and not wedged. Even the fabric Gortex, designed to solve this problem, not always successfully copes with it.


From the coating on which we run, first of all, the sole of the sneakers. For running along the treadmills, asphalt and other solid smooth surfaces are suitable smooth soft sole. For soil tracks and similar softer soils, the sole is taken more rigid and the protector becomes deeper to improve the return. Running through the forest and in bad weather requires even larger tread, and sometimes iron spikes, so as not to slide on the trunks of the fallen trees, ice, etc. Also, these soles are made even more rigid to protect the athlete's leg from all sorts of sharp stones and corpo.

In addition to the sole, side support is often made in shoes for off-road, protecting the leg from dislocation, and a more dense mesh is placed, which is harder to damage.


The difference of brands is observed not only in the pads. Each brand technology also has its own and, although they are all the meaning of each other, they still have differences. So Asiks uses gel, sikeconium and Brooks, foam, and Mizuno - plastic plate. All of them perform the same function, but behave a little differently, so it is better to try several options and choose the most comfortable.

Also, some brands have their own orientation. For example, Salomon is focused mainly on off-road.

Most of the considered characteristics can and need to be determined independently, however, the degree of pronation and flatopyopy, as well as the nuances of the technique it is better to specify using special equipment. This can be done by passing the test in the running laboratory.

When selecting running shoes for sports activities, many make a fairly widespread error - buy the first sneakers that did not pay attention to their appointment. As a result, this leads to an increase in the load on the foot, the appearance of swelling and pain, serious injury. This is especially true for running, where you can not use sneakers for tennis, sports walking or basketball, since the loads will be completely different. How to choose sneakers for running? It is necessary to take into account the design features of such shoes and the main purchase parameters. How to choose sneakers for running?

How to choose the right sneakers for running?

To properly choose sneakers for running, it is recommended to consider such characteristics:

  1. The mandatory presence of depreciation for the heel or in the area of ​​the sock, which is indicated by the manufacturer.
  2. The front of the soles must necessarily be soft and flexible, not constraining movements.
  3. The sole design is distinguished by the presence of special inserts, for the manufacture of such elements is used resistant to abrasion rubber. For asphalt, a soft sole is recommended, when running around the grass - more rigid and firm.
  4. For the manufacture uses only breathable materials, leather running sneakers do not happen.
  5. For the heel area, hard inserts are allowed, but they should be placed in such a way as not to put pressure on the leg, do not rub and not injure.
  6. Looped loops separate, they are not combined with a single bar. It allows you to stronger to pull the shoes, make it the most convenient for jogging.
  7. The optimal option is the presence of a removable insole.
  8. Small pair weight.

These are the basic differences between running sneakers from shoes used for other sports. But when choosing, the individual foot features should be taken into account, planned loads and other factors. Also important parameters are the size, adjustment density, matching the width of the foot.

Features of choice

To correctly pick up shoes for running, it is recommended to pay attention to the following criteria and differences between women's models from standard for men:

  • For a female pair, a narrow block is used, since the proportions of the legs will be completely different;
  • For the heel, an additional height is made to reduce the likelihood of damage to the Achille tendons when running and sharp movements during the separation from the Earth;
  • Depreciation for female sneakers should be softer, as a woman's weight is less.

The exception is only professional shoes, where the structural differences are minimal. But it is very important to choose the right size and model correctly, which will not argue the leg when driving. Important is the quality of manufacturing used materials and fittings.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the width and shape of the block. At various manufacturers, this parameter will be different - some block are narrow, others are wide in the socks or completely wide. Sneakers should sit on the leg tightly, the thumb should not get to the sock of about 3 mm, which is necessary for safety. If your fingers rest in the sock, then it is necessary to choose a larger footage. But here there is an exception - professional footwear for the competition is made small, it is necessary to choose it particularly carefully.

Choosing shoes, you must consider all the listed parameters. It is from them that depends comfort and safety, the lack of injury to legs during class.

Women's sneakers for running in our store

Men's sneakers for running in our store

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How to pick up sneakers for running


The selection of running shoes depends on a number of criteria. So, for training and competitions use different types of shoes.

Training sneakers are "technically equipped", due to which heavier than competitive. Provide good protection and fixation of legs during running, smooth drum loads. They are soft enough and elastic, suitable for regular comfortable running.


Competitive shoes, marathons and semi-masracks - light (up to 280 g) sneakers with fine rigid soles. Do not take away, help develop and maintain high speed during the race. Not suitable for training, as the musculoskeletal system is strongly loaded. Depreciation is absent, the shoes do not absorb the shock load during running.


Competitive sneakers need prepared athletes for long distances race


. Arrangements are suitable for short tempo training



Competitions Training

Protection against injuries, weather conditions

Good depreciation and foot fixing

The ability to develop high speed

The main factors to consider when choosing a running shoes for running:

Selection of shoes by type of coverage

Running on asphalt


For asphalt and other solid surfaces, you need shoes that will provide good grip and reduce the strong shock load on the ankle. These are sneakers with high depreciation: better if it is and in your wear


and in the heel


Parts of the sole.

Sneakers for asphalt - these are models with soft soles and a low furred protector


preventing slipping. Often asphalt sneakers are equipped with mesh riding


which will provide good ventilation and comfort while running in warm and hot weather.


Running at the stadium and in the gym


For the synthetic surface of the stadiums, sneakers for asphalt will also be suitable. Stadium coverage in itself provides good depreciation. Weather conditions here are also not so important here, and there is no need for a deep tread, strong depreciation and reinforced top. The main thing is non-slip sole.


And for the treadmill, the same sneakers are suitable as for asphalt. A reinforced top is not needed - the mesh will provide lightness and air exchange during intensive workout.

The simulator should be equipped with an amortization system. From running on tracks without depreciation it is better to abandon, such training devoid actor on the spine and joints.

Cross-terrain jogging


Trail sneakers are suitable for running off road and uneven relief.

They have an average (4-8 mm) or deep protector (from 8 mm)


, rigid block


, good fixation of ankle joint, especially heels


. Top sneakers dense, reinforced


, Often with an additional protective "tongue" to prevent penetration inside dirt, sand, small stones.


Crossed terrain is different.


For dry solid soil (Forest trail, stony terrain) is suitable for the average protector and medium depreciation.


For running mud Need a deep, aggressive protector to provide good grip with softened soil.


Membrane shoes prevents moisture from entering the sneakers, it is relevant in rainy weather . If there is warm and dry, in the membrane shoe, it is better not to run - it will be hot.

You need to be careful when running along snowdrifts and puddles. If you jump water into sneakers with a membrane layer, it will remain inside and create discomfort.


For running on stones Suitable models with hard weane under the fingers, the protection of the heel and good depreciation.

In sneakers for rough terrain, it is not recommended to run on asphalt coating. Rubber soles in trailee shoes are softer, so quickly erased about solid relief.

Schedule running

There are three main techniques. They differ in the way of setting the leg during the landing on the surface.

Run "With Heel" - Classic technique. Landing is on the heel, and it accounts for a large load. Optimal sneakers - with good depreciation (mainly in the heel part) and high drops.


This technique is optimal only for running in a low pace and with low intensity, the choice of sneakers with maximum depreciation is required. Running "with heels" suits people with overweight and pronounced deformations of the foot (flatfoot, supination).

Run "with sock" Suitable for sprint on short distances. The landing falls on the sock. Shoes are lightweight, with a thin sole.


Natural Run Different with landing smoothly under the center of gravity of the body on the middle part of the foot. The case remains direct and relaxed, the knees are semi-bent. This technique strengthens the leg muscles, facilitates the load on his knees and joints. Be careful if you have a weak Achilles tendon: during a natural running, it accounts for high load.


Comparative table characteristics of shoes running

Running on asphalt Cross-terrain jogging Natural Run

Pronation type

Human shoes are involved. The reason for this is different types of pronation.


The pronation determines which part of the foot is primarily a landing during movement. The type of pronation depends, how strong is the natural shock absorption of the foot, which reduces the shock load during running.

There are several types of pronation:

Supposition (hypoponation).

The norm is considered Neutral pronation - Uniform load distribution on the foot. Special shoes are not required: discomfort does not occur during running. Easy stabilization (dense material on the inside of the sole) in sneakers will be enough.


With hyperpronion Stop while walking and running turns inside. The load goes to the inner portion of the foot. In this position, the ligaments are stretched, and natural depreciation suffers. Often hypponation is a satellite flatfoot. Sneakers with high stabilization are needed with excess prosculation runners.


For hypopronation The stop does not have enough deflection and does not allow the body weight to the internal arch. The main load falls on the outer part. For people with insufficient proscience, high depreciation shoes are required. The outer side of the sole is distinguished by a thick mark, and the intermediate sole is homogeneous density. Hard elements on the inside of the sole with hypopronation are not needed.




For hot weather Choose models with good ventilation.


In cold Sneakers are suitable with a combination of membrane and insulation: it enhances protection from cold and wind, longer holds heat.


The membrane protects against rain splashes, but if the water falls inside the sneakers, then there will remain there. Therefore, avoid running in membrane shoes on deep puddles, streams, snowdrifts, or protect the legs with special waterproof gters.


With wet weather Models are relevant with a dirt-proof and moisture-resistant impregnation of the top.


Metal spikes sneakers will provide maximum clutch and stability On an ice surface .

Size of sneakers


The shoes for the run should keep her leg well, but leave free space for the fingertips area. It is worth focusing on sensations - movements should not be limited, but at the same time the stop does not "hang", but confidently fixed.

Different number of different manufacturers may differ. In order not to get confused, it is better to focus on the length of the foot.


How to carry out measurements:

Barefoot stand on a sheet of white paper and a pencil to circle feet.


Measure the length of each foot on imprints if the prints turned out a little different length, choose more value and round up to 5 mm in the most side. For accurate stroke, the pencil should be kept close to the skin and send the tip to the footsteps.


The resulting size will be convenient to navigate when choosing both running sneakers and other shoes.

How to choose footwear for running


Footwear should be measured in socks of suitable thickness - those used during training. You can immediately purchase running socks in the store and try sneakers in them.

Be sure to test new shoes - like and run in a light pace right in the store. It is important to feel absolutely comfortable. Sneakers should not interfere with the movement, harvest or hang out on the leg.


If I liked the sneakers, but do not fit according to the type of Pronation - you can always adjust the support of the foot with anatomical insoles. You can order individual insoles exactly under the type of foot.


Do not rush and acquire the first sneakers liked. You need to try out several pairs of shoes suitable in size and other parameters, and choose from them the most convenient.

Socks, golf and leggings for running


Running sneakers are best "working" with special socks for running. Socks for running are made of synthetic materials


Sometimes with the addition of wool for insulation



Fabry to fix the leg;

provide thermoregulation;

ventilation and dilution of moisture;

Warning rubbing and corn.

Some models have reinforced zones to further protect individual parts of the foot.




Socks for running can be high


or low


often have antibacterial impregnation.


For long distances, it is recommended to use compression socks, golf or leggings. They improve blood circulation in the legs and help the muscles to recover faster after a long load.

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