Dollhouse with your own hands: how to do - schemes, photos, video

Interesting work for the whole family - a puppet lodge with your own hands

Toy house

The dream of any girl is a big beautiful dollhouse, equipped with all interior objects, very expensive pleasure.

Not everyone can buy it in the store.

However, you can make a puppet lodge with your own hands, and if you attract your daughter to the process, the joint work will bring the pleasure of the whole family.

Housing options for dolls

In order to proceed with the manufacture, you must first resolve the issue with the size and material of the future design. Then make a project of the house, make drawings for drinking or cutting, thinking out and pick up materials for finishing, consider bonding options and setting the entire structure. It is important that she was stable and could withstand small "shocks."

The size will depend on the height of dolls, which will "live" there, as well as on the possibilities of the room. After all, the apartments on half the room will take too much space, limiting the hostess.

House accommodation

At the same time, a very small design will be more complex in manufacturing and finishing, because it is not easy to work with small details.

For ease of use, the height of the ceilings is installed at the level of double-growing dolls, then it will be easy to move it on the rooms and installed inside. Higher ceilings are just welcome, they will make the game even more interesting.

The depth of the rooms is determined on the basis of the growth of dolls and the need for a free space for items inside the house. On average, it is 30-45 centimeters, but may be more. The width is calculated on the basis of the number of rooms for dolls and room volumes.

The shape of the house is usually reminded by a rectangle, elongated in height or width, it all depends on the manufacturer's imagination. For a large design, you can use furniture wheels that are screwed from below and make it easy to move the housing for dolls to any place.

You can create a project on paper or using modern technologies, in the program on the computer, which will calculate the number of materials needed for the building.

An example of a standard Doll House Project:

Doming dimensions

In many ways, the size depends on the material, since not every raw material can save the shape and withstand the load. Let's try to consider houses from different materials.

Plywood or laminate

Plywood is a very good choice for making a puppet house. It is well holding the shape, strong enough, it is easily fastened with glue or self-tapping screws. It is convenient to work with it using standard tools, only after completion of the work it is desirable to clean it with a skin to make it smooth.

Phaneru is convenient to decorate with paper or cloth, and it is also durable. Laminate has similar properties, which is also often used to create a puppet apartment.

Example of a puppet diagram:

Domika project

To create you will need:

  • laminate or plywood, with a thickness of at least 7 mm;
  • PVA glue, it can be replaced with carpentry;
  • electrolovik;
  • Wallpaper remains that will be used to decorate walls, furniture items, and for sex you can use the self-adhesive film;
  • pencil for applying marks;
  • Roulette or centimeter.

The manufacturing process consists of the following steps:

  1. Drinking the wall of the design of plywood in size in the drawing.
  2. Selecting places where windows, doors will be, drinking them.
  3. Collection of construction with carbon black and small carnations.
  4. Roof construction, its design. The roof of the house can be covered with corrugated cardboard and coloring, soaming thus tiled.
  5. Fastening the design to the base is a piece of plywood having a little large sizes. This is necessary to impart the design of greater stability and the possibility of an additional decor. For example, on a wide surface in front of the house, you can organize a veranda or flowerbeds.
  6. Decorating the inner and outer sides of the walls, gender. Sometimes it is more convenient to salary the inner walls before collecting the house, then there will not be visible joints, but in this case it is important not to make large screws, disrupting the proportions of the design.
  7. Arrangement of furniture.
  8. Interior decoration with small details: curtains, rugs, tablecloths and other things.

An example of a step-by-step house of house in the photo (instruction for dad):

Marking of the future house
Filed with a file
Finished walls
Painted details
Marking for fasteners
Finished design

Plasterboard layouts

Plasterboard is also a popular material because of its strength and low cost, because it often remains after repair in the form of small pieces that have nowhere to attach. Barbie's house is the perfect option for this. However, it is harder to fasten it, the adhesive is good here, it will be necessary to align the place of the cut to reduce the consumption of the means.

Self-tapping screws twisted in metal corners will be more efficient. But they will need to take small sizes or then sprinkle the tips sticking outside.

The scheme of working with plasterboard is similar to the design of plywood, the tools for it are needed the same. Therefore, you can use the scheme above.

House of Gypsum Carton


This material is also from the discharge of the budget remaining after the purchase of household appliances or other goods. His only disadvantage is fragility, so it should be carefully working with foam.

For work you will need:

  • Polyfoam, preferably large sheets;
  • toothpicks, bamboo sticks (remain from sushi sets);
  • glue pistol;
  • several wooden lines;
  • corrugated cardboard;
  • Wallpaper remains;
  • sponge of foam
  • remnants of ceiling plinths;
  • Accessories for creating an interior.

Foam house

The manufacturing process will be presented in stages:

  1. Project development, drawing up drawing.
  2. Cutting foam according to the drawing data, it is better to do a hot knife, then the foam will be less crumble.
  3. Cutting future windows, doorways.
  4. Assembly. To do this, you will need toothpicks that need to be broken in half, copper pieces of foam, between them, apply glue and press it tightly.
  5. The gluing ceiling and floor occurs also with a glue gun, only to harden the designs need to be strengthened. For this, bamboo sticks are used, which are glued to the foam in the form of transverse beams.
  6. Separately built an inter-storey staircase, it is made of wooden lines or the same foam, and the railing of toothpicks or bamboo sticks. After that, ready to go into the design.
  7. Production of the roof, material for which foam or corrugated cardboard can serve.
  8. The decoration from the outside includes painting the entire building of the acrylic paint, which is convenient to apply a foam sponge with light tangent movements. Outside, a balcony that is assembled similar to the stairs can be performed.
  9. Finishing from the inside, it uses pieces of wallpapers and colored paper for it, from the ceiling plinth, you can cut window sills and other interior details. Curtains, carpets, small decorations will add comfort designs.
  10. Arrangement of furniture, settlement.

Bookshelf or rack

It is not necessary to purchase materials for the manufacture of housing for dolls, sometimes it is enough to use interior items that are no longer in the go. So, the old bookshelf or the cabinet may well become housing for Monster High or a small princess.

At the same time, the scope of work will be minimal: it will only be necessary to close the rear wall of the house and equip the internal contents. Details such as the roof and chimney, for the design, standing at the wall, can generally be drawn or depicted with adhesive tape.

Book shelf house

Old cabinet or chest

Old bedside tables, dressers, wardrobes from wood can also be used in the attic or in the basement. They are much better suitable for large dolls and require minimal processing.

Internal shelves, boxes can be removed by creating thus large rooms. Or, on the contrary, add partitions between high ceilings under the height of the dolls used. And of course, finishing, which will give the product a finished look.

From the cabinet


The popularity of cardboard is quite explained, it is inexpensive, easily going, is always available. True, this design is short-lived, because the cardboard breaks and rifles. Therefore, it is better to use corrugated cardboard that is used for packaging.

The house from it is going to quickly and easily from the primary materials:

  • corrugated cardboard;
  • finishing elements;
  • Fabrics and other things.

Tools that will be needed in work:

  • Drawings, detail templates;
  • Knife, tassels, paints, pencils, markers;
  • glue pistol;
  • Rule and others.

Photo scheme:

Photo of a house:

The assembly process is simple and similar to other constructions, but the cardboard has some features: it is easily lightning, so it is necessary to crush it carefully. Bashed better with glue, with this edges are not trimmed, but bend inside and act as a fastening element.

To bend the cardboard correctly on this place, you need to spend something pointed, but not cutting, for example, a pencil. A groove is formed, according to which the material will easily bend.

Cut details like windows are better than a stationery knife on the outlined lines.


Cardboard boxes is the easiest way to assemble a dollhouse for a girl. To do this, you will need to go to the black outlet of the nearest store and dial closest boxes. This will allow faster and easier to collect a house.

Then you need to be copped with a glue or bilateral tape. Cut windows and create an environment. External finish can also be performed from boxes, such as a balcony or terrace.

From boxes


The fabric house is a good option for a small room, as it can develop and clean for a while. For its manufacture, a dense fabric will need with various drawings and the skill skill.

The design is collected from the fabric according to the scheme. Each element is sewn separately, then turned out and fastened into a single house. To seal the walls, you can use a cardboard or a plastic mesh, which is placed inside, they will not give the walls to bend, make all the product more durable. However, the house with a cardboard can not be washed.

Video lesson on creating a house of fabric and cardboard:

How to make a staircase for a house or castle?

The staircase in a puppet house is one of the most complex elements, a real task for dad. The easiest way to make it from cardboard or foamflast. The first can be simply bend to the desired position, and then strengthen the intermediate parts using the same foam.

Wooden staircase can be made of two lines and several strokes. On the rules at equal gaps, it is necessary to apply small cuts, in which at an angle of about 45 degrees are inserted from small pieces of wood, which are attached to glue into one and immediately into the second line. Wide rules can perform the role of railing.

The foam staircase can be cut out of a piece if there is a sufficiently large bar. It is placed at an angle and a hot knife drank steps. Real masters can build a staircase from wooden bars on special drawings.

Examples of stairs in the photo:

Interior arrangement - Toy furniture and decor

Interior arrangement is a real holiday for the girl, so it is worth inviting it to help in the design of the interior and the manufacture of furniture. The latter can also be very diverse. The most accessible option is a cardboard.

For decoration will go all that is in the house:

  • Wallpaper remains;
  • pieces of fabrics;
  • beads;
  • artificial flowers;
  • toothpick;
  • Cardboard boxes and so on.

It all depends only from the manufacturer's imagination. Beautiful curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, even paintings on the walls can be made independently. It will not require a lot of time, but will delight and help attract the girl to work on home and sewing.

Video lesson to create furniture from plywood:

Video lesson for the creation of foam furniture:


Make lighting in the house seems almost impossible, because the connection to the network and the presence of wires is far from safe. Especially if the dwelling is made of wood or cardboard. In case of closure, a fire is possible.

However, there is a simple secure solution - small LED bulbs running from batteries. They have a very small tension, and the fastening is simple - with the help of bilateral tape.

Creating a housing lighting for dolls:

Making a puppet house - a fascinating and long process in which not only parents should participate, but also their children. Even a small child can make small details or hold the tools. At the same time, collaboration unites, and the surveyed skills are aroused by children much faster and the process will be interesting.

Examples of puppet houses in the photo:

Girls adore to play dolls, and so that the game is even more interesting and realistic, a house is needed for dolls. In the stores of toys you can find houses for Barbie, but they will cost they will be unnecessarily expensive.

The optimal solution will make it possible to make a dwelling for dolls yourself from undergraduate materials - for example, out of boxes or plywood.

The house from the box does not require material investments at all, and the version of the plywood sheets will also cost the minimum amount. Toy furniture can be bought, so do it yourself from matchboxes and other suitable materials.

So that the puppet housing is realistic, it can be saved by real wallpaper, use for the floor linoleum, and for carpets - pieces of suitable fabric.

Master class number 1. Cardboard box house

The house in which the entire doll family will fit, you can make a cardboard box, as the author of the GOOBLA offers from

Any large box from under household appliances is suitable: an old TV, vacuum cleaner or microwave. The more the box will be, the more the design it turns out, so it is recommended to choose the most as much as possible.

Materials that will be needed for work:

  • big cardboard box;
  • glue;
  • stationery knife;
  • Trimming wallpapers;
  • Color and white paper;
  • match boxes;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Fabric flaps;
  • foil.

Next you need to act according to the instructions:

1. The empty box must be put on the side of the empty side to yourself. One of the side walls will become the ceiling, the bottom - the floor, and the bottom of the box is the rear wall in the dwelling. One wall will not be, as it will not be played.

2. Next you need to cut windows in the walls using the stationery knife. Previously, it is necessary to make a pencil drawings for windows. So that they are the same size and were at the same level, use a ruler. Cut an arbitrary number of windows, depending on your ideas about the design of future rooms.

3. Windows must be saved with white paper to make the impression of the windowsills and window openings. Glaping the windows can be dense polyethylene from files for documents.

4. Windows must be issued both outside and from the inside. You can use white paper.

5. In order for two rooms to be downstairs, you need to make a partition from a piece of cardboard. You can glue it with thick paper, which will replace the building corners in a paper house. You can also arrange the ceiling on the second floor. To do this, use the remnants of real wallpaper.

6. Then you need to attach the basis of the second floor. So that it keeps well, you need to use the same principle of corners. The walls in the house are embraced by ordinary wallpaper.

7. Paul on the second floor can also be saved so that it looks organically and well kept. You also need to put the wall on the second floor, which will be divided by two rooms.

8. Outside, the design can be saved with paper so that the house looks beautiful. Use wallpapers that mimic natural exterior decoration.

9. If there are no such wallpapers, you can cut "bricks" from colored paper. Shooting blocks on a white background, you will get a brick wall at home.

10. Do not forget to wake all the outer walls so that they look harmoniously.

11. After the "finishing" work came to an end, you need to leave the design for time to dry the glue. It will take a couple of hours or even less.

12. When glue reduced, you can continue to work.

13. There must be a roof in the house. We make it from cardboard. So that she glued well to the base, the ends need to bend.

14. The roof also needs to be saved on all sides so that it corresponds to the house. In the attic you can make an attic: cutting out the window, glue the balcony railings and add other items if desired.

15. Furniture is also made from cardboard, matchboxes and girlfriends. Calculate the headsets can be colored paper. Food cut out of plasticine.

16. For the bathroom, use foam, the plumbing is well obtained from it.

17. For the mirror in the bedroom and a foil is suitable for a bathroom, and for carpet - a piece of suitable fabric.

18. Dresser, bed and table is made from match boxes, sofa from foam.

19. House with a balcony and attic Ready! It's time to populate characters.

Filling a house

  1. From trimming of Tulle, excellent curtains are obtained, which can be fixed on rigid wire cornices.
  2. As a carpet, a round or square piece of fur fabric or any other dense with patterns or one-photon is excellent.
  3. Sofa and sleeping pillows can be fill with sintec or cotton.
  4. Pictures for decoration The child can draw yourself. Then neatly cut down and get them on a dense cardboard that will mimic the frame. By width and length, the cardboard must have more pattern.
  5. Upholstered furniture can be fascinated by self-syntheps or cotton, the frame will have to do from plywood.

All sorts of materials are suitable for puppet furniture bases - from paper to plywood trimming. The most realistic looks at the plywood options.

In the topic: how to make a toy storage box yourself

№2. House of plywood

A real mansion where you can settle all dolls is a dream for many children, especially for girls.

If you can make a crayle and you have a little free time, you can build a realistic home for plywood dolls, as the joker from did. The author sat in one week.

Such materials will be needed for work:

  • two 8 mm plywood sheet;
  • electrolovik;
  • furniture cloves;
  • acrylic sealant;
  • Termoklay;
  • pieces of linoleum and wallpaper;
  • Acrylic paint.

Instructions, how to make a house for dolls do it yourself from plywood:

1. The construction scheme is developed. As a basis, you can take a simplified plan of the real home. It is important to correctly calculate the proportions in order not to be mistaken in size.

2. Next you need to make the markup on the plywood and cut the composite parts.

3. The design is assembled on furniture carnations of small diameter. For reliability, you can wash the seams with acrylic sealant, this technique will add strength designs.

4. In size, the house is quite large. Sizes: Height - 1000 mm; width - 1100 mm; Depth - 400 mm.

5. Next, the design must be saved by suitable wallpaper. Wallpapers imitate brickwork are suitable for external finishes. External top of the roof can be left unchanged.

6. Inside the house is flooded with remnants of paper wallpaper, and the ceiling is painted with acrylic paint in tone.

7. Linoleum is glued to the floor with a thermal stitch. If you do not have linoleum residues, you will fit dense wallpaper or fabric suitable for the floor. You can also organize carpets instead of carpet or linoleum.

8. Puppet furniture can be purchased in special toy departments.

9. Housing lighting with LED lamp:

10. In the house you can make rooms to taste: for example, bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Depending on the acquired furniture.

In the house with such dimensions, the dolls of Barbie and the models of dolls are excellent.

A few more ideas and tips

  1. Floors can be any quantity - depending on the size of the dwelling.
  2. In cardboard houses you can make the door, just cutting it into the wall.
  3. Large houses can be made of several cardboard boxes, gluing them with each other side walls.
  4. As a basis for the house, a small book rack is suitable, for example, from IKEA. In this case, you do not have to make anything, you just need to cut out several windows and put in a few walls.
  5. To the base of plywood or shelving, you can fasten the wheels - so it can be moved.

The big advantage of houses for dolls is that they can be masked with their own hands, if, of course, the future dwelling for dolls should not be a gift.

The kid can help you get the walls at home by wallpaper, arrange furniture, invent accessories. This is a great way to get close to the child, and also help him show creativity and realize fantasies.

In addition, a dollhouse that you did for a child yourself, children will love much more than the most luxurious purchase option.

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Real photos of children's rooms:

Useful addition to the children's room will serve as a house that allows you to make a game more exciting for a child. The modern toy market offers a wide range of similar products, but the optimal option is often becoming a house for dolls created by their own hands.

Advantages and features of the homemade gaming house

Creating a house for a doll with your own hands allows you to make the most convenient option that meets all the wishes of the child. In addition, it is easy to choose a place in advance for its placement and calculate the corresponding overall dimensions. This allows you to make an ideal design in all respects.

The cost of finished houses depends on a number of factors and is not comparable to expenses for its manufacture. The creation of a house for dolls is noticeably saved by the family budget.

The toy is mastered from various materials. Planning a similar job, it is necessary to take into account some features of this product.

  • Puppet mask houses are open, or make one removable wall.
  • Dimensions should be calculated depending on the growth of dolls.
  • The design should be stable and safe for a child.
  • Several floors and additional elements make a toy much more interesting.

An open design allows to perform the permutation of furniture, makes it easier to clean the house, makes the gameplay more exciting.

Materials for a doll house

To create such a toy, you can apply a number of materials.

  • Boxes and tight cardboard.
  • Phaneur, laminate, chipboard.
  • Plasterboard.
  • Wood.

Deciding with the main material, it is necessary to think about the product decor.

The walls inside it is easy to salary the remnants of real wallpaper or coat acrylic paint.

Additional details like stairs and balconies must be qualitatively fixed.

The construction and finishing materials used for puppet houses must meet sanitan standards and safety requirements.

The choice of the main material determines the dimensions of the conceived design. It depends on the planned expenses for its creation and professional masters skills.

Stages of work

Planning the future product is a mandatory and important step in creating a doll house with your own hands.

It is necessary to thoroughly consider the design subject to:

  • sizes of toys and placement places;
  • features of the internal device;
  • wishes for a child.

You should draw a sketch of the house and perform a detailed drawing with the indication of all overall sizes. This will help correctly calculate the consumption of all materials and plan the installation scheme.

Work requires a serious and competent approach. Read more about how to make a puppet lodge with your own hands, it is easy to find out below.

Cardboard boxes

Pluses of a house for dolls from boxes are easy to create and easily change the design if necessary.

Work does not require special professional skills.

Pre-cook in advance:

  • large box;
  • Stationery knife and scissors;
  • Scotch (Paint or Stationery);
  • simple pencil;
  • universal glue;
  • paint;
  • Decoration Materials.

Operating procedure.

  1. The box will need to be cut in half. Folding edges cut off.
  2. From the trimming it is easy to place the overlap between the floors with a hole for the staircase and the terminal of the triangular shape.
  3. Elements must be fixed in the right places with a tape or glue.
  4. From the second half of the boxes make parts of the attic, the fronton, roof.
  5. On the walls of the house performed the markup of the doors and the windows, they cut them through.
  6. Placing the frame, go to the decor. Walls can be painted, salabe paper wallpaper, draw "bricks" using a felt-meter.
  7. From trimming cardboard Master doors, ladder. Perform internal work.

A house for Barbie, with his own hands collected from cardboard boxes, it is easy to furnish homemade cardboard furniture. It is easy to make a bed, a couple of chairs, a table and a wardrobe.

Design options are limited only by the fantasy of the wizard and the area of ​​the room. Such a house is easy to increase by gluing an additional floor or veranda to it.

A similar structure in the absence of a box is easy to glue from a large leaf of corrugated packaging cardboard. Ravating the details, it is easy to glue a puppet lodge with your hands from the cardboard with the help of a scotch.

The undoubted advantages of the cardboard craft is the simplicity of work, but such crafts do not differ in a long service life.

Chest or shelf house

Such a design is easy to equip based on a small chest, shelf or rack.

To work, you need to cook:

  • primer and paint;
  • Scotch, brushes, scissors;
  • bar or imitation pipe;
  • Small frames for photos;
  • Lobzik, screwdriver, fasteners.

Operating procedure.

  1. Prepare a frame, clearing it from the layer of old paint, wash, dry.
  2. If necessary to paint.
  3. Make windows made of cooked photo frames. You can draw or glue from cardboard.
  4. Two-screw roof Mastery of plywood or dense cardboard, fix on the frame, paint.
  5. Supplement the roof of the bars depicting the pipe.
  6. The roof and the chimney "pipe" are covered with paper or paint.
  7. The design is complemented by the rear plywood wall.
  8. All places of fastening parts and heads of fastening elements are closed with primer and color.
  9. On the floors of the house it is easy to place partitions with doorways, making small rooms.
  10. Inside the room is easy to pop up with wallpaper, fill in the necessary furniture.

Apply for such a craft is not only an old book shelf, but also a wooden box or a chest. Thinking on how to make a house for dolls with his own hands, it is easy to take a unnecessary shelf or chest as a basis. It is necessary to take care of the stability of the product, it is easy to equip it with legs or even wheels.

House of plywood

Work on the manufacture of a house for toys and plywood dolls will require certain skills. Plywood will serve as excellent material, it has the necessary margin of safety.

Features of work

To create a gaming house, it is recommended to use the so-called furniture fane. When preparing parts, all sections need to be treated.

Fastening is made using self-tapping screws.

Difficulties always occur when installing inter-storey floors. Experts advise attach them to a narrow chapper, fixed around the perimeter inside the house.

Project of the game Domika

Be sure to start work, it is necessary to think about and draw a project. This will help calculate the size of all parts.

We must think about:

  • roof type;
  • number of floors and rooms;
  • location of doorways, ladder and windows;
  • The calculation of the height of the premises is made taking into account the growth of toys (it must be multiplied by two);
  • The depth depends on the placement of furniture and the square area.

Specialists advise you to choose the height of the product in accordance with the growth of the child. Upper floor is recommended to place about the eye level. It is easy to use a stand, legs or suspend a small house on the wall.

At the project development stage, all small details of the crafts are thought out. Planning to make a puppet lodge with your own hands, the schemes for work is easy to take on the Internet.

Features of the interior decoration

The house for plywood dolls will require the finish finish. There are several ways to decor products.

  • The house is easy to paint, at the same time safe paint.
  • Walls are easy to salab wallpaper. It is more convenient to do it before the main assembly.
  • For pasting, it is not difficult to use textiles or decorative adhesive film.

It is easy to apply the Decoupage method.

Winds and doors need high-quality processing after rubber.

Addition to the internally decoration, if desired, easy to light fixtures and furniture.

Roof mounting

Thinking up the assembly of a puppet house from plywood with their own hands, it is necessary to pay special attention to the roof design. It is important to solve in advance the type and method of connecting parts.

For the roof of two skates, a partition is required that supports parts at the connection site. This is the easiest installation method.

If you wish, make it possible to make a more complex roof configuration with an attic room, all attachments are important to think about the planning stage. They will need rafters that are easy to make out of thin specks.

The bent the roof is additionally fixed using flexible fasteners.

Manufacture of plywood house

A detailed instruction can tell you how to make a puppet lodge with your own plywood hands.

To work, you need to cook:

  • plywood sheet with a thickness of about 7 mm;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • High-quality carpentry;
  • scheme;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • Materials for finishing finish.

Operating procedure.

  1. Drop the details in templates.
  2. Process sections.
  3. Sluorrow and process window and doorways.
  4. Glue design details or fix with furniture corners.
  5. Secure the framework based on stability.
  6. Mount the roof.
  7. Paint the crawl, perform the inner decoration of the premises by setting the partition if necessary.

Additionally, it is easy to make shutter or windquarters for windows, a chimney, furniture for interior layout.

The plywood game house is quite durable, serves for a long time.

House of Gypsum Carton

Make a Barbie House with your own hands, applying the remnants of plasterboard.

Especially important at the work planning stage to think about the method of connecting parts. The optimal option will serve tin or furniture corners. When attaching it is important that the sharp edges of the fasteners do not protrude out.

The details are easy to put on glue, but such a connection will not differ in particular strength.

Hypzart's house should be covered with primer and paint.

Mastery according to the pre-drawn scheme. This will help make items in accurately according to size.

Ideas for puppet houses

There are many options for creating baby gaming houses.

  • For their manufacture, not only Phaneur, but also trimming laminate, wood-fibrous plates and furniture shield.
  • The design, dimensions and interior of the crafts depend on the fancy of the wizard.
  • For the frame, you can use old furniture, storage tanks, musical instrument housing.
  • The house can be made from newspaper tubes or carefully treated pegs.
  • As a basis, it is not difficult to take plastic multi-level parking type toys or a shelf for the bathroom.

The creation of a homemade toy house will help with the benefit of leisure, save the family budget and please the children with a new toy.

Stock Foto Puppet houses do it yourself

How to make a puppet lodge with your own hands - ideas from different materials

Happy childhood is a complete interesting toy room. A variety and wide range came to replace the Soviet deficit, so every baby can find yourself a toy to taste. Girls especially love puppet houses: large or compact, equipped with furniture or empty, fabulous locks or realistic dwellings.

Purchased houses for dolls is always beautiful, often qualitatively, but often expensive. Loving parents have an excellent chance to save a little and at the same time give their baby a unique toy.

Make a puppet house with your own hands is not so difficult, because you can find dozens of master classes, tips and recommendations for the manufacture of such a structure from any material. Just choose the appropriate option and make a little effort.

Dollhouses for children: mastwork themselves

The uniqueness made by their own hands of puppet houses consists not only in their uniqueness, but also in the ability to get closer to his child. Mastery such a structure is better together with the baby: interested in her opinion, together to draw a plan at home, choose furniture, equip the home as a present. According to the general opinion of psychologists, such joint activities will benefit and parents and child.

Make a house for the doll is easy, but the child's impressions will be for a whole year. A puppet home made by parents, you can brag about friends, to the same way to play it much more interesting.

A classic dollhouse does not have an overhead wall so that the child is more convenient to play with dolls located in it. The homemade house can be different: without a wall, with a migrating wall with a curtain, with a real opening wall.

The choice of this or that option depends on the size of the house and the room, in which the toy will stand, the age of the baby and the structural features of the structure itself. Wooden or cardboard houses can be provided with a spectacular closing wall, but the dwelling is traditionally made open.

The dimensions of the future doll house also depend on a number of factors. It is necessary to take into account the age of the baby who will play with dolls: young children are difficult to use bulky products, while the grown kids love large toys with a lot of details.

Be sure to consider the size of the children's room or the room in which the toy will stand. A massive house may be too cumbersome, will interfere and in the end will go to the balcony.

Little puppet house in box

A compact toy is the perfect option that is not too troublesome and long to do, it does not take up much space, but to play with such a house for dolls is no less interesting.

Big puppet house

Houses for dolls from different materials

Houses for dolls are made of everything - from the tree to cardboard folders for papers. The latitude of opportunities gives parents a chance to create a unique, original product for his baby, which will take into account the interests and preferences of a particular child.

Kids will be more suitable compact soft houses from the fabric, for children 3-6 years old - light cardboard houses, and younger schoolchildren are solid buildings from plywood or old furniture.

But it is not enough to make a beautiful house - it is also necessary to equip it: decorated walls and floors, arrange furniture, add accessories, settle the dolls. Self-made puppet house is constant creativity: the search for new solutions, adding original parts and the settlement of new residents who need new rooms and additional furniture.

Psychologists advise to use the creation and arrangement of such a dollhouse as an ideal means of communication with the child, because during the game you can find the points of contact and it is better to understand each other.

From cardboard boxes

Houses from plywood, laminate, wood

A lot of requirements are made to the puppet house: the child needs a bright and interesting product, Mom cares about the environmental friendliness of the toy, and dad - about the strength of the structure. It is unreliability that is the main problem of purchased doll houses that do not always withstand the active games of moving babies.

Dollhouse of wood

Make a house for dolls from laminate or plywood means to get the original, creative and durable accommodation for all kids dolls.

Plywood House Designer

Council. Qualitative schemes found in the network schemes with a neat finish will look no worse than the purchase. And his uniqueness and unusual details will make such a toy when pride.

Toy House Laminate House

To make a durable and beautiful house for dolls, laminate or paneur (at least 7 mm thick), the prepared schemes are displaced in advance and securely fasten with imperceptible corners and small cloves, then sample with carbon black glue to ensure the strength of the entire design.

Glue will also help eliminate all the gaps that may look unattractive and become the loss of small details of toys. After the house body is assembled, you can start the finish: the perfect option for walls, gender and ceiling is a self-adhesive film.

Houses for plywood dolls

Tens of affordable colors and textures make it possible to create a dream house in any style. Such a house is very durable, so it is able to withstand not only light cardboard or plastic furniture, but also more reliable wooden parts.

Houses of boxes or cardboard

The ideal option for joint creativity is the creation of a house for dolls from cardboard boxes. Its dimensions can be any: tiny figures will be cozy in a box from under shoes, the box is more suitable for a box from under the vacuum cleaner, and if you wish a puppet mansion - look for a box from under a washing machine or refrigerator.

House for dolls from boxes

Council. A large house can be done not from one, but from several small boxes, thoroughly bonded with each other. Such a structure can have several floors and rooms, a spacious attic and even a basement.

Cardboard doll house

Working with the box begins with the removal of one of the walls, as well as the installation of partitions between the rooms. The hollow box becomes a blank for the future of the house: walls, floor and ceiling decorated with paper, you can place plastic furniture on the rooms, which the house will withstand.

Such a dwelling for dolls is attractive with its light weight, so rearrange him to another room or take out in the summer to the street completely simple.

In addition, in such a doll house it is easy to repair: it is enough to purchase several sheets of design paper and is already ready for a new interior. It is usually such a construction so fonds that adults and children begin to make the furniture and decor for dolls without stopping.

Mastery of the house can be not only from finished boxes, but also from sheet cardboard: you will need patterns, glue, scissors and colored paper, as well as fantasy and desire to turn a boring brown cardboard in a real fabulous castle.

Dollhouses from cardboard boxes do it yourself

Dominics from plasterboard

Make a house for dolls is the easiest thing when the apartment is repaired. A huge number of building materials allows without special costs to build a completely attractive dwelling for dolls of any size.

At the same time, the puppet house will resemble a reduced copy of the apartment, because for its decoration you can use the remnants of real wallpaper, laminate, linoleum and even tiles.

To make a full-fledged drywall house, you will need a scheme of details and the material itself. Carefully revealing plasterboard connects in small corners, and then the walls are putty and painted (or wicked with wallpaper). Such a house looks like a real, especially if you observe the layout of the rooms, as in the present housing.

Houses from old furniture

Make a great puppet house for your child can be from old furniture, which has long been dust in the garage or on the balcony. Old Dresser, Detail of the kitchen headset or part of the bookcase after simple transformations can turn into an attractive and interesting house for dolls.

Council. A significant advantage of such a house is its dimensions, allowing the opportunity to use large toys, as well as the presence of doors: all dolls will sit in the closet, and the room will be the perfect order.

To turn the old cabinet in a stylish toy, you will need help your dad or grandfather, because it will be necessary to cut the jigsaw windows, rearrange the shelves or change the configuration of the cabinet content by adding partitions. For the maximum comfort of the playing child, all surfaces are thinning with a thin layer of putty, which also allows the house to look more attractive.

The final finish of the finished house is entrusted to the mother, which, together with the baby, chooses wallpapers for all rooms, flooring, furniture and decor. Walls at home can be simply painted, you can stick with wallpaper, colored or packaging paper.

In the interior of such a puppet home, it looks great or independently made of furniture: cabinets of boxes, sofas from juice packages, cardboard racks and soap boxes.

Photo: Gaming house in a suitcase

Houses from fabric or stationery folders

Fabric doll houses are a great option for kids 2-5 years. At this age, the child needs cognitive and safe toys, and the dwelling for dolls from the fabric is absolutely safe. Fabric house can be two types: a suspended version with a folding shelves or a house-handbag, which is folded into a full-fledged housing. Both options look worthy and deserve attention.

Fabric houses

The fabric house is attached to the wall and does not take place in the folded form, so it is chosen for small children's rooms or small apartments.

Gaming house from folder for papers

Sew such house for even a newcomer:

  • It is necessary to make a dense rear wall with thematic pattern,
  • provide a place for future shelves-room,
  • sew "Paul rooms" and put inside cardboard,
  • Send an improvised floor with one edge to the base and fasten with ribbon or ribbons in a horizontal position,
  • Choose light furniture, soft dolls and settling the house.

Sew a house for dolls in the form of a handbag is a little more complicated: it will take the details scheme, a multi-colored fabric, wall filler, decor for decoration and skill to work with a sewing machine or hand needle.

Since the walls of such a house must be solid, a plastic mesh or cardboard plays the role of the basis, which should be wrapped with a soft material (cotton, thin foam or sheet synthetic), and follow the selected cloth. The house walls can be decorated with ribbons, buttons, appliqué, embroidery - make a toy interesting for a child of any age.

A slightly easier way to create an entertaining home is the use of stationery folders as the basis of the house. Such a dwelling for dolls resembles a book with bright pictures, which can become a platform for active children's games.

Make such a toy easily: the folder from the inside is punctured with beautiful paper, imitating wallpaper, glue furniture from above - that's ready room. 3-4 vertically standing folders are already similar to the real house in which the dolls can be found.

Any puppet house that parents can make for their baby will be an original creation suitable for the game and child development. Large or compact, durable or soft, fabulous or realistic, such a house is a great daughter gift or son on any holiday.

House for dolls do it yourself: drawings with dimensions

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Just like boys dream of a house on a tree, also girls dream of a doll house for their favorite toys. Of course, you can buy it, but a good house stands at all indecent money, and you can't buy a bad child. Another thing is to make it yourself, but be prepared for what will take a lot of time. Especially if you do not have too much experience. On average, to make a house for dolls with your own hands, you will need at least a week.

We choose the material

You can make a house for dolls with your own hands from any sheet building material. The thickness of the material for the house is a height of about a meter (for two floors) 9-15 mm, for one-storey it is possible and the thorough. Consider the most common materials used by the construction of a doll house:

  • Plywood. An excellent choice, as it is durable, keeps the form well, can be glued, combined with nails and screws. Cut the Faneru saw for metal (with a fine tooth), pubesomes (manual or electric). The ends should be well polished so that there is no possibility to drive the off-therange. Upon completion of the work, you can cover with varnish or veneer, paint, caught with wallpaper, etc.

    Houses for dolls make most often from plywood
    Houses for dolls make most often from plywood

  • Plasterboard. After repair remains trimming, which can be used. To bonded the sheets with each other will need tin corners (you can - perforated corner). Mount will be attached to special self-tapping screws, but they will hang around from the back, so the option is not from the best. You can try to "plant" on glue, but you have to align the cut line to reduce the flow of glue.

    Doll house of plasterboard - one of the possible options
    Doll house of plasterboard - one of the possible options

  • OSB (OSB). According to the properties, the material is similar to plywood, with the only difference that it is moisture-resistant and is made of chips. Work with it is approximately as with plywood.

    OSB - also good stuff
    OSB - also good stuff

  • Cardboard. The most inexpensive and most tender material that does not keep loads very well. It is better about the Cardboard for Scrapbooking (you can buy in stores for needlework). It is more dense and durable, you can make single-storey houses or use for the roofing device. Connect using glue or stapler brackets. In order for the house for dolls to be more reliable, it is better to collect the frame from the planks, and then cover it with cardboard.

    House for Barbie or other not very large dolls can be made from cardboard
    House for Barbie or other not very large dolls can be made from cardboard

  • Chipboard ordinary or laminated (LDSP). Plus this material - it can already be with the finish finish. If you wish, you can order the sawing of the entire "box" of the house with a sticking edge in some furniture company. It will remain then only to collect. Moreover, you can use screws or furniture fittings. Three are too thick material, which increases the mass, formaldehyde, and fragility for lateral loads. If you can cheat with a thickness and mass, then the allocation of formaldehyde should not ignore. We must search with the E0-E1 emission class. With fragility, unfortunately, you will not do anything. Is it possible to use the corner to connect the parts, and this is not too beautiful.

    DSP house can withstand the weight of the child
    DSP house can withstand the weight of the child

  • Furniture shields. Move from wooden planks glued with carbon black glue. An ideal option for making a dollhouse: environmentally friendly, durable, easy to process. But the furniture shields do not call cheap, although they are not so road as an array. In any case, it can be taken to make the box - the bottom, side walls and overlap. The roof and rear wall can be made from other materials (for example, DVP, plastic, etc.).

    Furniture Shield - Eco-friendly and Beautiful Material
    Furniture Shield - Eco-friendly and Beautiful Material

There are more options like laminate, wooden lining, thin shaggy board. But they work with them not so often. In any case, the minimum thickness of the materials is 6-7 mm. Then the house for dolls will be reliable and withstand even your child.

Features of work with plywood

Most often, in the manufacture of a puppet house, Paneur is used. As you probably know, it can be different brands. Making a puppet lodge with your own hands is better made of furniture polished plywood. It is possible to conifer breeds, but preferably from birch. The construction is better not to take, even though it is two times cheaper.

In general, it is easy to work with plywood. If there is an electrolybiz and grinders, cut and the preparation of parts will take a couple of hours. The only complexity that may occur in the manufacture of a two-story house for plywood dolls - installation of the overlap of the second floor. T-shaped plywood mount is not the simplest task.

We must come up with the mounting of the overlaps
We must come up with the mounting of the overlaps

The glue is not too reliable, but try to set fasteners in the end of the screw type with a thickness of 6 mm. It is difficult - the material may differ, even with preliminary versions of the holes (the thinnest self-tapping screw is 1.8 mm). There are several options:

  • Make on nails (not too securely, except to embroider with glue);
  • Install at the bottom of the corner (not very beautiful);
  • On the perimeter to put a stroke, which will also support the floor, and "work" with a ceiling plinth (the best option).

After drinking parts, all the joints must be finely polished. First take sandpaper wood with medium grain wood, gradually go into small. When the edge becomes smooth, you can start the assembly.

Drug House Draft

The first thing to start building a house for dolls is to create a project. It is necessary to determine the height and number of floors, the width of the room, the type of roof, there will be or no basement. Choose strokes if desired. It is arbitrarily, but all other parameters must be counting.

Dimensions of the puppet house depend on the size of dolls. To play it is convenient, the height of the ceilings in the premises should be no less twice the growth of the doll. For example, with a doll height of 22 cm, the ceilings in 40-45 cm will give enough space for their free movement, but if the ceilings are even higher, it will be even more convenient to play. But still need to take into account the growth of the child. The height of the highest overlap must be slightly below the eye level. In this case, it will be convenient to play, and the house for dolls will be "on the grown" - for a couple of years height will be enough.

The depth of the rooms for dolls also depends on the growth of dolls, but also from the availability of free space. On average, the depth is made 30-45 cm. This is enough to accommodate the entire situation. But it can be deeper.

That's about the same way to do before starting work.
That's about the same way to do before starting work.

The width of the doll house depends on the number of rooms in it. Here are defined depending on the available free space. The form usually the frame of the doll house looks like a rectangle, but it will be pulled out in length or height - it is all determined himself. If the design is large, you can make furniture wheels to the bottom. It is very convenient - the toy turns out to be mobile.

You can draw the project itself in any designer program, but if you do not own them, it is easier to do it on paper. Why do you need a draft doll house? To calculate the number of materials needed for its manufacture, and without sizes and quantities you will definitely make sure.

Features of finishing

Finishing a house for dolls with your own hands is no less than the issues than the construction. In principle, you can use the same method of finishing as in apartments or houses. For example, in the rooms for dolls of the walls can be separated in the following ways:

If you have chosen the option "Bloom Wallpaper", it's easier to do it before the assembly stage. Even if there are several floors, the workpieces are drawn, glued wallpaper. It is much easier than then try to crack the corners.

The outer decoration is not much different. Most often use painting. This is the optimal option in terms of practicality and labor costs. If you want, you can do something similar to the decorative plaster. It can be mimic with gray toilet paper. Only choose it is thorough. It is torn to pieces, sampled PVA (1 to 1) diluted with diluted water, lay out on the walls, forming the necessary relief. After drying, you can paint using acrylic paints. This is a decoupage technique and can be used with colored or ordinary napkins.

Registration of windows and doors

Cut windows in plywood, OSP, and in any other material, not such a problem. To begin with, the drill and drill make a hole in which you can skip the saw blade. Next - the case of technology. The cut hole is grinning, bringing to smoothness, and then you need to do so that the holes made are like the windows. For this you need frames, curtains. If desired, glass can be made of transparent plastic bottles.

Much depends on the details
Much depends on the details

Binding frames can be made of white cardboard. Stick them after the completion of "finishing works." Doors Children love to open / close, so it is better to do them from thin plywood. Fasteners can be found - there are piano loops or small furniture. From wire and thin tubes can be made.

May the light be!

The house for dolls with lighting is the highest pilot. And there is no need to make a system of wires, converters, light bulbs and other electrical "filling". There is a very simple and spectacular solution. In any more or less large lighting shop there are small LED lamps running from batteries. And they are mounted on the velcro. Each lamp is equipped with its own switch, runs from voltage to several volts. In general, a very good output.

These are non-volatile LED lamps.
These are non-volatile LED lamps.

If you still want to make a real light in a dollhouse, you need a 220/12 in or battery converter with a corresponding voltage. We still need light bulbs or LED tapes under the corresponding nominal, a bunch of wires. In general, this path is much more complicated and requires much more time, but also a possible option.

How to make a roof

If the roof is planned by the usual - double, the planning of the attic space or the attic floor it is necessary to make the partition in the center, which will maintain the roof in the junction of two halves of the roof. This is the easiest way. There are more complex.

The roof on a puppet house can be done in different ways can be done in different ways.
The roof on a puppet house can be done in different ways can be done in different ways.

If you need a roof of a complex shape, cut out several rafters from plywood, which will set the form. They are fastened to the walls, we are wearing any flexible material. It can be cardboard, fiberboard. The ends of the rafters are missing with glue (better - joiner), after which the material is placed. If the bending is too cool, you may need additional fasteners. Usually use thin small carnations by type of shoal.

Photo options of different doll houses

Build a house for dolls - creative process. It can be done as you dream to see your home, recreate a house from a fairy tale or fantasies. And there are no restrictions. All you want and as you want.

Can be made of boards, and the rear wall of the fiberboard
Can be made of boards, and the rear wall of the fiberboard
Two-storey doll house with a garage and a track over it
Two-storey doll house with a garage and a track over it
Approximately this make a batch roof
Approximately this make a batch roof
Doll House in Modern Style
Doll House in Modern Style
One-storey house is also not so bad. But it can be put on the table and play sitting
One-storey house is also not so bad. But it can be put on the table and play sitting
The height of the ceilings in the doll room should be two times higher than dolls
The height of the ceilings in the doll room should be two times higher than dolls
For dolls, you can even make a castle
For dolls, you can even make a castle
House for dolls should be a little higher than your child
House for dolls should be a little higher than your child
So different,...
So different…
Can be done very much like a real house
Can be done very much like a real house
You can make any home
You can make any home
Ways to decorating a variety of different
Ways to decorating a variety of different
So make shutters
So make shutters
Of the painted pieces of cardboard, we make a tiled
Of the painted pieces of cardboard, we make a tiled

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We are convinced that a better purchase of a doll house can only be homemade. After all, it is very interesting to "build" and make it very interesting to both parents and children. Moreover, everyone will be able to make a house for dolls with their own hands, for this you will need only a few tools, the simplest materials and creative inspiration.

Master Class 1. How to build a house for half an hour from a cardboard box

A cardboard dollhouse is good because it is done quickly and from the girlfriend. It can be very nice to arrange and periodically deemed - add new rooms, floors and entire cases.

Cardboard house for dolls

Cardboard house for dolls

Materials and tools:

  1. A large cardboard box that is welded one to three floors for dolls in 25-30 cm (Barbie, Monster High, Bratz, Winx, etc.).
  2. Scissors and cutter.
  3. Scotch of a contrasting color (does not provide painting) or a greasy tape (if you want to paint the house in the future). In this master class, bright green scotch is used, and the house itself does not paint.
  4. White paint.
  5. Materials for decorating (if desired): trimming wallpaper, wrapping paper, paint, brushes, etc.

Step 1. First, cut the box in half and cut the top folding parts from both halves.

Preparation of boxes

Preparation of boxes

Step 2. The resulting pieces of cardboard let us in the case: cut the triangular fronton roof from one piece, and in the other we do a small hole - it will be the second floor with access to the staircase. Next, we glue parts into place with a tape and / or glue.

Creating a frame house out of the box

Step 3. From the unnecessary part of the box, cut the rods for the roof and one more floor for the attic, and then glue parts on the tape. Do not forget in the attic floor cut a hole for the stairs.

Creating a frame house out of the box

Step 4. Now cut the window knife of the window and the front door on the first floor, after drawing the markup. Then cut the stairs from the remnants of the cardboard and glue them to the floors.

Cardboard doll house

Step 5. Hurrah! The frame of the house is ready, you can now begin the "finish". In this master class, all the details from the roof on the roof and to the steps of the stairs were drawn by a white marker.

Cardboard doll house

As soon as "repair" in the house will end, you can start creating furniture.

Cardboard Furniture for Dolls

Cardboard Furniture for Dolls

You can come up with your own design of the house - paint the house and roof outside, draw the windows of windows, plane walls "wallpaper" from fabric or paper for scrapbooking and separate the floor with a linoleum or laminate. In the next selection of photos you will be able to learn the idea of ​​the design of puppet miniatures at home and furniture from cardboard.

The idea of ​​the design of a doll house from cardboard

But an example of a cardboard house for dolls, a cloth, and more precisely the trimming of old dresses and pillowcase.

Finally, we offer to watch a video review of a doll house for Monster High dolls made by hand from several large boxes.

See also Material: 13 cardboard craft ideas.

Master Class 2. How to make a puppet house from a bookshelf or shelving

Want to make a stronger house, not rearing with drawings and jigsaw? Then use as the basis of a small rack or, say, the old book locker. With the help of simplest action, you can turn the ordinary piece of furniture in a beautiful house for dolls.

Cabinet Ikea Billy.
  • It is best for "construction" the locker will fit the depth (25-30 cm), which has a rear wall. So, for example, in this master class, the Billy rack from IKE is a depth of 30 cm and a height of 106 cm (in the photo on the right). In such a house you can equip three floors, quite suitable for 25 centimeter Barbie or Monster High. The price of the rack of Billy is 2000 rubles.
Dollhouse from Billy Bill Cabinet from IKEA

Dollhouse from Billy Bill Cabinet from IKEA

Dollhouse from Billy Bill Cabinet from IKEA

Dollhouse from Billy Bill Cabinet from IKEA

Materials and tools for reworking the frame:

  1. Locker, chest or rack;
  2. Plywood, MDF or boards with a thickness of 25 mm, width 30 cm and a length of at least 120 cm (these are the dimensions for the Cabinet of Billy, but you can take the boards less than or greater length / width depending on the size of your cabinet);
  3. Leaf of organic, PVC wall panel or MDF (for the manufacture / replacement of the posterior wall and the manufacture of partitions in the rooms);
  4. Bar 5x5x20cm (tube will be made from it);
  5. Several small photo frames that will become windquarters for windows;
  6. The decorative molding of a small width (can be polyurethane);
  7. Screws and screwdriver;
  8. Carbon black and liquid nails;
  9. Drill and drill.

Decorating materials:

  1. Wood putty (not required, but desirable for masking mounts and joints);
  2. Primer (not obligatory, but desirable for better paint resistance);
  3. Acrylic paints of the desired colors;
  4. Malyary Scotch;
  5. Brushes and / or paintopult;
  6. Scissors;
  7. Materials for facing the walls of the rooms (the paper is best for scrap-booking);
  8. Sticks from popsicle to create a lattice fence;
  9. Material for the manufacture of tiles on the roof.

Step 1. Painting Stellage

This step is not required if you are satisfied with the color of the selected rack or cabinet. For example, white or monophonic colored furniture and without painting will look great.

  • If the cabinet is old or has too "furniture" look, then it is exactly necessary to repaint. For this purpose, according to the following scheme: Okuring and grinding - primer (before drying) - a layer of paint (up to dry) - a second layer of paint (up to dry) - a layer of matte varnish.

In this master class, the puppet house will not only become painted, but also to decorate with brickwork. If you like this idea of ​​the decor, then prepare the following accessories:

  • Cellulosic sponge;
  • Gray paint;
  • Acrylic paint (in our instruction uses a mixture of two colors - colors of red brick and chocolate).

So, first paint the entire rack of gray paint. As soon as the last layer of paint dries, proceed to the creation of brickwork. To do this, cut the rectangle from the sponge of approximately 3.5 × 8 cm in size, which will become a template template.

Sponge as brick pattern

In the container, we pour the paint, we rinse the sponge in it and, starting with the bottom of the cabinet, print bricks - first one row, then the second row in a checker order. Do not forget to withstand indents between bricks about 5 mm. Thus, color approximately 1/3 part of the house.

Step 2. Making windows

This step is also not required, but if you want to create a realistic miniature at home, it is better not to skip it. In order to cut the windows, you first need to measure the window "frames" (if any) and draw markings on the walls of the cabinet from the outside.

As soon as all windows are ready, you can start cutting. For this, the drill is done by holes in the corners of the markup inside the border to create a starting point for the jigsaw blade. So that the wind edges look carefully from the inside, from the inside of the cabinet over the markup contour, you need to glue the painting tape. In the photo below you can see the work process.

Cutting hole windows for a doll house

Cutting hole windows for a doll house

So that the windows have a more finished look, prcription and paint "window niches", remove the ribbons and stick the frames outside the house.

Step 3. Mounting and roof decor

In order to make a roof, you need to cut 2 boards with a width of 30 cm from plywood (or other lumber), but 61 cm and 59 cm in different lengths.

Next, drill three holes along the edge of the short side of the 61 centimeter board as shown in the photo.

Preparation of roofing rods

Preparation of roofing rods

Now the end of a shorter board is joking at a right angle with the edge of a 61-centimeter board and drill holes again, but only in the face of a short board, passing the drill through the previously made three holes of the edge of the long board. This stage is clearly shown in the following photo.

Preparation of roofing rods

We glue two boards together, then fix with screws. If desired, the place of the joint can be embedded with putty.

Connecting the roof of the roof

Connecting the roof of the roof

Next, proceed to the roof finish. It can be either painted in 2 layers, or punctured "tiled" from undergraduate materials, such as cardboard or cork sheets. Finally, on the ends from the front side of the roof of glue 2 parts of the molding.

Roof painting

Roof painting

Step 4. Creation and installation of pipes, roof installation

It is time to turn the wooden bar of 5x5x20 cm in size into the chimney. To do this, simply scold one of its corners (45 degrees) and painted according to the principle described in step No. 1. When the paint is driving, fasten the chimney to the roof with the help of screws.

Pipe doll house

Well, that's all, the roof is ready, it remains only to fasten it to the cabinet in the inner corners, as shown in the photo.

Roof mounting

Step 5. Replacing or mounting the posterior wall

The next step involves equipping the shelving by the wall, if it is not, the replacement of the existing wall is more cute (nr under white lining) or simply installing the missing wall for the attic floor. Actions are as follows: We do the desired measurements, cut out from the organity / wall panel the workpiece and secure it from the back on the carnations / screws / glue.

Step 6. Installing partitions to create rooms

Cut out from any material (organice, wood, MDF, plywood) Interior partitions, then remove door openings in them and install with glue or screws. Wu-ala! The house for dolls is built, you can proceed to the most exciting part of the work - the decor and the filling of the rooms with furniture.

Interior decoration of a puppet house from a rack of Billy

Puppet house from the rack of Billy

In the next selection of photos, you can learn other ideas of the design of puppet houses made of racks and lockers of different sizes.

For example, these cute houses were made from the Callax series racks from IKEA.

Dollhouse from bedside table

Dollhouse from the cabinet

Dollhouse from the cabinet

Puppet house from a book rack on wheels

If you add rack wheels, the house will be mobile

But an example of equipping a puppet house with a backlight, which can not only create comfort in it, but also play the role of the night light.

Puppet house in a backlit bookcase

See also Material: Wigwam for 9 steps - master class and decor ideas.

Master Class 3. How to make a puppet house from plywood

Making a puppet house from plywood or tree is somewhat more complicated, but it will look good and will serve so long that in the future it can even be inherited. To create such a house, you do not need to have special skills. It is enough to have tools, clearly follow the drawing and the next video instruction, from which you learn how to make a puppet house with your own hands for 25-centimeter barbies and other dolls in 25-26 cm.

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This is our first master class at the Fair of Masters, so do not judge strictly. We tried to take the maximum to take into account all the steps to create a wooden house, so that you are interested and useful. Our workshop prepared this master class in order to tell and show how it is possible to make a cozy wooden dollhouse with your own hands. If you are just an amateur, let you not scare the equipment that we used when creating this product. If desired, it is possible to use simpler tools.

So, let's begin :)

Who will suit this model of the house?

A wooden house is suitable for miniature tenants, an exemplary growth, which is 10-12 cm (ideal for the Silvanian family).

What are the size of the house?

The length is 60.4 cm, the depth is 20 cm, the height of the lodge is 60 cm.

More detailed sizes can be viewed in the drawing (see the photo below).

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 1

What materials and equipment will be needed?


- leaf, pencil, line;

- 2 furniture shields (pine) with a length of 180 cm, width - 20 cm, thickness - 1.8 cm;

- polished birch plywood, thickness 4 mm;

- sandpaper (graininess - 100 and 120);

- glue for wood;

- pine bar - 3 cm x 3 cm;

- Round rail - 1 cm diameter;

- Secret nails.


- Fantasy saw (or circular saw);

- electrolovik;

- manual milling mill (if any);

- Sander;

- straight grinding (you can use sandpaper paper instead of it);

- a hammer;

- clamps;

- Protective mask;

- protective glasses.

Manufacturing process:

1. In terms of drawing, we make markup on the harvested furniture shield.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 2

2. On the lines of markup, cut the workpiece of the desired size on the ending saw. You can use a circular saw, instead of tracing.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 3

3. To connect the roof of the house, we cut off the shield at an angle of 45 degrees.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 4

4. On the workpiece, draw the contour for future doors and windows. You can choose your shape of the windows and doors.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 5

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 6

5. Next, we make two holes with a 10 mm drill for an electric oscillation.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 7

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo number 8

6. According to the drawn contour, cut the door and the windows with an electric bison. For better processing quality, we leave a stock of 3-5 mm under the processing of the mill.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 9

7. A manual milling pattern is molded by the final size of the contour of the windows and doors.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo number 10

8. The straight grinding or sandpaper is glidding the resulting holes.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 11

9. Grinding machine process workpieces on both sides.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 12

10. We collect a house using wood glue and counted nails.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 13

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 14

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 15

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 16

11. To the base of the house with glue and clamps, attach the entrance to the house.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 17

12. The rear wall is made of birch plywood with a thickness of 4 mm. We supply the house contour on the plywood and cut out the electric bike. We recommend cut with a reserve of 3-5 mm, for the processing of the edges by a manual milling.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 18

13. Next, grinding the grinding machine's rear wall of the house for a smoother surface.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 19

14. With the help of glue and secret nails, the rear wall is dragged.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 20

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 21

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 22

15. Manual milling make the final processing of the house wall.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 23

16. Next, go to the manufacture of the balcony.

For the manufacture of the balcony, you will need a bar 3 cm x 3 cm and a round rack, a diameter of 10 mm. Cut the blank.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 24

17. We make a hole of 10 mm in the blanks from the bar for fastening the rails and alternately in sandpaper (grain 120).

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 25

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 26

18. Krepim and assemble balcony elements using glue and clamps.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 27

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 28

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 29

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo number 30

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 31

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 32

Clamps can be removed after 15-30 minutes. (Depends on the instructions of your glue), after installed.

19. Finally, everything is grinding with emery paper, paying special attention to the corners and chips.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo number 33

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo number 34

20. From a bar with a size of 30 mm x 30 mm, at an angle of 45 degrees, cut off on a permeaker saw (or circular saw) a pipe for a house.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 35

21. We make a hole of 10 mm in the workpiece of the pipe and seal the workpiece with sandpaper, and secure to the glue house.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 36

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 37

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo number 38

22. Final actions are cleaning a house from dust.

For safety, we recommend that protective glasses and a protective mask are used in the manufacture of wooden products.

We did not cover the house with paints and varnish, the TC is the future owner plans to separate the paints and cover the house of Lac.

And now we look at the result that we did.

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 39

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo number 40

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 41

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 42

Create a puppet lodge with your own hands, photo № 43

Thank you for attention :)

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