Who and for what purpose can call subscribers in Russia from phone numbers +3?

An unfamiliar phone code can confuse anyone. He often suggests the thought of scammers or paid rooms, calling back to which you can lose money on the balance sheet. The reason for the excitement of steel and the number with the code +3. Before answering a call from such a number, you need to make sure it is safe.

We tell who can call from numbers by +3, and also who owns this code.

+3 - telephone code of the countries of Europe

Phone code +3 is the official code of European countries. To find out what particular the country came from the country, you need to find out the entire code, since +3 is only its first digit. For example, +30 - Greece code, and +371 - Latvian code. In Russia, it is more likely to get a call from the number +380 (code of Ukraine) or +375 (Republic of Belarus). If friends or relatives of the Subscriber live in these countries, it is most likely nothing to worry about. If not, it is necessary to take a handset with caution: telephone fraud is widespread in Russia.

Information on telephone codes of other European countries can be obtained either on specialized sites by definition of numbers (here is the instruction), or with the help of any convenient application-identifier that you want to install in advance. However, there are other ways to get a number with a code +3, even without being in Europe.

Website Allows you to learn how to learn the phone number 3. There is a form in which the region needs to be introduced. In the next window, you will see a telephone cipher that applies to it. The site has sections with the reviews of popular phone models, an overview of favorable tariffs and much more.

Virtual numbers with code +3

The +3 number can be bought in Russia, using Internet services for the sale of virtual numbers. They work simply: the subscriber comes to the site and selects any free number with the desired phone code (you can choose both any code of the regions of Russia and the code of one of the countries available on the site). After payment, the subscriber begins to use the chosen number throughout the rental period of the room, for example, 1 month. After that, the same number falls into the list of available, and it can already buy another user. Therefore, it is very problematic to calculate the owner of the number with the code +3, if we are talking about virtual numbers.

Skype-number with code +3

To communicate in Skype, you can use not only your account, but also Skype-number. It is distinguished by the fact that it can call from ordinary phones (not through the application), so it is convenient to use it, for example, for work. To buy such a number, you need to select a region (country) from a limited list - from the selection depends, which phone code will be at the Skype number. Therefore, any Russian can purchase such a number, indicate, for example, as the Poland region, and get a number with the code (32). However, it will not be 11 digits as in a standard room, but only 9.


What countries (regions) belong to the phone code +3?

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Zone at number three on the map of geographic zones is marked with purple color. This zone includes the pleasure of European states, such as France, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria and others.

For more information, telephone codes starting with +3 for countries from the third geographical area can be viewed below:

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We are accustomed that the phone code belongs to some separate country. But there are codes that are intended for several countries. And to determine who can only follow the numbers. An example of this +7. This code for Russia and Kazakhstan.

Similarly and +3. This zone of Europe. To determine the country, you need to pay attention to the following numbers. Neuety


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Separately single-distance telephone code containing only 3 - this is not. There are two and three-digit, which begin with the top three.

By the way, I was surprised at one time, learning that the international code of Russia consists only of one figure. More often called from this country to other states where the format was XX or XXX. One else has the United States and Canada, they have 1. The remaining 2 or 3-digit.

So, returning to the question.


As can be seen, most of the countries of Europe, but not all. Some +4.

In 1996, a proposal was received +3 to give the European Union, but remained unreserved.


If you received a call and the number was highlighted, the beginning of which is three, then you can already have at least to suggest where he comes from.

Phone code +3 belongs to most European countries. However, if you just talk about the top three, it is difficult to say which country number. However, if you know a couple more numbers, then you can already say for sure. For example, I have a relatives in Ukraine and there +380 most often. I also have acquaintances from the Baltic, and there the codes are 70, 71, 72 after the top three. This is, respectively, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The +373 code will already be Moldavian, that is, belonging to the Republic of Moldova. Codes 74 and 75 - Armenia and Belarus. More details on codes and countries with a triple can be viewed below in my answer.

Countries as you can see quite a lot.



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Phone codes with prefix +3 belong to most European countries, although for some countries there were not enough places, they had to assign codes with the prefix +4.

So it is not enough to look at the top three, it is also necessary to know exactly what numbers will follow after it.

For example +30 ..., this code refers to Greece, the code +34 ... belongs to Spain, the code is +350 ..., this refers to Gibraltar, and the code +351 ... belongs to Portugal.


Code +38 ... once belonged to the former Yugoslavia. Now the code is +380 ... owned by Ukraine, code +381 ... Refers to Serbia, code +382 ... Now Montenegro. And so with all former territories of Yugoslavia up to +389 ... Republic of Macedonia. Curious11 [21.3K]

+3 - that

The first digit of the code of European countries.

Therefore, to determine which country only this combination is suitable, it is impossible. You need to know a few more digits that follow the triple.


For example, in Ukraine, the phone code will be +380, +30 is Greece and so on.

A complete list of phone codes for European countries will be:


Mmm Danone


  • The code cannot esternally consist of one digit. For an accurate answer, it was necessary to indicate in the question behind the top three. And if we speak generally, the codes of European countries begin by +3. For example, in Italy code +3 9, in Estonia +3 72, in Croatia - +3 85, etc. Full list of codes can look in my answer:
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  • Specific code +3 for countries does not exist and it remains not assigned so far. But there are two and three-digit numbers of countries that indicate the location of the caller's caller.
For example:


+33 is the French province,

+351 speaks of Portugal,

+356 is Maltese city numbers,


+39 Italy.


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With the help of international telephone, you can call the countries of the far and neighboring countries. Tariffication is different depending on the telecom operator, on which phone you call is stationary or cellular.

Phone codes of countries differ and defined ITU-T under the numbers E.123 and E.164.An +3 countries of Europe begins Deniskoro. [2.9K]

+3 - telephone code of a region consisting of a number of countries of the European Union and justs of Europe and Asia. Code +3 - proposed for the European Union, but in the end it does not yet belong to anyone (that is, not appointed)

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I remember my good friend from Latvia, the phone number began with +3.

Do you know the answer?

Many had to deal with a phone number in different presentation. Some write them with brackets through a dash. Others (if the operator allows) :

  • - in abbreviated form. You can learn more in special services that will be described here. From this article, you will also learn which country is the phone code 3.
  • What is the country code code?
  • Telephone identifiers are included in the system of the total numbering plan. Such a system of numbers allows you to use the telephone network, it is right to determine where the challenge comes from, and who makes it. The organization of such a network resembles a global Internet.
  • The numbering system is divided into zones. The specified numbering zone is called ABC, undefined - DEF. In addition to the country's code (for example, 3) in the phone number, the first few characters determine the region. The identifier of the country is always placed in front of the main number of the phone number.
  • It can also be useful, what country code is 65.
  • What state code 3
  • The phone number starting on 3 includes immediately
  • Several geographic areas
  • Small Pacific Long-term US islands;
  • Isle Of Man,
  • Island of St. Martin;
  • Pitker;
  • Spitsbergen and Yang Mayen;
  • West Sahara;
  • South Georgia and South Islands Sandwich;
  • Herd Island and McDonald Island;
  • Netherlands antilles;
  • Antarctica;
  • Christmas Island;
  • Jersey;
  • Coconut islands;

Holy Elena;

French southern territories;

Clipperton Island;


Another service that provides a convenient table with codes of countries, as well as barcodes and other designations located at Here you can also find the designations of the countries of the world in the International FiFA Football Federation. The site has game sections. Here you can compete in a geographical duel, as well as play the "cities". There are many geographic tests on the resource.

Buva Island;

Saint Bartelmy;

On the there is another table of telephone codes of all countries of the world. It is divided alphabetically and provides a list of telephone operators. A special section allows you to check the phone number and determine the country, region and operator. For example, you can identify the phone code 3.


Learn which country is the code 44.

British territory in the Indian Ocean.

At the same time, the number consists of different regional zones and has an unequal number of characters. If you have to recruit such a phone, but you are not sure that it is recorded correctly, you can check on the special service its correctness. And at the same time, know what country and the region it belongs. And vice versa, if you do not know the phone code of some country, you can learn it. To do this, you only need to select the desired country from the list.

It is interesting: 44200 what country code.

Services to determine the country's code

On the site You will be able to determine the country code in which you want to make a call. You can choose the region yourself from the list that is on the main page on the right side or use the "Search" block. Here you need to enter the numbers of the code (for example, 3) to learn what country it applies. You can also find a mobile operator by identifier. To do this, select the desired option in the drop-down menu.

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