How to make a portal in Ender Peace in minecraft 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.5, 1.7.10, 1.8

The world of minecraft is much more than you can imagine. Not only is it almost infinite, there are still all the well-known two dimensions: the usual world and hell, which were first added to the game. However, during the release of the game (release version 1.0), another dimension was added - Ender peace or land, where Endermen and a huge black dragon live. There are no resources in this world, except for stone edge and obsidian. Many players are asked: "How to make a portal in Ender peace in minecraft?" The answer to it is simple - in no way.

First of all, the portal is not done, but is located. But after you found it, the blocks can be broken and pick up with you.

How to get into Ender Peace (edge)

Get into the edge, on the one hand, simply, and on the other, quite difficult. Because the portal in Ender can only be found in the underground fortress.

In order to find the portal to the edge, you need to scream the eye of the edge of:

  • The pearls of the Ender falling with the Endermen;
  • Iphite powder falling out of hiprite.

How to make a portal in Ender Peace in Minecraft 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.5, 1.8

They must be thrown into the air and go in the direction where they fly. When the eye starts to fall directly on you, you can safely dig down. Directly under you is the portal in Ender World. However, it is necessary to dig much carefully, since the probability of falling into Lava, located directly under the portal.

What to do in Ender of the world?

Your main task is to kill the main boss - the Dragon of the region, which will appear immediately as soon as you enter the Ender peace. The dragon will begin to circle, trying to attack you. Your task is to first destroy the crystals on obsidian towers, which treat the dragon, and then to deal with it. After killing the dragon, a dragon egg will fall out, which without installing mods performs a purely decorative function, as well as a reverse portal.


After killing a dragon, the only useful property of the edge will remain that there are very many Endermen from which the pearls of the Ender are falling.

How to return from Ender of the World (edges)

So, you teleported in Ender peace, defeated the dragon, but how to go back? There are two ways: die or use the portal that appeared at the place of death of the dragon edge. For understandable reasons, I recommend the second way, because your things will remain safe and preservation in this case.

How to find a portal in Ender World (edge) video

How to make a portal in Ender World (edge) video

Thus, the answer to the question "How to make a portal in Ender peace in minecraft?" Does not exist, because this portal can only be found. Good luck in search, Steve!

Portal in End in minecraft
Ender Portal

ID portal in Ender minecraft : 120. .

End Portal Frame. - English name Ender portal in minecraft. It is also called Portal in Krai. , Portal in End. or Frame of the edge portal .

Command : / Give Nikigka End_Portal_Frame .

The phrase "Ender Portal" is usually understood in two ways: first, as one, an independent unit and, secondly, as a device that helps move to Ender the world (to the edge). Consider these two concepts. Blocks resemble Edernyak (edge ​​stones), having a decorative finish. Make them, in contrast to the portal, it is impossible, but you can find in the fortress where they are generated. The search is carried out with the help of an eye. When you find a room with the portal in Ender, it is impossible to confuse it with anything else: 12 blocks are lined with a square having an inner hole 3x3. Then the fair question arises - how to activate the portal in Ender World? And there is a simple answer to it: in each block of the frame of the portal of the region, it is necessary to place one OKU Ender.

Ender portal in minecraft
Portal in Ender, which can be found.

The picture above shows, found on the server, the same portal in the END in three different versions:

  • on top - front view, not activated portal;
  • On the left below - the top view where Lava is clearly visible;
  • On the right below - Ender portal activated with the help of Ender's eyes.

How and where to find the portal in Ender World?

It is already noted above that you can find the portal in Ender only in the fortress using an eye and not one. And in more detail how not only to find it, but also to activate Ender portal without mods and other difficulties, tells it a little video:

How to make Ender portal

Then we are not about the blocks, but it is about the implementation of the method of moving in an end (edge).

Ender the portal can be easily in creative mode or on the server if you are admin or there is a stock at least from 12:

Moreover, it is quite realistic to make the portal in Ender the world without mods anywhere on the server - yes even on the spawn. What is demonstrated at the next screenshot, which is made on the server

Portal in Ender in minecraft
Ender portal on the server.

But here it is necessary to understand that it is important not just to make Ender portal, but to activate it.

Activate the portal in Ender

In the presence of the necessary resources, there is nothing complicated to lay out a frame of 12 blocks when the inner opening is 3 on 3 blocks, and install in each OKU. It is more difficult to make this square to turn into a real portal that can move the player to another dimension.

Look carefully on the image. What do we see? One actually current portal in Ender Mir, and another building will not move anyone and nowhere. Why?

Two portals in Ender in minecraft
Two Ender portal: one active, the other - no. Why?

Compare the next photo on which the portals are all the same, but they can be used. The question is the same: what do you think, why?

Portals in Ender in minecraft
Ender portals seems to be the same, but they are active. What changed?

How to make the right end portal?

In connection with the entire information set out above, we note that there is still a secret, but it is so simple as key. Without this, the portal in Ender will not work. All the mystery is enclosed in the correct installation of the eyes of the Ender. If you look closely when they are in the block, then small white squares will be noticeable in the upper left corner. So, they should be on the outside of the entrance to the portal. This screenshot demonstrates visuality:

Right portal in Ender
Correct location of eyes in Ender Portal.

White points on three sides of the portal are circled with a red mug to make it more clear. On the fourth side - all the same way. If at least one eye will not be posted, not that side, then all - the port does not work. Thus, the correct installation of the Ender's eye guarantees the creation of a working portal, which you can install in any convenient place, even under water.

Portal in Ender and portal in hell
Two different portals on the server minecraft

Ender portals in different versions of minecraft

The examples above were made on the Mincraft server ( On version 1.11.2 with Admin Rights.

Below, in the comments, you can read that someone gets to do the portal, and someone does not. Is this related to the Minecraft versions? For this reason, the creation of the portal Ender has been checked on a computer (not on the server) for versions:

  • Minecraft 1.12;
  • Minecraft 1.13;
  • Minecraft 1.14.1;
  • Minecraft 1.15.2.

In creative mode, it turned out to make a portal without any problems! What is demonstrated in the picture:

Four portals in Ender
Portals in four versions of minecraft

What devices in minecraft should pay attention to?

Ender portal in minecraft is definitely needed. But to list all its advantages and opportunities is the case of other, volumetric articles. But you should not lose sight of more familiar devices, which are likely to be used in the game much more often.

What is Ender World?

Ender World, "Edge" or "END" - all this is the same name of one measurement (unique bioma), which, in fact, is a world consisting of a huge amount of islands. At the same time, this world itself is entirely consisting of a material called "edges of the edge".

After the character moves to this world, it will immediately turn out to be mainly (he is the "central) island, which will be surrounded by others, but not large islands. At the same time, the distance between the main and other islands can be about 1000 blocks. And there is absolutely nothing between them - only one emptiness. Ender peace in minecraft

However, the "edge" has some similarities with the "Lower World". For example, there is the same dull lighting, and there is no cycle of the change of day and night. From enemies here you can stumble on the wanderers, dragons and shalkers. Wanderers will wander through all the islands. The dragon dwells only on the main island, but Shalkers - wander in the city. Well, finally, it is worth noting that many familiar mechanics work in a "edge":

  • The character here can not sleep, and if he tries, the explosion will instantly occur and the fire will begin. At the same time, the power of the explosion in this world will be 25% stronger than if they blow up "THT";
  • Lava on the territory of the "edge" will grow much faster than it would happen in the "hell" ("Lower World"), but not further than 3 blocks (in this regard, mechanics are not different from the usual world);
  • In the "edge" compass and watch will not work. They will never show the rebirth point and time. Instead, they will spinlessly rotate until the character leaves the Ender's world;
  • From the "edge" it is impossible to activate the portal, which leads to the "Lower World". Although it is possible to build it if you use a console or third-party software;
  • On the edges of the "edge", the root breed will burn, but the fire will never be on the fire further;
  • Well, finally, it is worth noting that in the Bedrock Edition version for Minecraft. Water in this world has purple color.

Why is it needed and what gives?

The "edge" serves as the official end of the passage of Minecraft - this is the ultimate goal where you need to kill the boss. As this enemy, there is a huge and dangerous "dragon of the region". A list of what can be obtained in the "edge" looks like this:

  • First of all, of course, the titers will begin. Initially, they will be reminded by a philosophical monologue, after which the usual titers will begin, which suggest that the character can be said, finished the passage of the sandbox;
  • In addition, after the first murder " Dragon edge »Flows a huge number of experiences. And in such a quantity that a character that does not have experience can easily rise to the 68th level;
  • Plus, for the murder, the transition and other details associated with the world of "edges" can be obtained for unique achievements;
  • Well, the last most valuable reward is the Dragon Egg. It is a block that appears at the top of the portal after the dragon edge is killed. Its main advantage is that if you press LKM or PCM on it, then the character teleports for a short distance. In addition, it is worth noting that this unit cannot be destroyed by kirk. Other applications in the egg so far do not exist, and from Sauner You will not get it. Ender World in Minecraft

Finally, it should be noted that the repeat murder of the Dragon of the Region will not give the opportunity to get another egg or a huge amount of experience. And although the "poem of the region" appears at the end, hinting at the final, you can easily continue to play Minecraft.

How to make and activate the portal in the edge?

  1. For this you need to collect 12 pcs. subjects called "Oko region" or "Ender Oco" (or buy, or create);
  2. Next, it is necessary to build the form of "rings" from blocks that are called "portal frames" (or "edges") with 3 sizes 3;
  3. After that, it is necessary to include a portal with the collected "Eye of the region" by placing these 12 subjects by frames;
  4. If you do everything right, then this portal is activated, and 9 blocks are created inside the circle, which are associated with the portal - through them and you need to go through to be in the "edge". Portal in the world of Enders

How to create an Ender eye?

Ender in the game Minecraft
  1. First method . In the first case, the "Eye of the Region" can be purchased from Residents in the village . However, keep in mind that they are far from always available. So it is quite possible to have to get around quite a lot of villages in search of such a merchant. Purchase an eye in the residents of minecraft
  2. Second way . In the second case, the "Eye of the region" can be created using the "Fiery powder" and "edge pearls" on the workbench. The first material is mined thanks to the crafting of the fiery rod, which in turn can be mined only from the killed Iphrite. But the second one can either find in various chests that are in the fortresses where the chance of their appearance is 23.4%, or with the help of again trading (selling village "priests" for 4-7 pieces. Emeralds or Piglins About 8 pcs. For 1 gold ingot). Iphrea in the game minecraft

How to find an existing portal in Minecraft?

It should be immediately noted that it is possible to find an existing portal in the Minecraft game only in Survival mode. To do this, find a special fortress built for this, inside which is the built portal in the "edge". And in order to implement the intended need:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to have several items under the name "Eye of the Region" with them.
  2. As soon as they are with you, throw one thing right into the air and move in the direction where the eye leads;
  3. At a certain point, the OKO will start falling under the ground. And it will mean that it is necessary to start digging down until the fortress is found;
  4. At the same time, keep in mind that the fortress is a dangerous place. First of all, you will probably stumble on the underground tunnel, where library, various corridors and iron grids will be present;
  5. Although the case remains as small, since the fortress is not so big, so now the main thing is to carefully inspect the fortress and find the room where the portal is in the "edge". Portal in the edge of minecraft

How to get out of the portal?

This will be more difficult with this than with the search for the entrance. Because for this you have to kill the "Dragon of the Region" or die specifically to appear at the rebirth point. And if with suicide everything is clear, then with the murder, no. The bottom line is that after the boss is killed, a table with an indestructible platform appears on the central island, which performs the function of the portal in the normal world. And so it will be possible to return to my home.

How to get a portal in Ender World in creative mode?

In the mode of "creativity" there is no need to search for the fortress, ingredients to create an eye and in general to engage in such complex affairs. It is enough to immediately take all the necessary materials ("Eye of the edge" and "edges"), after which it is built on Earth. 3 by 3. And at the end to activate all the chests with the eye.

Portal in Ender World in creative mode

Secrets and tips on the portal

  • The "edge" portal will not be able to enter with the help of trolley - such a mechanic of the game is simply not provided. Therefore, after trying if the character breaks from the trolleys, only then will start teleport.
  • The portal in the "edge" will not be able to deactivate the same way as the portal in the "Lower World". To do this, in this case, you will need to use a bucket of water to be installed in the portal block.
  • The portal blocks will not be able to destroy in "Survival" mode, but it can be easily done if we are talking about "creative."
  • There is a possibility that the portal in the "edge" is generated somewhere under water, but this happens extremely rarely, because the chance is small.
  • A common mistakes among beginners who are trying to build a portal in the "Edge" is that they incorrectly install the framework.
  • It is curious that if you set the rebirth point in the "hell", using the rebirth anchor, then jumping into the portal, which is in the "Territory", can be immediately in the "Lower World".
  • The "Eye of the Region" has a chance that allows you to find a dungeon with the portal in the "edge". And if you believe the formula, then most often the portal can be noticed if the character has only one "edge".
  • In the process of searching the portal, when you can find a fortress, inside you can also find a repository inside which wooden chests with valuable objects are.

The main thing before you decide to go to the "edge", well prepare your character to battle. The only way to get out of this world is to kill the "Dragon of the Region". And for this you need good equipment, enchanted weapons and a huge number of arrows. In the "edge" it is impossible to just go and return as in the "Lower World".

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All who play minecraft in the course about Third measurement of the region , such a gloomy island soaring in emptiness. The edge of the wanderers of the emptiness endermen and their Ender Dragon boss. You can get into Ender the world through the portal, but for this you will have to find the fortress, find and activate the Ender portal, or build your own, for this you need to know how to make a portal in Ender peace and teleport to measure the dragon. For versions 1.14.4, 1.13.2, 1.12.2

How to make a portal in Ender World

To build a portal and disclose the secrets of the third measurement Ender of the world you need to know how to make a portal to the edge And the rules of the layout of the Ender's Oco, so that the portal is lit and was able to teleport. Many playing in the creative (creative mode) face the problem of activating the portal, it seems to position the frame of the edge and the eye as it should, and it does not open it.

How to create a portal in the edder of the world

In fact, everything is simple, take 12 blocks of the frames and 12 Ender Oco, place them with an indent 3x3 and do not hurry with the installation of an ender of the eye, there is a solution to the problem, all the eyes of the Ender should look into the inside of the portal, which means installing They need from the inside, immediately standing in front of the frame.

Ender's eye should look into the inside of the portal

Activation of the portal to the edge

Activation of the portal to the edge Before the pain is simple, after installing all the eyes of the Ender on the blocks of the portal frames into the emptiness, Ender portal is activated and frozen like the night starry sky, which teleports in Ender peace. In order for you when the portal is activated, you immediately "sucked" to the edge, before putting the last eye, stand on the opposite side of the frame and only then set the activating eye.

When the portal is activated, it is better to stand on the opposite direction

Unfortunately, in SURVIVAL mode, get the portal frame to the edge is difficult, because the block has no recipe and can only be taken in creative mode or install the mod adding a simple craft recipe Frames for the portal to the edge emptiness.

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