5 ways - how to make a game full screen

Modern programs are usually automatically configured under the display resolution - however, lovers to play old action or arcade may arise how to make the game on the whole screen.

Because the application created 10, 15 or even 25 years ago, only partially displayed on the modern monitor.

Sometimes such a question arises and when launching modern games.

The game running in the window mode

There are a number of reasons why this happens, as well as several ways to return everything to normal and play full-screen mode.

Method 1. Using hot keys

It is often enough to translate the game or any other application full screen can only be pressing 2 keys - "ALT" and "ENTER".

The method helps not only in old games, but also in modern - for example, in WOT.

The same keyboard shortcut, if necessary, return the window mode back.

Method 2. Changing the startup parameters

Sometimes it happens, especially if you play someone else's computer that the game is required to start the "-Window" parameter in the window of the label.

It can be recorded in the object "object" of the properties of the game label.

Removing this inscription, you can restore the standard launch to the entire monitor.

The problem with the launch occurs in the incompatibility of the game with this operating system.

In this case, you should choose the "Compatibility" tab in the properties of the label or the application itself and select the operating system.

However, most often the OS list ends on Windows Vista, and the owner of the modern OS, for example, Windows 10, this method will not help.

Running the game in compatibility mode with Windows XP

Method 3. Adjusting the video card

In some cases, run games in full screen interfere with outdated video card drivers. The question is solved by their update or full reinstall.

The video card setup menu of each manufacturer looks different.

For example, for NVIDIA products, the user will have to open in the Start / Control Panel menu.

Here the NVIDIA control panel is selected and choose the zoom adjustment there. When it is turned on, the game should expand to screen sizes.

Change scaling for NVIDIA video card

For ATI video cards, the Catalyst Control Center application is required.

And for integrated Intel Graphics cards, often installed on laptops, you will need to perform a number of actions described separately.

Method 4 4 game settings

Some games on the modern OS, for example, on Windows 8 allow you to install a full screen or window mode in your graphics settings.

This feature can be detected by running the game that for some reason runs in the window, that is, not on the entire screen.


  • Go in settings;
  • Find the item responsible for starting in the window or full screen mode;
  • Enable mode or put a tick.
  • Sometimes after changing the settings, the game has to be restarted. It usually no matter what the operating system is nor the screen resolution.

    Installing a fullscreen mode for the game Minecraft

    Method 5. Change of permission

    If all of the above did not help bring the game permission to a normal state, perhaps the game is old enough to run on the entire screen in Windows 7.

    Sometimes in this case the picture looks fetus.

    And it is possible to fix the problem in just one way - change the resolution of your screen.

    After that, other programs will stop starting to launch, more modern and calculated on normal parameters.

    Therefore, playing into the game, you need to return the monitor the usual permission for it.

    Fit monitor permission under the game settings

    If the game requires the resolution of 640x480, and the monitor does not support it, there is one more option. It is selected in the label properties on the Compatibility tab.

    Important! It is worth noting that this feature allows you to return the normal resolution after exiting the game automatically.

    Select screen resolution for old games

    Solving the issue on a laptop

    If the problem with the screen that opens is not all the height or width of the screen appears on the Windows laptop, it can be entered into the incorrectly set by the Intel Graphics intel graphics.

    To eliminate it will be required:

  • Install software from the map manufacturer;
  • Open the graphics menu, appearing when you press the right mouse button on the empty desktop area;
  • Find a section "Display" and open its basic settings. It may not be absent if on the laptop and so the maximum resolution is set.
  • Change Resolution in Intel Graphics Control Panel

    By reducing the resolution, you get the ability to change the screen settings.

    Next, you need to set the scaling parameter responsible for displaying in full screen mode, and save the changes.

    By closing the Intel panel, you can run all the necessary applications that will now stretch to the entire area of ​​the display.

    Sometimes the clarity of the original image may deteriorate.

    Therefore, after the game it is worth disabled scaling and use it only for this particular program.

    Let's summarize

    Knowing how to open games and programs in full screen mode, you can noticeably simplify the work and game process. As a rule, all these methods require some actions.

    And some of them allow, spending a little time immediately, no further worry about the games that are not open on the entire screen.

    How to make the game on the whole screen? On a laptop

    5 ways - how to make a game full screen

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    Sometimes it happens that part of the screen on the computer, or on a laptop or smartphone goes beyond reach. The problem is that there may be important buttons or other necessary items on the "left" screen and the other parts of the screen.

    Content: 1. In which cases, part of the screen is not visible and why 2. Change the scale when working in the browser

    3. Simple options for changing the scale on the smartphone 4. Scaling the image by changing the computer screen resolution 5. How to change the screen resolution on the computer

    6. Clear the scaling correctly when connecting the second monitor 7. Change the image in the Paint program

    8. Scale of the image in Word 9. Scale change in Excel

    When the screen is not visible and why

    Part of the screen is not visible when With browser Open various sites, communicate in social networks, on the forums.

    This sometimes happens not only in the browser, but also when working With ordinary windows Windows . For example, in the print window on the printer, all settings can be clearly visible. But the "Print" button to click after completing all the presets, "hides" below, below the taskbar.

    Yes, and not only the print window can take it and "get out" beyond the screen. What is hijacking, with such angle the windows is almost impossible to work. How to get to invisible buttons? Even if you know that the desired button or the desired link on the site is outside the screen, then how to "get"?

    There may be different reasons, due to which part of the window or a piece of screen go beyond the reach of the user:

    • In the settings of the laptop (computer) installed "not that" screen resolution;
    • The second monitor is connected, and at the same time the expansion of the desktop is incorrect - it is especially true for laptops;
    • Unsuccessful update of the operating system passed;
    • A new game or a new new program was installed;
    • Other.

    What can be done to see the whole screen or all the entire window and eliminate the cutting problem of parts or fragments?

    Scale change when working in the browser

    The browser is a special program designed to view sites on the Internet. Multiple browsers can be installed on the computer. In fig. 4 shows Windows 10 taskbar in which there are five browsers icons: Microsoft Edge, Yandex.Bauser, Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome.

    The problem is very common when the site that is opened through the browser incorrectly shows the pages. In almost every browser, it is possible to change the scale when viewing any information. The scale has to be changed, if some part of the screen, some part of the page from the Internet in the browser is not completely visible, and there is no possibility to scroll the screen so as to see the missing part of the open page.

    Scaling keys in the browser

    One of the simple ways to change the image scale in the browser - the use of hotkeys:

    1. Ctrl +.
    2. Ctrl -

    When viewing information in the browser to Enlarge scale , use Ctrl +(Hold down the Ctrl key, press the key with a sign plus "+").

    Multiple pressing on the "+" key with the simultaneous hold of the "Ctrl" key allow you to step by step to increase the scale, making images larger with each press on "+".

    As a rule, an increase in scale does not solve the problem of access to invisible parts of the site page. On the contrary, the increase in scale makes it difficult to read some information, making invisible parts of the screen, site pages. The benefit of an increase in the image is that there is a chance to see small details in the image or in the text.

    To Reduce scale , click Ctrl (Not allowing you to keep the Ctrl key and still click on the key with the minus "-").

    Multiple pressing on the "-" key with simultaneous hold of the "Ctrl" key allow you to step by step gradually reduce the scale. In this way, you can make images smaller with each press on "-".

    A decrease in the scale of the image just leads to the fact that the previously invisible parts of the screen, or the part of the site played on the screen, become visible. And the problem of the inaccessibility of the part of the data on the site page is solved in this way.

    The disadvantage of such a decrease in scale is that the image becomes smaller, worse readable, especially if you read and view data on a small screen. Also a decrease in the image of the image creates difficulties for people with poor eyesight.

    If you are inappropriate to "rearrange" and press the extra time on the Ctrl + keys, then the scale of the information can increase greatly. You can always do it less if you press the two Ctrl keys. Thanks to such actions (in "plus" and / or in "minus"), you can pick up that scale of the image that will be easy to read and view data in the browser.

    In fig. 1 and fig. 2 shows where the Ctrl, + keys are located on the computer keyboard (laptop).

    Top 3 methods for Windows 7 update to Windows 10

    Fig. 1. Ctrl + keys to increase the scale in the browser (circled in the Red Frames).

    Keys with a plus "+" and with a minus "-" on the keyboard are located nearby.

    Keys to enlarge the scale in the browser

    Fig. 2. If you press the Ctrl keys -, the scale in the browser will decrease.

    Simple ways to change scale on the smartphone

    Regardless of where information is viewed, in the browser or in other windows, on the smartphone or on the tablet, you can rotate the screen 90 degrees from the vertical location to the horizontal. Then the information is shown on the smartphone screen in the "widescreen" mode. Often so simple turn of the gadget (smartphone, tablet) can see everything that I wanted to see in the window. But not always the rotation of the gadget helps.

    How to be if, when changing the position of the smartphone, nothing happens, the screen does not rotate? In this case, it is necessary to look into the smartphone settings. It is possible that there is a ban on the screen of the screen. Then you need to put a tick to resolve this action. Some devices have a special button, clicking on which it prohibits or resolves the screen rotation - then you need to click on this special button in the gadget.

    Keys Reduce Scale in Browser

    Fig. 3. Changing the position of the smartphone to enlarge the viewing of information on the entire width of the screen.

    Another option to change the scale without rotation of the gadget is to increase the scale of information on the screen, spreading the screen with your fingers.

    Changing the position of the smartphone

    If necessary, you can additionally move the up-down screen, left to the right to better consider information.

    If the increase in the information is no longer required, you can return the screen on the smartphone (or on the tablet) to the original state, moving it with your fingers.

    Increase the scale on the smartphone

    In the same way (with your fingers, the movements of them to each other with approximately 45 degrees), it is possible to reduce the scale of the image even more, to make it very small, if you need to place as much information on the screen. True, the data can become quite unintelligible, especially the text. And the smartphone itself may have restrictions, and will not allow too much to reduce the scale, the smaller it will not be possible to read the information displayed on the screen.

    Image scaling using computer screen resolution

    It happens that the window of any other program (and not a browser) or any standard Windows operating system window (for example, Print window) does not fit on the screen, goes beyond the screen. Then such approaches to change the scale, as in browsers (Ctrl + and Ctrl), will no longer help. You need to change screen resolution.

    The screen resolution change on the computer is made in order to fit, for example, more Elements on the screen. Then the elements will be Smaller But on the screen they will fit more. Also change the permission to make fewer elements on the screen and they would be larger. Thus, the permission shift is done if the user categorically does not suit the amount of the information that he currently sees on its screen.

    I will give an example. Users sometimes there are such a problem in the social network classmates that some buttons in classmates become inaccessible on the screen of their computer (laptop). And if the simple version with the Ctrl + and Ctrl keys does not help, then you should try to change the screen resolution.

    With different permissions, the information will be presented on the computer screen (laptop) in different ways. It can go beyond the screen, making unavailable fragments where clickable buttons, menus, etc. are located. Therefore, it is worth changing the screen resolution to another. At the same time, it may be necessary to try several options from among those that are in your Windows system. And thus, you can pick up such permission to see the full information on the screen. Then the inaccessible elements can miraculously "suddenly" appear on the screen and the necessary buttons will be available.

    How to change the screen resolution on the latch

    This can be done in a simple way that works equally for different versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, XP.

    At the free place of desktop, click on the right mouse button. It is very important: the right mouse button must be made exactly on the free field of the desktop, where there is not a single label. Otherwise, it is impossible further. And then the contextual drop-down menu should appear (Fig. 4):


    Fig. 4. The menu that appears after clicking the right mouse button on the free disaster desktop Windows 10.

    In this menu, click "Screen Settings" (digit 2 in Fig. 4). The display window opens (Fig. 5):

    Menu after clicking right mouse button on the desktop

    Fig. 5 (click to enlarge). Scale and resolution of the computer screen (laptop) on the example of Windows 10.

    In fig. 5 It can be seen that at the moment the recommended screen resolution of 1920x1080 is selected.

    In the "Screen Resolution" field, there is a small tick, lowered down (red digit 1 in Fig. 5). If you click on it, you can choose other permissions (Fig. 6):

    Scale and screen resolution

    Fig. 6 (click to enlarge). Select the screen resolution on the example of Windows 10.

    Reworing different options, you can choose a suitable permission to ensure that the information is completely visible and did not go beyond the screen.

    Scale Information on Computer

    In fig. 5 It can be seen that in addition to the screen resolution, you can select another image scale. To do this, it is enough to click on a small check mark (red digit 2 in Fig. 5). Permissible scales will open: 100%, 125%, 150% (recommended), 175% (Fig. 7).

    Select screen resolution

    Fig. 7 (click to enlarge). Selecting the screen scale on the example of Windows 10.

    Screen scale may not be changed in all versions of the Windows operating system and not for all types of connected monitors. So do not be surprised if you will not be able to change the image scale on your computer or laptop. But there is always the opportunity to change the screen resolution, which allows you to choose such a monitor mode, in which all information will be visible in all windows windows, and not just in browser windows.

    Scaling the image when connecting the second monitor

    Many landline computers and even portable laptops are equipped with second monitors. It is more convenient to work if there are as many as 2 screens. Some even plug in more than 2 screens, for example, 3 or 4. But the last, rather exception, whereas quite often computers are operated with two monitors.

    One of the monitors in this case will be considered "first" or "basic" in Windows settings, the other will be considered "second" or "optional". But the settings can be changed, making, for example, so that the "second" monitor becomes the only and "main".

    Therefore, when connecting the second monitor, it is important to choose the correct option to display information. If you have an incorrect selection, you can set such an extension of the desktop that, for example, a part of the screen will go to the second monitor. This mode is applied if there is a desire to see the computer desktop not on one, but immediately on 2 monitors. It will begin to begin such an extended desktop on the first monitor, and end (continued) - on the second monitor. And then, the following may occur: When the second monitor is disconnected, but when saving the previous settings, the Windows desktop part will be simply invisible. She is this part - there is, but it is not visible, because the second monitor is disabled.

    When the second monitor is disconnected, but when saving the settings when the part of the desktop continues on the second monitor, strange things can occur in general. The window of any program can be "dragged" with the mouse outside the desktop, and then no power this window will not be able to "return" back. The window will become invisible and inaccessible. And since the whole windows can disappear from the field of view, then what is there to talk about some parts of the window where important clickable buttons or settings menu can be located?!

    Second Monitor in Windows 10

    In Windows 10, you can use a free, built-in program (it is called "Connecting to the projector") when the second monitor is connected to select one of the four options:

    1) duplicate these screens - On the first and the second monitors the same image will be displayed.

    This mode allows you to show others on the special screen all that is done on the main screen of the computer or laptop. So bring various presentations to universal ferris, if they show them at the conference, at the meeting. This is a convenient mode for collective viewing information from the monitor screen.

    2) Expand these screens - The desktop will be extended, expanded from the first monitor to the second. On the first monitor, one part of the Windows desktop will be visible, on the second monitor - the next second part of the desktop.

    The mode is convenient for those who have little space on the desktop, I want to place on it as many open windows simultaneously. This often employs professional programmers, having before the eyes of the window with editable texts of programs (codes, in modern language) and simultaneously windows with executable programs that allow you to immediately see the results of writing the program (code).

    Also, this mode is convenient for the work of professional designers. They need to have numerous images and texts before their eyes, to then reduce them into a single composition.

    3) Show only on the first screen - The second monitor will be disconnected, nothing is displayed on it, all the information is visible only on the first monitor.

    As if the second monitor is, it is even connected, but nothing is displayed on it. Meaning? For example, to perform a computer settings when system works can affect the second monitor, and during their holding the monitor is better disconnected.

    4) Show only on the second screen - The first monitor is disabled, all the information will be visible only on the second monitor.

    The latter is often used by laptop owners if they work at home, in a stationary workplace. Then they plug in another monitor with a large screen to see more and better than the main, the built-in laptop screen.

    About settings for the first and for the second monitors

    Any connection of the second monitor one way or another causes changes in the resolution settings of the screens of the main and additional monitor. And after connecting the second monitor, the effect of invisibility of the part of the windows may occur. You will have to come back to the previously written in this article: make changes to the resolution of screens or changes in the screens of images displayed on the screens. Everything is done in the same way as described above, only have to make settings twice: for the first and for the second monitor.

    There are no simultaneous settings for two monitors, no settings should be made separately for each monitor, depending on their types, capabilities, models, stamps used by drivers and other things.

    Details on how to connect the second monitor in Windows 10

    About connecting an external monitor in Windows 8, 7 and XP, as well as about choosing an option to display information on the screens of monitors wrote here.

    Changing the image in the Paint Program

    You can change the image scale not only in browsers, as described above. Scaling is possible in many other frequently used programs.

    In the Paint drawing program (Fig. 8), the image scale can be changed using the engine located in the lower right corner of the program window.

    Select Screen Scale

    Fig. 8 (click to enlarge). Change the image scale in the Paint program.

    In fig. 8 It can be seen that in the left part of it, the image has a scale of 100% (digit 1 in Fig. 8, below), that is, it is played with the size of one to one, as is. But at the same time the image does not fit completely in the window, only the upper part of the picture is visible.

    If we reduce the scale up to 50% (digit 2 in Fig. 8, in the lower right corner), that is, make the image twice as smaller, then the picture will be completely fit in the specified size window. So it's more convenient to make some edits, changes, additions, if the whole picture is visible entirely, even in a slightly smaller form, but everything is visible completely.

    It is worth noting that the change in the image affects only its appearance, on how it looks on the screen, but the picture itself does not decrease and does not increase in size. The size editable in the Paint Picture editor remains unchanged when the image is changed.

    Scale of the image in the Word program

    In the Microsoft Word text editing program (Fig. 9), the image scale can also be changed using the engine at the bottom at the bottom of the program window.

    Image Scale in Paint

    Fig. 9. Changing the image scale in Microsoft Word.

    In fig. 9 In the left part it is clear that the text with illustrations does not fit completely in the Word window. The engine for adjusting the image is located on the right below (1 in Fig. 9). If it is moved to a mark of 50% (2 in Fig. 9), the image of the text with illustrations will be visible completely, as shown in the right part of Fig. nine.

    Of course, the text, and the pictures too. But everything is visible. You can, for example, "play" with formatting (Fig. 10). For example, make an option for placing pictures in the center of the text (the left side in Fig. 10). Or, let's try to try this kind when both pictures are arranged together (the right side in Fig. 10).

    Image Scale in Word

    Fig. 10 (click to enlarge). Text formatting options with illustrations in the Word editor with a selected image scale when the entire text is visible and all illustrations.

    Thus, it is clearly seen that with the correct choice of an image in the Word program window, you can significantly better do the text formatting, text with illustrations, complex text. Therefore, scaling the text in the program window is sometimes a useful occupation.

    Scale change in the Excel program

    In the Microsoft Excel table editing program (Fig. 11), the image scale can also be changed using the engine at the bottom at the bottom of the program window.

    Text with illustrations in Word at different scales

    Fig. 11. Change the image scale in Microsoft Excel.

    In fig. 11 In the left part it shows that only one part of the multiplication table played in the Excel editor is placed in the program window. This is the multiplication of "Two" to other numbers. And all with regard to the multiplication table for Troika, the "four" and "five" is hidden from our eye. This is because the scale of the image is set to 100% (1 in Fig. 11).

    If you now change the image scale, again using the engine in the lower right corner of the program window, then when the value of the scale is 60% (2 in Fig. 11) the entire multiplication table from numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be visible.

    Thus, and in Excel, you can change the scale of the image in the program window to

    • Or a larger number of cells fit in the program window (with a smaller image scale),
    • Or, on the contrary, the smaller number of cells would fit in the program window (with a larger image scale).

    When the image is changed in the Excel program window, no recalculation of values ​​is not made, the data on the Excel sheet does not change. Only the appearance of data reproduction is changed, no more than that. Scaling the image in Excel allows us to see on the screen more, or fewer values ​​in the table cells.

    Where to look for scaling on Excel example

    In other programs, the change in the image is also often possible. But it is not necessary that in the lower right corner of the window of any program will be the usual magnetic engine, as in Paint, Word or Excel.

    If there is no such engine in the program, you do not need to be upset immediately. You should search the "Scale" menu item mainly in the main menu of any program that has such a menu. The main menu is usually located at the top of the program window. And it begins with the "File" point, or "Home" (if the menu is written in Russian) or "File" or "Main" (if the menu is written in English).

    Reworing all menu items can be patient, still find the "scale" option, and to change the scale of the image displayed on the screen window.

    For example, in the Excel program you can find the "Scale" option in the main menu. It is mainly the "View" menu (1 in Fig. 12), below which we see the button "Scale" (2 in Fig. 12).

    Image Scale in Excel

    Fig. 12 (Click to enlarge). The "Scale" menu to change the image scale in the Excel program window.

    If you click on this button "Scale", then a magnifying glass icon (1 in Fig. 13) appears in the drop-down menu below with the explanation under this icon (2 in Fig. 13) that it is possible to change the image scale.

    Menu Scale to change Excel

    Fig. 13 (click to enlarge). Change the scale in Excel using the Main Program menu.

    Click on the image of a magnifying glass. The "scale" service window appears (right part of Fig. 13), in which you can specify the desired new image scale.

    We had a scale of 60%. Let's try to set 50%. Set the "arbitrary" (3 in Fig. 13) and in the text box, write 50 (4 in Fig. 13). It was also possible to simply set the mark of 50% (5 in Fig. 13). And finally, click on the "OK" button (6 in Fig. 13). The result is below fig. 14 - Now the scale of the image is 50%.

    Scale change in the Excel main menu

    Fig. 14 (click to enlarge). Excel program window with an installed image scale 50%.


    Approximately the same way works the main menu and its "scale" option in other programs. Of course, there may be differences and in the menu design, and in the menu features. But the main thing is that in many programs you can change the scale of the image in the program window.

    So, if something is not placed on the computer or gadget screen in the window of a program or another, you need to try to change the scale of the image to see everything you need on the screen.


    1. Magnifier Windows 7 for easy viewing of items on the screen

    2. How to open two windows near Example Explorer and Notepad

    3. How to locate the taskbar on the side

    4. Copying files from the computer to the phone: Different options

    5. Working with documents in Google Docs

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    More convenient to watch the video on the computer in full screen mode, but it does not always work. There are several reasons for which the video does not unfold on the entire screen, it is necessary to find them and eliminate them. We'll figure it out why the video does not open on the full screen.

    What to do if the full screen mode does not work in the browser

    With incorrect video, each user may encounter the video in the browser. The reason for this most often there may be incorrect setting of individual browser systems. We will tell about all the probable problems on the example of the most popular observer - Chrome. If none of the instructions are suitable, then you will need to reinstall the browser.

    Incorrect settings API.

    Often users to speed up the computer change the browser settings. This can cause a problem when the video does not turn on the full screen. To correct the settings, enter your browser in the address bar: Chrome: // Settings / Content / ProtectedContent.

    In this section, you need to activate both markers. After that, try reproducing the video on the full screen.

    If you can't get to the settings by reference, you need to go to them through the menu hiding in three vertical points in the upper right corner. Among the settings you need to find those that are responsible for Internet sites. There, select "Protected Content". It will allow you to adjust the media playback settings.

    Extensions block fullscreen mode

    Also, the cause of problems can be the extension that you use to block advertising or downloading content. If the problem has been found after installing a specific plugin, then it is necessary to recall what caused. Disconnect all extensions and plugins that have been installed recently. Then remove all the add-ons affecting the content of online pages.

    Check Flash Player

    Adobe Flash Player is responsible for playing the video - a plugin that helps display media system pages. Without it, you will not be able to watch videos. You can configure the virtual player by clicking at: About: Plugins. You will need to disable it on this page.

    Then go to the video page where the inscription will appear that you need to download this plugin to view the roller. Click on the footnote "Set the latest version". Then you will be redirected to the developer page of this tool. In the lower right corner, click on the Set button. Wait for the completion of this process, if necessary, agree to reboot the computer.

    If you have enabled the video browser is not played, then you need to return to the About: plugins page and activate Flash Player. After that, the problem will be solved. Most often, videos are reproduced with errors precisely because of the incorrect work of this plugin.

    Included hardware acceleration

    If you often change the settings and the methods described above did not help you enjoy the video on the full screen, then you need to go to the optional options section and turn off the hardware acceleration. The desired setting is in the system "System". Find among the available options hardware acceleration and deactivate it.

    Problem in Cookies or Cache files

    To understand whether the problem appeared due to incorrectly recorded cache files, you need to open the browser in the "Incognito" mode and try to start video. To do this, right-click on three vertical points in the upper right corner, and then select the window launch in incognito mode from the list. If in this video mode works fine, then you need to go back to the main browser and clear the cookies through the program settings (you can get into them by typing in the address bar Chrome: // Settings / ClearBrowserData). You can also use the CCleaner utility to clean the cache and saved files.

    Problem with user account

    Chrome users have another probable cause of incorrect video operation - incorrectly copied user files. This happens when regular synchronization and using one account on multiple devices.

    To update this data, connect to a steady network, and then click in the browser to your avatar and select "Delete" menu options. After that restart the browser and go again under your login. It is recommended to delete from bookmarks all too much to prevent problems in the future.

    All screen video does not unfold in Youtube

    Most often, users are faced with the inability to go to full screen mode on YouTube. If you cannot deploy the player, you must first check all the browser settings. But there is one specific problem - the user did not access the site to the full-screen mode.

    The ban on the use of full-screen mode

    You will not be able to deploy YouTube video on the full screen if the flash player is not allowed. In this case, the roller deployment button will not be active. Fix Settings Simple:

    • Go to Exception Controls Using the Address Row, enter chrome: // Settings-Frame / ContentExceptions # FullScreen in it;
    • If this link issued an error, then go to the settings and find the site options in them;
    • Browse the wrong site in the list of JavaScript blocked;
    • Find the footnote settings about full-screen mode and allow it to use it on YouTube.

    You can configure full screen mode for different sites. This is the first option that you need to check if you encounter media playback problems on a specific resource.

    YouTube is recommended to run only in modern browsers that are able to work quickly. CHROME browsers, Yandex, Safari are suitable for this. They differ in high speed and correct work with mediadant.

    Full-screen player mode does not work
    Excel window with 50 percent scale

    In most Windows players, the video is initially running in a separate window, but at the request of the user it can be deployed to the entire screen. We will understand how to make a full video screen If the player does not give it to do.

    1. First of all it is worth trying to use hotkeys: left Alt + Enter. or just double ENTER . The exact combination will depend on the player name and its settings. Often in the player there is no special button in the control panel, in this case, try to make a double click of the left or right mouse button in the center of the window.
    2. If the size of the roller has not changed, and the player panels were removed, then the aspect ratio must be corrected. This is done in the menu, select the option in which the image starts to occupy the entire screen.

    If the player does not expand the video, it is easiest to remove it and replace it with another, more modern and fast. As a good and free alternative to the standard player often indicate: Gom Player, VLC Player.

    Now you know, why the video is not full screen Reproduces, and how to fix it. Share this information with friends to and they can cope with this problem. If you have your own universal recipes, you can tell about them in the comments.

    How to restore the monitor screen if he narrowed?

    Quite often, Windows operating system users face a problem when the image on the monitor is narrowed or is not displayed. All this may also be accompanied by an increase in the icons on the desktop and the total fuzziness of the image.

    In this article, we will tell about what a similar situation can occur and how to restore and expand the monitor screen, if it narrowed.

    Causes of the problem

    The most likely the most common causes of narrowing the image on the monitor are:

    • Incorrect screen resolution;
    • Lack of video card driver;
    • Connecting an additional monitor or TV;
    • Invalid monitor settings.

    We now consider in more detail each of the reasons. And let's start with the most simple and obvious.

    Incorrect resolution in graphics settings

    Such a situation may occur immediately after installing or reinstalling Windows. It is less likely to cause incorrectly set permission is a game or other application in which the screen resolution can be changed.

    It is checked and fixed it is very simple. You need to click on the free disaster desktop and in the menu that opens, select "Screen Settings" or "Screen Resolution" or "Personalization".

    Video does not open on the full screen

    Log in to the screen resolution settings in Windows 7

    Sushed the screen, how to expand?

    Log in to the screen resolution settings in Windows 10

    In case of selection of the two first items, you will immediately fall into the desired screen resolution change window. If you have chosen "Personalization", then in the window that opens left below, select "Screen" and Next Left at the top "Setting screen resolution".

    Here in the "Resolution" item you need to sort out the values ​​until the image on the screen is expanded to the desired size. Most often opposite the desired value will be written "(recommended)."

    Video does not open on the full screen

    Changing the screen resolution in Windows 7

    Sushed the screen, how to expand?

    Changing the screen resolution in Windows 10

    Lack of video card driver

    The reason is also quite common. More often after installing / reinstalling the operating system, or after trying to update the video card drivers.

    To check this option, we advise you to read the article on the correct search, update and install the video card driver.

    Connect to a computer / laptop of an additional monitor or TV

    This situation is less common than two previous ones, but also takes place. If you connected any additional image output devices to a computer video card or a laptop, such as such as an optional monitor or TV, then try to turn them off.

    If the image corrected and the monitor expanded to normal values, then the reason for the connected device and when it is connected to the computer, the resolution is required, which is described above. The only difference is that before changing the value in the "Resolution" string. You need to select the desired monitor in the "Screen" string.

    Video does not open on the full screen

    Select the monitor in the screen resolution settings

    Settings for the monitor itself

    If all of the above you do not have or not refer to a specific situation, then try to start the auto configuration of the monitor. This is done by pressing one button on the monitor, which is usually signed by "auto" and is located near the monitor on its front or sidebar.

    Sushed the screen, how to expand?

    Auto Button Monitor Settings

    Win10. Applications open, but not in full screen, although everything seems to do everything ...

    At first everything seemed to be opened in full screen. But, it seems, after one-time start-up OS in safe mode, almost all applications (including native, such as conductor, control panel, etc.) open in some strange window size ...

    I am trying to change the settings of the application startup window in the properties of the shortcuts and application files ... no effect. Nothing changes.

    To deploy the application window to the entire screen, you have to click on the size button. As a result, the window becomes smaller, the button changes to a square, denoting the ability to open the window to the full screen. Re-pressing the application window button

    Deployed on a full screen, as it should be ...

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