How to make a portal in Ender Peace in minecraft 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.5, 1.7.10, 1.8

The world of minecraft is much more than you can imagine. Not only is it almost infinite, there are still all the well-known two dimensions: the usual world and hell, which were first added to the game. However, during the release of the game (release version 1.0), another dimension was added - Ender peace or land, where Endermen and a huge black dragon live. There are no resources in this world, except for stone edge and obsidian. Many players are asked: How to make a portal in Ender peace in minecraft? The answer to it is simple - in no way.

12 best running sneakers - ranking 2021 years (Top for January)

Special running sneakers are released for professional athletes and for lovers. Such sports shoes may differ in its design, depending on the type of running: on distant or short distances, on the treadmill, asphalt or rough terrain. We made a selection of the best running sneakers of all types.

Business in the garage: 53 profitable business ideas

To launch your case, it is not necessary to gain expensive equipment, to invest millions. At the first stage, organize business in the garage. The amount of investment will be 20000-300000 p. The exact amount depends on the scale of the organization. In the Russian Federation in the garage business, about 15% of the working-age population is involved. For work, entrepreneurs take a small room with an area of ​​10-20 square meters, acquire a call and other equipment, and then start working. Business in the garage is not limited to the launch of the auto repair system or tire. We have prepared for you 53 interesting ideas with minimal investments.

How to cook ground coffee in a saucepan step-by-step recipe

Every year the number of coffee fans only grows. And all because this drink is burtered in the morning and charges energy in the afternoon. That's just not everyone knows how to cook it in a saucepan. But there are somewhat simple in the implementation of recipes, allowing you to get a delicious drink at home.

Food and Health

The mucus is called substances belonging to the class of polysaccharides, the chemical formula of which resembles cellulose and pectin [one] .

Why the battery sits on the phone very fast 20 tips

Good afternoon friends. Why is the battery on the phone very fast? If this is true, you should not worry before. Now we will apply the methods that will help to hold the battery charge to the maximum. We will optimize the part of the smartphone settings. In other words, we will look at how you need to do when the battery is quickly discharged on Android (at first I wrote an article under Android 8, then edited under the top ten 21.03.2021).

Double roof with your own hands Step-by-step instructions

The duct roof is distributed in private construction very widely. Thanks to sustainable form, it is well opposed to even strong winds and protects against precipitation, which are quickly removed by gravity. Awarded up the vertex gives the appearance as a form of a flat coating that makes the building squat. Double roof with your own hands - the task is not easy, but done. Our instruction will help to cope with it quickly and without errors.


The expectation of the baby is an amazing and joyful period in the life of every woman. But often it is overshadowed by unexpected deterioration of well-being. Headaches are frequent satellites of future mothers. According to statistics, they concern each fifth pregnant woman.

How to like a man-Aries, which women can interest him: Relationship Psychology

When the Constellation of Aries is dominated by the sky, boys growing with real men, are passionate, fervor, energetic. Element of fire to which their zodiac sign attaches them to the behavior and nature of the flame property. A man-Aries in youth is a romantic and an adventure crawler, a bright torch that fascinates. With age, these passionate nature are reduced and more resemble hot fire in the fireplace, next to which heat, calmly and cozy. To tighten the fiery nature of the Aries and only special women can become his companion.

Yandex Dzen.

After updating Windows to 10 version or reinstall the OS appearance of the desktop on a computer or laptop can be modified. This is due to 92% of cases with increasing screen scale. In such conditions, it is extremely inconvenient to work with the technique, since shortcuts of programs and games actually smear the entire area of ​​the desktop. There is no sharpness and clarity in the menu of the open applications and toys. With incorrect screen parameters, it is extremely unsafe and uncomfortable. Yes, and no need, because the scale of the shortcuts and the screen is very simple. The procedure can be made in several ways, and it will take several seconds.


European currency is considered one of the world. She is the road and popular, at the expense of which it is often trying to fake counterparts. Yes, and comic banknotes with the imitation of the euro quite a lot. Traveling will have to contact the euro. But as inexperienced not to be mistaken and not accept the fake for a real banknote? And what are there any bills and coins of the euro? Let's deal with.

Connecting an exhaust in the kitchen to ventilation: instructions and rules

The impeccable connection of the drawing in the kitchen to ventilation will provide a complete removal of volatile substances that are formed when cooking. Not all of them are pleasant and useful, many are toxic and negatively affecting the smell. Believe me, better than the exhaust device with their removal is nothing and no one will cope.