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Guten Morgen, you East Das! Arbita (emphasis on the second "A") is an indefinite form of a German verb "work". Ferstein?

This brutal verb broke into the Russian slang due to its sonicity, a growl and command style. Arbitait, Rusisch Schwine, Schnesel! That is how the damned occupiers came out, who came from the west on tanks in 1941. But Rusisch Vanka Arbitaita did not want, and instead of work, insensited by the Germans to the Germans to Self Berlin, Donner Wetter! And the useful verb "Arbitait" Russian winner carefully left himself. And at the beginning of the XXI century, a screaming German borrowing survived a stormy Renaissance. Aufiderzaine, Mine Klya Reader!

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, his explanation is simple words, translation, origin and meaning.

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In this article, I want to introduce you to the most unusual, extraordinary, rough, brazen, vulgar, but at the same time both unique, smart, brave SEO blogger known on the Internet under Nick - Arbita or abbreviated - ARB .

If you first hear about this name and never read the SEO blog of the Arbayten, then you have lost a lot! The fact is that the filing of the material on his blog is radically different from all existing Runet bloggers.

And not only the feeding of the material, but in general, everything that says and writes this person is contrary to all of us previously known stigmams associated with search engine optimization, promotion of sites and business. But that's not all.

In fact, I have already wanted to write an overview article about Arbiaita for a long time and in particular about its SEO blog, but I was afraid of sharp and inadequate comments on the article from his haters, and they oh how much smile

The fact is that from the moment the Arb publicly announced on the Internet, and this happened in about 2008-2009, he earned a bad reputation and thereby made himself a lot of enemies. But about this later ...

From my article you will learn the story of this unique blogger from the moment it is arrived in the Internet and still. Also you will know why many of him despise? Why do some consider it to SEO genius? And much more ...

So, let's go.

Who is the Arbian? Or the history of a successful dredger

Арбайтен, он же Дмитрий Красноруцкий

Arbitait, he is an arb, he is Dmitry Krasnorutsky - is one of the most scandalous SEO of Runet Bloggers.

In the distant 2008-2009, a certain type named by Nickname was announced on the Internet. This previously unknown person began to prove everyone to prove that he is the only and unique professional in the field of black SEO and earnings on the Internet with the help of Torwaev sites. That is, he is the coolest rue smile

And what is Dorwaia?

 Dorvey (Sin. Dor, from English. Doorway, or entrance door) - Black SEO tool, website created to redirect users to another Internet resource. The site is useless from the user's point of view, which often does not even have the opportunity to consider its page.

At that time, all the webmasters somehow connected with SEO-optimization declared themselves SERCH.

And what is sulch?

SERCH is the most popular online marketing forum, on which smart and cunning SEO specialists, except discussing SEO nuances, also earn money.

How do they earn? These guys offer services, sites or information associated one way or another with the promotion of Internet resources, both white and black methods.

So, our hero has declared himself in this forum the only successful Runet dresser. As it turns out, the experience in this field of activity has been since 2004.

After breaking into the world of SEO, he began to water the mud of other experts in this direction, arguing that they were all interested exclusively in their profits, but not in their profits of their customers. In other words, he accused all the sienes at dusts, nubs and deceivers.

Moreover, he began free to merge themes associated with black SEO, which was very angry with his competitors.

As a result, the real war between Arbita and the rest of the Black SEO experts was unleashed.

Very often, discussions about Arbitage in the forum reincarnated in the set of all existing mats in Russian smile

Here is one of the examples -

Warning : The discussion consists mainly of obscene words smile

Arbyita never ceremony with anyone, he just sent everyone to X ...

He was impossible to prove anything, he always stayed with his opinion, not forgetting to insult the interlocutor and send for three funny letters ... and it concerned not only forums, but also comments on the Arba Blog.

Strange human nature or why sometimes it is beneficial to have bad fame

Very quickly, the gossip separated throughout the global web and Arbian acquired bad fame. But, oddly enough, it was precisely this that allowed him to become so recognizable and popular that many began to contact him for helping to promote their projects or earnings on sites-roads.

This proves that black PR is no less effective PR smile

Arbiate presented himself as a fighter for justice. He tried to prove that all Cees and SEO-Cantors, providing sites in fact, really hide the truth from customers and the only thing they do it - extortion of money!

No good photo in his social accounts. Networks were Che Guevara. Type, Russian Contemporary - Commander, Revolutionary SEO World smileAnd this despite the fact that he himself was engaged in illegal promotion.

He began to earn very decent money from personal consultations. The price of such consultations could reach up to $ 500. In addition, he wrote special software (programs), thanks to which the site promotion was carried out on automatic mode.

Created an affiliate program and sold his software for an indecently high price.

50 shades of gray or as a fighter for justice accepted the side of evil

Over time, the promotion of sites with the help of Netners and Dorvayev has become almost impossible due to the implementation of algorithms that are banned by such sites. We are talking about type filters - AGS, Panda, penguin, etc.

Arbian realized that Black SEO became ineffective to promote sites and decides to redirect all his experience in white SEO. And the experience does not debug him.

By the way, he is one of the first bloggers who declared non-safeness of sales and purchases of links to promote sites. And he also argued that in the near future, the links will stop also influence the ranking of web Rusurs, as before. All over him laughed, but he remained with his opinion and laughed everyone in response smile

Still, he was right!

Despite his struggle for justice and for honesty, many negative feedback on poor-quality consultations from Arbaytene began to appear on the network. People wrote that he threw people for money without giving them promised information. There were also reviews that the effect of the work done by the Arm turned out to be negative.

But the most interesting thing is that evidence has appeared that Arbian extorts money from large SEO companies. That is, he began to blackmail. How did he do it? That's how:

On his blog, he began to publish negative feedback on popular SEO-offices and Internet entrepreneurs working in the field of site optimization. But these were not just negative feedback, but almost the most rude treasures in which the guys were accused of income lies to their customers. One of these companies was SEOLIB.

Here is an example:

After the publication, Arbian turned to editors Cantor and blackmailed them. He promised to remove feedback, instead of money reward. Cool smile

And here is the example:

In fact, Arbita Never confessed in these acts and, even on the contrary, he tried to provide proof of the opposite, arguing this revenge by the Cantor for what he opens the truth. Here is one example:

There were several such oscillates, but as it was in fact, no one knows. We can only guess.

SEO blog Arbayten. Intellectuals and botany is prohibited

PR, he and in Africa PR! And it does not matter, you have become famous because of the Black Para, or because of the White.

The Blog of Arbayiten became famous thanks to the Black Piary. Everyone became interested to know the fighter for justice. It all became interesting to hear a non-standard opinion about the promotion of sites. Everybody has become interesting to read the texts in which the author's thought is expressed in the national language (Matnny), without any censorship and decent expressions.

Yes, that is right! You will not be able to find even one post on the blog Arbaytein, in which the Material Word is not found. smileTherefore, avid intellectuals and botanists on the blog Arba do nothing! That is, there is something, but they should be morally ready for what is happening.

When I first got to the blog Arbayten, I became somehow not in my own smileUntil now, I have never read such a blog, in whose articles and comments are used obscene words.

Initially, I was disgusting to see this and I closed the blog at that time. But ... What are we all strange people? Why do we pull to watch and read all sorts of vulgarity and nasty?

I have long read Axomo that it is bad news that attracts the bulk of the audience to TV and radio. If only the news spoke only about fluffy, floweries and kids, it would be not enough that this news canal would have earned a sufficient rating.

So, here, I still returned to the blog of Aribatein and moreover, I could not leave him for two hours smile

Suddenly, for himself, I was very comfortable to read articles, stuffed with obscenery, watering mud on other webmasters, charges of most bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs in non-professionalism and misunderstanding the essence of the blog and business.

On the one hand, reading such byski, in the depths of the soul I felt very awkward, but on the other hand ... I received an incredible pleasure from the read. Here is a two-limit smile

What is the best way to promote sites according to Arbayten, or a new look at SEO

If you still adhered to the Optimization SEO rules, which are written by all Runet Experts, then reading Articles of Arbaytein, you will hear the opposite opinion.

I do not mean the opposite of banal optimization laws, such as:

  • Tytles and meta tags should be unique for each page.
  • Efficient use of titles to H1-H6 articles
  • Description of pictures (Alt)
  • Etc.

About this and so everyone knows. I'm talking about a friend. For example:

  • Absolutely other vision to determine trust sites, in order to buy links. Read this article -
  • A new look at the effectiveness of the transfination of pages. Read it -
  • Interesting thoughts about promoting the site by links -
  • But another interesting article with internet marketing -
  • Or it is "What does not work in SEO" -
  • And finally, I give you an article Arba in which he combined all the SEO rules that need to know, in his opinion -

In fact, on the Arba blog, just an incredible number of articles related to SEO and all of them are really high quality. But I have to warn you that search engines constantly change their algorithms, respectively, SEO professionals must adapt to them, this is just doing the Arb. Therefore, I advise you to read articles more or less fresh, and not published a year or two ago.

A little about business

A lot of articles related to business are also published on the Arbayite blog, both online. By the way, they are no less interesting for articles on the promotion of sites, and sometimes even more interesting.

It doesn't matter how you treat the arma, and no matter if you think it is for an expert or amateur in a particular area, but the fact that its feeding material intriguing and interesting is not to take it!

ARB is very often philosophy about Russian business and read it in one breath. For example:

  1. What is the most important when creating an online project (startup) -
  2. Basnya - as a businessman looking for a job for his site -

Well, many more others. If you want to raise the mood, then be sure to read Articles Arba about business.

Dirty reviews about ... or how Arbian responds about their competitors and not only

Finally, I left the most interesting and this is the reviews of Aribatene about different SEO companies and SEO-experts of the Runet.

I already wrote that the APC specifically runs on all his competitors, but according to him he does it not from envy, not for the sake of revenge, not from black motives, but solely for the sake of truth!

In fact, I do not know if it makes it for the benefit of the people or for the benefit of his pride, but the fact that such articles are one of the intriguing and fascinating on his blog, that's for sure! Here is a couple of such articles:

  1. Independent review of Leonid Stekhovsky -
  2. Feedback Service Seopult ( -
  3. Opinion about the company Ingeat (Ingate.Ru) -
  4. Valentin Dombrovsky - He will drive your site into ban without problems -

  5. Feedback on Service -
  6. And of course the most scandalous review of the service seolib -

There are still many such reviews. You will be able to find them without problems through the blog search.

Finally, an interview with Dmitry Krasnorutsky (Arbyaita)

I want to provide you with one interview, where the Arb touched upon some moments related to the promotion of sites. It is not new (2013) and it is possible that the information in it is already irrelevant, but you will understand what our hero looks like smile

My independent opinion about the blog Arbayten

Friends, I can write for a long time about the blog Arbayten, as it is actually special.

Despite the presence of the Mata, the Hamsky attitude to commentators, exaggerated self-assessment of the author, arrogance, unknown or justified slander and paying competitors and many more shades of gray ... I still consider the blog of the Arbayten worthy of attention!

To completely forget to say that Arbaytene has another very worthy and interesting project. Here it is - By the way, all articles published on this site are plagiarism. And despite this, the project is confidently moving in the Internet. For six months, the site reached more than 400 units of a day. What does it say? What is the uniqueness of the text not so important? What do you think about it?

That's all. The article turned out longer, but I hope it was read in one breath, as well as all articles of Arba smile

Waiting for your comments, but please - Excrace censorship !

This applies to the commentators who consider ABITEN a real goat smile

I do not argue, of course, sometimes it is, but my blog is not a blog of Aribatein and I have to respect each other, even if they do not agree.

Now everything is.

On this, I am for gooding to new meetings. Bye Bye.

Sincerely, Igor Chernomorets.

Sometimes in the speech of the head, you can hear such strange phrases as "Arbaita Schney!", "Arbiaita Und disciplinen!" Or "Arbian, Niht Schpacins!". What is "Arbian" translated into Russian? What does the boss want from you and how correctly does he answer it?

Arbeiten as verb

Arbeiten ("Arbitait") translated from German means "work". Please note: the emphasis always falls on the first syllable! Also "Arbitaita" is to work, try, engage, to act, make an effort, to be active, be busy, engaged by craft, make, train and so on.

  1. Das Herz Des Patienten Arbeitet Regelmäßig. - The patient's heart works constantly.
  2. ES IST Notwendig, Dieses Kostüm Auf Taille Arbeiten. - It is necessary to sew this costume on the waist.
  3. Der Mechanismus Arbeitet Einwandfrei. - The mechanism functions flawlessly.
  4. Der Ruderer Muste Schwer Arbeiten, Um Gegen Die Strömung Anzukommen. - The rowing had to work hard to accumulate against the flow.
  5. Der Lehrer Arbeitet Jeden Tag Mit Kindern. - Teacher is engaged in children every day.

Used arbeiten with pretexts and consoles

The use of prepositions with the verb takes place as well as in Russian: each of its importance and the possibility of application. List of prepositions used with "Arbitait":

  • Am ... arbeiten - work in ... (time, place).

Ich Arbeite Am Sonntag. - I work on Sunday.

  • Während ... Arbeiten - work during, for.

Ich Habe Während Der Ferien Gearbeitet. - I worked during the holidays.

  • Unter ... Arbeiten - work under.

ER ARBEITET UNTER DER AUFSICHT DES ChefDesigners. - He works under the guidance of the main designer.

  • In ... Arbeiten - work in.

Wir Arbeiten in Berlin. - We work in Berlin.

  • Für ... Arbeiten - work on, for.

Zwei Jahre Lang Arbeitete Sie Für Die Volkswagen AG. - For two years, she worked as a joint-stock company Volkswagen.

  • Bei ... Arbeiten - work on, in.

Arbeitest Du Bei Einer Verpackungsfabrik? - Do you work at the packaging plant?

  • An ... Arbeiten - work on.

Wir Arbeiten Alle Lange An Dem Projekt. - We all work on the project for a long time.

"Вместе мы работаем хорошо"

But "Arbitait" is not only to "work." Thanks to the filiers, the meaning of the word may change beyond recognition. Consider on specific examples:

  • EINARBEITEN - To acquaint, enter, draw;
  • Totarbeiten - Relief;
  • Emporarbeiten - Promotion of service;
  • Mitarbeiten - take part, cooperate;
  • Nacharbeiten - to catch the missed;
  • abarbeiten - process, exhaust;
  • ERARBEITEN - Make, move;
  • Hinarbeiten - seek;
  • Bearbeiten - process, develop;
  • aufarbeiten - finish;
  • AUSARBEITEN - Develop, draw up;
  • Durcharbeiten - to work out, work out;
  • Kurzarbeiten - work not full time;
  • Überaarbeiten - recycle, earn.
  1. Der Neue Kollege Muss Sich Erst EinoBeiten. - The new colleague must first enter the case.
  2. Wir Haben An Diesem Projekt Auch Mitgearbeitet. - We also worked together above this project.
  3. Sie Arbeitten Die Ganze Nacht Durch. - They worked all night.
Работать дома

Verb conjugations

Arbeiten (Arbita) is a weak verb. It means that it changes according to the basic rules for the auction of German.

In the present time (PRÄSENS) to the basis of the verb Arbeit adds:

  • The letter "E" in the third face of the only number and in the second person of the plural, since the basis of the word ends on -t;
  • The end of a weak verb, depending on personal pronouns.
Pronoun The ending Form of verb
я ICH -E. Arbeite
you du -st. Arbeitest (Work)
he she it ER / SIE / ES -t. Arbeitet (works)
we Wir. -en. Arbeiten (Work)
you Ihr. -t. Arbeitet (Work)
they are Sie. -en. Arbeiten (Work)
You Sie. -en. Arbeiten (Work)

As can be seen from the table, the ending coincide for IHR and ER / SIE / ES, as well as for Sie and Sie.

  1. Ich Arbeite Diesen Monat Sehr Viel. - I work a lot this month.
  2. Sie Arbeiten Diesen Monat Sehr Wenig. - They work very little this month.
  3. Sie Arbeitet Als Ingenieurin in Einer Fabrik. - She works as an engineer at the factory.
  4. Er Arbeitet Für Zwei. - He works for two.
Спряжение глагола arbeiten

In a simple time (Präteritum), a surfix -t- with a connecting letter "E" is added to the verb in the form of the present time:

  • Ich Arbeite (I work) - present;
  • Ich Arbeitete (I worked) - a simple time.

Also occurs and when leying the verb with the rest of the pronouns:

  • du arbeitest (you work) - du arbeitetest (you worked);
  • ER Arbeitet (it works) - Er Arbeitett (he worked);
  • WIR Arbeiten (we work) - WIR Arbeitten (we worked);
  • IHR Arbeitet (you work) - IHR Arbeitetet (you worked);
  • Sie Arbeiten (they work) - Sie Arbeitten (they worked);
  • Sie Arbeiten (you work) - Sie Arbeitten (you worked).
  1. GESTERN ARBEITETE ICH BIS IN DEN SPÄTEN ABEND. - Yesterday I worked until late evening.
  2. WIR Arbeitten Für IHN. - We worked on it.

When using the verb in the perfect and tall-valve protrusion, the word prefix is ​​added to the table and end -et. It is hidden in these times only auxiliary verb Haben. Arbeiten acquires the following form:

  • GE + ARBEIT + ET = Gearbeitet.
  1. Du Hast Diese Woche Gut Gearbeitet. - This week you coped well.
  2. Haben Sie HEUTE SCHON GEARBEITET? - Today you have already worked?
  3. Gans Hatte in der Verwaltung in Hamburg Gearbeitet. - Hans worked in the administration in Hamburg.

In the future, the verb has an ARBEITEN infinitive form. Only Werden verb is hidden, acting as auxiliary.

  1. WIRST DU BIS 22 UHR ARBEITEN? - Will you work until 10 pm?
  2. Ihr Werdet in Gruppen Arbeiten. - You will work in groups.

In the imperative inclination, the verb has only three forms.

  1. Arbeit! - Work!
  2. Arbeitet! - Work! - Appeal to several people, with each of which communication is informal.
  3. Arbeiten Sie, Bitte! - Work, please! (at a formal request).

Noun Die Arbeit.

In addition, Arbeiten (Arbita) is a noun. Die Arbeit - work, occupation, activity, etc. Emphasis always falls on the first syllable. The end of -en is added to the noun feminine clan in the multiple number. Thus, Die Arbeiten means work, classes.

  1. Die Arbeiten Sind Zu ÜBersenden An: (Die Adresse) - Works must be shipped to: (address).
  2. UNTER DER ERDE FORTSETZEN DIE ARBEITEN - Underground work continues.
Слово Arbeit из кубиков

Now you know what means "Arbitait", and therefore, you will no longer look at the chief with a misunderstanding look. Better tell him: ja, führer! ("Yes, head!") And smile.

Hello everyone. With you again I, Paul.

Today we will talk about work in South Korea.

Subscribe to the channel and put like.
Subscribe to the channel and put like.

In the previous articles, you have already learned how we flew and how we got. And now it's time to tell about the work itself. We take a little in history.

"Arbitait" - from the German language means to work. For not a certain reason, work in South Korea is called - Arbit.

In Russian speaking - just handymen. Davita will look what an arbitrary is. This is how the employment center is. You come to the sixth morning in it and wait for you to hire you. The work can get caught different, as difficult and not. From this, of course, your wage varies. According to the rules, the Arbitacle takes 10% of the dismissal earned money. It does not need to be resentment, such a rule.

It's all cool and fun, but we came to a person whom we call Sadzhan is a brigadier. There is also an employer who he hands out. Having to Korea, thought that we would make thousands of thousands of one hundred per day and after a couple of months we will go to rest and then I'll go home for a month and then.

We were very mistaken. Because of this year, the stream of cheap working on the part of Thailand, there can be only our Sadda, which was all the board up to seventy thousand volts (approximately 3700₽). In fact, we have agreed and for such money to work, while on one day we did not go for one job. On that day, in the fourth, we plunged twenty tons from local potatoes in the truck. You know, my body the next day is so sore and prayed for me about mercy, once, but paid us at 70,000.

Something incomprehensible to us.
Something incomprehensible to us.

In fact, I could not find out what we were shipped. Toli would be yes radish, toli potatoes, but it was unpleasant.

For your information. Even the Thais was indignant why they paid so little.

Today everything. Next time I will tell you that not all Koreans are bad, but the boss is still a goat.

Word arbeit cubes

С вами был, нелегальный работник Павел.

И подписывайтесь на канал и ставьте лайки если вы ждёте развязки истории.

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