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Sunday Day February 11 overshadowed the next plane crash: An-148 passenger aircraft "Saratov Airlines", flying from Moscow to Orsk (Orenburg region), collapsed shortly after takeoff in the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. On board were 65 passengers and 6 crew members. No one survived. Investigators and aviation experts are now considering a variety of versions of what happened: from bad weather conditions before the technical malfunction. In the details of the largest plane crash, from the beginning of 2018, "Lenta.ru" was sought.

Terrible news

The first information about the fact that the plane fell in the suburbs was to come around 15:00. At first, the locals reported to the service "112", which saw the burning plane fell into the field in the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. A little later, the source in emergency services confirmed that the passenger liner An-148 Saratov Airlines (flight 703), directed from the capital airport Domodedovo to Orsk (Orenburg region), disappeared from Radarov shortly after departure from Domodedovo Airport. Communication with the crew was lost. Then it became known that 71 people were on board the aircraft - 65 passengers and six crew members.

A little later, the source of "tape.ru" said that the An-148 collapsed in the field between the settlements of Zavorovo and Stepanovskoye: eyewitnesses argued that the plane caught fire in the air, and some told that the cotton was clearly heard. "There was no chance to survive the crew members and passengers," said the source of Interfax. Representatives of emergency services immediately left at the disaster - and at about 16:00 really found a broken aircraft.

Soon there was a video from the crash site An-148: the frames of the fuselage of the airliner are captured on the frames, inside which you can see postal stacks (it was initially reported that the aircraft could belong to the Russian Post, but this information was not confirmed).

According to emergency services, the victim's wreck of An-148 for aviation standards was considered almost new. He made his first flight less than eight years ago and flew a bit. Previously, the aircraft was operated in the Russia Airlines, where he performed, including foreign flights. The air vessel was then transferred to Saratov Airlines under the Subsiding Agreement.

Ghost Helicopter

Soon after emergency staff began inspection of the disaster, a source in law enforcement agencies told Lente.ru, which fragments only 50 bodies of the dead were found. Later, there was information that the wreckage of the second aircraft was found not far from the place of the fall of the AN-148. According to another source of "tape.ru", they were a helicopter. At the same time it was assumed that the cause of the catastrophe was a collision with the helicopter of the Russian Post. However, this version has not received official confirmation.

"We do not have their helicopters," the representative of the "Post of Russia" said. He explained to the crash of envelopes with letters on the site by the fact that on board the fallen aircraft there was a small bag with a mail correspondence weighing about 20 kilograms. Later, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations also denied the version with the helicopter: the rescuers have sought the area in the catastrophe area and did not find anything that at least remotely could resemble the helicopter details.

Not lucky with weather

Currently, traditional reasons are checked in such cases: weather conditions, crew error and technical malfunction. According to the refined FlightRadar24 data, immediately before the loss of the An-148 signal, it decreased from 1900 to 975 meters in less than a minute, although the pilot, on the contrary, was supposed to gain height. Now the investigation will have to find out what exactly was the cause of a sharp decline.

If we talk about the "weather" version of the accident, then for her last Sunday had every reason. According to the service "Yandex. Schedule, February 11 at Moscow airports detained about 30 flights, another 14 were canceled. So, in Domodedovo, from where the flight 703 flew from, 11 flights were detained and 11 did not fly away at all. Earlier, the Vobos weather center told RIA Novosti that cloudy weather was expected in the metropolitan region on February 11 and the air temperature up to minus 6 degrees. Below is the data of the synoptic radars of the Yandex service. Weather "at 15:00 (the moment of the crash of the An-148) at the crash site.

Meanwhile, Ren TV TV channel reported that the broken An-148 was not treated with anti-icing fluid: the aircraft captain was allegedly refused. Usually, the airport's technical services are carried out such work so that when you take a break on the case of the aircraft, it is not formed to find. As a rule, this procedure is mandatory if the temperature is close to zero.

System error

The version that the catastrophe occurred due to errors during the operation of the aircraft, is one of those that the consequence will surely work first. For this, it seems there is every reason.

The source of the Moscow Komsomol Center in Rostransnadzor said that last year's testing of the An-148 crashed in the Moscow region discovered disorders. In particular, experts established the fact of violation of the periodicity of oil replacement in gearboxes and washing the air starter filter. According to the maintenance program, the frequency of these works should be 375 flight hours, but by the An-148-100V aircraft (the onboard number RA-61704) were carried out with a periodicity of 750 hours. How critical these violations could be, to respond to experts.

Shortly after the catastrophe, social network users began to talk about the problems with which they had to face with the flights from Saratov Airlines. They were quite a lot.

According to His Instagram Natalia Barankov (Moscow1yoga), once she was transplanted to "loosen, killed" Yak-42, although initially the flight was to be performed on Embraer's liner. Some chairs did not take a vertical position, as required by security rules, the belt was not fastened.

"I prayed all two hours flights (...). We were shaking and got dark than on the American slides, and on landing the chassis gave out such a knock and grinds, as if the plane just ruffles on pieces, "she writes. - I wrote statements, they were not enough, apparently. "

Another customer Instagram Ani Muradyan (make_up_aniko) told about a similar situation during flights to Orsk and back. "He [plane] is absolutely not suitable for flights! The whole loose, killed, when takeoff and landing, terrible sensations, since the sounds are not characteristic of this vehicle. Only where are those who let such aircraft look at the lane? " She is indignant.

"Yes, what is happening there, all the 2.5 years all my flights began and ended in equally - prayer," adds Ani Muradyan.

"Tomorrow it was planned to fly by the same flight, but there were no tickets, we were not flying to Orsk, but in Orenburg, further on the crosses, yesterday I was not glad to this option, but now I think otherwise," writes Olga Viktorovna (O_L_G_A.V) .

The investigation will show

Soon after the tragedy, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the head of state instructed the government to investigate the aircraft crash in the Moscow region.

"The president instructed the government to create a special commission in connection with the plane crash in the Moscow region," said the sands. - Putin also gave instructions to the relevant departments for the necessary search work. " The Peskov added that the president expressed condolences to his relatives and loved ones and canceled the working trip to Sochi: it was done "taking into account the possible need to coordinate the work of the government commission."

It is already known that the Special Commission was headed by the Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov. In addition, the CPU Causes Investigation Commission has formed an Interstate Aviation Committee. Of course, they did not remain in the side of the security forces: the Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor's Office and the Southern Transport Prosecutor's Office also began checking.

"In the course of the inspection, an assessment will be assessed by compliance with the requirements of legislation in the implementation of the maintenance of the aircraft and the work of dispatching services," the Prosecutor General noted.

Those who gone

On the evening of February 11, the press service of the helicopter search and rescue squad "Angel", which participated in the operation, told TASS that the rescuers did not find the An-148 aircraft survivors in the suburbs. According to the source of the agency, everyone who was on board died. EMERCOM of Russia published a list of passengers and crew members of the flight 703 Moscow - Orsk "Saratov Airlines".

Crew members:

1. Gubanov Valery, aircraft commander2. Gambaryan Sergey, second pilot3. Kuzmin Oleg, technician4. Gavrilov Sergey, Technician5. Slavian Anastasia, Stewartes6. Koval Victoria, Stewartes


1. Anokhin Victor2. Anokhina Zoya3. Dmitrienko Julia4. Gahramanov Namig5. Karpushkin Anatoly6. Karpushina Tatiana7. Kiselev Ekaterina8. Klava Yuri9. Cleaning Anatoly10. Short Evgeny11. Kovkuga Lyudmila Sergeevna12. Leonova Olga13. Levanov Evgeny (child) 14. Levanov Evgeny (1979) 15. Sergosko Alexander16. Sevoyan Warsik17. Sinitina Tatiana18. Vedenkin Maria19. Aknazarov Tamerlan Turbekovich20. Alexandrov Ilya21. Alekseenko Cristnia Nikolaevna22. Boykova Ekaterina Mikhailovna23. Bulatova Lily24. Vedibenko Ilya Vladimirovich25. Gaussb Alfia Aksamovna26. Grachev Alexey Evgenievich27. Drishova Irina28. Gromov Igor29. Davydova Elena Vasilyevna30. Dolbin Viktor31. Dropsy Margarita32. Ivanov Vyacheslav Anatolyevich33. Ilyonov Evgeny34. Kalashnik Marina Aleksandrovna35. Karmaleev Boris Aleksandrovich36. Khodtitskaya Antonina Ivanovna37. Krasova Hope (child) 38. Krasova Oksana39. Puradov Oleg40. Machneva Svetlana41. Meshcheryakova Natalia42. Misovikov Christina43. Nazarov Maxim44. Nasyrov Ekaterina Pavlovna45. Nikitenkova Galina46. Nikitchenko Aleksey47. Nikolaenko love48. Normandovich Alexander49. Normantovich Vladimir50. Panchenko Sergey51. Poletas Ilya Sergeevich (child) 52. Radchuk Inna Evgenievna53. Remarchuk Vladimir54. Sleep Ulyana55. Staby Ilya56. Tolkachev Vyacheslav57. Tolkachev Ivan Vladimirovich58. Tolkacheva love59. Tolmasova Daria60. Tulkubaev Firgat Rinatovich61. Urazaeva Marina62. Usachev Vladimir Pavlovich63. Khokhlova Olga Anatolyevna64. Tsigichko Olga65. Yamaev Yuri.

Rescuers opened a hotline for relatives and loved ones: 8-800-775-17-17. The operational staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is located at Domodedovo Airport.

Почему упал самолёт ТУ 154, летевший в Сирию?

At the end of 2016, in the morning of December 25, the tapes of all news agencies have stacked the terrible headlines about the crash of the airliner, which belonged to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which collapsed into the Black Sea, 2 minutes after the airport from the airport in Adler.

This catastrophe was doomed to become the most mysterious in the history of Russia, because it is so accepted - everything that concerns military details remains secret for seven seals. Sadness and that even if the reason is named, it is unlikely to make the honesty and truthfulness of commissions that are engaged in the investigations of the incident.

The chronology of the event of that terrible morning is as follows:

Tu-154B-2 board made a flight on the route Moscow (airfield Chkalovsky) - Latakia (Syria). According to the flight plan, it was assumed to make refueling in Mozdok, but the weather conditions at the airport did not allow this to do, with the result that the liner landed in Adler

When the plane was refused, he flew out of Sochi - it happened at 05:25 in the morning. After two turns, 90 degrees to the right on board the aircraft took the course east towards the Caspian Sea, trying to dial height. However, just 2 minutes later - at 05:27, the plane disappeared from the screens of radar devices.

The board collapsed into the sea with a left rase of 1.6 kilometers from the coast and 6 kilometers from the runway. All those who were on board 92 people, including 65 soloists and employees of the Academic Ensemble named after A.V. Alksandrov, as well as a well-known civil activist - President of the Foundation Elizabeth Glinka, died. Also among the dead were three TV channels (NTV, Star, Channel One).

Почему упал самолёт ТУ 154, летевший в Сирию?

Among the possible causes of the disaster were called technical malfunction and errors of the crew or overload, but the FSB immediately made a statement that neither chemical nor explosive loads were not transported on board the cracked liner, and it was also refuted that the cause of the catastrophe could be overloaded.

The closeness of the investigation leaves many options for thinking, why did the plane fell, which was technically correct?

Among other things were called the versions of the terrorist attack. The version was also announced that in the cockpit (in the chair of the second pilot, which was carried out by the takeoff) was an extraneous person, not trained and not allowed to fly, which confused levers, removing the flap and leaving the chassis.

Also, in March 2017, it was announced that in fact the liner did not fall-one crashed when planting water in the controlled flight (instead of continuing the set of height, the commander began a decline). In this regard, the cause of the disaster could be the disorientation of the pilot in space: in the history of aviation, there are cases when the crew, carrying out aircraft in the dark without visible landmarks could not adequately assess their location relative to the Earth. Already six months after the tragedy, the Ministry of Defense of Russia reported, as it seems, the final version of the catastrophe, confirming its March conclusions:

«According to the results of the investigation, it was established that the cause of the incident could be a violation of the spatial orientation (situational awareness) of the aircraft commander, which led to its erroneous actions with aircraft control authorities »

And a year ago, on December 25, 2017, a message appeared on the website of the official website of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in which, in particular, the following says:

«The investigation of the criminal case, initiated by the aviation catastrophe on December 25, 2016 Tu-154 aircraft in the area of ​​the airport of Sochi, continues in the procedure established by Russian legislation »

In this place it is appropriate to use the phrase "the continuation should", however, most likely, we do not know the true reasons, since our fantasy is always rich in reflections and speculation, and we do not believe anyone. In the dry residue 92, human destinies found peace in the Black Sea.

Почему упал самолёт ТУ 154, летевший в Сирию?

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Загадка падения пассажирского авиалайнера с неожиданной разгадкой.

December 19, 1997 Silkair's Boeing 737-36n airliner fulfilled the flight MI 185 on the route Jakarta - Singapore, but 35 minutes after the takeoff, being at cruising height (10,650 meters), for unidentified reasons, collapsed into the Musi River in the vicinity of Palembang Southern Indonesia. There were no signs of disaster and messages about breakdowns from the crew. The blow of the surface of the river was such a force that there was practically nothing from the airliner. All 104 people on board - 97 passengers and 7 crew members - died. Subsequently, it was possible to identify only seven.

Investigation of the reasons for the MI 185 disaster, the Indonesian National Committee on Transport Safety (NTSC) and the US National Transport Safety Council (NTSB) took place. The purpose of such investigations is always the detection of the technical fault of the aircraft, which entailed a catastrophe, in order to eliminate them in the aircraft of the same model and prevent such damage in the future. It's like a puzzle: to assemble the details of the fallen aircraft, study them for possible breakdowns and failures and, finally, collect the whole puzzle into a single whole, finding out what, how and where it went wrong.

Freaks of flight MI 185.

Version 1. From the beginning, the investigators believed that the disaster was due to the malfunction of the height of the height - this problem at Boeing 737 has already led to several catastrophes. True, a year before the events described, Boeing corrected problems in the steering wheel of height on all its aircraft, but maybe not to the end? Search detachments, fortunately, managed to find the wreckage of the height of the collapsed airliner, they were found not in the river itself, but in the forest a few kilometers from the place of falling the aircraft. However, the considered steering wheel, as the examination showed, was working, he was torn off at the fall, but he himself was not the cause of the catastrophe.

The Botovy's retrieved from the river was sent to Washington to decryption. But it turned out that a speech recorder who recorded all the conversations in the cockpit of pilots, turned off 6 minutes before the catastrophe, and the parametric recorder, who recorded all the technical parameters of the flight (speed, height, etc.) turned off a minute before the fall. All testimony and conversations recorded by them were completely ordinary, nothing pointed to some breakdowns or freelance situations.

Version 2. Side recorders can disconnect due to short circuit in the power chain. Maybe the plane crash occurred due to a short circuit, as a result of which not only the registrars themselves turned off, but also the entire aircraft management system? In the event of a short circuit of the speech scheduling system, the automatic on the dashboard is triggered behind the pilots, its sound is well heard, and the pilots usually simply switch the toggle switch to re-run power. Investigators conducted an experiment: they staged a short circuit in the chain of a speech recorder, after which he turned off, and then listened to his recording. It turned out that after the closure, the recorder wrote down a couple more seconds and the sound of the shielding automaton of protection was clearly heard on his record. However, there was no such sound on the recording of a speech science of the fallen aircraft. Therefore, the reason for the disconnection of the recorders and the aircraft crash itself was not short circuit.

Version 3. Find out the malfunction which of the thousands of parts of the airliner entailed such a sudden drop was difficult due to the fact that during the fall, the aircraft crashed on a lot of small fragments, some of which did not find it, and it was difficult for these debris whether it was difficult to say whether The moment of the fall of the one or another part of the aircraft was very difficult. Then the investigators decided at the aviation simulator Boeing 737-36n to simulate the failures of various aircraft systems and check the resulting drop paths with the Flight path of the flight MI 185, which the control tower radar recorded. The problem was that all modeled refuses gave a path to fall, different from the one on which MI 185 fell - she was very cool - the plane went down sharply, overturned, switched to almost vertical dive and fell at a huge speed, less than 30 Seconds overcoming sound barrier (1200 km / h).

Thus, all versions about technical faults were rejected by the investigative group.

Version 4 and last. Everything pointed out that in death, the aircraft was sent by someone deliberately, and this someone had previously turned off the on-board recorders (according to the instructions to do it categorically forbidden). In addition, if the voice recorder is disconnected independently, the sound of the switchable toggler is so quiet that it is subsequently not heard on the record. The recording of the speech recorder ended with the fact that the captain came out of the cockpit of pilots, leaving the second pilot in it alone.

Investigators began to carefully study the personalities of pilots: the aircraft commander (FCC) - 41-year-old Tsu Veimin, Singapore. An experienced pilot was served in the Air Force of Singapore, in the airline Silkair worked for 5 years and 9 months. The second pilot is a 23-year-old Duncan M. Ward, New Zealanden. An experienced pilot worked in Silkair Airlines 1 year and 4 months (from September 16, 1996). Together they flew for the first time.

On the young pilot Duncana M. Ward failed to find anything suspicious, but at Cue Weine, as it turned out, there were millions of debts because of the game on the stock exchange. All this was aggravated by the financial crisis. In addition, shortly before the fateful departure, Tsu Raymina was reduced due to the fact that he neglected the safety of passengers as a carrier, exceeding the speed, for example, when landing. In addition, as it turned out that the day of the plane crash, December 19, was a very important day for the Tsu Raymin. December 19, 1979 he, being still in the service in the Air Force, was to make a departure as part of a pilot group of fighters. But due to the malfunction of his fighter, Tsu Veimin was forced to return to the base, and all who was in the pilot group - his colleagues and friends - crashed, embarrassed into the mountain in conditions of poor visibility.

Tsu Veimin.

Apparently, in this day significant for him, December 19, Tsu Vemin decided to reduce accounts with life. He, disabling the voice recorder, perhaps called the second pilot into the salon under some kind of pretext, he himself went into the cockpit of pilots, locked there and, disabling the parametric recorder, sent the aircraft down.

The final report of the NTSC investigation was published on December 14, 2000. It indicates that the cause of the catastrophe is not installed, as the last minutes of flights were not fixed onboard recorders. As one of the NTSC investigators said: it was a political decision, because they did not like that the pilot killed everyone on board.

NTSB has published its investigation report, which indicated the cause of the catastrophe suicide of the pilot. It was the first case when NTSB challenged the decision of investigators from other countries.

Increasingly, you can hear on the news that a plane crashed in one or another region and many people died. Alas, today such disasters occur so often that many are not very surprised by such news. Some Russians believe that the crashing of airliners in their country is related to the fact that they are outdated, since they were collected during the years of the Soviet Union. However, airplanes fall in other countries to which Soviet designers have nothing to do.

Moreover, American, German and French liners are considered the most powerful and reliable. What is the reason? In general, aircraft fall absolutely for various reasons, and it is not always due to the malfunction of the aircraft itself. Quite often, the reason in the pilot itself, which manages the liner. Tell me more, why do airplanes fall and is it possible to prevent it?

почему падают самолеты

Causes of aircraft crash

In half the airfoothers guilty pilots, because they are responsible for ensuring that the plane successfully soak and landed. Cathedral often happened due to the fact that pilots could not quickly make the right solution in complex meteo conditions. Also the reason for the tragedy often became Bad well-being either flying fatigue aircraft manager.

All pilots are checked in front of the flight:

  • Health: This includes measurement of pulse, pressure and temperature.
  • The presence of alcohol or drugs in the blood using special screening testing.

In order to obtain a license and manage the aircraft, applicants for the post of pilot have to go through many medical commissions, to pass a lot of analyzes and go through a long trial period. However, as practice shows, even subject to high qualifications and experience, some make mistakes that are worth not only to them, but also passengers.

причины падения самолета

Also, the causes of incidents can be:

  1. Fault of the aircraft Or obsolescence of equipment is quite common causes of aircraft crash. Optionally old liners can be broken, quite often modern devices fall into disasters. It is very important that the plane is working, and that all of his mechanisms are in excellent condition. In the event of a breakdown of any detail, it is necessary to make careful repairs and check the device several times before sending to the flight. The terrible catastrophe occurred in 1985, when Boeing 747 ran into the Mount of Otsutak, which led to the death of 520 passengers. The reason was that the plane was badly renovated and in the air he could not cope with the obstacle.
  2. Unfavorable meteo conditions . Before sending the aircraft to the flight it is necessary that the authorized people thoroughly examine weather conditions that await him on the way to destination. In case there is a risk of thunderstorms or a strong hurricane, the flight must be transferred to another time. But often people neglect by this, resulting in disasters.
  3. Dispatcher error . For this reason, only 6% of airfire happens. Incorrect dispatcher solutions, rebooting the aircraft or pollution of fuel can also lead to a terrible tragedy.
  4. Terrorists . In situations where the aircraft must be fleeting in hot spots, there is always a risk that the terrorists can "bother". Recently, such an incident happened to the Malaysian B777 aircraft, which flew through the east of Ukraine, where the fighting continues for several years. He was shot down from the ground, which killed 298 passengers.

These reasons for the fall of the aircraft are the most common. But the story knows cases of enough terrible tragedies, the causes of which were quite unforeseen circumstances. They could be called ridiculous if they did not affect human deaths. These include:

  • A catastrophe August 25, 2010 in the Republic of Congo, when one of the passengers managed to carry on the side of the live crocodile. When he unexpectedly escaped from the bag, a panic began on board, people rushed at one end, which led to the imbalance. As a result, the plane fell and blamed 20 lives.
  • On November 23, 1993, several prisoners who escaped from prison, captured a liner, who flew from Ethiopia. They demanded to go to Australia, but did not give the airplane fuel, because of which he ended with fuel, and he fell not far from the coast. 127 people died in this tragedy.
  • In October 1996, there was no less strange and at the same time a sad incident when someone forgot to remove the tape from the sensors, because of which the instruments showed not accurate data, and the pilot could not accurately determine the speed and height of the aircraft, which led to Accidents that took 70 lives.

причины крушения самолета

Of course, any unforeseen situations may happen in the air, in which it is difficult to navigate and make the right decision. But the pilots are for both needed to guarantee a passenger a prosperous flight. No wonder they are trained in vain for many years, pass long practices and training before manageing aircraft. It is very important that the pilot is not only experienced, but also responsible, and bold. He should not be afraid of difficulties and unforeseen situations. It is also important to prepare a good aircraft to fly than specially trained people are engaged. Their obligations include careful control over the work of all systems and devices of the aircraft. They must eliminate all problems in the work of the aircraft, in order to prevent terrible consequences.

Summing up, we note that the reasons for the crash of the aircraft. However, this does not mean that they do not need to fly. As statistics shows, the number of road accidents at times exceeds the number of a plane crash, but because of this, people never ceased to ride cars. It is very important to trust only verified airlines with a good reputation, to know the rules of behavior on board and, of course, hope for the best.


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Causes of airplane crash

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