The meaning of the word boning

Oskay is a convenient case for sending, the ability to send something with a fellow traveler. Examples: "I sent a gift to a friend with a focus to St. Petersburg"; "I will send you the documents at the first base."

In a broader sense, the principle is a favorable case, a good opportunity.

At least, I decided to marry, yes, then, Marya Ivanovna is such a good young lady, that sin and mischievous.

A.S. Pushkin. Captain's daughter (1836)

In the outdated sense, the absenteeism is an unexpected, unexpected trouble. Example: "Here is Okay: the bridge failed!" (Explanatory dictionary V.I. Daly. 1863-1866).

Another outdated value is a fight, a military jack. Example: "Further in Okay, the first thing to them [Grenadiers] will be" ("All the second reporting of His Tsarist Majesty about the shelves of Granderer", 1707-1709)

Comes from the Latin word Occasio - "case, reason." In the Russian language, the Okay has come, apparently, in the XVII century from the Polish, where Okazja also means "case". The emphasis is placed on the second syllable: bona.

The Perm dialect expression "Make on I will" means "hit someone something unusual."

In the Urals, there is also a bad or unfitty thing, a capricious and non-advisable person. Examples: "Throw you to be otu"; "Himself with this body, you breed."

With a gun and soldiers. Caucasian bona

In the Caucasus in the XIX century, the coverage was called, with which travelers moved along unsafe roads. We read about it with Lermontov in the "Hero of our time", where another meaning of the word "boning" - "trouble" is being played:

I was announced that I had to live here for three more days, because the "bona" ​​from Ekaterinograd had not yet come and, therefore, it cannot be sent back. What kind of body! .. But the bad pun is not consolation for the Russian man, and I, for entertainment, didn't think to record the story of Maxim Maximich about Bale, without imagining that he would be the first link of the long chain of the AR; See how sometimes an uncomfortable case has brutal consequences! .. And you may not know what "boning" is? This cover, consisting of a polytone of infantry and guns, with whom there are calls through the cabin from Vladykavkaza in Ekaterinograd.

M.Yu. Lermontov. "Hero of our time" (1838-1840)

Military Georgian road near Mtskheta (at the merger of Aragvi and Kura). Picture M.Yu. Lermontova (1837)

Similar boring and other memories of the Caucasus are mentioned. Depends from Georgia to Russia. Popii go slowly, since their convoy from infantry. Already it was not far to the fortress, with a vest or something like one of the passengers of Okay, Baron Firks, wanting to come back to the place, gave spurs a horse [and was captured by the mountaineers].

A.S. Gangleblov. "Memories" (1827)

Synonyms for the word principle

Since the word "principal" has many values, then synonyms can be chosen to each of them: the ability, convenient case, chance, incident, business, history, passage, event, fact, episode, incident, surprise, absurdity, misunderstanding.

Examples of use

Mail is sent twice a week, and visitors are joined: this is called the focus. A.S. Pushkin. "Journey to Arzrum during the campaign of 1829" (1835)

The pellets of the right wing stopped, seeing that unforeseen boring was really happened: Barin was confused on the network. N.V. Gogol. "Dead Souls" (1842)

Here is the principle! I will endure such in vain. A.N. Ostrovsky. "His people are despicable" (1849)

I hear the word "tagger", giggling ... about me, it means that they say ... what kind of body? Doesn't your tie unleashed? A.P. Chekhov. "TAPER" (1885-1886)

But Perry felt that the governor would not send his letter with the next body or spare him in a treasury bag and would send him to the secret Petersburg order. A.P. Platonov. "Epifanic Gateways" (1927)

Only anyone, what kind of principle will happen to us on the road - I do not answer anything! M.A. Sholokhov. "Raised virgin" (1959)

Taking advantage of the body, I am writing you about two things ... L.K. Chukovskaya. Letters k.I. Chukovsky (1962-1969)

Got it, probably, in the same day, the same day to transfer two notes. Danisy Granin. "Zub" (1987)

Converting one day I will force, Uncle Misha delayed the Material Chastushka at the funeral. Andrei Gelasimov. "Razguleevka" (2008)

In short, I send you this letter and cassettes. Ekaterina Complete. "High" (2012)

Popalia is a word that now rarely hear, so it makes sense to tell about it, remind immediately about two of its values. We also consider the origin, synonyms and make up proposals that will serve simultaneously by examples of Pocay.


Polish language more than once and did not existed Russian. True, when it happened, none of us will not remember. We, carriers of Russian, are familiar only with the results of their interaction. The word "principal" came to us from Polish in the distant XVII century. There is a "case" in it. Comes from Latin Occasio - "opportunity, case", noun, in turn, is formed from the verb Occidere - "Fall".

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Our language took something from the Latin ancestor, at least one value in the explanatory dictionary indicates a close logical connection between the "Occasion" and the "possibility" in Russian. Turn to the source.

Explanatory Dictionary and suggestions

We will not postpone affairs in a long box, and we immediately move on to the value of the word "principal":

  1. A convenient case for sending, sending something with someone.
  2. Rare, unusual case, surprise (outdated and colloquial).

As a rule, you can hear the second meaning in everyday speech, but rarely, because the word is already extremely increasing. The first value is practically not used, it is preferred by various replacements that will be presented in the next section, but as long as we will see examples of proposals with the word "boring":

  • Peter thought, how to ship books in the United States, and realized that he needed a bond to fulfill his intention.
  • Ilya Ilyich went out on the street without an umbrella - and suddenly it was raining, this is such a boring happened.
  • Igor came to the hotel, but all the rooms were busy, and he had to spend the night in the lobby. That's what unexpected business trips mean, some boring will happen in them.

Examples and language practices are pushing to the idea that the principle is predominantly an accident, circumstance. An unexpected success is usually not called.

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Of course, it is too early to say that the noun "boning" will soon completely come out of circulation, but the synonyms do not interfere with it, especially since few people are conspicuous now. The synonyms list is:

  • happening;
  • possibility;
  • incident;
  • history;
  • Casus.

Only the brightest and most worthy of the list came to the list. All of them will be able to replace the object of research if necessary and often do it in a regular conversation. Because the noun "principle" (and it is regrettable) is now unpopular.

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