Smart answers and phrases to insult

How harmless and competently send a person to humiliate it, phrases:

Stew from your claim will not be counted - you are not like a normal person)))

I would send you, yes I see - you are from there!

Yeah ... with such humor you will go far, ha, ha)

Say something else, I haven't seen such fools yet, it's surprisingly interesting where did you get this?

I do not know what you eat for breakfast, but it really works, intelligence strives for zero!

You probably hugged my mother as a child, so you're so angry? Let me hug you ...

Are you an hour not a ram on a horoscope?

Are you painted blonde or natural fool?

You remind me of the ocean ... I'm also sick of you.

You did not scare you in childhood?

Do you pick up your teeth? Or two eyes are luxury?

Why don't you do the salvation of nature? I have a familiar surgeon he can sterilize you. Stay calm

Yes, who marries her! Suicide is not in fashion.

Your sense of humor in the stages of conception.

Just do not remove headphones from the ears. God forbid the brain from the inside.

Why did you get that I scare you? I, what, mirror, or what?

Yes ... I dropped a stork on the road.

You hear you, raw materials for photoshop. Let's go without mutual insults

The only thing about what you can have enough mind is to make ashes from the cigarette.

Correctly do that giggle. You do not laugh with your teeth!

If idiots were able to fly, then your whole family would have to live on the airfield.

You had to wear a red blouse. Under the color of your eyes.

Get under the hot hand - you will fly under the hot foot.

Another beep with your platform, and your dental composition is touching.

How much interesting you are talking! What a pity that it interests me little.

If I had pleasure to communicate with ..., I would have had a dog for a long time.

Let's get under the hot hand - fly under the hot leg

If Debilism was a deadly disease, you would have been buried in childhood.

Why did you get that I scare you? I, what, mirror, or what?

Madhouse on the road, psychos in nature!

Teeth are not hair, fly out - you can't catch.

So did you play Shrek in the movie? You need to be silent only in three cases

Are you a joker? Look a joke, do not eat!

You can in the kunstkamera and in life!

Looking at you I begin to understand that nothing human God is alien.

You make mek-up a la valuev.

You just think very bad about people if you think they are equal to you.

Your mind eclipse is capable of flying light.

Want to feel the star? Sit on the tree and the star how much will fit. Do not be offended by insults

How much interesting you are talking! What a pity that it interests me little.

You are no longer jealous, otherwise I am with a laugh ...

I bet, you conceived a dispute!

To shock me, you will have to say something clever.

And you I see, the fool ... - And you see you feel bad!

I would send you, yes I see - you are from there!

Are you a blouse (shirt) under the mouse specifically wet?

The article answers the question - how to correctly send a person to not humiliate it, phrases for this.

You will be quite able to insult a person, even being with him on "you". For this, it is not necessary to switch to mate words or direct insults. It is enough one witty phrase. Therefore, you can even say that, so you will send a person culturally.

  • Already go? Why so slowly?
  • I am too busy person to pay attention to your complexes.
  • Shock me, tell me at least something smart.
  • It seems that you have never passed youthful maximalism.
  • You would often be silent, you would have gone for smart.
  • I hope that you are not always so stupid, but only today.

And yet, most likely, you understand that in the case when we insult someone else, it is quite difficult to talk about any level of culture. Often, such conversations are simply rolled into an ugly pass.

How to learn sarcamum using bold funny words

How to cultivate a person

Having learned to use the bold and funny expressions to the place, you probably, in a close circle, find the glory of a person with a good sense of humor and owning sarcasm technique. But it is important not to forget that the audacity can be fraught with the consequences, and such phrases you can provoke the interlocutor on an unpredictable reaction.

  • Go, plunge, rest. Why, at least on the rails.
  • It would be possible to offend you, of course, but nature has already coped for me.
  • No one scares you, you will be afraid of the mirror.
  • Your mouth would not hurt the stapler.
  • Well, I gave it to the chain, now go to the booth.

We comprehend the art of sarcasm

And yet it is important to note that people who know how to express in a sarcastic form, do not always apply this skill, trying to offend someone or humiliate. Often, sarcasm sounds in the case when some nontrivial situation commented on - then it looks funny and organically.

It is almost impossible to comprehend the art of sarcasm to the person, whose vocabulary is not distinguished by a special diversity, and the horizon is quite limited. That is why it is worth reading and learn more. Watch: "The authors who write with humor." As you yourself understand that truly "sharp" phrases are compiled in any case from words whose diversity you can learn from intellectual films and books. By the way, examples, some witty phrases can also be seen in the books. In the extreme case, stay sarcastically in people who earn their lives with their jokes - we are talking about participants and leading various comedy television shows.

How to cultivate a person

If you want to play a truly witty person, do not repeat the mistake that is peculiar to many novice joker or people who blame themselves. Hearing or subtracting some interesting joke or a funny expression, they periodically repeat it, in order to laugh in the interlocutor. The first couple of times it can be really funny, but later people are already beginning to smile simply from politeness, and it is until the time before. As you understand, the master of sarcasm is simply unacceptable to associate from anyone with a paved plate

What is the alternative to the use of mat and obscene expression? How to send a negative and unpleasant person, but do not use the mat? The best answers to insults, allowing to be asked and plug by anyone. Show who is here dad and who is the main thing here.

How to react to rudeness in time, aggression and negative? How to lower people to the plinth level with alone cultural words and without dirty expressions? Use sarcasm, intelligence and sense of humor.

Propy cultural phrases without mat, which allow you to shut up any fountain of eloquence. A list of witty, funny and strong phrases that are intelligible to explain to man his place. Speak it with a smile so that it came to a person, as far as he beat him.

How to cultivate a person? 120 examples

How to cultivate a person without a mat?

"Never argue with idiots. You go down to their level where they will ask you with your experience. " American writer and journalist Mark Twain

1. Sorry, but today I am too busy for useless communication.

2. From the point of view of banal erudition, you do not enter the framework of my competence.

3. You are from those people with whom it is very nice to say goodbye.

4. Go to the forest, stroll and raise air.

5. Further, with you, I consider it inappropriate.

6. You are too annoying. This is not appropriate.

7. I am indifferent to the opinion of foreign people.

How to get away from the conflict?

8. Did you forget to take your medicines?

9. You are deeply indifferent (indifferent).

10. You feel bad about people, since you compare them with you.

11. Let's behave like adults, and not unclear who.

12. As Anatoly Papanov said: "As our expensive chief says, if a person is idiot, then it is for a long time!"

How to cultivate a person? 120 examples

13. Why should I listen to your opinion?

14. Your mental designs and swells do not interest me at all.

15. I do not consider you stupid, but I can be wrong.

16. Please do not distract me.

17. Sorry what I say when you interrupt me.

18. As an individual you did not interest me.

19. You probably already leave?

20. Better we would be unfamiliar.

21. Do you always talk in such a manner?

22. Forced to retire and leave you with your opinion alone.

23. Goose Pierns is not a comrade. We have nothing to discuss with you together.

24. Did you say something, I did not hear? (after a long monologue of the interlocutor)

25. With all respect, but ...

26. You are not competent to argue on similar topics.

27. Is that all you wanted to say?

28. That's why this is spoken about you. Now everything is clear.

29. Every person has the right to their opinion. But my right is not to listen to nonsense.

30. Your criticism and words are not interested. Let's goodbye.

31. We are very "important" to know your opinion.

32. Let's not break silence if the words do not adorn it.

33. For what purpose do you ask this question?

34. Judging by the words in your soul, an imbalance, which speaks of a failed person.

35. I have no desire and time to listen to different nonsense.

36. I want to concentrate on affairs, and not empty communication.

37. You called a feeling of disappointment and indifference.

38. The coefficient of your mental development does not show my desire to discuss.

39. I culturally and politely ask you to disappear from my horizon.

40. Do not continue your speech, I have already concluded about you.

How to cultivate a person? 120 examples

41. If you are not satisfied with the answer, then this does not mean that this is not an answer.

42. Attempt to asserted you failed.

43. Fools are confident that all fools around. I can't help you.

44. You write checks for which you can't pay.

45. I always yaw when I'm "wondering."

46. ​​Do not use the words in speech, the meaning of which you do not understand.

47. Leave your complexes with yourself.

48. Are you always talking like that?

49. Unfortunately, you have a hysteria, and I have to flare and remove.

50. I think that in your reserve always something is impartial?

51. Alas, but the volume of your phrases does not impress me.

52. I can not call you to missing logic and missing intelligence. Farewell.

53. Do not spoil your karma inadequate and uncontrolled aggression.

54. Sorry, I did not hear what you said. No, I did not ask you to repeat.

55. I did not expect anything from you, but still disappointed.

56. We are not one circle of communication and social level.

57. Good intentions, as a rule, the road to hell is wounded.

58. Leave smart phrases, humor and sarcasm. This is not yours.

59. Why should I know everything, what are you talking about?

60. God will judge us, but for now it is forced to say goodbye.

61. Remove the volume and patheunce of phrases.

62. I am above empty insults. It is indifferent to me.

63. Your conceit compete with your incompetence.

64. If you do not understand my words, let's finish a senseless conversation.

65. How to cultivate a person? Answer is monosyllast: "Yeah", "of course", "really".

How to cultivate a person? 120 examples

66. Your "deep" inner world did not impress me.

67. You are not right, so you can already go.

68. You break up feelings and unsolvable problems, but I can not support you.

69. I have a bad mood and I do not want to risk you.

70. No need to try to be clever or try to shine intellect. It looks sorry.

71. I wish you happiness exactly as much as you deserve.

72. Only from respect for your age I will be silent.

73. Let's talk about it yesterday.

74. Very "interesting." Something else?

75. Are you drunk or always behave like this?

76. Breathe deeply and calm down. I worry about you.

77. I feel sorry for people who are forced to communicate with you.

78. Let's not ask me ridiculous questions?

79. I see that you will go far and for a long time.

80. You can return your opinion back to where you removed from.

81. I am too busy to delve into the beaten phrases of mediocre.

82. Your communication reminds me of a dialect level of the nineties.

83. Leave you in your rotten Mirka alone.

84. You are not bad person, but not far away.

85. Unfortunately, your levers of influence on society are too weak.

86. I recommend you to press your nerves and complexes.

How to cultivate a person? 120 examples

87. Do not break your spears anger in vain. I'm purple.

88. It is likely that you are already offended by life. I feel sorry for you.

89. I have no desire to wipe out other people's snot.

90. Are you trying to vial internal conflict with yourself?

91. Your criticism is non-constructive and inadequate.

92. The type of your thinking and mentality is familiar to me, but I do not want to know me.

93. Unfortunately, you do not see yourself from the side.

94. Fabulous. I haven't heard such a busty for a long time.

95. Your acting skills did not impress me.

96. I suggest you abstract from my society.

How to become nimble?

97. You lived a lot of life and straightened.

98. Your perseverance does not paint you at all.

99. I understand that you are upset, but this is your personal tragedy.

100. You are a decent person, but it does not work with you.

101. Let's turn the conversation in a more decent line. Calm down and breathe deeper.

102. I will not dispel your paradoxical illusions.

103. I want to remind you that boilers are standing in hell, not a jacuzzi.

104. Your words are good, but they are far from reality, like you yourself.

105. I have no understanding for you and even more respect.

106. You are not ashamed for yourself?

107. Today in the Sun magnetic storms or is it congenital?

108. Your brain does not always have time for the work of your long language.

109. The fool still remains a fool, even if he achieves something.

110. I do not even know what you can help.

111. I am experiencing a Spanish shame (awkward for others). Do you know the expression?

112. You have not yet grown to adults and serious conversations.

113. I have never seen such people for a long time and never seen.

114. Pity degrades man, so I will not regret you.

115. Leave, and why so slow?

116. How politely hinting a person that they do not want to communicate with him?

117. I let you go, go.

What does success depend on?

How to cultivate a person? 120 examples

118. Unfortunately, I do not want to descend to insults, so I will say.

119. Did you drink yesterday? Yes?

120. My time is too expensive to spend it on cheap people.

How to send a person? Do it elegant, funny, beautiful and culturally. Show who is here dad and who is the main thing here. Do not leave evil unpunished.

Some of these phrases you could see. But this is not a reason not to read them again, because they are constantly forgotten. To do this, we have prepared for you a file (at the end of the article), which you can download and watch phrases through the phone at a convenient moment for you. Just when you need to urgently find the appropriate answer. In general, learning how to handle beautifully and answer rudeness.

Learning how to heat up beautifully😤 - 200 non-standard answers

Ordinary answers

Universal answers against fun. When I do not want to invent anything.

  • Thank you for the conversation.
  • You are definitely right.
  • You are rude to me.
  • We better finish this conversation.
  • I think you always have something unpleasant in your reserve.
  • Hamit is not necessary.
  • Why do you need me?
  • Are you always talking like that?
  • Are you OK?
  • May calm down.
  • Breathe deep.
  • Let's talk to a normal tone / like cultural people.
  • I would translate our conversation into a more decent line or finished it.
  • We are adults, let's behave accordingly.

Answers against joker

When someone decided to joke on you.

  • "So we fell to the bottom of your wit!" - Any answer is "but no, now I got poured!".
  • It would be funny, but not.
  • Your sense of humor in the stages of conception.
  • Jealous quiet, otherwise I'm ashamed.
  • Jokes jokes, but your no.
  • To truly laugh at the failed joke, I remember your face.
  • About your jokes and cut shortly.
  • You're smoking too flat for your weight!
  • Better sporing. All vocabulary is spent.
  • (After the "successful" joke) Ahaha! Meach me, man-anecdot.
  • You are so sharp! Surely, I was preparing all night.
  • You joke about me, but a real joke played life with you.
  • Contact an oncologist. You have cancer sense of humor.
  • The joke knocked, but did not enter.
  • Oh, I seem to jerked in shit. But no, this is your joke.
  • Your wit as two fingers. It also causes vomiting.
  • Your wit can be vein open ...
  • Haha. So funny. Yes, you are a real troll.
  • It was a joke? Well, then go on.
  • Are you so witty, don't you prick in forehead?

Phrases about intellect, logic and brain

Remind Hamu that he is stupid.

  • Think - it does not hurt.
  • None of you fool does not, this is completely your initiative.
  • Well, is it like that? You, it seems, thought and still stupid said!
  • Nothing wrong. Medusa live without brain.
  • Brain defects do not smear the brain.
  • I do not know what you were guided, but I exclude logic immediately.
  • Your logic can be sent to the front. -Why? - She kills.
  • With your intuition only to predict, in what hand watermelon ...
  • I would fight with you in intellectual battle, but I am afraid that you have no weapon.
  • In fact, it is primitive and trite, but in your case will come for deep and original thought.
  • You are direct evidence that a person can live without brains.
  • And you are smarter than telling you!
  • Caution, do not fall from the level of conceivment on the level of your intelligence, otherwise you will break.
  • I understand that your brain is perfectly smooth.
  • Judging by the expression of the face, the information did you in the head and hopelessly still the brain.
  • And do not try to fold the words in the sentence. Not yours, buddy, not yours ...
  • Check the language connected to the brain.
  • Think - it's not yours! But stupidity is your best friend!
  • Well, come on, shine with the mind - the answer is Lord, I am blinded at me.
  • Carry a microscope! Now we will not see his brains.
  • I thought you were crazy about me ... It turned out to be crazy about me ...
  • I do not even know what you eat in the morning. But this definitely does not improve your intelligence.
  • The needle of the mind will be worse.
  • My God, what are you so straight.
  • Your mind is enough, only to make peel from the seeds.
  • Are you so smart, doesn't you like a skull?

Answers against fun / offenders

When someone is trying to insult.

  • I saw shit, but for the first time I see it to me Hamilo ...
  • Only equal can offend, and you are not even me, the brains are not enough.
  • I am above your insults.
  • Decided to settle me? And preserved before that did not forget?
  • Dullness and rudeness - synonyms for you.
  • How do you talk to me? Where did you think these words? At the city dump, or what?
  • I have your mouth, the strayek is reminded: always open and inside the woman rude sits
  • You are not so beautiful to Kamit.
  • Lack of mind do not need to compensate for rudeness.

Answers - Threats


  • Come on, you just leave the world. Go away? Good ... Release Dogs.
  • Do you know what "UPPERCOT" is? - What? - Just you are now in step from this great knowledge ...
  • You will do it again, remember this time for a long time.
  • This insult will be the last in your life.
  • Teeth are not hair. Flew - you can't catch.
  • You're so clever. And I am strong - once behaved in the rod, the second - on the lid of the coffin.

Degrating responses

Learning how to go beautiful. Unite Hama.

  • You look great! Scum yesterday?
  • Let me tell you one story, after which you will become a complete idiot. Although no, I see, you have already heard this story.
  • Do not be afraid, I will not beat you. Nowadays for the beating of animals, you can get! "
  • Okay, you won, you have a chromosome more.
  • Why do you look at me like a stupid? I'm not your reflection.
  • You are at the bottom of the ocean. You have nowhere to fall.
  • Even fate makes mistakes. One of them is you.
  • To humiliate you too nagged on my part, you have a life and so did not chill batte.
  • I do not even know how to help you. Want to give you empty bottles?
  • Here you are a person and decent, and modest, - but do not know how to show it.
  • Who are you? I know, I know - you are nobody.
  • You are coming Make-U-A la morquel.
  • You remind me the ocean. I'm already beginning to sick.
  • I agreed with the kunstkamera worker. He said that he would let you go there.
  • I believe in virtue of the human person, but you can see, not a person.

For people with overwhelmed self-esteem

Someone is very pontoon?

  • No one forbids you to consider yourself to the king of the mountain, but I ask, know my hill.
  • Self-esteem lower, do not match.
  • Hey man. Brightness to dub!
  • I am without Ponte Post, and you with Pontales free!
  • Roggle to correct - Paphos Potoch!

Funny answers

Poisonous cool phrases.

  • What they feather, it has grown.
  • Make focus, dissolving in the air.
  • Born you called a condom.
  • Go Pilia, rest. Preferably on rails.
  • Pens-legs folded and swam downstream ... poop ...
  • I am glad that you splashhed all the shit that you inside ... Finally, a place appeared for something good!

Answers Questions

Answer a question.

  • Why does your tongue work faster than brain?
  • You have tried to sink or just used long words, the meaning of which is not clear to you?
  • Listen, you could not miss the words not only through your mouth, but through the brain?
  • Are you stupid or yes?
  • And when will the amount of your words go into quality?
  • Do you really believe that such replicas raise you in the eyes of others?
  • I look, do you understand the words badly? Now I will try to explain on your fingers - do you see my middle finger well?
  • Why did you get that I scare you, what kind of mirror?
  • Are you an hour not a ram on a horoscope?
  • Are you always so nasty, or today some special day?
  • Are you from the principle ignore common sense or do you have a personal hostility to him?
  • And your satisfaction knows what are you here?
  • Have you already called your psychotherapist?
  • Where are these bred?
  • How to send you? Honestly or intelligent?
  • What, I sank the ax my stupidity and now brag?
  • Do you think if you wonder how to yell on me, will I listen quiet?
  • You're a good boy, why do you pretend to be a moron?
  • Do you not be ashamed for yourself?

Evaluating phrases

Evaluate the situation.

  • It would be funny, but not.
  • Your sense of humor in the stages of conception.
  • Stunning! You with brilliance answered all the questions you did not ask!
  • One of the most common diseases is to diagnose.
  • Sumptuously! This is the best nonsense that I have ever heard.
  • Dropped you, you can see, stork, on the way.
  • Do not look for a deep meaning where it was not hidden.
  • How much interesting you are talking! What a pity that it interests me little.
  • You are one pack of dogs fading.
  • I see you think! I will not interfere, otherwise it happens less often than solar eclipses.
  • All you have told is, of course well, but the reality does not agree with you.
  • It is necessary to think less, but to think more!
  • Think - it's not yours! But stupidity is your best friend!
  • You know, you look like meme - first cool, then be silent.
  • There is nothing worse than a fool with the goal!
  • If you look awful, it does not mean that you need to behave the same.
  • What is the day such? Some idiots and stupid come across.
  • You now have such an important person as if you found oil in our toilet.


Be constructive.

  • You do not scatter with smart thoughts, and then the limit exhaust - there will be nothing to pass the children ...
  • The coefficient of your mental development beats off every desire to discuss with you on this topic.
  • I think you should stop the senseless air fluctuate, because our communication is destructive.
  • If I decided to argue, then speak to the end or recognize defeat. And the mat for no reason is already pathology.
  • I see no reason to continue the conversation, for we are with you on different intellectual poles.
  • As Mark Twain spoke: "Never argue with idiots. You go down to their level where they will ask you experience. " I will not argue with you to his advice and I will not argue with you.

Phrases about appearance

To joke about appearance - the last thing. But not in our case.

  • You are not so beautiful to Kamit.
  • Yes, ... you will not save the world with beauty.
  • You're joking too bad for your weight.
  • If I had such a face like yours, I would sue my parents!
  • Listen ... I saw something here. Your eyes are similar to two recruits. One mows, the second is really blue
  • Correctly do that giggle. You can't laugh with your teeth.
  • Listen, you are afraid of me for ten years!

Phrase and answer to her

For this principle, you can cook answers to any phrases.

  • "Did I miss something?" - "Yes, one step of evolution."
  • "Maybe we find a common language?" - "Of course, we will find a common language if you bite your own."
  • "I can't" (any other excuse) - "Extended - like a hole in the ass, everyone has".
  • "What are you so quiet?" - "Why am I so quiet? No one plans murders loud. "
  • "What about memory?" - "I do not wikipedia you in order to remember everything"
  • "Do you have a wind in my head?" - "But the thoughts of fresh"
  • "What are you braking?" - "Hachiko waited and you wait"
  • "Decided to see?" - "And for you what I say seems too smart?"
  • "Fu, what are you listening to shit?" - "The only shit that I listen is you"
  • "Why do you always wear black?" - "Because I am always ready for your funeral"
  • "What are you scaring me?" - "I am not a mirror to scare you."
  • "You dress too defiantly!" - "I think you look at me too much. And too went! "
  • "You're dressed like garbage!" - "Yes, you, I am not only dressed - and wound out of the garbage, I'm still from there!"

Phrases when you interrupt / you interrupt

There are such situations.

  • Sorry, I'm saying when you interrupt.
  • I do not interrupt, I'm clarified.

Phrases at a meeting / farewell

Hello. And no, while!

  • And I knew that you would return ... evil it always returns.
  • So long ago did not see you. Still not see so much!
  • You are from those people with whom it is very nice to say goodbye.

Phrases against envious

Only against the black envy.

  • No need to envy so loud!
  • Be kind, do not touch my advantages with your shortcomings.

Parent heading

I'm your mother ...

  • Do you have parents, accidentally, did not do science? And then you look like an unsuccessful experiment.
  • Your mother did not hug in childhood? Come I will give you a hug.
  • Your parents have ever asked you to escape from home?

Short answers

They are easier to remember and say.

  • Herbarium, dried ...
  • True freaks!
  • Stall.

Long and complex answers

In rare cases.

  • Among the things that are really interested in life in life, your person is somewhere between the problems of migration of the eared owl, and the peculiarities of taxation in the Congo.

Either rubric / different

Other phrases.

  • I never forget the face. But for you I will make an exception.
  • Silent - for smart to go.
  • You say so much that I begin to fear for oxygen stocks in this room.
  • If you look like a pig, then this does not mean that you need to behave accordingly.
  • Your verbal diarrhea scares me.
  • Listen to something drunk here, really this from your verbal diarrhea?
  • Do not want to save nature? I have a familiar surgeon, he can sterilize you.

Phrases 18+

Phrases with mat, vulgar and hard phrases.

Download the file below and at the end of the document you will see a list of these phrases.

Read another 65 phrases for a response to rudeness and rudeness.

Download list phrases

This file can be saved to the phone and at the right time to quickly open and see the necessary answer. To do this, you can use links in the table of contents.

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