The meaning of the word boning

Oskay is a convenient case for sending, the ability to send something with a fellow traveler. Examples: I sent a gift to a friend with a focus to St. Petersburg; I will send you the documents at the first base.

Yandex Dzen.

All the most efficient and rapid methods of cleaning the inside of the microwave are based on one principle - the creation of steam bath and traps for evaporation of cleaning agents. The trap effect will create the stove itself, our task is to make an effective detergent solution from funds that, fortunately, probably already in your kitchen cabinet.

Frigidity - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnostics and Treatment

Frigidity - Sexual dysfunction, which is manifested by a complete absence or a decrease in sexual entry (libido), excitation during intimate proximity and orgasm. In addition to loss of interest in sex and dissatisfaction with sexual life, the patient may complain about pain during either after sexual contact. In the diagnosis of disorder, careful collection of anamnesis is played, gynecological examination, ultrasound, a study of hormonal background and consultation of related specialists. Treatment complex with the correction of concomitant diseases, the purpose of hormones, vasoactive drugs, psychotherapy and physiotherapy.

Connecting a laptop to Wai Fay step by step

Today we will tell How to connect to Wi-Fi Internet from your laptop . In most cases, the Wi-Fi icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the system tray. To connect to a Wi-Fi network, it is enough to click on this icon, select the wireless network you are interested in from the list available and enter the password for the correct connection. Thus, being in a cafe, at work or at home, you can easily use Internet services with both your laptop or netbook and from any mobile gadget.

How to get a screenshot from the clipboard where Windows 8 screen screens are saved?

In the process of working with a computer, the need to capture the contents of the monitor often. You can do this without using special programs by simply pressing the PRNT screen key on the keyboard. When you press the computer, it does not signal the execution of the command, and you can detect the saved picture you can use any graphic editor. That is, the picture is copied to the computer clipboard, and to see the image, you need to insert it into the program. Consider in more detail how to do it.

Practical Tips and Important Recommendations

Speaking about how to choose the right bank, it is worth noting that most people make their choice on the basis of the magnitude of the deposit rate. But this step is quite increasing, since in addition to the size of annual percent, there are many other more often more important factors. And all these moments must be considered to take into account the depositor before you give the money earned money in the strangers, and even for a long time.

Pandora drawer - Pandora drawer: what he hides

All fans of secrets and mysteries, for sure, tried to find out what the Pandora drawer is: The famous expression means that a person who opened him is faced with something unusual, unknown and even dangerous. In order to better understand that the Pandora drawer hides in himself, it is necessary to study his no less exciting story.

Where is the control panel in Windows 10

Control Panel - Traditional tool used for all sorts of Windows operating system settings. For the first time, he appeared in the seven and won the love of users around the world, then twisted in the 8th version, and then in the top ten. There is a control panel in Windows 10 and to this day, but apparently, Microsoft plans to part with it gradually. If in the first tens of dozens it was available when you click the right mouse on the Start menu, then after upgrading to Windows 10 Redstone 2 at the beginning of 2017, it disappeared from there. In this article we will deal with how to find the control panel and consolidate it At a convenient and visible place to be able to quickly start - for example, on the taskbar (this is a dark label bar, located usually at the bottom of the screen), in the legendary start menu or directly on the desktop.

BACARDI BACARDI: Description, species, cocktails - how to drink

Rum Bacardi on the right is the title of an informal leader among strong alcohol drinks, so the company producing this alcohol has to constantly hold the brand. However, with constantly growing demands of buyers, it is impossible to please everything, manufacturing only the kind of Roma. Consequently, the manufacturer's company supplies a wide variety of beverage species that any consumer can choose the right rum. The price of this alcohol varies depending on the Roma brand, starting approximately from 1000 rubles and higher.

3 ways how to download music in the iPhone: from a computer via iTunes and ITools, directly from the Internet

I agree with each who believes that downloading content in the iPhone memory, iPod Touch or iPad is extremely uncomfortable and even difficult. This is true, because There is a need to develop work in the company mediacombine from Apple - iTunes. But there is also their own highlight: such a method organizes perfectly, it allows you to create correct media collecting and its qualitatively arrange. Yes, in devices based on Android everything is much easier, but now it's not about that.

Jumping in newborns after feeding: reasons, norm and deviations

A grand event is happening in a young family: a beloved and desired firstborn is born. Happy mother is discharged from the maternity hospital, taking flowers and congratulations, then the painstaking weekdays are coming. For nice concerns and round-the-clock troubles, swabs and feedings are custled by the first doubts. One of the first questions of young mothers is abundant tightening in newborns.

Yandex Dzen.

Winter fun: skiing and skiing, throwing snowballs and snowman modeling, unfortunately, not available in each region. And the children look forward to when snow falls, and a snowman can be blind. Those who do not wait for a real snowy winter can create a winter mood with their own hands. To do this, you need to arm yourself with inspiration, pick up the healthy means and make a luxury snowman with the children. And how - we will tell you in Joy-Pup. .

Draw flash -

In this lesson, I will show how to draw a flush phasate. This is a fictional hero from the DC Comics Universe. This name was a lot of people with similar abilities. Namely they knew how to quickly move, read, think and talk. In one of the episodes, one flash spoke with another flash so quickly that telepathy ceased to act on them. In addition, it is known that Flash moves much faster superman. This is explained by the fact that the superman is used to fly only, and this requires much less effort than ultrafast movement.